outdoor gear Baboon To The Moon Review 5 Reasons To Buy (2023)
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Baboon To The Moon Review: 5 Reasons To Buy (2023)

Duffle bags can be expensive. Is Baboon To The Moon luggage worth the investment? These Go Bag duffles are incredibly versatile. They will work for road trips or as carry-on luggage, and they are equipped with multiple straps (including backpack straps), making these Go-Bags easy to carry.

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Baboon To The Moon Review

Living through a pandemic was brutal in many ways, but one takeaway many of us had was a new appreciation for adventure and travel. Weekend getaways have never been so satisfying. Unfortunately, too many weekend bags and luggage pieces are impractical, poorly made, dull, or all three.

Our Baboon To The Moon review will highlight the ways this funky brand is out to change this narrative. And the ever-popular Go Bags are more than just travel bags. Baboon To The Moon offers carry-ons, duffle bags, and other bags for nearly

any life situation.

Detailed Baboon To The Moon Review

Duffle bags can be expensive. Is Baboon To The Moon luggage worth the investment? These Go Bag duffles are incredibly versatile. They will work for road trips or as carry-on luggage, and they are equipped with multiple straps (including backpack straps), making these Go-Bags easy to carry.

While Baboon To The Moon offers "org bags," fanny packs, sling bags, actual backpacks, and totes, the show's star is undoubtedly the Baboon To The Moon Go Bag, which has been likened to The North Face duffle bags.

There are numerous reasons to try a Baboon To The Moon Go-Bag or one of the other items in their product portfolio, but there are five main reasons we think Baboon To The Moon is worth the investment.


1. High-Grade Materials

Baboon To The Moon describes the toughness of its Go-Bags in the only way they can. They suggest it is built to withstand a zombie apocalypse and that the bags get more beautiful with age. We aren't sure about the Zombie apocalypse piece, but we can confirm these bags are tough.

You will first notice just how tough the shell material looks and feels. The material is called an OM Stardust Ballistic shell, which sounds crazy, but it simply means that the duffle bag is ready for harsh conditions. Careless airport workers, you've met your match.

One frustrating problem with inferior bags is when they start to come apart at the seams, but that should never happen with Baboon To The Moon products. The bags are secured with an alpine-grade universal double stitch construction. Plus, the four external grab handles are all reinforced.

Waterproof And Nearly Indestructible

Another feature that we love is that the shell is made from waterproof materials. You will really love the waterproof material if you are a true adventurer. You never know when an unexpected rain might occur at your campsite or when your drink might spill when you are crammed in the car on a road trip with friends.

Are the bags machete-proof? Eh, maybe? It probably depends on how sharp your machete is, but your Baboon To The Moon duffle bag will be ready to meet nearly any adventure. Even the internal mesh is made from military-grade materials. (But in all seriousness, don't try to use a machete on your bag, lol.)

The durable and waterproof exterior also makes for easy cleaning. Simply wipe unwanted dirt and grime away.


2. Functionally Simple

While modern carry-ons feature battery packs for charging your phone, some of those features aren't necessary. Beyond that, hard-shell luggage and wheeled carry-ons can be inconvenient to lug around.

That is the beauty of Baboon To The Moon luggage options. The Go-Bag is tough without being clunky, and in true duffle bag fashion, you can simply toss it where it needs to go.

Some practical features include items such as the easy access key carabiner, the internal zip stash pocket, external pockets, and handles and straps galore. Four pockets are built into the bag's exterior, providing plenty of easy access.

The Go-Bag interior flap boasts a zippered pocket fit for a king. The pocket and zippered entry are as wide as the bag, making it the perfect place to stuff personal items like toiletries and chargers or even socks and undies. Or you can save the pocket as a place to stash dirty clothes on your way home.

There are a million ways to use the oversized pocket. You might even use it as a laptop sleeve, though there isn't much padding, so make sure your laptop is well protected.

The Baboon To The Moon Org Bags further enhances the versatility of the Go-Bag. There are two Org Bags from which to choose. The Dopp Kit is available in one size and is made from a solid material similar to the brand's other bags. Dopp Kits are often used for everything from toiletries to electronics and chargers. It is available in as many as nine colors.

Easy to Organize And Carry

Still, the Monomesh Pouch Set may be the more popular Org Bag option. For one, the set is cheaper than buying just one of The Dopp Kits, and the military-grade monomesh maintains durability while enabling you to see the contents.

The detachable shoulder straps alone are a game-changer because while I find backpack straps to be the most ergonomic method for carrying a Go-Bag, someone else might disagree. That's Ok! The Baboon To The Moon Go-Bag boasts multiple grab handles and detachable straps, enabling you to carry the pack in whatever method makes the most sense.

The Baboon To The Moon Go-Bag is functionally simple on purpose, which enhances its versatility. The bag is durable, made to stand the test of time, and it works as well on a road trip to the beach as it does on your international flight to Paris.


3. Responsibly Made

In a world of fast fashion with a heightened focus on corporate profits, it's easy to be cynical of most companies, but Baboon To The Moon is different than most companies. The crazy name and octopus and astronauts print are enough to signal that this brand travels the unbeaten path.

Tough luggage and eye-catching looks only go so far if a company isn't taking care of the planet, but Baboon To The Moon designed its product and processes with responsible manufacturing in mind from day 1.

At its core, Baboon To The Moon's mission is to make gear that promotes adventure without harming the planet where that adventure occurs. Makes sense, right?

Baboon To The Moon Go Bags and other products are made from the highest quality materials. This maximizes durability, which protects the planet, but when your product lasts longer, it also helps the planet. Cheap and disposable products, with zippers that break after a few uses, are frustrating and harmful to the earth.

Made With A Lifetime Warranty

This is one of the many reasons it makes sense to invest in a high-quality product like Baboon To The Moon. The bags boast a Lifetime Warranty, which is reflective of how much the team believes in its product.

Beyond the incredible durability, the Baboon To The Moon team met with factory owners, workers, and artisans to ensure choosing the best partners. All factories and other partners were audited and confirmed not to use child labor or other inadequate labor arrangements.


4. Radically Designed

While the Go-Bag may be sensible, it is far from boring. Even the "Classic" colors include bright hues of yellow, red, orange, blue, green, and purple (basically the rainbow+). Each of these is designed with a monochrome exterior and matching fabric for the interior.

While the Classic Go-Bags offer plenty of fun, the limited-run prints are where the genuine personality lies. Take the Carnival Licorice Black colorway. The exterior is unassuming and monochrome black, but the interior fabric features bananas and tigers in eye-popping red, white and black designs.

I mean, bananas and tigers are as unlikely a pair as you will find, and this whimsical approach to design reflects the adventure Baboon To the Moon hopes you enjoy. And some other designs are so strange that I can't even describe them. You have to see them to believe them.

All-Inclusive Adventure Sets

While the design is bold, it isn't wholly outlandish (particularly on the exterior). The product is still practical, even utilitarian. You could even say that the bags feature radical practicality to match the bold design choices.

So, naturally, Baboon To The Moon offers Adventure Sets where you can purchase multiple pieces at a discounted price. Options include purchasing the full Go-Bag set, which consists of all three sizes of Go-Bags for a 15% discounted price, and the Organization Set, which features The Dopp Kit and the Monomesh Bag set.

If you don't need all three duffle bags, you can choose the adventure set that includes a duffle bag and fanny pack. The bold designs and striking practicality make Baboon To The Moon some of the best luggage around.


5. Specialty Focus

Many brands sell duffle bags and backpacks, but many of those brands either make bags as a side project or focus on low-quality volume. Give the Baboon To The Moon Go-Bag credit where it is due.

The brand has developed a highly durable set of luggage and bags with fun yet not completely outlandish exterior designs, and they don't try to be something they are not. You know you are buying a product that someone cares about and invested time and energy into when you purchase a new bag from Baboon To The Moon.

Trend-Setting Products

While the company's legal name is Baboon Mega Corp, that is more tongue-in-cheek than reality. This isn't a mega-corporation just making another bag. On the other hand, it is much more than just a trendy piece for your next weekend trip.

The focused design and construction make Baboon To The Moon luggage worth your investment. The bags are great for the frequent traveler because they will hold up to your repeated abuse, but they also work well for the occasional short trips to see friends and family.

Which Size Go-Bag Should You Choose?

The Go-Bag duffle bag is available in three sizes. The Mini Go-Bag might be best used for an overnight trip, while the small bag will work for long weekend trips. The mini bag and small bag will fit in an overhead compartment, while the smaller carry-on can pass for your personal item that slides under the seat in front of you.

The Big Go-Bag is large enough to accommodate a week-long trip, but the larger bags must be checked at the airport. We hate to check any bag, but when packing a week's worth of clothes and gear, sometimes doing so is necessary. Longer trips are worth the extra hassle.

The multiple Go-Bag sizes make it easy to ensure you find a bag that fits within TSA guidelines but is roomy and functional enough to accommodate a few days' worths of clothing. The small Go-Bag should easily fit in an overhead compartment on an airplane, making it the perfect size for when you are traveling solo.

Baboon To The Moon Pros & Cons

There is a lot to love aboutBaboon To The Moon, as they make travel bags and luggage fit for any occasion. We love the bold styling and rugged construction. We also love that, at its core, the Go-Bag is still a duffle bag.

If you don't have a laptop, you can toss it around and be rough with it. The Go-Bags are tough, but it isn't overbuilt like so much of the competitor luggage out there.

If there is one downside, it feels like they could have expanded their product portfolio a little more, but we aren't made at the focused approach, so we will wait to see what the brand does in the future.

  • check Bold colors
  • close Limited line-up
  • check Tough construction
  • check Functional
  • check Versatile

More About Baboon To The Moon

Baboon To The Moon is a newer brand and a little bit unknown. You might even have questions about how the brand arrived on the scene. Interestingly, the company represents the American dream, which vibes well with its adventure focus.

Where Is Baboon To The Moon Made?

Baboon To The Moon works with various manufacturing partners from around the world, including in Asia, such as Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. Remember that before the brand started using the vendors, they met with them and ensured their labor standards had been audited. The BTTM team strives for responsible manufacturing and products.

Who Owns Baboon To The Moon?

Baboon To The Moon is a young company based in New York, New York. They are owned by the founders and a group of early investors.

Regardless, the brand makes seriously awesome duffle bags. We find duffle bags to be extremely versatile. You can simply toss in your favorite refillable deodorant, a comfortable pair of socks, and a fresh pair of undies with you freshest outfit. Then you are ready to hit the road.


Baboon To The Moon Alternatives

There are seemingly 1,000 luggage brands out there, and some brands are clothing brands, but then they start making luggage because they want to expand their product line-up. The result is a whole bunch of lousy luggage.

When we think about Baboon To The Moon's biggest competitors, we think of Patagonia. Some other brands are making adventure luggage, including The North Face and Columbia, but we recommend starting your comparison with the strongest alternatives. Here are some of the notable differences.

Baboon To The Moon vs. Patagonia

Patagonia's Black Hole duffle bag collection is the most serious competitor in the clubhouse. Patagonia is known for high-quality construction and responsible manufacturing, so in many ways, Patagonia is the much older version of what Baboon To The Moon strives t become.

Patagonia's color choices are much more subdued, as you might imagine. If bold colors are your thing, then BTTM is the easy choice. On the other hand, the Black Hole duffle is made with 100% recycled body fabric, lining, and webbing.

The last thing we call out is that Patagonia offers a wheeled version of the duffle bag. This probably isn't as practical for big-time adventures, but the wheeled version of the bag is majorly helpful if you are running through an airport.

This is the surprising instance in which Patagonia might be slightly more affordable than a competitor brand. Still, Baboon To The Moon is made from nearly indestructible materials and comes with a Lifetime Warranty, so both brands are solid investments.


Is Baboon To The Moon Worth It?

Baboon To The Moon is among the best luggage you will find, particularly in the duffle bag category. The Go-Bags come in multiple sizes, and the smaller two sizes are TSA approved for carry-on. If you are interested in the largest bag, it offers plenty of room for a week's worth of clothes, but you will need to check the largest bag if you plan on flying.

Still, all of these bags are perfect for road tripping, and you won't need to worry about whether the bags will store in an overhead compartment. And if you like the Baboon To The Moon Go-Bags, you will likely appreciate the backpack and fanny pack.

If you prefer a bag with roller wheels, you might check out the Patagonia Black Hole series of duffle bags, but the BTTM Go-Bags feature backpack straps and reinforced grab handles, so it is easy enough to carry.

If you are in the market for a new bag, Baboon To The Moon is a great purchase. Based on our Baboon To The Moon review, the bags are totally worth it.

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