active wear Alo vs. Lululemon vs. Vuori Best Athleisure Wear (2023)
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Alo vs. Lululemon vs. Vuori: Best Athleisure Wear (2023)

Athleisure clothing has become an increasingly important section of our closets, but in comparing Vuori vs Lululemon vs Alo, which brand is right for you? There are distinct differences between the brands, so we review and help you decide.

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Our Take:
Alo Logo
Alo Product Image



  • check Boldest fashion options
  • close Too fashion forward for some
  • check Yoga gear available
  • check Skincare & oils too
The Bottom Line:Alo focuses on yoga-first apparel, but if you think that makes them like the competition, you would be wrong. Alo pushes the boundaries with bold cuts and styling in a way few others are willing to do.
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Lululemon Logo
Lululemon Product Image



  • check Most established brand
  • close Too bright for some
  • check Features bright color options
  • check Most variety
The Bottom Line: Lululemon was a first-mover in the premium athleisure category, and now features the broadest range of options, as well as few pieces with cult-like followings.
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Vuori Logo
Vuori Product Image



  • check Least yoga-focused
  • close Still emerging brand
  • check Great options for the outdoors
  • check Calming color profiles
The Bottom Line: Vuori moves further away from yoga roots than the other brands and shines through their wider array of athleisure options. Vuori is not as in your face from a stylistic standpoint, which we applaud.
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Full Review:
Vuori vs Lululemon vs Alo

During the pandemic, my wardrobe started to fill up with athleisure wear, and I make no apologies for that fact. Most days, my most important clothing decision was deciding on my favorite pair of joggers, but before you judge me too harshly, at least know that I most frequently paired my pants (usually Vuori joggers) with a polo and pullover.

I don't plan to ever fully transition back to business casual days of old, and at the very least I will be working in a hybrid remote environment in the future, so my most comfortable pair of joggers will get plenty of use. I imagine your favorite pair of pants, athletic leggings, or yoga pants, will stay in heavy rotation, too.

And while this is a good problem to have, it seems like every time I open up social media I see an advertisement for a new athleisure brand. A few years ago, Lululemon was really the only option, but that isn't the case anymore. The result is a more versatile range of apparel and styling, and yes, more types of joggers than I ever imagined possible. 😎

In our experience, comparing Alo vs Lululemon vs Vuori is a great place to start. These three brands make the highest quality and most comfortable athleisure clothing money can buy and in a wide range of stylistic options.

Alo vs Lululemon vs Vuori Comparison

At first glance, you might assume these brands are all the same, but there are plenty of considerations that set them apart from one another. The chosen color palettes alone offer enough variation for there to be room for all three in your closet. Lululemon offers the most vibrant color palette, while Alo yoga gear most frequently comes in earth tones. Vuori falls somewhere in the middle, with a very relaxed California vibe.

Plus, Lululemon seems to have evolved from a yoga-focused brand into a wear-anywhere, and for any occasion brand, Alo is almost entirely focused on their Alo yoga gear. Vuori again falls somewhere in the middle. While Vuori is focused on relaxed and comfortable clothing and athletic apparel, they also have a nice selection of casual wear.

Alo vs Lululemon vs Vuori
Who Makes The Best Athleisure Wear?
Alo Logo
Lululemon Logo
Vuori Logo
Best UseaddAloYoga Clothing & Yoga GearLululemonCountry Club Golf & TennisVuoriOutdoor Adventures or Lazy Days
Color ProfileaddAloNeutral & Earth TonesLululemonBrighter ColorsVuoriCalifornia Casual
HeadquartersaddAloLos Angeles, CaliforniaLululemonVancouver, British ColumbiaVuoriEncinitas, California
ShippingaddAloFree ShippingLululemonFree ShippingVuoriFree Shipping Over $75

Alo Apparel

Alo yoga gear is the brand's core offering. Their entire mission as a company is to inspire current and future yogis, and while Alo might sell your new favorite pair of leggings or pants, Alo also sells items like yoga mats and essential oils. Interestingly, they also offer yoga classes in one of their handful of studios.

While Lululemon and Vuori are much more varied, Alo's entire brand personifies the yoga lifestyle and a premium lifestyle at that. Celebs such as Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and even Taylor Swift have had pictures snapped wearing Alo leggings.

Alo vs Lululemon vs Vuori

Men's Clothing

For better or worse, men are sometimes treated as an afterthought in yogi culture. Listen, I am much stiffer than I would like to be, so I get it. Still, if all you did is visit the Alo homepage, you might think that the brand only offers Alo yoga gear for women. In reality, Alo offers a great selection of men's gear as well. These are our favorite options:

Alo Triumph Sweatpant Review

Alo's Triumph sweatpants are made with one thing in mind: comfort. While sweatpants get a bad reputation for lazy days and unprofessional work-from-home-attire, we don't see any reason to be uncomfortable in your own house. Still, some sweatpants are just cheaply made and ill-fitting, and our mantra is to always spend a little more for a quality product because it will make you much happier in the long term.

Just what makes the Alo Triumph Sweatpant so comfortable? The keys are a super soft tr-blend fleece and a well-cut fit. The softness is an obvious advantage, but people sometimes overlook how important it is to get the right cut. Too tight, and the sweatpants feel awkward and restrictive. Too baggy, and the sweatpants feel like they are very literally dragging you down.

Combine the soft tri-blend and nice cut with the invisible zip pockets, and you might find yourself wearing these comfy sweatpants out of the house after all, but you might want to avoid wearing them to the office, even if it is your go-to work-from-home attire. 😉

Alo Core Hooded Runner Review

Pair the Alo Core Hooded Runner top with the Triumph Sweatpant, and you might have the perfect Saturday morning outfit. If you don't like to chill with your hood up from time to time, then I don't know what you are doing, but in our opinion, this is one of the most versatile and comfortable pieces of clothing in the men's line-up. Our only complaint is that we love it so much that we wish it were more frequently in stock for a few more color options.

This is a lightweight piece that will work well on its own, or layered under something warmer on the coldest days. And again, the fit is such that you can chill on a Sunday afternoon, get in a yoga workout, or go for a runner. Its made from a suede-like, tri-blend jersey for ultimate comfort.

Women's Clothing

While the Alo yoga selection for men is strong, Alo has really built its brand around the women's yoga line. The colors still focus on the earth tones we love, but the designs and cuts are adventurous and daring in a way that stands out from the competition. Whether you need a few new sports bras or you are looking for a new pair of yoga leggings, Alo yoga gear elevates the game. Here are our favorite choices:

Alo Leggings Review

One of the most popular pairs of leggings is the 7/8 High-waist Airbrush Legging, but Alo Yoga offers full-length leggings too. The Alo Airbrush is one of the most popular yoga leggings available anywhere.

Why is that so? It's all about the signature Airbrush fabric. The Airbrush fabric has a cotton-like, matte finish, but the secret magic is that the fabric is designed to sculpt and smooth.

So whether you are looking for a daily legging or something new for your favorite hot yoga studio session, the Alo Airbrush legging provides both confidence and comfort. What more could you ask for? Combine the sculpting fabric with the trendy high-waist, and we think you will find a legging that is uniquely flattering of every body type.

Of course, if hot yoga really is your thing, we recommend you buy an Alo 7/8 High-Waist Airlift Legging, too, to go with your Airbrush leggings. The Airlift fabric is a little thinner, offering a second-skin feel. But the options extend well beyond versions with extra fabric or thinner fabric. Most yoga pants look the same. If you like your black leggings, but still want something a little different, consider adding a pair of Alo leggings with a bootcut or flutter leg opening.

Alo Yoga Biker Shorts Review

One of the unique differentiators about Alo yoga gear is that the Alo team is willing and ready to step outside the box. The clearest example of this is the leggings with bootcut and flutter leg openings, but they don't stop there. Since the Airbrush fabric is so popular, the Alo team had the vision to crop the legs and turn their popular yoga pants into the ever-appreciated Alo Yoga Biker Short.

And, yes, the shorts are built for use on your Peloton or favorite road bike, but they are much more than a biker short, just like you would expect. This is athletic wear fitting of the gym, studio, pavement, or couch.

Even the best-fitting athletic shorts can be a little clunky, but these Alo Biker Shorts solve this problem by combining the benefits of yoga pants with the summertime length you are looking for. These moisture-wicking shorts feature 4-way stretch, and the Airbrush fabric lifts, sculpts, and smooths in all the right ways.

Alo vs Vuori vs Lululemon

Alo Yoga vs Lululemon

Lululemon has more household name recognition, but that doesn't mean they are better. In fact, in comparing Alo yoga vs Lululemon, we are not sure one is better than the other. They are just different. Lululemon features more bright colors if that is your thing and more options outside of traditional yoga apparel. Still, Alo does one thing, and one thing well. The ultimate yoga gear. Plus, we like the more muted colors that Alo generally offers.

Is Alo As Good as Lululemon

So, is Alo as good as Lululemon? We say, yes. Alo offers high-quality yoga gear, with fashion-forward styling. And as we previously mentioned, more and more celebrities have been pictured wearing Alo leggings. In a world where casual high-fashion and yoga leggings tend to overlap, a celebrity picture is worth a thousand words.

In comparing Alo vs Lululemon vs Vuori, we think you will find that all three offer exceptional quality, and the differences between the brands more lie in the stylistic choices. Since variety is the spice of life, you might just find room for Alo, Lululemon, and Vuori in your rotation.

Is Alo Worth The Money?

The reality is that Alo yoga apparel is fairly expensive, but nothing excessive compared to Lululemon or Vuori. Much of Alo's product line-up is designed to be sculpting and smoothing, so we would say that if Alo makes you look good and feel good, then it is worth the money. Alo apparel is made with high-quality construction, one-of-a-kind cuts, and a very stylish overall vibe.

Lululemon Apparel

The brand that was originally seen on celebrities and professional trainers has made its way to the masses. Few other athleisure brands, aside from a few such as Outdoor Voices, created such a firestorm of household name recognition in such a short period of time. Their durable fabrics and performance focus made Lululemon quickly popular, and the expensive price points created a lure of exclusivity.

As the masses realized how functional something like a performance-based pair of ABC joggers could really be, the exclusivity was broken and average households started to wear Lululemon. But now, there are other options, which is why we are comparing Vuori vs Lululemon vs Alo. Lululemon may have been a first mover, but are they better than the competition?

Lululemon vs Alo vs Vuori

Men's Clothing

Whereas Alo really focuses on yoga, Lululemon offers a more sophisticated flare when needed. For this reason, you might lean toward Lululemon if you are in need of a polo shirt or button-down. Lululemon has become a strong contender for those who need to go straight from the golf course to the office.

Lululemon Evolution Polo Review

The Lululemon Evolution Polo is simple, yet sophisticated. We are fans of understated style, and lament the fact that so many companies feel the need to add unnecessary frills and designs in an effort to make their polos more exciting. The Evolution Polo is functional and good-looking, so what else do you really need?

The Lululemon Evolution Polo has sweat-wicking fabric and is designed for fluid motion so that it will wear as comfortably on the golf course as it might in the office. My only gripe is that nearly all the athleisure companies lean a little too heavily into the slim fit. As a slightly thicker, yet still athletic guy, I prefer a regular or relaxed fit, but I also realize that is a personal preference.

Lululemon ABC Pants Review

Lululemon's ABC pant is one of their most popular products for men and it's all in the fabric. The Lululemon ABC pant is made from Utilitech fabric, which is tough as nails, designed to stretch as you move, and has a very natural-to-touch feel.

How do they make it happen? Like many of Lululemon's products, the ABC pants are made from a tri-blend featuring cotton, elastane, and elastomultiester. The soft-to-touch feel also means that the pants have a nicely worn-in look. So many jeans and pants, even from activewear brands, look stiff and uncomfortable, but that's not the case here.

Plus, The Lululemon ABC pants are available in both a slim fit and a classic fit, and we are big proponents of fit choices. Not everyone's body is built the same, and not everyone appreciates the same type of fit, so going with both slim-fit and classic-fit options was a good move.

Lululemon Shorts Review

We place a premium on versatility, and Lululemon shorts are built with versatility in mind. The best of the best is the Pace Breaker short, which is available in three different lengths and designed to work for everything from cross-fit, to a pick-up game of soccer, to that half-marathon that you've been putting off. And not only does the Lululemon Pace Breaker short come in three lengths, but it also comes in lined and unlined varieties, offering you as much choice as you desire.

If you spend as much time in your Pace Breakers as we think you might, you will be glad to know they are made from lightweight sweat-wicking fabric. The technical fabric is made from recycled polyester and just enough elastane to move as your body moves. We appreciate sustainable materials as much as you do, so we are glad to point out that polyester is made from recycled plastics. Do good and feel good.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you prefer a less versatile short that is purpose-built for training or running, you're in luck. The License To Train Short and the T.H.E Short are both built specifically for training. The former has a thicker, and more abrasion-resistant fabric, while the latter features a lighter fabric with sweat-wicking properties, similar to the Pace Breaker. The Surge short has a more relaxed fit and comes in shorter lengths, which is perfect for running.

Women's Clothing

While the men's clothing line has really filled out in recent years, Lululemon wouldn't be what it is today without the cult-like following they developed in the women's clothing segment, particularly as it relates to the Lululemen yoga offerings. Today, the portfolio is much larger than it was in the early years, but some of the same mainstays remain the most popular items.

Lululemon Leggings Review

When you go online to buy a pair of Lululemon leggings, one of the first things you might notice is that they've categorized their leggings into four categories, including yoga, running, training, and workout. We aren't just trying to state the obvious here, but want to make the point that they have a legging for anything you might need and that the leggings are tailored to work well for specific activities. In some ways, that is all you need to know about Lululemon leggings. They are popular because there is so much thoughtful design stitched into the high-quality materials.

If you are not sure where to start, consider the Lululemon Align Legging series, which is one of the brand's most popular clothing items. Within the Align series alone, there are more yoga legging options than most athleisure brands have altogether. You can select the Align legging in a variety of lengths, with either a high-rise or super-high-rise waistband, with or without pockets, and even in a wide-leg crop.

When you think of Lululemon Align, think of buttery-soft. The incredibly soft texture, combined with the wide variety of options, makes the Align leggings a slam dunk. Still, if you are looking for something a little thicker and durable, you should look at the Wunder Train leggings, and the Base Pace leggings will be your go-to for running. While the Align has minimal seams and no pockets, both the Wunder Train leggings and the Base Pace leggings feature a waistband drawcord and hidden pockets.

Lululemon Align Tank Review

Remember we said the Align Nulu fabric is buttery-soft? Yea, well, naturally Lululemon makes a matching yoga tank top from the same material. It's available in two lengths, including crop or waist length, and has a built-in bra for A/B cups. The Lululemon Align Tank comes in a tight fit so that as you transition through various yoga poses, you can be confident that your tank will transition with you.

The bottom line is that Lululemon Align is often a go-to yoga legging, and the Align tank is the perfect match. It's the type of apparel that you may purchase in four or five colors because it is so comfortable and you find no need to try other brands. Align is nearly weightless and will take your comfort to new heights as you stretch your favorite poses down to new lows. And by the way, if you think you might eventually collect four or five colors, you will be happy to know that Align is so popular that Lululemon maintains a wide range of colors.

Lululemon vs Vuori vs Alo

is Lululemon Worth The Money?

Whether you are looking for a new workout legging for your most intense workouts, casual clothing to wear on lazy days when you still want to look stylish, or new favorite jogger outfits to fully live out the athleisure lifestyle, Lululemon is an excellent brand to start with. Lululemon is a little more mainstream than Alo or Vuori, but in comparing Alo vs Lululemon vs Vuori, you will find that all three brands make high-quality clothing at similar prices. Which brand you choose may come down to your personal style preferences, and it probably makes sense to mix and match the most popular items from the various lineups.

Vuori Clothing

If you are looking for a good Vuori Review, we will touch on all of the reasons I love Vuori, but sometimes simple statements say the most. So let me say this: Over the past two years, I've added more Vuori to my closet than any other brand. That might be all you need to know.

Vuori clothing is made from high-quality materials in a manner that places an emphasis on ethical manufacturing, and Vuori's style is reflective of a Southern California vibe that is both relaxed and confident. Plus, their line-up of apparel features all of the key pieces that you need, without any of the strange statement pieces you don't need. Pair with some clean Allbirds shoes, and you will be good to go.

Vuori vs Alo vs Lululemon

Men's Clothing

While there are several amazing performance menswear brands, we hold Vuori in as high regard as any. Vuori's quality is second-to-none, yet their styling and San Diego vibe aren't nearly as pretentious as some of the competition.

Vuori Joggers Review

Ah, the Vuori jogger. My personal favorite. And much to my pleasure, Vuori doesn't have just one or two pairs of joggers, but rather an entire category of joggers to choose from. If you are looking for a pair of joggers to wear to the gym or to just chill in, we recommend you start with Ponto Performance Jogger. The Ponto Performance jogger features a relaxed fit and a DreamKnit fabric that is soft and moisture-wicking. Importantly, they also feature zippered pockets to keep your personal belongings safe as you are on the move.

If you need a good jogger that will transition well from working at home to errands around town, then the Transit Jogger or Meta Jogger is probably more your pace. The Transit jogger is exceedingly comfortable, with abrasion-resistant 4-way stretch fabric, and a modern fit that gives you the room you need without feeling baggy. The Transit Jogger is a little more chill than the Meta Jogger though, so if you prefer something that looks a little more ready for town, the Meta Jogger is the best choice. The Meta Jogger has a tapered silhouette that gives you room through the upper legs before tapering toward the ankle cuffs. The Vuori Meta Jogger offers clean lines and an overall clean look.

Adventurers may also appreciate the Vuori Ripstop Traveler Jogger, which is made from a DuraTerra ripstop fabric that boasts two-way stretch. These pants literally have a Teflon coating that makes them tougher, while also increasing their stain resistance.

Vuori Shorts Review

Vuori has a stated goal of developing one short that is perfect for any sport, and the Vuori Kore short comes pretty darn close to reaching that goal. The Vuori Kore Shorts are both moisture-wicking and quick-drying, which means you can go for a run on the beach before taking a dive in the ocean, and then wear the same shorts to grab lunch.

Since the short features a boxer-brief liner and anti-odor technology, you can confidently wear these shorts wherever you might need to go. The standard Vuori Kore Short comes with a 7.5" inseam, but they also sell a version available with a 5" inseam for you runners and people that need a little less fabric pulling against your legs and weighing you down.

Women's Clothing

While a brand like Lululemon seems to target women primarily, and then men as an afterthought, Vuori has a more balanced portfolio and isn't as focused as singularly on yoga. And if you are looking for yoga gear, don't hesitate. Vuori's quality is second to none, and we prefer the more muted and earthy tones.

Vuori Ripstop Climber Pant Review

And while Vuori's yoga clothing is worthwhile to consider, where they really stand apart is at the intersection of athleisure and casual clothing. The whole brand offers a comfortable West Coast vibe, and while you might expect us to recommend the Vuori Performance joggers based on some of our previous commentaries, we are going in a slightly different direction here. The Vuori Ripstop Climber Pant is versatile, durable, and comfortable, making them more than worth highlighting.

While you might prefer Alo's flared leggings for hanging out on the couch, there are no better pants for errands around town or outdoor adventures than the Ripstop pants. To match the success, Vuori now offers the pants in three different lengths. The standard length has a cuff that falls a few inches above the ankle, but they are available in a full length as well. And for those looking for something a little different, you might try the Vuori Women's Ripstop Wideleg.

The famous DuraTerra martial is made from 98% organic cotton, with a nice 2% mix of elastane for added two-way stretch comfort. The Ripstop pants combine durability and comfort that make them perfect for outdoor adventures, including their climber namesake, but we imagine you will appreciate the functionality enough that they become a staple in your weekly rotation.

Vuori Romper Review

While Vuori is great for around-town casual clothing, you have to add some of their athletic and lounge gear to your closet as well. Fans rave over the Clementine romper, which is a tanked romper, as well as the Lux Romper, which features jogger bottoms. The rompers feature a tailored fit that hugs the body and is matched by a midweight fabric that gives you confidence while you move.

The fabric itself is moisture-wicking, features an elastic waistband, and is UPF-rated. While you may choose to wear the Vuori Romper while you catch up on Netflix, the rompers boast performance features perfect for your studio visit or workout set.

Vuori vs Lululemon vs Alo

Why is Vuori So Soft?

Vuori makes some of our favorite clothes, in part because they are all so soft. We have some Vuori gear that feels softer than anything else in our closets, and that seems to be a common sentiment as your look at other customer reviews. We aren't certain how they do it, other than by focusing on the highest quality materials, but the fact that Vuori focuses on sustainable manufacturing and fair wages makes top quality and superior softness even better.

Is Vuori As Good As Lululemon?

Yes, Vuori is as good as Lululemon. Vuori's quality is among the best, and Vuori is committed to sustainable and ethical manufacturing as well. As noted previously, in comparing Vuori vs Lululemon vs Alo, the quality is all very similar. Still, we like the Southern California vibes that Vuori offers. Its performance gear isn't always bright and pretentious. Some of the other athleisure brands seem focused on drawing attention to their premium status, but premium athleisure gear should speak for itself through performance and comfort. That's where Vuori shines.

Is Vuori Worth The Money?

Vuori offers great value for the money, particularly in comparison to Alo and Lululemon. Vuori is a premium athleisure brand, so we won't say the apparel is cheap, but we absolutely will say that Vuori offers a great value. The big differentiators in our minds are sustainable and ethical manufacturing, plus the more relaxed styling than many of the competitors offer.

Regardless of whether you are looking for performance gear for your most sweaty workouts, or casual clothing to wear around town, Vuori offers comfortable clothes, with a high-quality build, and at an affordable price.

The Best Athleisure Wear

Athleisure is a broad category that includes everything from yoga clothes, to climbing athletic gear, to outfits for casual date nights, and everything in between. While premium athleisure brands have been around for a few years, the pandemic really served as a catalyst for an athleisure closet explosion, and we are totally here for it. For all of the reasons noted, Alo, Lululemon, and Vuori are our favorite athleisure brands, but there there are differences worth noting.

Alternative Brands:

Of course, Alo, Lululemon, and Vuori aren't the only brands out there. For athletic clothing and apparel, you may also consider brands such as Fabletics and Athleta. For a brand that focuses on men's athleisure gear, we would recommend Myles Apparel, whose Switchback Shorts are my favorite pair of running shorts ever made. Still, in comparing Vuori vs Lululemon vs Alo, you should be able to find most of what you need. Look to Fabletics and Athleta if you need slightly cheaper alternatives, and to Myles Apparel if you are specifically looking for men's athleisure apparel.

Our Favorite Casual Wear Gear

Regardless of whether you are looking for a lightweight cotton shirt or premium performance apparel, you've come to the right place. All three brands are worth the investment, but they do have different vibes, and there might be a reason to include all three brands in your wardrobe. This is how we see each of the three brands fitting into your closet:

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