home sweet home Ruggable vs. Lorena Canals vs. Natural Area Rugs (2023)
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Ruggable vs. Lorena Canals vs. Natural Area Rugs (2023)

Design a more inviting home or office with beautiful rugs. We reviewed Ruggable, Lorena Canals, and Natural Area Rugs to help you chose the perfect quality rug.

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If you have kids, pets, or generally enjoy living life, you probably have a love/hate relationship with rugs.While rugs serve a very functional purpose, they can also add a big personality to your living areas. Rugs protect your floors, add texture and padding to hard surfaces, and also add a little spice to life.

On the other hand, rugs are a pain to keep clean, and generally start to look dingy over time. Who wants to routinely hire a carpet cleaner? Not me. Many rugs are also scratchy, and filled with chemicals. Old school rugs aren’t exactly great for the environment. Fortunately, if you are in the market for a fresh look, there are several great options for buying rugs online. There are even online options for washable rugs that will help you keep your space looking crisp.

Ruggable, Lorena Canals and Natural Area Rugs both make beautiful rugs available online. While both companies make quality, eye-catching rugs, each fills a unique space in the online rug market. This means regardless of your specific needs, there is most certainly an option which will work well for you. So which rug should you choose? We will help you decide. Review the side-by-side comparison, or read the detailed review below.

Ruggable vs. Lorena Canals vs. Natural Area Rugs
Comparison Table
Top 3 Quality Rugs Online
Ruggable Logo
Lorena Canals Logo
Natural Area Rugs Logo
PriceaddRuggable💰💰 - 💰💰💰Lorena Canals💰💰 - 💰💰💰Natural Area Rugs💰💰 - 💰💰💰
Biggest Selling PointaddRuggableWashable RugsLorena CanalsSocial MissionNatural Area RugsEco-Friendly
Licensing AgreementaddRuggableDisneyLorena CanalsNatural Area Rugs
Customizable SizesaddRuggableLorena CanalsNatural Area Rugs
ShippingaddRuggableFree Shipping in Continental USA And CanadaLorena CanalsFree with Amazon PrimeNatural Area RugsFree Shipping in Continental USA
WebsiteaddRuggableLorena CanalsNatural Area Rugs

Who sells the best online rugs?

Each brand has their own unique flare which sets it apart from other players in the industry, so we find it helpful to really highlight where each brand shines. Based on countless hours of research, here are the Moonlight Reviews accolades for the best quality rugs online:

If our accolades aren’t enough to help you make a decision, don’t worry. We have compiled our research and reviews below to help you truly understand each brand’s personality, and where they stand out against the competition.

Ruggable Review: Rugs You Can Wash to Keep Fresh

The big innovation with Ruggable, is that their rugs come in two pieces.In some ways, it is amazing such a simple solution would be such a game changer, but that simplicity is just as beautiful as the rugs themselves. How does the ruggable system work? The system comes with a non-slip pad, which sits between the lightweight rug cover and the floor.

The lightweight rug cover can be thrown in a standard washing machine, while the pad keeps the cover in place and adds sufficient cushioning. The largest rug available is the 8x10 rug, and even it fits in the standard washing machine. Better yet, ruggable now has indoor and outdoor rugs available, which is a game changer itself. Washable outdoor rugs? Fantastic.

Regarding style, Ruggable has pretty much anything you might be looking for, from traditional styles to bohemian and geometric styles. And if you are looking to redesign an entire room, Ruggable also sells washable throw pillows in a variety of styles. If your house is prone to spills and messes, Ruggable might become one of your favorite retailers.

With small kids in the house, my personal favorite from Ruggable is the line of rugs licensed with Disney characters. There are child-like Disney designs you might expect to see in a playroom, as well as more sophisticated Disney designs a visitor might not even notice immediately.

With Ruggable, you can spend less time worrying about dust, dirt, spills, and accidents, and more time enjoying your family and home. Customers rave about their products (see reviews below), so if you have small kids or pets in your home, look no further than Ruggable.

Lorena Canals Reviews: Ethical Focus Meets Quality

Like Ruggable before, Lorena Canals’ rugs are washable, so that you don’t have to worry about those spaghettios your kids always seem to drop under the table. Lorena Canals’ rugs don’t have a two piece system similar to Ruggable, so if you prefer the one piece convenience of throw and go, then you may prefer Lorena Canals to Ruggable.

Lorena Canals offers both washable cotton rugs and washable wool rugs in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns. Lorena Canals initially pioneered the washable rug market, then later continued the innovation with the first washable wool rug. The company is focused on delivering quality rugs that are livable. Who wants to live in a museum of fear?

If you are looking for a designer rug with a custom feel, we highly recommend you checking out Lorena Canals. The rugs come in both unique shapes and color palettes that are somehow both eye catching and subdued. When you buy a Lorena Canals rug for your home or office, you are purchasing understated sophistication.

At Moonlight Reviews, we believe a company's product and mission go hand in hand, so we always like to shine a light on companies doing good things. Lorena Canals founded and supports the Sakûla Project in northern India. The project is a nursery supporting 120 children by providing them protection from the streets, a daily meal, and access to education. The Mix Collection of products are all named after children that are able to attend the school through Lorena Canals proceeds.

Lorena Canals’ rugs are handmade, with natural dyes, and eco-friendly. If you want to add sophistication to your lying space, and change the world too, there is no other choice than Lorena Canals.

Natural Area Rugs Review: Eco-Friendly Beauty

Natural Area Rugs specializes in offering eco-friendly options, and most rugs are made with 100% natural fibers. Many of the rugs have a much more natural look and feel than a traditional rug. In addition to more contemporary rugs, Natural Area Rugs offers entire lines of sisal, grass, and jute rugs, which also means many of their rugs are sustainably grown and biodegradable. The seagrass rugs are particularly perfect for coastal homes, but if you don’t live in a coastal area, they actually have a mountaingrass selection too.

Natural Area Rugs is based in Los Angeles, and makes a concerted effort to manufacture most of their rugs in the United States. If you are looking for a rug that is both American made and eco-friendly, then look no further than Natural Area Rugs.

Another unique selling point regarding Natural Area Rugs is that because they control most of the manufacturing locally, they also offer custom-sized rugs. This is fantastic, because most rugs come in standard sizes that may or may not fit the rooms they are intended for. This is no longer a problem with Natural Area Rugs. Customers say that the Natural Area Rugs staff is very accommodating, which is important when you are dealing with custom-sized products. Just pick your customizable rug, and tell them the exact dimensions you are looking for. Easy Peasy.

We love when companies make specific efforts to make a difference in their communities, and Natural Area Rugs checks that box too. Each year, the company donates 10% of their sales from November 24th until December 1st to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank as part of Giving Tuesday.

The bottom line is this: If you are looking for a natural looking, eco-friendly rug, Natural Area Rugs offers fantastic quality products at affordable price points.

Customer Reviews for Ruggable, Lorena Canal, and Natural Area Rugs

While we spent hours researching the best quality rugs online, we realize you may not want to take our word for it. With this in mind, we compiled the most insightful reviews from around the web, to give you additional information to use before making a decision. In understanding what other customers love about these products, we think you will better understand which brand is right for you.

5 Star Ruggable Reviews

Review from Krista: I have finally found a rug for my kitchen that doesn’t slide around, is washable and very pretty. I needed something very durable for the high traffic area that was going to stand up to kids and animals as well as constant cooking. So far this rug has been a great addition and I plan on buying another for my entryway.

Review from Pamela: I just washed my rug for the first time and am so pleased how EASY it was. The rug looks great. I LOVE this concept. Will be ordering more.

Review from Liz: I needed a rug that would not only tie in the multiple colors and hues in my living room but could withstand the wear and tear from my 3 cats and highly active dog. I have a Ruggable in a high traffic area already and love it, so my first choice was to log into Ruggable.com to see what patterns I could find. Found it on the first page of ‘Best Sellers’.

Review from Ruth: This is about my fifteenth ruggable, and it is my favorite! The blue is such a beautiful color! With 4 dogs and a cat, I have ruggables in every room!!

5 Star Lorena Canals Rug Reviews

** Review from Ashley:** Purchased the Hippy Soft in blue for our son's nursery. Not only does it look absolutely perfect in the room, but functionally it's a hit as well. Material is soft and has become a favorite spot for our two dogs and the fact that it's machine washable means that it can stay their favorite spot! Also received shipment super fast.

** Review from Sharon:** Got this rug for my granddaughter’s room. It is absolutely adorable I would definitely buy again. Very good quality!

Review from Alia: I was pleasantly surprised when I received this rug. It has a beautiful baby pink color, it is pretty thick and doesn't slide (even on porcelain tiles). The design is very pretty and well done and the rug is really soft. I purchased that rug mostly because it is made of cotton and is washable - I actually washed that rug as soon as I revived it on a delicate cool water setting & then put it in the dryer on a delicate cycle and it came out perfect.

5 Star Natural Area Rugs Reviews

Review from Ann: The rug is so very pretty and I called several times about it as it was a custom size and the staff was so kind and answered all my questions. I would definitely use them again.

Review from Bret: Great service and product!! We absolutely love our large area rug! Terrific quality and looks to be very durable - exactly what we wanted. Very fast service for the custom rug (about a week and a half!) which is tough right now. We will be ordering a similar size soon for the dining area as this one went in the living area and gave the room a wonderful updated appearance.

Review from Missy: I love these rugs. Rugs that use synthetic material and chemicals are scratchy or have strange fibers that feel slippery and smell like chemicals. The wool on these rugs is so soft and very durable. They are easy to clean, as well. Thank you for providing an awesome product with real cotton and wool; without chemicals.

Review from Lee: Natural Area Rugs will make you happy! I needed to return the first rug I purchased and they were right there with me. I ordered another rug and they gave it to me for the sale price of my first rug! This is the 4th or 5th rug I’ve purchased from them. That should sum it up for you.

So, what is the best rug online?

I'm betting if you've read this far you already know which rug you will buy, but if you are still on the fence, we will share our favorite. Ruggable. We love the two piece system that sets it apart from other washable rugs by adding cushioning, and if you have kids or pets at home, Ruggable will save you both time and money. We love Ruggable so much, their sheets made our list of Ten Best Gifts for 2020.

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