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Socks Like Bombas: Feetures vs. Bombas vs. Stance (2023)

We live in a complicated and expensive world, but it’s somehow reassuring that one of the pure joys in life is putting on a fresh pair of socks. There is nothing quite like it. Comparing Bombas vs. Feetures is a good place to start if you look for socks like Bombas.

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Socks Like Bombas: Feetures vs. Bombas vs. Stance

We live in a complicated and expensive world, but it’s somehow reassuring that one of the pure joys in life is putting on a fresh pair of socks. There is nothing quite like it. Comparing Bombas vs. Feetures is a good place to start if you look for socks like Bombas.

Of course, there are other brands, including Stance and Allbirds socks. Each fits a unique niche in the market. A comfy pair of socks offers simple pleasure and might be the most

underappreciated piece of your wardrobe. Let's determine which pair of socks best fits your needs.

Think about it. A nice pair of socks can add a little punch to the boring 9-to-5 uniform (khakis and blue shirt combo). Athletic socks with strategically placed cushioning can stave off blisters and fatigue during the long run. And a new pair of comfy socks during the winter will warm the soul.

Bombas vs. Feetures - And Other Socks Like Bombas

Bombas, Stance, Feetures, Kane, and Allbirds are some of the most prominent players in the game, and all are great choices if you are looking to freshen up or replenish your sock drawer. So which should you choose? See our side-by-side comparison below, read the detailed reviews, or check out our favorite sock brand highlighted at the end of the article.

Feetures vs. Bombas vs. Stance
Which Socks Are Right For You?FeeturesBombasStance
Biggest Selling PointaddFeeturesTailored for AthleticsBombasHoneycomb SupportStanceCrazy & Fun Variety
Licensing AgreementaddFeeturesBombasSesame StreetStanceDisney
Subscription OptionaddFeeturesBombasStance
Bulk DiscountsaddFeeturesBombasStance

What Are The Best Socks?

In the past, you might have avoided spending much money on socks, opting for worn-out mainstays instead, but there is no doubt investing in quality socks will make you look good and feel better too. Who doesn’t love a comfy pair of socks?

Whether you need to replace your entire sock drawer or just need to add a few new pairs to the rotation, there is no better time than now to make a move. After hours of research and sampling, these are our favorite socks:

What Are The Most Comfortable Socks Made Of?

Merino wool socks are relatively common, but you might still be wondering whether cotton or Merino wool socks are the most comfortable. The short answer is that it depends on the situation. Cotton blend socks are incredibly soft, versatile, and durable, but there are still situations where wool, and specifically Merino wool, really outperform.

Some wool socks can be a little scratchy or itchy, but Merino wool socks are much softer and less irritating, so the first thing to know is that if you want to buy wool socks, you should look for Merino wool socks. That said, wool socks are toasty, less susceptible to retaining water, and feel soggy. Merino wool socks are great for running, hiking, and general winter wear.

Some wool blend socks don’t hold up well to routine washings, so some care instructions recommend wearing them multiple times between throwing them in the washing machine. Read the care instructions, but between the durability concerns and superior softness cotton offers, cotton socks still might make the most sense for your everyday socks.

While traditional cotton blends and merino wool blends may be the most common, some new blends are entering the market that may make you reconsider which sock blend is the most comfortable. Namely, Allbirds has introduced a sock blend they call “Trino,” made from a eucalyptus tree fiber and Merino wool blend.

Allbirds' “Trino” socks offer many of the same benefits that come with their eucalyptus-sourced shoes. They offer soft and breezy comfort, so you won’t be sacrificing when you buy these socks.

Still, eucalyptus trees require substantially less water and chemicals such as pesticides to grow than their cotton alternatives. All these factors make this Tree/Merino (“Trino”) blend worth considering.

Don’t Wear Box-Store Socks: You Deserve Better

For years I bought my socks in nondescript bundle packs from the big box stores. Spending extra money on socks seemed frivolous, but I was wrong.

I remember the first time I bought a pair of left/right-specific socks; I felt cheesy, but years later, quality socks fill my drawer, and I never go for a run or do anything athletically without right and left-specific socks. Putting on a quality pair of socks each morning is foundational to putting your best foot forward.

Feetures Socks Review

If your main priority is finding a tremendous athletic sock, we recommend you start with Feetures. Feetures are tailor-designed to provide each athlete precisely with what they are looking for.

Feetures are available in a range of heights and on a cushion spectrum ranging from “ultralight” to “max cushion.” I am a little heavy on the feet while running, so the max cushion socks are clutch.

Feetures prides itself on quality and innovation, which is especially crucial since they focus on athletic socks that take the worst beating. Fortunately, Feetures offers a lifetime guarantee on their socks. If you ever have a problem with your socks, you can use the convenient form on their website to request a refund or replacement.

While performance socks are their bread and butter, Feetures also offers a line of everyday socks. And to be quite honest, I wear my Feetures athletic socks all day every day except to the office, and now they sell professional socks too, so there isn’t much reason for me to wear any other socks.

Feetures socks are designed with a support system they call targeted compression. The targeted compression system provides heightened comfort and bracing in the areas you need it the most. Aside from targeted compression, Feetures offers several other, well, features that help them stand above the rest.

Their socks are anatomically designed so that their right/left specific socks fit better than generic socks, which tend to bunch up around the toes. This is important for you athletes out there.

While several of the competitors primarily use cotton or wool, Feetures utilizes a blend of natural and synthetic fibers that wick well to keep your feet cool and dry. If you prefer Merino, they also offer a line of premium Merino wool socks.


Are Feetures Socks Good?

Feetures socks are designed to keep your feet comfortable during any adventure. Feetures rose in prominence amongst the running community, largely due to the anatomically correct socks and the comfortable fabric. The brand offers lightweight socks for hot weather, and socks with extra cushion for people with sensitive feet.

Do All Feetures Socks Have Left and Right?

Feetures offers socks for nearly any activity. There are socks for a range of outdoor activities including running, hiking, and cycling, and socks for everyday wear. All Feetures socks have left and right-specific socks. Wearing socks with an anatamical design just feels right, and helps you avoid uncomfortable bunching.

Balega Hidden Comfort socks may be the most popular socks in all of running, but we prefer

Feetures running socks. While Balega socks feature a contoured shape, and seamless toe, they do not feature a left and right sock like Feetures.


Where Are Feetures Socks Made?

Feetures is a family business based in North Carolina. Like many sock and apparel brands, most of Feetures socks are made overseas. Still, in 2018 Feetures launched new collection of Merino wool socks Made in the USA. The American made Merino wool socks incorporate Feeture's signature zone-specific compression.

The Merino 10 collection is proudly made with American craftsmanship. The Feetures collection is made with Merino wool and TENCEL, which is is softer than traditional wool socks. As a result, the socks still incorporate moisture-wicking benefits that runners love from wool socks, but added softness to enhance comfort.

Are Feetures Socks Worth It?

The anatomical design, breathable sock fabric, and impressive durability are all reasons that Feetures are worth it. Feetures offers socks in various heights, and a range of cushion levels. As a result, you should find the perfect socks for your specific preferences. You will love your first pair of socks.

I have Feetures socks that are older than my two children. If you do any type of athletic activity, you will particularly appreciate the brand. The anatomically designed socks are just more comfortable than generic socks.

Personally, I like the socks with max cushioning. They are the perfect running socks, but I wear my Feetures ankle socks nearly all of the time.

  • check Anatomically designed socks
  • close Not as much color variety
  • check Targeted Compression
  • check Seamless toe
  • check Moisture wicking fibers
  • check Lifetime Guarantee

Pro tip: Sock height matters, and while many people prefer a no-show sock, I prefer ankle-length socks for running because the blister tab on the no-show socks often is insufficient. The ankle-length socks stay above the top of your shoe, protecting you from unfortunate blisters.

In the same way, consider wearing Merino wool socks when you go hiking. Merino wool blends are moisture-wicking and soft, which will help you avoid blisters on the trails.

Choosing the right socks will go a long way toward helping you avoid blisters.

Bombas Socks Review

Bombas socks are incredibly comfortable, and Bombas donates a pair of socks for every pair purchased. If you want to feel as good inside as your feet do in a pair of these new socks, Bombas might be for you.

Socks are one of the most requested items by homeless shelters, so this whole business model is pretty awesome, especially given the high quality of their socks.

Bombas make socks in every height and for every occasion, so whether you are headed out for a run, making a quick trip to the grocery store, or going into the office, Bombas has a sock-fit for the moment.

My personal favorite is the calf-length cotton socks with stay-up technology. They are perfectly comfortable everyday socks. While I prefer cotton for everyday use, Merino wool socks are available too.

The Bombas signature feature is a honeycomb arch support system, a common feature across all of their sock line-up. The honeycomb design reaches from the foot’s arch across the top of the foot and snuggly hugs the midfoot to provide exceptional support.

As a fun side note, Bombas has a licensing agreement for Sesame Street products. There are adult and toddler complimenting sock designs, so if you want to put a small on your kiddos' faces, you should seriously buy a few pairs. My son’s face lights up every time I wear my Elmo socks. And let me just say that Sesame Street calf socks are much cooler than they sound.


What Is So Special About Bombas Socks?

Bombas makes high-quality, comfortable socks and boasts one of the largest selections of socks on the internet. These are only a few reasons why Bombas socks are so special. Bombas donates an item for every item purchased and has donated over 50 million clothing items to help those in need.

Homeless people wear socks too. In fact, new clothing is very much needed at homeless shelters. You will support those in need when you purchase Bombas socks. The positive mission is an added bonus to the quality and comfort.

For instance, many Bombas socks feature the honeycomb structure for support. These are great for everyday wear, but they also have thick wool socks when you are ready to head out hiking.

Bombas now offers everyday compression socks, which few competitors have. The extra support from a tight-fitting sock works well for activities like traveling and running or if you have a job where you stand on your feet all day.

What Socks Are Better Than Bombas?

Bombas makes fantastic casual socks that you might wear with jeans, but Feetures socks are better for athletic activities. Feetures are the best Bombas ankle sock alternative. MeUndies crew socks may be better for work. Still, Bombas socks are comfortable for casual wear and come in many colors.

Stance makes socks like Bombas that work well for casual wear. Stance socks feature bold colors, but some wearers may not like that Stance socks prominently have a logo near the ankle.

Darn Tough socks would be a strong option for wool hiking socks. Wearing proper gear when you go hiking is essential.

Are Bombas Socks Made In The USA?

Bombas socks are mostly made in countries such as Taiwan and China. Manufacturing apparel overseas is fairly common. Given Bombas' mission to donate a pair of socks for each pair of socks purchased, it makes sense that they would choose the most economical manufacturing option.

Bombas gets the most bang for their buck, and you will too.

Are Bombas Socks Worth It?

Bombas socks are comfortable and durable, which makes Bombas socks worth the investment. It will also make you feel good to know that when you purchase Bombas socks, someone in need will get a pair of socks. Bombas expanded their line-up and now offers socks for every occasion.

I frequently wear calf-length socks with jeans and run in their athletic socks from time to time too. There is something very dignifying about a fresh pair of socks, so you will love that you can wear these comfy socks while doing good too.

  • check Incredibly soft and comfortable socks
  • close Athletic options are a bit limited
  • check Nice variety of colors
  • check Sesame Street licensing agreement

Stance Socks Review

If you like to live loud, then Stance socks might be for you. Stance has over ten design categories, such as floral, geometric, and stripes categories. If you are tired of the standard black, blue, and white socks, Stance provides a vast selection of socks allowing you to wear your personality.

Not to be outdone by Bombas’ Sesame Street collection, Stance has an ongoing licensing agreement with Disney, which includes arrangements for Marvel and Star Wars. After adding Cookie Monster socks to your sock drawer, you can add Captain America and Mickey socks.

If you need some neutral-toned socks in your wardrobe, Stance makes comfortable socks that will meet your needs; however, Stance’s mantra is all about embracing “the uncommon thread,” so add a little fun to your shopping cart too.

Stance targets that inner spirit of freedom common among entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, and rockstars. Of course, we all have a little of that spirit, and Stance helps its customers uncover it.

Stance socks are innovative in more ways than one. The company’s Infiknit technology prevents rips and tears, and the company is so confident, that their Infiknit socks are guaranteed for life. As if that is not impressive enough, many of the same Infiknit socks are made with what Stance refers to as Feel360 technology.

The Feel360 technology is a proprietary fiber treatment that helps regulate the temperature inside your socks. As added benefits, Feel360 socks wick sweat 20% faster than leading competitors, as it eliminates 99% of odor-causing bacteria.

Stance socks are eclectic, innovative, and available on a subscription basis. Hard to beat.


What's So Special About Stance Socks?

Stance socks are popular because of their bold styling. Advancing self-expression and culture is at the heart of everything the company does, and this is evident in the socks that it makes. Stance encourages its people to be freethinkers, and this creativity is combined with high functionality in the socks.

Are Stance Socks Good For Running?

Stance running socks feature anatamoical orientation and slight compression to optimize your performance. While Stance originally featured wild and crazy crew socks in their portfolio, Stance socks are now purpose-designed by activity. Stance running socks are designed with specific runner needs in mind, and they are great for running.

Still, Balega Hidden Comfort socks may be the most popular running socks, and our personal favorite are Feetures socks. Feetures running socks boast the perfect level of compression, breathability, and moisture wicking. The Feetures fabric is just a little more comfortable than the competition.

The rest of Stance's varied portfolio may outshine Balega and Feetures, and this is the brand's strength. Stance is the perfect option if you want to buy a few pairs of crew socks, and then add in a pair of running socks for good measure.


Who Is The Owner of Stance Socks?

Stance is privately held, and owned by a series of venture capital groups including Menlo Ventures and August Capital. Jeff Kearl founded Stance socks in 2009, in hopes to add personality and premium performance to the socks category. Now, Stance is a well known brand worn by professional athletes.

Stance is still a relatively small private company, with fewer than 250 employees. Still, they punch above their weight. The company expanded from socks to underwear, and now features various hats and apparel.

Are Stance Socks Worth It?

Stance sock designs are bold and unique, so if you want to stand out from the crowd or express your personality, Stance socks are worth the investment. We are particularly fond of Stance’s subscription option, which is also available for underwear.

Stance might not be your brand if you are looking for tough hiking socks. Darn Tough socks are very popular for hiking, but personally, we use Feetures for hiking. If you decide to go with Feetures for hiking, just choose a taller pair of socks.

Quarter-length socks aren't tall enough to wear with hiking boots. Still, you might consider Darn Tough Hiking socks if you need a thicker sock that is a little more rugged.

Still, Stance is a good place to start if you are looking for socks like Bombas but with a little more personality. In deciding between Bombas vs. Stance, we think Bombas socks are a little softer and more comfortable, but Stance styling can't be beaten.

Your sock drawer might get a little dingy sometimes because no one wants to worry about socks when there is so much else going on in the world. Stance solves this problem by providing a convenient subscription option to keep your sock drawer fresh and as eclectic or neutral as you desire. It does so with industry-leading technologies.

  • check Audaciously bold sock designs
  • close The prominent logo is a little annoying
  • check Disney licensing agreement
  • check Subscriptions available

Kane Socks Review: Post Recovery Comfort

You may also consider Kane socks if you like extra cushioning. Kane offers a limited selection of of crew and ankle socks. The Kane structure sock is designed to wear post workout, when extra cushioning under your heel and forefoot go a long way.

Kane socks are simple, because they don’t need to be fancy. The socks are made from a proprietary blend mixing 48% Peruvian Pima Cotton, 47% Nylon, and 5% Spandex. The Cotton provides breathability, the nylon provides durability, and the spandex provides stretch.


Are Kane Socks Worth It?

Sometimes brands get so crazy with their basic essentials, that they neglect making the best basics that they can make. While Kane’s main product line is its shoes, the brand did a good job developing a high performance sock. It isn’t flashy, but Kane provides extra cushioning right where you need it. This makes Kane socks worth the investment.

  • check Structured Cushioning
  • close Limited Selections

Allbirds Socks Review: Sustainably Functional

Allbirds are less known for socks than our other brands; after all, shoes are their thing. Allbirds made our list of Top 5 Most Comfortable socks because of their unique blending of wool and eucalyptus. Naturally, many of the same benefits found in Allbirds shoes are also prevalent in their socks made from similar materials.

The socks are highly renewable and earth-friendly. Eucalyptus trees require substantially less water and chemicals to source than cotton, and the combined “Trino” blend is considered extremely breathable. The proprietary “Trino” blend also minimizes odors and is excellent at wicking moisture.

We also like that Allbirds keeps their sock inventory game simplistic. The socks come in four cuts (sprinters, hiders, quarters, and tubers) and various neutral tones and everyday colors in each cut. The color profiles are similar to those of the shoes in that there is enough variety to be intriguing yet understated.

allbirds-trino-socks (1)

Are Allbirds Socks Worth It?

Allbirds socks are worth it. The Allbirds “Trino” socks are the responsibly sourced, functionally exceptional, and aesthetically beautiful socks you have been looking for. If sustainability matters to you, then Allbirds socks are the best you can buy.

If you are looking for a clean, white sock, Allbirds is a nice option. Of course, they have colorful socks, too, but nothing outlandish like Stance socks.

  • check Sustainably made
  • close Limited Selections
  • check Natually minimizes odor
  • check Moisture Wicking

And you will love Allbirds shoes if you like its eucalyptus socks.

Other Basics

Since you are upgrading your sock drawer, you might want to upgrade your underwear drawer too. Our favorite underwear brand is MeUndies because the fabric is soft and comfortable. MeUndies also sells t-shirts and other essentials you might need.

With fresh underwear and a new pair of socks, you will be ready to plant that reinforced heel and take on the world. Grab a tough pair of Give'r Gloves, and get to work, or stride into the office with new confidence.

Which Socks Are Best? Feetures, Bombas or Stance?

When choosing socks, Feetures, Bombas, and Stance stand above any other competitors. I prefer Bombas for casual attire, such as jeans, but Stance socks are nice if you need to add a little pop to a business casual wardrobe. That said, Feetures socks have been my favorite socks for YEARS.

Whether you are looking for socks like Bombas, or specifically comparing Bombas vs. Feetures, we think you will be pleasantly surprised at all that Feetures offers.

While I originally purchased Feetures socks for running, they quickly became my go-to sock any time of the day.

The anatomical design conforms perfectly to the shape of your foot, with no annoying bunching around and under your smaller toes. And the targeted compression provides a little extra support exactly where you need it. The socks are extremely comfortable.

Now they have a full line-up of everyday socks beyond their athletic roots. All of their socks are designed with the same performance technology, so while you may need some socks for the office, they will have the same comfortable, perfectly fitting design.

And like athletic socks, everyday socks come in various cushioning levels. I prefer as much cushion as possible, but I completely understand why someone might prefer lightweight socks, especially in warm seasons.

Regardless of your preferred cushioning, Feetures make the most comfortable socks on the planet, and we highly recommend picking up a few pairs ASAP! You’ll thank us later.

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