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MeUndies vs. Tommy John vs. Saxx: Best Men's Undies (2023)

Most guys are low maintenance. They work hard, play hard, and avoid sweating the small stuff. Unfortunately, that also means the underwear drawer sometimes gets a little worn out and neglected. Still, it's hard to know where to start. Underwear like SAXX provides extra support, but you may also compare Tommy John vs. MeUndies.

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MeUndies vs. Tommy John vs. SAXX

Most guys are low maintenance. They work hard, play hard, and avoid sweating the small stuff. Unfortunately, that also means the underwear drawer sometimes gets worn out and neglected. Underwear like SAXX provides extra support, but you may also compare Tommy John vs. MeUndies.

It's time to invest in some quality underwear. You will thank us later.

Consider which piece of clothing you wear most often and most closely to your sacred parts. It's your undies, so if you have opted for box-store 5-packs in the past, there will be no turning back once you have upgraded to one of these superior underwear brands.

MeUndies vs. Tommy John vs. SAXX - Men’s Underwear Compared

If you like the convenience of buying your underwear from the same place you buy your groceries, then, by all means, go for it. That said, if there is one thing you should consider spending a few extra dollars on for quality and comfort, it’s your underwear. But which brand should you choose?

There are a growing number of brands on the market including

B3NTH, Mack Weldon, Stance, and even Lululemon.

Still, we think that three brands stand above the rest, and that is why we compared

MeUndies vs. SAXX vs. Tommy John to find the perfect men’s underwear. 😎

To quote an anonymous reviewer, "Life is too short to wear uncomfortable underwear."

We agree.

Best Men's Underwear
MeUndies vs. Tommy John vs. SAXXMeUndiesTommy JohnSAXX
PriceaddMeUndies💰💰Tommy John💰💰💰SAXX💰💰💰
Biggest Selling PointaddMeUndiesIncredibly SoftTommy JohnUnobtrusively ThinSAXXProprietary Support
Athletic OptionaddMeUndiesTommy JohnSAXX
Subscription OptionaddMeUndiesTommy JohnSAXX
Bulk Pack DiscountsaddMeUndiesTommy JohnSAXX
WebsiteaddMeUndiesTommy JohnSAXX

What Is The Best Men’s Underwear?

MeUndies, SAXX, and Tommy John all offer men’s underwear that is highly comfortable and stand above the rest of the competition. Each brand has unique features which might appeal to you, but know this: This isn’t your granddaddy’s underwear.

Times change, and so should the inventory in your underwear drawer. When comparing MeUndies vs. SAXX vs. Tommy John, it is hard to go wrong, but this is what we love about each brand:

  • MeUndies Underwear - Best Overall Value

  • SAXX Men’s Underwear - Most Supportive Design

  • Tommy John Men’s Underwear - Most Breathable Fabric

What Should You Consider When Buying New Underwear?

If you bought cheap box-store underwear in the past, it might be hard to know where to start when looking to upgrade to the big leagues. After hours and hours of research and sampling, we think there are three things you need to consider.

  • Is the underwear comfortable?

  • Is the underwear durable?

  • Is the underwear functional?

MeUndies, SAXX, and Tommy John are our favorite underwear brands based on these criteria. All three brands make underwear that checks the boxes. They are comfortable, durable, and functional—nothing less than you need and nothing more than you need.

There is no need for extra bells and whistles here. Men want underwear that gets the job done comfortably.

It’s time to look and feel both young and inspired, like a million bucks. It’s time to upgrade from your granddaddy's underwear, and we will help you make a confident decision you will appreciate for years to come.

Screen Shot 2022-08-06 at 5.03.15 PM

MeUndies Men’s Underwear Review: Soft, Comfortable, and Convenient

MeUndies’ best quality is that they are incredibly soft and comfortable. They are legitimately so comfortable that you may not be willing to wear any other underwear once you try them on. Beyond comfort, MeUndies stands out for its subscription service. For a discounted price, you can have a fresh pair of underwear delivered to your door every month.

MeUndies organizes its colorways into three categories, and if you choose to set up a subscription, you will pick the type that best fits your personality. Classic colorways include more conservative mainstays (i.e., black, navy, and grey).

Bold colorways include a brighter punch without getting too crazy (i.e., red, purple, and bright blues). Adventurous colorways include wild prints (i.e., orcas, bicycles, and plaid designs).

Not sure about an underwear subscription? Admittedly, it seemed strange to us until we tried it, but now we can’t imagine buying underwear any other way. It’s a deceptively convenient subscription.

I found that, subconsciously, buying new underwear was a hassle, and I often just didn’t do it. But now my underwear drawer is fresh, and I actually look forward to sliding on a pair of MeUndies after I hop out of the shower because they are so perfectly soft and supportive in all the right ways.

And if you think I am exaggerating,

I’m not. For real. Putting on a fresh pair of MeUndies is something I look forward to enjoying. Imagine finding pleasure in something so simple.

Like any good underwear brand, various cuts are available, so you will be pleased if you prefer trunks, briefs, or boxer briefs. While that's not surprising, it might be surprising that MeUndies offers lounge pants and other apparel made from the same buttery soft blend from their underwear. Once you feel how soft the underwear is, you will ask how you can wear it more, and MeUndies has you covered.

One final MeUndies feature which might be of interest is they offer matching partner underwear. MeUndies makes it easy to purchase matching underwear for the special person in your life if that is something they might enjoy.

And really, what's more personal than matching intimates? Whether you need partner-matching underwear, you will be glad you bought some new MeUndies.

Is MeUndies Overpriced?

MeUndies underwear is comparably priced to similar brands such as SAXX and Tommy John. The subscription option will save you a few dollars per pair of underwear, making MeUndies even more affordable. A MeUndies subscription will keep your underwear drawer fresh, which is well worth the price.

Some brands overcharge because of a luxury name tag. MeUndies charges a premium price because it's cotton modal blend is of the highest quality. MeUndies is made from a premium material, which makes it the best underwear on the market.

While some people may prefer underwear with the kangaroo pouch on the front, the perfect pair of underwear must be super soft. It doesn't matter whether you prefer a traditional brief or a more modern boxer brief fit. The foundation piece for super comfortable underwear is a soft fabric that will prevent friction in the nether regions.

Who Owns MeUndies?

MeUndies is led by founder Jonathan Shokrian and based in Los Angeles, California. The founder team and early investors own MeUndies. The brand completed several funding rounds and was once named the 7th Fastest Growing Retail Company in the U.S. MeUndies is still privately owned.

Jonathan Shokrian and leadership team are on a mission to help you feel comfortable in your skin. This is why the company focuses on basics like underwear and t-shirts. Some modern brands focus too much on serving a sleek compression fit and dull colors.

MeUndies creates patterns and color profiles that allow for self-expression. Self-expression is made easier when you are comfortable with what you wear.


What Is So Special About MeUndies?

MeUndies is a special brand because it perfectly meshes comfort, style, and self-expression. Wear solid gray briefs if you prefer, or choose a bold print instead. Also, decide whether you prefer a horizontal fly or an enclosed pouch. MeUndies are perfect for everyday use and highly comfortable.

The waistband isn’t very tall, maybe about an inch tall, which prevents the waistband from folding over and bunching up. We’ve seen claims from competitor brands about taller waistbands “laying flat” and maximizing comfort, but we have found the exact opposite to be true.

The tall waistbands from competitors are the ones that fold over and bunch up rather than lying flat. MeUndies’ waistband actually lays flat, preventing annoying bunching, and maximizing comfort.


Are MeUndies Worth It?

MeUndies are made from a super soft fabric, which is why MeUndies is worth the investment. A subscription will save a few dollars, which makes MeUndies an even better investment. The material, no-bunch waistband, and cut make MeUndies the most comfortable underwear on the planet.

When I first tried on a pair of MeUndies, I only regretted not finding them sooner. I honestly didn’t know how uncomfortable my old underwear was until I experienced MeUndies-level comfort. It’s not just the indescribably soft touch of the underwear but also the waistband design.

  • check Insanely soft
  • close Not great for playing sports
  • check Most comfortable waistband
  • check Subscription available
  • check Matching his/her sets
  • check Good selection of colors and designs
  • check Fun Branding
  • check Great Value

SAXX Men’s Underwear Review: Versatile Support

As you might have guessed from the name, SAXX's most prominent selling feature is their proprietary… well, a sack for your jewels. They call it the BallPark Pouch, and this unique design keeps you more supported than any other brand. With the BallPark Pouch design, your boys will stay in place.

While support is the most apparent benefit of SAXX’s unique design, it isn’t the only benefit. Have you ever dealt with sticking or uncomfortable friction? The mesh-panel pouch design is breathable, but it keeps permanent separation where it is needed most. With SAXX’s unique pouch design, everything stays right where you want it: cool, calm, and collected.

We love that SAXX looks for the uncomfortable annoyances that are part of everyday life and then develops break-through technologies to make life a little better for us guys. Sometimes it is minor improvements that make a big difference. This attention to every little detail and potential discomfort will make you love your SAXX.

SAXX has integrated their very special pouch into various products, so whether you are looking for everyday or athletic underwear, there will be an option that works for you.

In fact, for those looking for extreme convenience, SAXX also offers a line of two-in-one shorts where their BallPark Pouch is built right into shorts and sleepwear. Stay chafe-free at the beach or just around town. Nice.

Stylistically, SAXX leans toward eclectic and bright designs, but they have more conservative options, too, if that is what you prefer. Like MeUndies above and Tommy John below, SAXX comes in various cuts, so you can find a supportive pair that is just right for you.


What's So Special About SAXX Underwear?

SAXX is special because it alleviates discomfort. SAXX underwear was the original men's underwear brand introducing the ball hammock. The brand calls its hammock the BallPark Pouch. SAXX underwear is precisely engineered to provide you with the most supportive underwear experience you've ever had.

Other brands may refer to the supportive pocket as a joey pouch, dual pouch, or rocket pocket, but the SAXX BallPark Pouch is the trendsetter. Traditional boxer briefs provide little support unless made with an uncomfortable compression fit. SAXX balances comfort by developing one of the first underwear designed for the male anatomy.

Underwear Like SAXX Boxer Briefs

While SAXX is the original underwear brand sporting a supportive pouch for your gentlemen, other underwear brands have designed similar boxer briefs. Shinesty sells ball hammock briefs, and Sheath offers similar dual pouch briefs. Shinesty and Sheath sell underwear like SAXX boxer briefs, but many options exist.

The brands featuring two pouches may be clunkier than helpful, but you might try a boxer brief from several brands to decide which pouch variation you like the most. Each brand features its twist on comfort. Some are made from Tencel modal fabric, while others avoid seams. This is an area where a little personal testing may help your search.

Still, brands like MeUndies are a viable alternative if you don't need a kangaroo pouch for your manparts. But we get it! Protecting your crown jewels and sensitive areas is a big deal. While some brands boast that you will feel like you are wearing nothing, sometimes you want to feel something. A little SAXX support goes a long way.


Who Owns SAXX?

Trent Kitsch founded SAXX underwear, but the brand has since changed ownership several times. Most recently, a private equity firm named TZP made a strategic investment to acquire a significant stake in the brand. The Ballpark Pouch brand has proven to be a strong investment.

Is SAXX Underwear Worth It?

SAXX underwear is worth the investment because the supportive BallPark pouch alleviates discomfort. SAXX is the most comfortable underwear you will find if you search for supportive boxer briefs. We like SAXX more than the pouch alternatives like Shinesty and Sheath.

We've noticed that on long road trips, we start to feel a little uncomfortable and unsupported. Underwear like SAXX solves this problem by introducing a soft and supportive pouch. You may not want to wear these every day. We get that. Still, you might find there are days where they make a big difference.

Some people might not like the feeling of being all wrapped up, but you won’t know until you try! For the most part, everything slides right into place, and most people love the supportive feeling.

The SAXX pouch is designed with breathable mesh, too. While SAXX will keep you in place, they won’t unnecessarily heat everything up to get the job done.

  • check Very supportive
  • close Unique fit might not be for everyone
  • check Breathable
  • close No subscription option
  • check Frictionless
  • check Innovative design
  • check Athletic options available

Tommy John Men's Underwear Review: Luxuriously Thin and Smooth

Tommy John has built out their portfolio to have an option for just about everything you need, but one of its centerpieces is the Second Skin line of underwear. The Second Skin line is soft and stretchy but also very thin. This might be your brand if you want to avoid added bulk in your pants.

These Second Skin undies are so thin and smooth that you might forget you are wearing them. Tommy John has also improved the Second Skin line, so they are luxuriously soft and twice as durable as previous versions.

And while Tommy John doesn’t ride with the full wrap-around sack, they do feature a well-fitting contour pouch to keep you secure.

If you're unsure about the Second Skin line, Tommy John also has a Cool Cotton line, which will help you beat the heat during the summer, and a SleekHeat line you can wear as a base layer during the colder months.

If SAXX and their pouch aren’t for you, the one place where Tommy John stands above MeUndies is that they have underwear explicitly designed for athletic activities. Tommy John’s athletic underwear is designed for ultimate mobility, enhanced breathability, and durability compared to Tommy John’s other underwear lines.


Tommy John's Secret Pocket

And if you need a place to put a key when you are out for a run, they have a built-in pocket as an optional feature.

If that isn’t enough to pique your interest in Tommy John, check out the Go Anywhere line that includes underwear and everyday clothing such as polos and pants. The entire Go Anywhere lineup is made from Tommy John’s advanced fabric with quick-drying and multidirectional stretch features.

The bottom line is Tommy John makes quality underwear for any occasion. Since they have expanded their portfolio, you can update other parts of your wardrobe while replenishing your underwear drawer.

What Underwear Is Comparable To Tommy John?

Tommy John underwear is more comparable to MeUndies than to SAXX Underwear. Tommy John and MeUndies underwear are both buttery soft, and neither features the special frontside pouch. In comparing Tommy John to MeUndies, Tommy John runs a little tighter, and the material is a little lighter.


Is Tommy John Underwear Really That Good?

Some wearers find Tommy John underwear runs a little tight, so we recommend you closely review their sizing guides and on-site customer reviews. Still, Tommy John's underwear is ultra-thin and lightweight. Tommy John is the underwear brand to consider if you prefer to feel like you are wearing nothing.

Tommy John also has athletic underwear, unlike MeUndies. SAXX offers some athletic underwear, too, but Tommy John is worth considering for your athletic endeavors if you aren't sure about SAXX's special pouch.

  • check Luxuriously thin
  • close Fit not as comfortable as other brands
  • check Versatile
  • close No subscription option
  • check Frictionless

What Other Basics Do You Need?

For socks, you might start by comparing Feetures vs. Bombas. Bombas socks are popular but too expensive for some. Still, if you are searching for socks like Bombas, it's best to stick with quality. Feetures socks are best for athletic activities, and Bombas are best for everyday casual activities.

You need high-quality and comfortable underwear and socks even if you are a man’s man, whose most basic essential is tough pair of Give’r Gloves.

Replenish Your Underwear Drawer

When it comes down to it, all three brands offer unique underwear features, but in our review, MeUndies stands above the rest. The fabric is smooth and comfortable, and the underwear doesn't bunch up. The waistband is the perfect width, so it doesn’t fold over or scrunch up.

We love the color palette choices, ranging from classic to adventurous because there is something for everyone’s personality. Most of all, we love the subscription option. Most men don’t spend much time thinking about underwear, so setting up a subscription is an incredibly low-maintenance way to keep your underwear drawer fresh.

In fact, while you are at it, you might love

MeUndies so much that you decide to add a subscription for undershirts and socks too.

The subscription service is easy to use, and in fact, I have used the subscription service for years. The MeUndies subscription service eliminates the need for me to think about my underwear drawer, which is a win in my book.

If you are looking for underwear like SAXX, we understand why you might choose the BallPark Pouch. In comparing Meundies vs. Tommy John and similar brands, MeUndies is our favorite.

Combine the ease of the subscription service with the incredibly soft and well-fitting underwear, and you find yourself with an easy decision. If your underwear drawer needs a little attention, we recommend stocking up on MeUndies today.

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