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Best Toothpaste Tablets: Bye Bye, Messy Tubes (2022)

What are the best toothpaste tablets? We reviewed Bite, Chomp, Crush & Brush, Hello, and Unpaste to highlight the top tablets. Waste less and brush more.

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Why should you choose toothpaste tablets? When you stop to think about it, it is surprising how many of our daily routines involve plastics. Even healthy and productive habits like brushing your teeth require plastic tubes and plastic toothbrushes. The alarming part about that is that there are few biodegradable plastics, so once we throw out our toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes, they will sit in a landfill for years to come. Worse, they may end up in our oceans and waterways.

Fortunately, there is a new brood of companies focused on offering solutions for this increasing problem. You may not know many people who use toothpaste tablets today, but they’re becoming more popular because they come in different packaging, much more earth-friendly than plastic.

Besides, most people fight with and roll their toothpaste tubes to get every drop of toothpaste, which can become a messy proposition. Toothpaste tablets resolve functional issues, such as feeling forced to buy travel-size toothpaste to get through the airport. So which brand of toothpaste tablets should you choose? Check out our side-by-side comparison table, or read the detailed reviews below.

Bite vs. Chomp vs. Crush & Brush vs. Hello vs. Unpaste
Comparison Table
Best Toothpaste Tablets
Bite Logo
Chomp Logo
Crush & Brush Logo
Hello Logo
Unpaste Logo
PriceaddBite💰💰Chomp💰💰Crush & Brush💰💰Hello💰💰Unpaste💰💰
Biggest Selling PointaddBiteQuarterly subscription with refills shipped in compostable packagingChompCreated with a better toothbrushing experience in mindCrush & BrushLarger tablets so you don’t have to double upHelloA mainstream brand with a plastic-free optionUnpasteOnly sold in compostable packaging
Fun FactsaddBiteFloss available in a refillable glass bottle tooChompXylitol free for safety around petsCrush & BrushMade with food-grade materials and can be swallowed when you are on the runHelloThe brand has at least ten charcoal products in their line upUnpasteFoaming agents can CREATE bad breath. None included here
Number of FlavorsaddBiteThreeChompTwoCrush & BrushTwoHelloTwoUnpasteOne
Plastic FreeaddBiteChompCrush & BrushHelloUnpaste
Vegan FriendlyaddBiteChompCrush & BrushHelloUnpaste
Refill Subscription OptionaddBiteChompCrush & BrushHelloUnpaste
Free ShippingaddBiteChompCrush & BrushHelloUnpaste
WebsiteaddBiteChompCrush & BrushHelloUnpaste

The Top 5 Toothpaste Tablets

Sometimes it takes a little time to wrap your head around something new, even if that is just toothpaste tablets. After all, you have probably been squeezing toothpaste out of a tube as long as you can remember, so the thought of chewing up a toothpaste tablet just seems different. In many ways, toothpaste tablets make more sense than traditional toothpaste in tubes, even if it means trying something new.

We spent countless hours researching the best toothpaste tablets available online and chose the top five brands to highlight for your convenience. The best toothpaste tablets are Bite, Chomp, Crush & Brush, Hello, and Unpaste. Our detailed reviews are included below.

Bite Toothpaste Tablets Review

If you are ever to question how serious Bite is about sustainability and creating a better planet, all you need to do is check out their blog. Bite, which focuses on sustainable oral care, has blog posts about various topics, including how to create a more plastic-free office space, and how to create a plastic-free kitchen. Sustainability is who they are, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Bite built their company on two questions:

Why does toothpaste come in plastic tubes? What are we putting in our bodies when we brush our teeth?

We love thoughtful people, so we love the team at Bite. That thoughtful questioning is evident in their products, which so far include toothpaste tablets, floss, and toothbrushes. Each of the products is quality made and sustainable.

Bite Image

Bite Toothpaste Tablets: How It Works

Bite toothpaste tablets are delivered to your door in reusable glass containers. The standard container includes enough tablets for four months, and Bite helps you set up an automatic refill plan, so you never have to even think about your toothpaste. When Bite does send a refill, they send the tablets in a compostable container, completing the sustainability circle.

Bite is currently available in three flavors, including Fresh Mint, Mint with Activated Charcoal, and Berry Twist. Fresh Mint is their most popular flavor, while Berry Twist might work for any kids in your house. The activated charcoal flavor detoxifies your mouth and fights surface stains on your teeth.

The Bite ingredient list avoids harsh chemicals, microplastics, and artificial flavors. For those looking for a vegan solution, you will be happy to know the toothpaste tablets are vegan-friendly, including only the best ingredients to keep your mouth clean.

Since you are interested in Bite’s toothpaste tablets, we are guessing you might be interested in their floss too. Bite’s floss comes in a refillable container, which is both unique and consistent with its ethos. Who hasn’t been annoyed by those little plastic floss containers anyway? Bite is solving so many apparent problems here, and it makes you wonder why the old school companies haven’t already evolved.

Bite Toothpaste Tablets: The Verdict

Bite’s ingenuity is in its simplicity. The company set out to create a smarter toothpaste solution because they saw how wasteful the old school tubes were. On top of that, they realized most toothpaste tubes are tested on animals and include harmful chemicals, preservatives, dyes, and microplastics. In an effort to solve these real-world problems, they created toothpaste tablets that just may change the way you think about your daily routines.

Chomp Toothpaste Tablets Review

Toothpaste tablets offer a different experience than toothpaste from a tube. For instance, not all toothpaste tablets foam up as much as tubed toothpaste. The tablets work well, but brushing your teeth might feel a little different than it did previously. Another one of these differences is that some toothpaste tablets are a bit chalky when you bite into them, similar to a Tums. Chomp creators experienced the chalky toothpaste tablets from the old players in the market and set out to create a better-tasting toothpaste tablet. While developing their product, they made sure it was safe, effective, and eco-friendly, but also made sure the tablets tasted good. After all, that minty fresh feeling is one of the best parts of brushing your teeth.

Chomp Image

Chomp Toothpaste Tablets: How It Works

When you first buy Chomp, the toothpaste tablets come in a refillable glass bottle with sleek designs. Chomp is currently available in two flavors, including Sinful Cinnamon and Playful Peppermint. Chomp was created to avoid nasty chemicals and even avoids Xylitol. The FDA notes that Xylitol can induce vomiting and weakness in your dog, which no one wants to happen. To be clear, Chomp isn’t created for your pets to use, but if they happen to ingest a dropped tablet, they will be just fine.

The original bottle of tablets comes with 60 tablets expected to last 30 days. Some users prefer using two tablets to increase the frothiness in their mouth, so if you are switching to toothpaste tablets for the first time, this might be something you consider to ease the experiential transition.

While your first time Chomp order will come in an eco-friendly glass bottle, subsequent refill orders will mail in compostable no-plastic packaging, which can be set up on a subscription basis. The glass bottle looks cleaner and is probably more convenient, but when the refill comes in, it is easy to slide the tablets from the compostable packaging into the glass bottle.

Chomp Toothpaste Tablets: The Verdict

Chomp designed their product to improve your tablet-based brushing experience, and in doing so, rid it of the gritty and chalky experience you may have had in the past. Chomp is an eco-friendly tooth cleaning experience, with a flavorful profile, even if limited to essential cinnamon and peppermint. We especially recommend Chomp to anyone with mischievous pets, as the Xylitol free formula may help you avoid a trip to the veterinarian.

Crush & Brush Toothpaste Tablets Review

If you research and sample toothpaste tablets long enough, one of the common complaints you will experience is that one tablet is insufficient. One tablet is probably sufficient for cleaning your mouth, but perhaps not enough for the foaming and cleansing experience most people are accustomed to when brushing their teeth. Crush & Brush toothpaste tablets are almost double the size of most tablets, solving this common problem.

Crush & Brush manufactures their tablets with food-grade raw materials, which is more convenient than you might initially think it would be. While you will see the best results when using a brush, you can chew, swish, and swallow if you happen to be in a public place. No toothbrush or spitting necessary.

Crush & Brush Image

Crush & Brush Toothpaste Tablets: How It Works

Crush & Brush toothpaste tablets are available in Mint and Mint Charcoal flavor profiles and come in glass containers that are fully recyclable and can be used for other purposes. The tablets are vegan-friendly but contain Xylitol, so unlike Chomp tablets, you should keep these away from the pets.

Crush & Brush containers come with 80 tablets, lasting 40 days. The good news here is that the tablets are larger, so you shouldn’t have to double up tablets to get in a good brush, but the quantity doesn’t align with what you need to get through the month, making subscriptions a little tricky.

About that subscription, while some of the competitors offer refills in compostable packaging, Crush & Brush doesn’t offer a similar option. The brand intends for you to reuse the glass jar so you will either have to either recycle the jars or repurpose them. Also, while the company doesn’t currently have a subscription service on its website, you can set up a Crush & Brush subscription Amazon. The delivery timing might just be a little off due to the number of tablets in each jar.

Crush & Brush Toothpaste Tablets: The Verdict

Crush and Brush claim to be the original plastic-free toothpaste company, and it is evident they have put years of thought into their product line-up. The company started by providing more traditional toothpaste in jars, instead of plastic tubes, but evolved to become a leader in the toothpaste tablet space. Regardless of your preference Nelson Naturals provides exciting plastic-free toothpaste alternatives worthy of your consideration.

Second Crush & Brush Image

Hello Toothpaste Tablets Review

The old school brands selling toothpaste in the big-box stores aren’t rapid to adapt. As a result, most of the brands reviewed here are lesser-known brands. We actually are excited about this, because it is exciting to see fresh minds bringing new ideas to fruition. One brand that is a little more mainstream than the most is Hello Products. While not as well known as the old school players, it probably does have the biggest box-store presence.

Since Hello Products is a little newer, they are also more ready to innovate with a variety of products. As an example of this, Hello Products has at least ten charcoal-based products in its portfolio. Activated charcoal naturally whitens, which is ironic since it is black, and also helps get rid of plaque. In this same spirit, Hello Products jumped on the toothpaste tablet wagon, indeed with a charcoal tablet at that.

Hello Products Image

Hello Toothpaste Tablets: How It Works

Hello Products toothpaste tablets come in a sleek, metal tin, which can be recycled or reused. As a company, Hello Products is not as particularly focused on reducing plastic consumption as its competitors are, but this particular product has completely plastic-free packaging. After all, while there are multiple benefits to using toothpaste tablets, the driving force behind the movement is reducing the amount of plastic produced.

Hello Products toothpaste tablets come in two flavors. The Natural Peppermint flavor comes in a sleek blue tin, while the charcoal-activated Fresh Mint + Coconut comes in a stylish black metal tin. Hello’s toothpaste tablets seem ideal for throwing in a gym bag or carry-on. The container isn’t quite as nice/permanent as some of the others, while still feeling less messy and personal than the traditional toothpaste tube.

As far as subscriptions go, you can definitely set up a recurring subscription for these toothpaste tablets; however, Hello Products doesn’t offer refills in compostable packaging. To truly reduce waste, you will have to be diligent about recycling or finding alternative uses for the tins.

Hello Toothpaste Tablets: The Verdict

If you are new to the toothpaste tablet game, Hello Products is a great place to get started. The tin cans are easy to take on the go, and if you are a little bit leary about trying something new, Hello is a brand name you can trust. Eventually, you may consider transitioning to a brand with a more holistically sustainable approach to packaging, Hello toothpaste tablets is a great place to start.

Unpaste Toothpaste Tablets Review

Unpaste is a small independent company that sells through both eco-friendly online stores and brick-and-mortar stores. They are a little unique in that they don’t sell direct-to-consumer, and they don’t have much presence to speak of on Amazon. Of course, that is exactly why we like Unpaste. There are no frills here, just effective toothpaste tabs that come in earth-friendly packaging.

While traditional toothpaste includes preservatives and foaming agents, Unpaste has neither. In an ironic twist from what you would expect from a toothpaste, the preservatives and foaming agents can actually give you bad breath. So even though the non-foaming paste can take a little getting used to, it will leave you tasting minty fresh for hours longer than traditional toothpaste.

Unpaste Image

Unpaste Toothpaste Tablets: How It Works

Most of the other toothpaste tablets initially come in a glass jar or some other reusable container, so they effectively have two separate products: the original container with toothpaste tablets, and the refills with compostable packaging. Unpaste keeps it simple and straightforward. They offer a two month supply of toothpaste tabs in compostable packaging.

While we appreciate the reusable containers provided by the other brands, when you buy Unpaste toothpaste tabs, you actually have the opportunity to reuse any other jars or containers you have been saving. If every product comes in a reusable jar, eventually, you still have too many to use. Since Unpaste only comes in compostable packing, you can deploy the other containers you have been saving.

Suppose you don’t have containers at home, no worries. We recommend something like this stainless steel container, which will last a lifetime and will be used for countless purposes.

As far as flavors go, Unpaste keeps it simple there too. Unpaste comes in one, minty-fresh flavor. No tricks and kicks here. Just effective toothpaste tabs free of preservatives, dyes, silicone, and petroleum-based products.

Well Earth Goods provides you with the option to create a recurring subscription, and when you do, they will give you a 10% discount off of the retail price. Subscriptions get a bad rap, but there are certain items you know you are going to use every day, and toothpaste (or toothpaste tablets) is one. We recommend you set it and forget it. Your teeth will thank you.

Unpaste Toothpaste Tablets: The Verdict

If you are serious about reducing your waste footprint, then we love Unpaste. It’s the real deal, and one of the OGs in the toothpaste tablet space. When you buy Unpaste, you will get a minty fresh toothpaste tab that is vegan-friendly and straightforward. The completely compostable packaging is made from non-GMO corn starch, so it can simply be thrown into your ‘green bin’ or home compost set-up. You will soon be telling all of your friends that Unpaste toothpaste tablets are better than traditional toothpaste.

Unpaste Image 2

Which Toothpaste Tablet Do We Recommend?

The movement toward toothpaste tablets is real and looks like it will be lasting. The old school toothpaste companies aren’t exactly first movers, so it will be a while before toothpaste tubes disappear, and they may never do so completely. Take encouragement in knowing you can be part of the solution. Buying toothpaste that comes in a sustainable package is natural and never tested on animals is a fantastic way to make a small difference.

After hours and hours of research, we are proud to share that we recommend Unpaste as our favorite toothpaste tablet. The packaging is completely compostable, so you can determine whether you need to purchase a specific-use container or recycle a container you already own. Additionally, special attention is given to the flavor and texture, so you will never feel like you are compromising over experience. The experience may be a little different than you are used to, but when you buy Unpaste toothpaste tabs, you will have long-lasting and refreshing minty breath for the days ahead.

BONUS: For more information on reducing your plastic footprint, check out our article on solving the plastic problem.

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