backyard basics Best Table For Ooni Pizza Oven Sturdy and Heat-Resistant (2023)
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Best Table For Ooni Pizza Oven: Sturdy and Heat-Resistant (2023)

Do you have an Ooni pizza oven? If so, you need to put it on a sturdy surface that is heat-resistant. Ooni makes a table for their pizza ovens, which is the most sensible option for most people. It is a perfect size and is very secure. Otherwise, there are a few other options you may want to consider.

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Best Table For Ooni Pizza Oven

Do you have an Ooni pizza oven? If so, you need to put it on a sturdy surface that is heat-resistant. Ooni makes a table for their pizza ovens, which is the most sensible option for most people. It is a perfect size and is very secure. Otherwise, there are a few other options you may want to consider.

The Best Table For Ooni Pizza Oven

In years past, if you wanted to make authentic pizza at home, you needed to build a full-size brick oven to cook your pizzas. The most authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas require high cooking temperatures, so that an indoor oven won't do.

You can also never match that

smoky and charred flavor with an indoor oven. To properly cook pizza at home, you need a pizza oven that reaches high temperatures.

Thankfully, because of brands like Ooni, you no longer have to build a full-size brick oven in your backyard. Ooni and several other pizza oven brands sell countertop pizza ovens that are much more manageable, affordable, and even portable.


Main Considerations

When we first ordered an Ooni pizza oven, the main thing we were concerned about was where we would place the oven while cooking. We knew we would need a sturdy surface and one that is heat-resistant.

We researched the best options to help you decide which table might be right for you.

Ooni Dimensions

Ooni ovens come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure you have sufficient room for your oven before purchasing a new table or stand.

Ooni offers several smaller, extra-portable pizza ovens, including the Ooni Karu 12, Koda 12, and Fyra 12. As you might imagine, each is large enough to fit a 12" pizza. The larger ovens might work great for feeding family and friends, but they are less portable and have more space.

The multi-fuel Ooni Karu 12, for instance, is only 16" wide but still sits 31.5" deep. Many cabinet sets are only 24" deep, so even with the smaller Ooni ovens, you need to know where it might go. The most miniature oven is the Ooni Karu 12, which sits at 24.7" in length and is still deeper than a standard countertop.

The larger Ooni ovens will need even more space. The flagship Ooni Karu 16 sits at 32" deep and is nearly 20" wide. The Ooni Karu 16 is the largest pizza oven that the brand makes, so every other oven will be less than 32" deep.

The first thing you need to consider is whether the table options you are considering are large enough for a countertop pizza oven to sit atop.


Prep Room & Functionality

Ensuring that you have sufficient room for your pizza oven is paramount, but tables that have room for food preparation will make your life much easier.

Ooni has some table accessories that will fit neatly alongside your Ooni pizza oven. Small details make a big difference. The Ooni modular table includes built-in hooks, perfect for pizza peels and peel turners.

If you choose to purchase an Ooni modular table, we recommend that you consider the Ooni utility box and Ooni pizza topping station. Since the Ooni modular table features two height-adjustable shelves, the table is not only suitable for your Ooni pizza oven dimensions but designed with feature after feature to improve your overall experience.


Heat-Resistant, Durable And Safe

There are undoubtedly other tables and work surfaces that will get the job done, so we don't intend to suggest the Ooni modular table is the only option. There are plenty of other top options as long as you keep your table steady and ensure it is big enough for your pizza oven and heat-resistant.

But what type of tables work best? While wood tables are sturdy and beautiful, you should avoid putting a hot pizza oven on top of a wood table. While the wood may not catch on fire, the heat from the oven may result in a burned or marred table.

Stainless steel, concrete, tile, and stone surface work well for a countertop pizza oven.

While the countertop itself is crucial, the stand's structure is also essential. The Ooni modular table features powder-coated mild steel. The result is that these Ooni tables are both secure and durable.

Lastly, some tables may have wheels, while other tables may not. If you choose a table or stand with wheels, ensure that there are lockable castors to prevent unintended rolling.


Ooni Modular Table

The brand designed the Ooni modular table to fit an Ooni pizza oven perfectly, so it should be no surprise that its table is also the best table for Ooni pizza ovens. Outdoor pizza ovens come in odd shapes, and depending on which pizza oven you choose, you may need a lower shelf for a propane tank to sit on.

Ooni thought through all of these considerations and more. The company's intimate knowledge of its customer's needs is why the Ooni modular table has adjustable height shelves and built-in hooks perfect for hanging Ooni peels and other accessories.

It's also why they offer an attachable Ooni utility box and an Ooni pizza topping station.

While the stand is designed for complete functionality, it isn't fancy, and some people may prefer something a little more permanent-looking. We get that and understand why you may want to consider other options.

The Ooni modular table is clearly the best table for Ooni pizza ovens from a functional standpoint.

Multiple Sizes Available

We love the Ooni Karu 16, the brand's new flagship multi-fuel pizza oven. The Ooni Koda 16 is also great for individuals that prefer the convenience of gas over wood fires.

Still, people prefer smaller, portable pizza ovens, such as the Ooni Fyra 12 (for wood pellets) or the Ooni Koda 12 (for gas grilling). If you opt for the smaller oven because you are tight on space, you may also opt for the smaller Ooni modular table.

The table is available in two sizes, including the medium-sized table, which is 23" wide by 35" deep. This is perfect for the smaller ovens but may not leave you much room to work.

The larger Ooni modular table is 31" wide by 31" deep. While it provides a larger surface area, the large table is more square, while the smaller table is a rectangular shape. If you are quick on your feet, you may have just noticed that the Ooni Karu 16 is listed as 32" long.

What the heck? The legs fit in a slightly smaller area, so while the Ooni Karu 16 will fill up the depth of the table, it still works just fine.

Neither table leaves much room for preparation, but both are sufficiently large to hold a pizza oven.


Works For Alternative Pizza Ovens, Too

While Ooni may be the best-known pizza oven on the planet, there are alternative pizza ovens worth considering. For years, Ooni was most recently compared to Roccbox. The Gozney Roccbox is a sleek pizza oven, with a safe silicone skin.

Aside from the Roccbox, the Solo Stove Pi is a new entrant to the pizza oven wars. Solo Stove is most well known for its unique smokeless fire pit design, but in their quest to take over our backyards, they developed one heck of a pizza oven.

The Solo Stove Pi is an innovative backyard pizza oven with a signature airflow and demi-dome construction. Both features are designed to maximize heat retention.

The Ooni modular table should work for most pizza ovens, including those made by competitor brands such as Roccbox and Solo Stove. Measure to ensure to purchase a table that is large enough, but it is hard to beat the functionality baked into Ooni’s pizza oven design.

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

You could always opt for installing modular outdoor kitchen cabinets, which have a much more sophisticated and permanent feel. There are a few downsides, though, and those downsides are likely the reason you are searching for the best table for your backyard pizza oven.

The first limitation is price. Installing full-size outdoor kitchen cabinets would be significantly more expensive than simply finding a stand or table that would work.

The second limitation is that most outdoor kitchen cabinet sets are a mere 24" deep, so they are deep enough for even the smallest Ooni products. You could still use the countertop, but you would likely have to turn the oven sideways, facing the end of the cabinets. This is a viable solution but also reasonably awkward.

The other viable solution is finding an L-shaped set-up with a deep corner piece, but the research and installation might be more trouble than it is worth for something this massive when a smaller table would do just fine for your Ooni pizza oven.


Room To Store Accessories

On the bright side, an outdoor kitchen cabinet set would deliver a significant amount of storage space for your accessories. And if you spend much time outdoors, the extra storage space might be nice.

For example, if you have Tiki Torches in your backyard, it might be nice to keep the Tiki Torch fuel close by, alongside the bug spray, which comes in handy on summer nights.

Tiki Torches aside, purchasing a cabinet set would provide you with enough room to properly store pizza peels, turner peels, fireproof gloves, and any other essential accessories.

Still, we understand if the whole thing might be a little more expensive than you were planning for, in which case any other options listed in this article would do just fine.


Dining Trolleys

But what if you don't want to leave your pizza oven in the backyard or garden? You can buy a cover for your pizza oven, so the elements usually aren't an issue.

Still, if you don't have a dedicated area to leave your pizza oven, or would prefer not to leave it unattended, keeping it in your garage might be the best bet. Just make sure to avoid using the pizza oven in your garage! They should always be used outside.

You May Need Mobility

The easiest solution is to buy a dining trolley with wheels. They usually don't cost too much money, so you can generally find one for less than the price of the Ooni table. Keep in mind that dining trolleys aren't huge.

While dining trolleys are often purchased for added mobility, they can be a tight fit and may not have an extra shelf like some of the other options. Just measure from leg to leg to double-check that your oven will safely fit in the center of your dining trolley of choice.

The weight shouldn't be an issue, but the length and width could be. Nonetheless, measure well, and you should be able to find a trolley that meets your needs.


Stainless Steel Prep Stations

Finding a table that includes a stainless steel work surface is a big win. A stainless steel table top is durable and easy to clean. Stainless steel is the perfect surface to support a pizza oven and the ideal surface to prepare your pizza.

You can often find a stainless steel table top in professional kitchens, so you better believe that they will work well for your outdoor kitchen. The stainless steel itself should do fine in the elements, but it is still best to keep it covered so that none of the screws or other components rust.

Commercial Kitchen Quality

Even so, a stainless steel prep station would be incredibly convenient. In fact, you may find that it makes sense to maintain one table to hold your Ooni pizza oven and a separate table top for preparing your pizzas.

Staging the pizzas as they come in and out of the oven can also be tricky, so having the extra surface area is helpful. If you go this route, ensure that you buy a quality product that will last for years to come and serve as the perfect place for you to prep your food before sliding it into your Ooni oven.


Recommended Table For Portable Pizza Ovens

Unless you are ready to invest in a full-size outdoor kitchen, we recommend that you choose the Ooni modular table, as it is custom-made to meet the needs of a pizza oven owner.


Ooni table is the perfect size to hold a pizza oven, plus it features built-in hooks for your accessories, adjustable shelves, and durable powder-coated steel. You can search far and wide, but you won't find a better table than the one that Ooni makes for its own pizza ovens.

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