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Best Contemporary Grills:
Arteflame vs. OFYR
(2020 Review)

Do you want to make a statement with a contemporary grill in your backyard? We reviewed Arteflame vs. OFYR to highlight the best options.

Arteflame vs. OFYR - Cover Image

Our backyards are sacred personal spaces where we spend time with our families and entertain friends, but some of us leave our backyards aesthetically neglected. If you are looking to elevate your outdoor space, there may be no better way to do so than with a contemporary grill from Arteflame or OFYR.

There is something special about sharing food cooked over an open fire, but Arteflame and OFYR products are much more than grills. They are art pieces and conversation starters too. These contemporary grills might be the perfect combination of form and function.

Arteflame vs. OFYR Comparison

Adding a statement piece like an Arteflame or an OFYR to your backyard is a worthy investment, but it is one you want to consider carefully. These grills are both functional and beautiful, but there are stark differences in their construction and versatility. Which brand should you choose? Check out the side-by-side table comparing Arteflame vs. OFYR, or check out the detailed reviews below.

Arteflame vs. OFYR
Comparison Table
Best Contemporary GrillsArteflame LogoOFYR Logo
Biggest Selling PointaddArteflame Fire Bowls can easily be converted to fire pitOFYRMatching furniture (including wood storage) available in certain markets
Fun FactsaddArteflameSpun on the same machine as R2D2 - The force will be with youOFYRDesigned in Holland
MaterialaddArteflameCorten steelOFYRCorten steel, Concrete
Internal Air FlowaddArteflameOFYR
Seamless ConstructionaddArteflameOFYR
Flush Grill Plate CoveringaddArteflameOFYR
Rotisserie AccessoryaddArteflameOFYR
Pizza Oven AccessoryaddArteflameOFYR

Arteflame Classic 40” vs. OFYR Classic 100-100

Most of Arteflame and OFYR’s grills have consistent construction and features throughout their product line-ups. Still, if you are looking for an apple to apple comparison, the Arteflame Classic 40” (tall base) matches nicely to the OFYR Classic 100-100. Based on our review, the Arteflame Classic 40” stands heads and shoulders above the OFYR Classic 100-100. Arteflame’s design is exceedingly thoughtful throughout, from seamless construction to flush-fitting cooktop, but that is just where it starts.

Arteflame Grill Review

Backyard grilling is an excellent way to unwind and enjoy some fresh air. The trouble with old-school grills is that, while nostalgic, they are also greasy and unsightly. Most also produce insufferable amounts of smoke. The Arteflame grill addresses these problems with thoughtful consideration.

We would be remiss to start any review of the Arteflame without stating the obvious: Arteflame grills are designed to be artistic and inspirational centerpieces for your backyard. Not only is the Arteflame silhouette visually appealing, but each grill will develop a one-of-a-kind patina over time. The grills also convert easily into fire pits, so your Arteflame will continue to be the centerpiece of your backyard even when you finish cooking.

If your first inclination is to assume Arteflame and OFYR are very similar, they share a few design cues, but most of the similarities stop there. For instance, while OFYR products are rolled and welded together, Arteflame’s products are spun into a single piece of Steel. The seamless construction not only eliminates any awkwardly welded joints but will also increase the longevity of your new grill.

Another significant distinction between the two brands is that Arteflame grills have air intake vents that enable smoke to burn off and reduce the amount of smoke billowing from the grill’s top. OFYR’s current models don’t have air intake vents, which is a bigger deal than you might imagine.

Not only do Arteflame air intakes reduce the smoke billow, but they also enable flexibility while cooking. Arteflame sells grill grates that fit flush over the fire opening in the middle of the grill. This is perfect for grilling up fire-kissed steaks, chicken, burgers, and other favorites. OFYR grill openings can’t be directly covered because it would kill the fire’s oxygen source, and because of this, they only sell raised grill plate covers.

Arteflame vs. OFYR Article Image

Must-Have Arteflame Accessories

It would be a mistake to assume that the Arteflame is just a handsome version of an old-school grill because it is more versatile than many traditional grills. Arteflame offers an impressive suite of accessories that would make any grilling enthusiast excited.

Barbecue Grill Rotisserie: Arteflame’s Barbecue Grill Rotisserie has a cordless motor and is strong enough to turn meat as heavy as 25 lbs. The rotisserie system is made from stainless steel and will snap right on to the built-in accessory ring.

Pizza Oven With Pizza Grate: Arteflame’s Pizza Oven creates a chamber in which heat is trapped just above the top of any pizza, which is necessary to melt the cheese and make the crispy crust oven-fired pizzas are known for. The pizza oven has stainless steel construction and comes with a unique pizza grill grate that slips onto the center of the grill and allows your pizza to cook just above the open flames.

Grill Grate Riser: The Arteflame Grill Grate Riser enables you to lift the center grill grate away from the flame in instances where you want to control the heat. The riser can also be utilized to hold large pans without completely smothering the fire. The riser provides an extra layer of customization and versatility that makes Arteflame’s products unique.

Arteflame Accessories Image

What Are Arteflame Grills Made From?

The body of Arteflame’s grills are crafted from American Corten steel, also called weathering steel. Corten steel is a top-tier material that can be left in the elements year-round and is very tough. A unique attribute of Corten steel is that it develops a beautiful, one-of-a-kind patina over time. Put simply, while Corten steel is expensive, it is the absolute best material for an outdoor grill and is representative of Arteflame’s quality.

The cooktop is made from carbon steel, which is similar to cast iron. While you might be more familiar with cast iron, carbon steel is exceptionally strong. Carbon steel is excellent for cooking but can withstand uneven heat better than cast iron and withstand being dropped. While cast iron is prone to cracking, carbon steel should last a lifetime.

Where Are Arteflame Grills Made?

Arteflame grills are proudly designed in the United States and manufactured in Cincinnati, Ohio. The products are ready to ship to your door within a couple of days. Because Arteflame’s grills are made of steel, they can be quite heavy. A shipment from Arteflame can weigh over 500 lbs in total! Arteflame uses American steel and manufacturers in the Midwest before dropshipping right to your front door.

Arteflame Customer Reviews

While we think Arteflame makes one of the best grills in the world, don’t take our word for it. Here is what other customers are saying about the Classic 40:

Review from Weston: The Arteflame is beautifully crafted and gets loads of glowing compliments in my backyard. It is definitely a show stopper to look at as well as cook on. Definitely my favorite cooker. The engineering team really spent time thinking out the design of the Arteflame. It cooks beautifully and all accessories work beautifully. Would highly recommend to anyone who loves cooking with fire, give all the food cooked in the Arteflame a wonderful hint of whatever fuel you are using to cook with. And clean up is a breeze.

Review from Tyler: We couldn’t be more excited to have received our arteflame. We have already had a great time with our family and extended family. Everyone gets a chance to be a chef, and it makes for a great centerpiece while we all catch up! The kids now get excited to watch us “build a fire” to roast marshmallows as well. Perfect timing as fall closes in with the ideal weather for outdoor cooking. It also has made a great addition to our home esthetics as well!

Is an Arteflame Grill Worth It?

Arteflame makes the highest quality contemporary grills available, so if you plan on spending any time entertaining in your outdoor spaces, Arteflame is worth the investment. Not only are Arteflame’s grill functional and durable, but they are eye-catching conversation pieces as well.

thumb_down CONS
  • check Made from Corten steel
  • close Very heavy
  • check Seamless, spun construction
  • close Regulating heat takes practice
  • check Exceedingly durable
  • check Air intake vents feed fire
  • check Large cooking surface
  • check Functional line of accessories

Arteflame vs. OFYR Review Article Image

OFYR Grill Review

Like with most good things in life, the OFYR grills become more interesting with time. That is because the OFYR Classic is made with the same Corten steel as Arteflame, and it develops a unique patina as it ages.

Just as the OFYR Classic gets better over time, most product categories improve over time. To OFYR’s detriment, Arteflame’s grills are a newer and more innovative version of OFYR’s grills. Many of the features that set Arteflame apart as an excellent grill aren’t to be found on the OFYR.

While Arteflame grills are spun into a single piece of Corten steel, the OFYR grills are rolled and welded together from two separate pieces. The welding is professionally done on the OFYR, but it could impact the unit’s longevity. The OFYR units also lack air intake vents. This increases the amount of smoke produced in the grilling process. The other noticeable impact of this is that the available grill grates must be raised to protect the fire from being snuffed out; whereas, the Arteflame grill grate is flush with the cooktop.

Though OFYR’s models lack many of the innovations available with Arteflame, they make for visually appealing additions to the backyard and have a few design options worth mentioning. If you’re not into the patina steel look, OFYR now sells its classic model in a black concrete as well. And if you like the patina look but want something less blunt, the OFYR Classic Storage unit has a hollowed-out base where wood can be stored before added to the fire.

OFYR vs. Arteflame Article Image

Must-Have OFYR Accessories

If you plan to build an OFYR inspired outdoor setup, the coolest addition would be the butcher block storage table. It is a Corten steel storage unit for wood, with a butcher block top, which can be used for preparation. Aside from the storage units, OFYR doesn’t have as many accessories available as Arteflame. If you purchase an OFYR grill, these are the accessories to add on:

Brazilian Grill Set: If you want to change up your grilling routine, then the Brazilian grill is an intriguing option. OFYR’s Brazilian grill set comes with a circular steel stand and three wooden-handled skewers. The Brazilian grill set enables you to cook the meat right above the fire slowly.

Grill Round: OFYR’s grill round can be used to grill larger pieces of meat, as well as to hold pots or pan above the center of the fire. Since the OFYR grill doesn’t have air intake vents, the grill round is raised to protect airflow to the fire.

What Are OFYR Grills Made From?

OFYR’s traditional grills are designed in Holland made from Corten steel, similar to the steel used by Arteflame. Interestingly, OFYR has also added concrete grills to its line-up. Regardless of whether you choose the Corten steel model or the concrete model, OFYR products are heavy-duty and should withstand all weather conditions year-round.

OFYR Customer Reviews

Review from Duncan: We absolutely love our OFYR 100, great fun cooking for all outdoors! Easy to use, looks stunning. Best buy ever!! I haven’t stopped using it since delivery.

Review from John: This is a real conversation piece. We knew the Ofyr was going to be more than a BBQ when we spoke with a JL partner, who waxed lyrical about the quality of the cooking. When it arrived three weeks later, it became a sculptural centrepiece in the garden. Everyone who has seen it loves it! We have used it 80% of the time we have had, quickly cooking meals for 2-10 people at a time. Not only is it easy to light (a simple match, paper, and kindling will do it), but cooking on it is an absolute pleasure. You have to adapt slightly as you cook on a wide, steel ring, but it is almost impossible to burn the food and very easy to control temperature (simply move the item to the outside of the ring). If you want the classic grill marks on your meat, then simply buy one of the grill accessories from Ofyr. When you have finished cooking and the evening draws in, you and your guests can either sit (get bar chairs) or stand around the BBQ and use it as a fire pit. It gets warm right to the base, so your legs and feet will remain toasty. You will need to buy welding gloves and a leather welding apron - this gets very hot when you are cooking. Stop reading and buy one!

Is an OFYR Grill Worth It?

Placing an OFYR grill in your outdoor space is sure to be a conversation starter. OFYR grills are built from materials that should withstand the elements while providing a rare experience for you and your guests.

thumb_down CONS
  • check Made from Corten steel
  • close No air intake, lots of smoke
  • check Wood storage units available
  • close Regulating heat takes practice
  • check Built for year-round weather
  • close Very heavy
  • check Large cooking surface
  • close Welded construction

OFYR vs. Arteflame Review Article Image

If attention to detail matters, and we believe it does, then the clear choice is Arteflame grills. Not only is the fire-bowl spun into a single piece of Corten steel, allowing for seamless construction, but the cooktop is laser cut from ½’’ steel and removable. Since the bowl is seamless and the cooktop is laser cut, the two pieces fit perfectly without any awkward lips or gaps.

A tool used to lift and remove the cooktop is sold with the grill, so once you are done cooking, you can hang out around the fire for hours on end. And that is what Arteflame is all about. The Arteflame grill is functional artwork where you can gather with family and friends to soak in the good life.

The round shape of the Arteflame cooktop also facilitates that communal experience. No longer will the lid to your grill clumsily separate the fire master from everyone else. Instead, everyone will be drawn to your Arteflame to enjoy a shared experience.

Whether you consider the beautiful design, seamless construction, or the built-in air intake intended to reduce smoke, Arteflame grills are simply unmatched. If you are looking for a contemporary grill to add to your outdoor space, look no further than Arteflame.

Arteflame vs. OFYR Recommendation Image

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