home sweet home Ultimate Bedroom Makeover Create A Beautiful Bedroom (2022)
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Ultimate Bedroom Makeover: Create A Beautiful Bedroom (2022)

If you've dreamed of updating your bedroom, but don't know where to start, we've got good news for you. The ultimate bedroom makeover isn't actually that complicated, and we are here to help.

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Ultimate Bedroom Makeover

Your bedroom is your personal space to rest and recover. Some might even call it your sanctuary. Regardless, it is worth investing in a bedroom makeover to ensure your mind is at peace and your body gets the rest it deserves. You can make some minor tweaks to create a serene space, such as adding accent pillows or painting your master bedroom wall. Of course, you may decide to make more significant changes to create your dream bedroom at a certain point.

Ultimate Bedroom Makeover

So what does the ultimate bedroom makeover entail? Designing your perfect bedroom is personal in many ways. Adding the perfect pop of color and window treatments will go a long way toward transforming your primary bedroom into a relaxing retreat. Still, you spend around a third of your life in bed, so that is undoubtedly the place to start. This is a big deal, so let me tell you precisely what is in my bedroom.

After countless hours of research, this is the exact combination I decided on for my bedroom, and I couldn’t be happier. I rarely get the recommended eight hours of sleep, so the rest that I do get is precious. I must be comfortable so that I can fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. If you are looking for a brand-new bedroom, start with what matters most. Maximize your comfort so that you are fresh and ready to meet each new day.

If you are looking for bedroom inspiration, changing the wall colors and adding accent pillows will make a big difference, but the most enchanting bedroom will be one where you love your bed. Let’s start there, and then we will talk about decorating ideas.

Favorite Sheets

While mattresses are essential for ensuring you wake up rested, you are even more intimate with your sheets. And look, I am a typical dude. For years I would have told you that sheets are sheets. Looking for some infinitely increasing thread count seemed ridiculous, but I have learned that sheets can make a significant difference with age. For instance, did you know that traditional cotton sheets are more likely than

Eucalyptus sheets to trap allergens and bacterial growth? That’s a big deal.

Sheets made from Eucalyptus, such as those made by Sheets & Giggles, also have a reputation for sustainability.

Why are Eucalyptus sheets more sustainable? Glad you asked. Eucalyptus trees can be grown with 10x less water than it takes to grow cotton. Also, trees are less susceptible to pests, so they don’t need crazy pesticides either.

Of course, none of this really matters if the bedding sets and sheets aren’t comfortable. But here is the thing: Eucalyptus and Bamboo sourced sheets are noticeably softer and more breathable than cotton sheets. It’s a different approach to bedding and sheets than what you might be used to, but sometimes different is better.

Beyond the comfort, white sheets and white bedding can contribute toward your bedroom’s serenity. If you prefer pops of color in your bedroom retreat, Sheets & Giggles offers vibrant colors ranging from mint to navy. If you are looking for more of a black-and-white bedroom combination, you might consider the pearl sheets, which have just a touch more vibrancy classic white sheets.

If Eucalyptus sheets aren’t your thing, try Brooklinen instead.

Bedroom Makeover - Sheets & Giggles

Favorite Pillow

While your sheets provide that soft and cozy touch, no one sleeps well when their neck hurts. The problem is that most people buy the same pillow as everyone else down at the local department store. You’re not everyone else, though, and you deserve a pillow customized perfectly for your preferences.

Our Pluto pillow review walks you through the step-by-step process that the Pluto team uses to make the perfect pillow for you. There are 35 different pillow variations chosen by an algorithm and based on answers to a quiz. I love my Pluto pillow, and you better believe I make sure no one in my family steals it.

So how customized is this pillow? Well, maybe think about it this way: Purple makes three different pillows, GhostPillow only has two variations, and Tempur-Pedic leads the competition with a whopping nine pillow options. The fact that Pluto Pillow has 35 different variations, which are expertly chosen to meet your needs based on your answers, is unparalleled.

And pillow research shows that picking the right pillow can impact your cervical curve, pillow temperature, and general pillow comfort, so choosing the right pillow is very important. The perfect bedroom setting starts with knowing you will be comfortable, and nothing makes more difference to your comfort than the right pillow.

If you are interested in an even more bold pillow, Pluto also offers a new body pillow that they call the PUFF pillow. It’s a body pillow designed for everyone. The PUFF pillow is 100% hypoallergenic, never flat or saggy, and is cool to touch.

Bedroom Makeover - Pluto Pillow

Favorite Bed Frame

I’ve learned the hard way that a quality bed frame makes a world of difference. Old-school metal bed frames are dull and unsightly, but cheap platform beds might result in mattress sagging if they aren’t properly supportive. Both can be difficult to put together. Buy a quality bed frame can do wonders for the bedroom. While often overlooked, a nice bed frame can also be a better statement piece than other pieces of furniture you might consider.

I mentioned that I have the Thuma bed frame in our bedroom, so naturally, that is the bed frame I recommend for other people as well. The Thuma bed frame is a solid wooden bed frame that can be put together with your hands. You don’t even need any tools. That’s because the Thuma bed utilizes Japanese joinery that enables the four sides to slide together perfectly. It was a very satisfying experience when I put my bed frame together.

The sleep industry has a bad reputation for wastefulness and planet-harming practices, but the Thuma bed is eco-friendly. How? The frame is made from repurposed wood. Speaking of which, the wood is as handsome in person as it is in the pictures. The frame is available in two colors (we chose walnut) and can be paired with your choice from two pillow headboard colors.

Bedroom Makeover - Thuma Bed Frame

Favorite Mattresses

Mattresses can be harder to choose, particularly if you sleep with a significant other. It’s one thing to get your partner to agree to your favorite yellow paint or a floral pillow, but we all have different sleep styles. Some prefer (or even need) a firm mattress, while others prefer to sleep on a mattress as soft and plush as clouds.

Here is another thing: Foam mattresses had their day, but they aren’t for everyone. Some foam mattresses aren’t supportive, some all-foam mattresses are known for body indentations that become uncomfortable to sleep on over time. For these reasons, many people are moving to Hybrid mattresses that include some foam atop more traditional coil springs.

Our favorite hybrid mattress is the Saatva Classic mattress. The Saatva Classic mattress starts with a tempered support coil base specifically designed for maximum durability that fights sagging over time. Above the coil base sits a patented spinal zone technology made from high-density memory foam. The spinal zone technology helps reduce pressure on your back so that you wake up feeling refreshed. The mattress is then topped with a plush Euro pillow that provides pressure relief in all of the right places.

We love the Saatva Classic, but don’t take our word for it alone. With more than 2,000 customer reviews, Saatva mattresses maintain a stellar 4.9 of 5-star rating. Once you try this luxury mattress, you will understand why. And by the way, it’s a luxury mattress sold at affordable prices because Saatva mattresses are sold online, which means there are no middle-man costs.

If you are still on the fence, just know that we have spent countless hours reviewing mattresses before recommending Saatva’s mattress. In our mind, the Saatva Classic is worth every penny, but WinkBeds mattresses are comparable if you are looking for an alternative to the Saatva mattress.

In the battle of Saatva vs WinkBed, the biggest difference comes down to how the mattresses are delivered, believe it or not. WinkBeds mattresses are delivered in a box, which is eco-friendly, but its debatable whether that is good for the mattress. Saatva mattresses are built with durable springs that are difficult to compress, and they are delivered to your door with white-glove service.

If you are interested in other online mattresses, here is a list of our favorites:

Bedroom Makeover Tips & Tricks

First, you need to decide on your aesthetic. If you’re bold, you might stick with a black-and-white palette, in which case you might choose a gray wall as an accent wall. Choosing bedroom furnishings with a complimentary dark palette would certainly create a rich and luxurious vibe.

For most people, choosing a more classic bedroom color combo is probably a safe bet. You can create an attractive space using a cream color palette. Then if you want to get a little adventurous, you can add in a bold accent chair or an accent wall featuring a dynamic wallpaper. If the bold wallpaper is too much for you, that is perfectly fine. Starting with a chic chair is a great place to start.

Of course, your style is up to you, and you should be confident in choosing color palates and design choices that make you feel comfortable. Design fads come and go, so use Pinterest to find color combinations that you like and then design a warm and inviting space.

Simple Design Options

If you use a white comforter or duvet, then sometimes a colorful blanket is all you need to make your room pop. Having an extra blanket on your bed will not only keep you warm, but that extra bit of texture offers a more complete and cozy style. Sometimes, something as simple as a blanket is all you need to make all of the difference in the world.

Simple bedroom accessories are often a great way to change the feel of a room without going overboard. And if you have an average size bedroom, you don’t want to do too much. Simple is often better, even in bedroom decorating. Starting with that comfy chair, a few new pillows, and that colorful blanket might be just enough to make you feel like you have a completely new bedroom design. A few good animal pillows or something as simple as a floral headboard can add punch to the blandest of rooms and are simple to add.

Bedroom Makeover - Accent Pillows

Budget-Friendly Makeover Ideas

If you are looking for an affordable bedroom makeover, sometimes you need to start with purging before adding. If you are like me, you accumulate stuff you don’t need over time. Having too much clutter in your bedroom can be overwhelming and make it difficult to relax. Start by decluttering.

Once you have cleaned out your room, you can start by sprucing up your bedroom with paint. And sure, you can paint the walls, but paint is cheap in the world of makeovers, so use paint to your advantage. You can paint beat-up furniture to make it look good as new. You could also choose a daring ceiling color, which is especially true if you have a tray ceiling. My family painted the tray portion of the ceiling in our dining room a charcoal black, and we love it. The charcoal is accented with a gold chandelier and ceiling light. It took some effort, but it was cheap.

If you have budget constrictions but want to do more, don’t be afraid to seek out old bedroom furnishings from flea markets and estate sales, which you can bring back to life with a bit of love. Once you’ve decluttered, added some paint, and found some new-to-you furnishings, your bedroom will be feeling brand new. Finish it off with your favorite curtain rod, some curtain panels, and some fun pillows, and you will have completed a budget-friendly bedroom makeover.

Choose Soothing Colors

If you choose to paint your primary bedroom a new color, don’t make it a multi-week event, which I have made the mistake of doing. Instead, make a plan, and get the painting done in one day. It can be done, and you will be happier to have it behind you rather than lingering along for days or even weeks on end.

Regardless of how long it takes, we recommend that you choose relaxing paint colors for your bedroom. And here is the one thing we will say that we hope you hear: Relaxing colors can still be bold and fresh. You don’t have to paint an accent wall hot pink for it to add variety to your bedroom.

Soft colors like sky blues and faded greens can be very relaxing while still livening up your bedroom. Of course, our favorite color is Alabaster White. It is white, without being too white, and gives your room to explore with the rest of your design choices.

Bedroom Makeover - Soft Colors

Properly Control The Lighting

Black-out curtains go a long way toward a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, light exposure interprets your sleep cycles, meaning you don’t get the deep sleep you deserve. But curtains can be your best friend in an effort to complete a bedroom makeover.

The style of curtain you choose can be a statement piece of the bedroom vibe you are going for. Go mellow and relaxing to create a serene space, or bold and exciting to accentuate your unique styling. Fortunately, quality blackout curtains are easy to find on Amazon and at local retailers. If you are looking for an amazing one-day bedroom makeover, curtains and place are a great place to start. If you are unsure how certain color combinations might look, you can also get an idea by looking at Pinterest for similar designs to those in your head.

Floor lamps and bedside lamps can act as functional bedroom accessories and act as perfect accent pieces. For instance, you might choose a darker bedroom wall color for an accent wall, something like hunter green or navy, and then accentuate that look with a gold floor lamp for a genuinely daring look.

If you do go with blackout curtains, it’s a win-win to add nice lamps so that you can see around in the dark while also adding some flair.

Bedroom Makeover - Saatva-Explore-now

Go To Sleep Relaxed

Have you considered your air quality? If not, maybe you should. Adding a quality air purifier will reduce allergens and other pollutants. Not only will this give you peace of mind, but it might help you sleep better, too, if you frequently struggle with allergies.

The Complete Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom makeovers can be fun, but they can also be intimidating. Our message is that bedroom makeovers don’t have to be complicated. Adding a little extra texture to your space with pillows and curtains can go a long way, but you can probably start by decluttering and adding a fresh coat of paint.

Once you are ready to take things to the next level, focus on your bed, since getting a good night’s rest is essential to living your best life. Work toward having a bed frame, mattress, sheets, and pillow combination that you are proud of and that helps you sleep deeply through the night. Add all of this together, and you will have the perfect brand new bedroom.

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