home sweet home Dyson vs. Molekule vs. Wynd Best Air Purifiers (2023)
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Dyson vs. Molekule vs. Wynd: Best Air Purifiers (2023)

If you are looking for the best air purifiers on the planet, look no further than comparing Dyson vs. Molekule. You might consider Wynd air purifiers too. Molekule, Dyson, and Wynd make some of the best air purifiers money can buy.

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Dyson vs. Molekule vs. Wynd

If you are looking for the best air purifiers on the planet, look no further than comparing Dyson vs. Molekule. You might consider Wynd air purifiers too. Molekule, Dyson, and Wynd make some of the best air purifiers money can buy.

Molekule vs. Dyson vs. Wynd Comparison

There is something to be said for fresh air. Indoor air is significantly more polluted than outdoor air, so it is no wonder we feel the urge to get outside every now and then. While nothing can replace the natural joy of going outside, Dyson, Wynd, and Molekule have developed solutions to help improve the air quality when we are inside.

Best Air Purifiers For Home
Dyson vs. Molekule vs. WyndDysonMolekuleWynd
Selling PointaddDysonHeats & CoolsMolekuleDestroys PollutantsWyndProduct Ecosystem
Filter TypeaddDysonHEPAMolekulePECOWyndHEPA
Associated AppaddDysonMolekuleWynd
Multiple SizesaddDysonMolekuleWynd
Bundling OptionsaddDysonMolekuleWynd

We spend time researching

earth-friendly cleaners, eating healthy, and excercising. It only makes sense that we would also be considerate of the air we breathe.

That’s why innovating brands like Molekule and Dyson are so important.

Molekule Air Purifiers

There are various air purification systems, but most use a series of filters to trap pollutants. Surely you have noticed how filthy old filters can be, whether at home or in your car. Molekule is different. Actually, Molekule is the first of its kind. Rather than develop a system to trap pollutants, the family team at Molekule developed a method to destroy contaminants.

The Molekule system still utilizes filters, but air travel first through a pre-filter (similar to most standard filters) that catches larger particles before traveling through the PECO filter, designed to destroy the pollutants. And what does PECO stand for again?

Photo electrochemical oxidation.

Dr. Goswami, the patriarch of the founding family and lead scientist, has written over 20 white reports detailing his research on the PECO system. The system was studied at the University of Florida and The University of South Florida. Molekule is serious about air quality and has put the same technology in their at-home devices that they use in their commercial products, used by institutions such as hospitals.

Molekule Products Overview

The product is sleek too. You might expect a high-grade air purification system to look like an ugly air conditioning unit hidden behind a chair or couch, but the at-home system looks like a piece of modern art. In fact, the Molekule products are so beautiful, we wouldn’t blame you for displaying them as a centerpiece.

The team thoughtfully designed every component right down to the handle. And about that handle, the Molekule products are easy to move from room to room to ensure the air throughout your house stays fresh. The company now offers a few different air purifier models, so take a deep breath and realize how much cleaner that breath will be after purchasing a Molekule for your home.


Molekule Air Pro

The Molekule Air Pro is a professional-grade air filter that works in spaces as large as 1,000 square feet. Unsurprisingly, the Molekule Air Pro is the most expensive model the brand offers. If that is concerning, it is good to know they offer a financing option in case the purchase price is too much to bite off in one chunk.

It's a beautiful unit with 360-degree air intake, intuitive on-unit controls showing filter status and air particle levels, and communicates with Molekule's associated smartphone app.

Molekule Air

The Molekule Air is a more accessible unit that cleans the air in spaces as large as 600 sq. ft. Financing is available for all of the Molekule Air filters, but the unit also comes with a 100% refundable 30-day home trial in case you have any trepidation.

The unit improves indoor air quality while operating at a whisper-quiet noise level. The ozone-free performance is impressive, but the overall system is also convenient. You can set up automatic filter refills, so there is one less thing on your mind.

Like the Molekule Air Pro, the touch screen display lets you easily select fan speeds and modes and check on filter status.

Molekule Air Mini

The Molekule Air Mini and Molekule Air Mini+ are the smallest units the company makes, destroying indoor air pollutants in spaces as large as 250 sq. feet. Because the units are smaller, they are also naturally more portable.

So, what's the difference between the Molekule Air Mini and Molekule Air Mini+? In addition to the Molekule filtration technology, the Air Mini+ features a particle sensor, auto-protect mode, and is enabled for Apple HomeKit.

The Air Mini series offers excellent air quality in a compact package. And because they are more portable, you can move them from room to room as needed. Keep it in your bedroom or kid's room at night, and move it to your office or living spaces during the day.


Is Molekule Better Than HEPA?

Molekule air purifiers are better than HEPA filters because HEPA filters trap particles. Comparatively, the Molekule system utilizes UV light to destroy particles. Molekule's PECO technology eliminates chemicals 1000x tinier than the standard HEPA filter intends to catch. We would rather a purifier destroy pollutants than catch pollutants.

Molekule considers itself a science company, so its website features multiple white papers and technology reports evidencing its research. Independent testing illustrates that a Molekule air purifier successfully destroys particles, including bacteria, mold, and other viruses (such as SARS-CoV-2).

How Long Do Molekule Filters last?

The average Molekule PECO-Filter lasts approximately six months. Variables such as how often you run your Molekule and air quality will impact the filter's life cycle.

And did you know that the Molekule Air Pro will take a snapshot of your current air quality? This snapshot provides insight into the presence of chemicals, humidity, CO2, and other pollutants. The powerful PECO system can't do anything about the humidity or CO2, but it is still helpful to understand your air quality.

Does Molekule Destroy Formaldehyde?

Molekule completed extensive testing on its device, including its performance against Formaldehyde. The Molekule Air Pro removed 80% of Formaldehyde in 8 hours. Comparatively, the Molekule Air Mini removed 59% of Formaldehyde in 8 hours. The team performed these tests in a chamber at Intertek-Grand Rapids.

The larger Molekule naturally provides more extensive coverage. The smaller Molekule unit works best in small rooms. Still, a Molekule air purifier will get the job done.

Is Molekule FDA Approved?

The Molekule Air Pro is FDA-cleared to destroy bacteria, viruses & mold. The FDA cleared the Molekule Air Mini+ and Molekule Pro RX to destroy bacteria and viruses. The original Air Pro achieved extra clearance for the mold component.

All three models achieve performance criteria defined by the FDA to reduce potential exposure to SARS-C0V-2.

Who Owns Molekule?

Molekule is a privately owned company located in San Francisco. The brand was co-founded by siblings Dilip Goswami and Jaya Rao and their father, scientist Yogi Goswami.

Lead investors include the likes of Kevin Love, from NBA fame, as well as several prominent venture capital groups.

Where Are Molekule Air Purifiers Made?

Molekule air purifiers are manufactured globally, including in the United States and Malaysia. Molekule air purifiers are technologically advanced and require expert manufacturing processes. Remember that Molekule considers itself a science and technology company, not just an air purifier company.

Is Molekule Worth It?

Molekule purifiers are worth it because they feature first-of-its-kind PECO filtering. Unlike a HEPA filter or activated carbon filter, which traps particles, the PECO UV filtration system destroys particles. The Molekule devices are expensive, but they get the job done and have even received FDA clearance.

Since you may want multiple units, the brand also offers bundles in which you can purchase the Molekule Air and Molekule Air Mini at discounted rates.

  • check PECO filtration destroys pollutants
  • close Expensive for Some
  • check Tech only available from Molekule
  • check Whisper quiet
  • check Touch screen display
  • check Easy to move around the house
  • check Certain models work with Apple HomeKit

Dyson Air Purifiers

Dyson is known for crazy-looking vacuums and hand dryers, but the crazy-looking designs frequently reflect better technology and more innovative advancements than their competitors. Such is the case with Dyson’s air purifiers. Developing an air purifier just like everyone else’s would never be enough for Dyson.

Dyson created over 2,600 prototypes before landing on the design that could pass their rigorous standards. Dyson’s research revealed that many competitor models only purify the air directly around the purification device rather than genuinely purifying the air in the entire room, so they sought to create a solution for this specific problem.

They determined their air purifier would need to do three things:

  • Automatically sense air pollution

  • Capture gases and ultrafine pollutants

  • Project clean air back through entire room

The Dyson air purifier works by first pulling air through a dual filtration system. Carbon filters capture any gases in the air, while the glass HEPA filter captures any particles and small pollutant matter. After cleaning the air, the Dyson purifier uses a fan to project the clean air back through the entire room.

This is the innovative twist Dyson adds. Each purifier is part of a fan system that intelligently heats or cools the room you are in. For the most advanced option, you can buy the Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool Cryptomic, which both humidifies using purified water and destroys formaldehyde continuously.

Dyson fans are exceedingly safe for use around children and pets, both of which create their fair share of airborne pollutants because Dyson Fans don't have any exposed blades.

When you buy a Dyson air purifier, you aren’t just buying a purifier. You are also purchasing a fan, some of which blow both cool and hot air, and if you want a humidifier, you can choose that option. Dyson’s continual innovation and high-quality standards make the brand’s purifiers amonth the best money can buy.


Dyson Products Overview

The company makes some of the most handsome machines you will ever see, but they also perform exceptionally well. If you are a techie-type looking to knock out indoor air pollution, you will be hard-pressed to find a better fit than Dyson.

Dyson Air Purifiers

The Dyson team offers quite a few variations of air purifiers for you to choose from. Even their most basic air purifier also serves as a fan, which is why the primary purifier series is named Dyson Pure Cool. Still, a company as innovative as Dyson doesn't stop with basic features.

The more advanced versions of the Dyson Pure Cool series feature auto-mode, sleep-mode, Bluetooth, Wifi, and Amazon Alexa control compatibility. The more advanced versions of the Dyson Pure Cool also feature an LCD screen that shows air quality, assuring you that the technology rids the air from all of those nasty airborne particulates.

Of course, if indoor air quality is essential to you, we recommend checking out the Dyson Pure Cool Cryptomic, which continuously destroys formaldehyde. Combining a glass HEPA filter and activated carbon filtration removes more than 99% of airborne particles, including those as small as 0.3 microns.

Then on top of the standard filtration system, the Dyson Cryptomic technology continuously works to destroy formaldehyde, and the technology never needs replacing like a traditional filter.

And why is this important? While ingestion can be fatal, long-term exposure alone can cause skin irritation or asthma-like problems. This is a big deal since many textiles, including furniture textiles, are known to have formaldehyde in them.

Darn chemicals. The Dyson Crptomic technology gets rid of this particularly irritating particulate matter.

Dyson Air Purifier + Heat

If you are interested in even more versatile functionality, you might consider the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool, which acts as an air purifier and either a heater or cooling fan. According to the company, The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool is the only air purifier proven through testing that works for space heating and also senses and captures ultrafine pollutants.

The purifier comes with a remote control that controls the heating, cooling, and air purification in addition to the fan speeds. And if a remote control isn't your style, you can also control the Dyson air purifier with simple voice commands, using a compatible service.

Like the other Dyson varieties, if you have sensitive skin or asthma-like symptoms, you might consider the upgraded Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Cryptomic, which destroys formaldehyde. Whether it's dust, smoke, or other common indoor pollutants that bother you, the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool will help regulate your temperature and help you breathe easier.

Dyson Air Purifier + Humidifier

While Dyson also offers combo air purifiers and humidifiers, these aren't cheap purchases. They will set you back a pretty penny. Still, there is something to be said about so much Dyson technology packed into one powerful unit.

These would work particularly well in a nursery or office where you and your loved ones spend a lot of time, but they are smaller than other Dyson units. They won't cool or clean large areas, but the humidifier functionality is the headliner here.

The standard Dyson Humidify+Cool units feature a fan mode night mode and sleep timer. More impressively, they feature a deep clean cycle that eliminates any unsightly mineral build-up and harmful bacteria.

Only you have to do is hit a button. Here is something else to consider: My experience with humidifiers is that the tanks barely last through the night. Still, Dyson's one-gallon tank provides as much as 36 hours of humidification.

If that's not enough incredible technology for you, you can also consider the Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool Cryptomic, which also eliminates formaldehyde. Once you start to learn, it is surprising, and a little concerning what airborne particulates are floating around, but the Dyson products help capture harmful allergens and improve your life.

Which Dyson Air Purifier Is Best?

The Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde is the best Dyson air purifier because it is the most advanced purifier. The Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde features a fully sealed HEPA filter. The purifier automatically senses, captures, and filters pollutants. Plus, the fan cools the room to keep you comfortable.

In comparing Dyson vs. Molekule, remember that a HEPA filter traps the pollutants. On the other hand, Molekule's PECO filter destroys pollutants. The Air Multiplier technology is one advantage the Dyson models feature compared to Molekule units. Air Multiplier technology pulls in pollutants across the room and recirculates purified air back through the room.


Leave Your Dyson Air Purifier On All The Time

You can leave your Dyson air purifier on all of the time. Still, you should check the filters at least quarterly and unplug your Dyson air purifier if leaving for an extended vacation. Dyson customer service suggests unplugging if it will go unused for more than two weeks.

Can You Wash A Dyson Air Purifier Filter?

Dyson filters trap pollutants, so you shouldn't try to wash a Dyson air purifier filter. Dyson recommends replacing air purifier filters at least annually. The filter will eventually become clogged with pollutants, which impacts how well it continues to filter. A dirty filter may also start to smell poorly.

Where Are Dyson Air Purifiers Sold?

Many large chains carry Dyson air purifiers, but we prefer purchasing directly from the merchant. Big box stores like Costco have a variety of HEPA filters, but Dyson filters are unique. Purchasing your purifier directly from Dyson will enable you to create an account to buy filters later.

The Dyson website makes it easy to find replacement filters. They also posted videos on their website demonstrating how to replace the filter.

How Do You Reset Your Dyson Air Purifier

You can reset your Dyson Air purifier without the app. Press and hold the 'Standby ON/OFF' button until the WiFi symbol flashes between green and white. You will need to hold the button for 20 seconds. Beware: This reset will restore the machine to the factory default settings.

Still, this is the way to clear the WiFi settings but don't have the app connected.

Is Dyson Air Purifier Worth It?

Dyson air purifiers are worth it because of their advanced technology. While some competitors test air quality in an unrealistically small room, Dyson's POLAR test measures purification in a standard-size room. No allergens, smoke particulates, or other annoying indoor pollutants are a match for Dyson.

The built-in air quality sensors will prove that Dyson's air purifiers get the job done, but that doesn't scratch the surface of the technology and innovation offered by the Dyson air purifiers.

Of course, where Dyson really shines is in the elimination of formaldehyde. This could be a game-changer if you have sensitive skin or asthma-like symptoms.

Not only do the Dyson purifiers work well, but they are also convenient to use. Most units have Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can control them from your phone. Some units have remote controls or respond to voice controls so that you can easily control the speed settings and other features from the comfort of your seat.

  • check Carbon filtration
  • close No PECO filtering
  • check Night mode
  • close Expensive for Some
  • check Sleep mode
  • check Innovative integration with fans, heaters, and humidifiers

Wynd Air Purifiers

The first thing you need to understand about Wynd is that they don’t just sell air purification systems. Wynd has developed an entire ecosystem to ensure you are knowledgeable about the air quality around you and have also developed the tools you need to improve the air quality wherever you are.

If this ecosystem’s base is knowledge, we should first discuss their air quality trackers and associated phone applications. Most of us have lived completely unaware of the air quality in our local environments, but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Wynd sells a portable air quality tracker with an indicator light that changes colors as the air quality around you changes.

More importantly, the tracker communicates with a phone app (available for both iOS and Android) which provides insights into the current air quality and quality over time. The app also allows you to research other cities’ air quality so you know before you go.

The portable air quality tracker doesn’t have any data displays directly on the device since it relies on the app for visual display. Still, Wynd does sell a beautiful at-home device that will allow you to see your air quality at a glance.

Knowledge is power, and the Wynd ecosystem enables you to make educated decisions regarding which devices to use and where to use them.

Need a solution for your car commute or your cubicle at work? Wynd has a sleek and affordable solution for that. Wynd’s ecosystem is so thoughtfully designed that they even have a baby stroller clip that will allow you to take the portable device with you as you stroll.


Wynd Products Overview

For the house, Wynd sells a smart home-air purifier that cleans up to 1,200 square feet in just 30 minutes. We are talking about industry-leading technologies here.

If you are starting to realize you may need a portable air purifier and an at-home purifier, don’t worry. Wynd offers bundles that will help you save money. Whether you struggle with allergies or are concerned about the air quality in your car or office cubicle, we recommend purchasing Wynd to help you breathe easier.

Wynd Essential & Wynd Plus

The Wynd Essential and Wynd Plus models are personal, portable air purifiers that will help you tackle airborne particles on the go. The units work great in your vehicle and also work well in the office. While the Wynd Essential will work well if you are on a tight budget, the Wynd Plus is equipped with air quality sensors that will communicate with the app on your phone.

Wynd Halo

The Wynd Halo is a smart environmental home monitoring system. It includes 14 sensors and is sophisticated enough to control other smart humidifiers and filtration systems you already have in your home. It is also Alexa enabled, so you can control your home's air quality without getting out of your seat.

Wynd Max

The Alexa-enabled Wynd Max is a larger air purification system, sufficient for cleaning up most air pollutants and particulates in your home. The Wynd Max cleans up to 1200 sq ft, which is better than much of the competition and does so as quickly as 200 sq feet every five minutes.

Financing is available if you need it, which you should keep in mind, because purchasing a bundle with the Wynd Max, Wynd Halo, and Wynd Plus might be the fastest way to understand and improve the air quality you live in each day.

Does Wynd Use a HEPA Filter?

Wynd developed a HEPA filter called a V-Series HEPA filter. The filter is infused with activated carbon, which removes particulates from the air. Elements of silver are also woven into the filter. Silver has antimicrobial, germ-killing properties. Combining traditional HEPA filter design with silver and activated carbon effectively purifies air.


Is Wynd Worth The Money?

Wynd air purifiers don't have carbon filtration like Dyson or PECO filtration like Molekule. Still, they offer a unique ecosystem of products that purify air at home or on the go. Wynd provides the best options for a small and inconspicuous purifier.

And once you choose one of their products, it might make sense to consider the entire ecosystem, including the Wynd Halo and Wynd Max.

  • check Ultra-portable unit
  • close No advanced filtering
  • check Entire ecosystem of products

HEPA vs. PECO: What’s The Difference?

HEPA filters trap pollutants, while PECO filtering destroys pollutants. This is the main difference between the two air filtering technologies. Independent labs have validated that PECO technology actually destroys mold, bacteria, and viruses. Still, HEPA filters are more commonly used because Molekule pioneered PECO.

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air.

PECO stands for Photo Electrochemical Oxidation. Just what you would have guessed, right?


Molekule vs. Dyson? Wynd? What Is The Best Air Purifier

In comparing Molekule vs. Dyson, the biggest difference is that Molekule air purifiers utilize PECO technology. PECO technology destroys pollutants, while HEPA filters trap pollutants. Most major air purifiers, including Dyson, use HEPA filters. Dyson innovates how it circulates air through the room to get broader coverage.

While Molekule, Dyson, and Wynd each bring something unique to the table, only

Molekule features PECO technology that actually destroys pollutants.

This is great because while filters catch most larger particulates, the Molekule system eliminates anything that leaks through the initial filters. The founding family behind Molekule devoted their entire carers to improving air quality because it was an issue directly impacting them, and they wanted to help others in similar situations.

That type of passion shines through in their product. The Molekule is available in multiple sizes, too, so while the most comprehensive approach would be to buy a bundle with various units, the smaller Molekule Air Mini is available for smaller rooms.

If you are on a budget, you can purchase the smaller purifier and move it from room to room. Your current air quality might be worse than you even realize, but the Molekule's top-notch performance will improve the air you breathe in no time.

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