backyard basics Blackstone vs. Camp Chef Griddle Which Is Better? (2023)
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Blackstone vs. Camp Chef Griddle: Which Is Better? (2023)

Comparing Camp Chef vs. Blackstone is the perfect place to start if you are in the market for a versatile flat-top grill and griddle.

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Camp Chef vs. Blackstone Griddles

Flat-top grills have grown in popularity in recent years due to the versatility that cooking surface offers. And it's not just fried rice or hibachi-style meals, either. A traditional grill works great for steaks and burgers, but you can't cook shrimp, pancakes, eggs, or many other staples on a traditional grill grate.

You can cook steak

AND eggs on an outdoor griddle, and that's just the start. An outdoor griddle is worth the investment, so now you just need to decide which one is right for you. Comparing Blackstone vs. Camp Chef is the best place to start.

Camp Chef vs. Blackstone Griddles Comparison

Blackstone rose to fame on the popularity of its flat-top grill. Even so, new competitors always enter segments where others have done well. Camp Chef has entered the flat-top grill and griddle segment in a major way.

And Camp Chef offers a ton of options. You can find a traditional griddle set up or purchase a gas grill with a griddle side accessory. The possibilities are exciting, so let's consider which option might be best for you.


Is There A Difference Between A Flat Top Grill And A Griddle?

A Flat-top grill is a designated cooking appliance that generally has a griddle cooking surface. For this reason, the terms 'flat-top grills' and 'griddles' are often used interchangeably. Practically, the griddle is the cooking surface rather than the appliance, and some people might add a griddle cooking surface on top of traditional grates.

We will use flat top and griddle interchangeably for our purposes because most consumers are looking for the best cooking device, regardless of what it is called. And Consider this: Camp Chef calls their units flat top grills but lists the cooking surface for a griddle on the same equipment.

The key takeaway is that you can cook virtually anything on outdoor griddles and flat-top grills. They offer a very versatile cooking space that can be used for social grilling experiences.

Outdoor cooking equipment because more niche and segmented by the day. You can buy outdoor pizza ovens and stand-up smokers, but those devices have very specific purposes. An outdoor griddle gives you many more options, and your food won't fall between the grill grates.

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill

Camp Chef is known for its campsite cooking equipment, but in recent years they've expanded to cover a wide range of backyard cooking equipment. One result of Camp Chef's campsite origins is that their more modern equipment is highly versatile. For instance, the gas grills have space on the side for alternative cooking attachments.

This Camp Chef versatility extends to the flat-top griddles.


Traditional Flat Top Grills

Camp Chef offers two traditional flat-top grills. The Camp Chef Flat Top 600 is the smaller and more affordable of the two options. The Flat Top 600 features 4 separate burners, comes with a hood like a gas grill, and a griddle surface of 600+ square inches.

The Camp Chef Flat Top 900 features 6 burners and just under 900 square inches of cooking surface. It is a huge grilling surface and perfect for hosting large parties. The small outdoor gas griddle should be fine for most families.

Here is a twist for you: Camp Chef offers the Flat Top 600 with grill grates, too, instead of a griddle surface material. This is a little confusing because it essentially turns the flat top into a gas grill, but it reinforces Camp Chef's flare for versatility.

Still, we recommend sticking with the griddle surface. After all, that's why you made your way to this page. The Camp Chef Flat Top grills are made with advanced features, resulting in these griddles being among the best on the market.

Camp Chef Griddle Key Features

All Camp Chef griddles come pre-seasoned, which is a big plus because many people tense up with worry they might season the surface correctly. Camp Chef uses 100% plant oils to pre-season the griddle surface, so it is ready to go right out of the box.

The Camp Chef gas griddle is made with thought to every detail. The cold rolled steel griddle surface edges include wind deflectors. This works to prevent wind from chilling the food and provides an edge to stop any food from falling.

The Camp Chef models offer a large cooking surface, heat diffusion plates for even heat, level screws, and a grease management system. A hook on the side of the table holds the propane tank, and everything is thoughtfully designed.

Camp Chef offers perhaps the best alternative to a Blackstone griddle.


Portable Flat Top Grills

Camp Chef offers a portable Flat Top Grill for those needing a little flexibility. Imagine tailgates, campsites, and family outings with the robust functionality of the Camp Chef griddle. It could be a game-changer.

The portable unit also features four burners but collapses down, making it easy to transport. It is a very similar grill in size and function to the Flat Top 600 but without a more permanent and bulky base.

The collapsible unit lets you remove the griddle surface and fold the side shelves over the body and the legs under the grill's body. The folding legs make this Camp Chef model the perfect portable flat-top grill. This Camp Chef unit is a much beefier portable model than much of the competition offers.

And you don't have to make any sacrifices to achieve this flexibility and movability. The portable griddle unit features the same cold rolled steel griddle surface as Camp Chef's other products.

Outdoor Cooking System With Griddle Surface

It's also worth noting that Camp Chef rose to prominence on the back of a versatile outdoor cooking system that looks like a flat-top grill but isn't fully a griddle. The Camp Chef Pro 14 is a two-burner grill system, while the Camp Chef Pro 16 is a three-burner one.

We call it a system because Camp Chef designs attachments that you can place over the top of the 30,000 BTU burners. You can add multiple attachments simultaneously on the larger Camp Chef Pro 16. For instance, you put a griddle plate over one burner and place the pizza oven over the other two burners.

Other attachments include a dutch oven and a BBQ box. The Camp Chef pro series is a versatile cooking system, first and foremost, but it is worth noting that you can still add a cold rolled steel griddle cooking surface as an attachment.

And when you are ready to throw down some serious smash burgers, you can add a full-size 16" three-burner griddle as an attachment.


Pellet and Gas Grills With Griddle Side Accessory

If you still can't tell, versatility is the name of the game with Camp Chef. They started with portable camping systems and cast iron equipment, but now they make a formidable series of pellet and gas grills.

The Woodwind series is the

Camp Chef grill dedicated to pellet grilling and smoky flavor. The Apex series is the advanced Camp Chef grill offering a hybrid gas/pellet cooking experience. The unique aspect of these Camp Chef grills is that they both have available cooking space on the side of the main grill, which can be used for an attachment griddle cooking surface.

For instance, we recommend considering the Woodwind WiFi 36 + Sidekick. You can add a Sidekick Flat Top or SideKick Sear accessory. We recommend the enhanced versatility that the Sidekick Flat Top grill offers.


Is Camp Chef Griddle Worth It?

**Camp Chef's dedicated flat-top grills are perfect for any backyard. Still, Camp Chef really shines with the portable units. You can choose the dedicated portable flat-top grill, or the more versatile cooking system, which enables you to use other accessories in addition to the griddle surface. **


Camp Chef cooking surfaces offer much more than just a griddle top. The portability and versatility enable you to go camping, hit up the local tailgate, and then take the flat-top griddle back to the pool deck.

  • check Versatile Options
  • close No air fryer like Blackstone
  • check Heat dispersing grill design
  • check Thick griddle plate
  • check Wind breakers
  • check Less ash to clean up than traditional fire pits

Blackstone Flat Top Grill

Blackstone flat-top grills are the gold standard among outdoor griddles. From Blackstone's perspective, griddles add versatility that you just don't get with a traditional grill. On the other hand, with one of Blackstone's gas griddles, you can cook nearly any meal outdoors on the same appliance.

Can you cook eggs or fried rice on traditional grill grates? Nope. Is it easy to cook asparagus, broccoli, or your other favorite vegetables? Not a chance. Blackstone grills make this possible. They developed the Blackstone griddle to promote the best outdoor cooking experiences.


An Advanced Gas Griddle in Multiple Sizes

Blackstone doesn't just make griddles. They embody the griddle lifestyle, and many loyalists swear that they make the best outdoor griddles.

The 36-inch griddle is the cornerstone of the Blackstone griddle line-up. It's available in multiple configurations, but the four stainless steel burners offer enough cooking power (60,000 BTUs) to feed an army.

While the Blackstone 36" griddle is by far the most popular model, Blackstone also offers smaller 28" griddles for those that don't need to feed many mouths. The smaller griddle is still large enough to cook 20 burgers simultaneously with over 34,000 BTU-per-hour output. For comparison, the larger griddle is large enough for 30 burgers.

You might never need to cook 20 burgers OR 30 burgers at once, but keep in mind that one benefit of a gas griddle is the ability to cook your entire meal on the griddle surface. For this reason, we recommend that you choose the larger griddle top to cook burgers, vegetables, and other sides all at once.

Blackstone Griddle Features

Since Blackstone focuses on building the highest quality griddles, they can invest attention to detail in areas others may completely overlook. The basic griddle configuration has a magnetic bar to hold accessories like metal spatulas and tongs. And if you don't want to use the magnetic strip, the foldable side shelves also feature a paper towel holder and side shelf hooks.

Plus, there is nothing worse than owning a grill with busted wheels. I know because I have an old grill out back with a busted wheel. The Blackstone griddle has four industrial-strength wheels, so this shouldn't be a problem.

Another popular Blackstone feature is the rear grease management system that keeps the griddle cooking as you satisfy the masses.


Blackstone Configurations & Accessories

We love Blackstone because they focus on griddles, which means they've developed multiple configurations. The most basic configuration adjustment is to choose a griddle with a hardcover or hood. This not only protects the griddle surface but helps keep your food warm on cooler days.

The hood also enables the use of a wood chip box if you want to add a little of that smokey flavor as you cook.

While protecting the cooking area is important, the more innovative configuration is the addition of air fryers under the griddle. The griddle surface is already much more versatile than open grates, which food can fall between, but the addition of the air fryers makes the Blackstone the most versatile cooking appliance on the block.


Is Blackstone Griddle Worth It?

A Blackstone griddle is worth it if you are looking for more versatility than a regular grill offers. The griddle accessories make flat-top grilling easy and accessible, and the various cooking station configurations. Once you add on the air fryers, it is hard to imagine a more versatile cooking appliance.

The large cooking space on a Blackstone grill represents a new and different way of cooking. You can cover the entire griddle with a mix of entrees and sides. The result is delicious food you could never achieve with a regular grill. Blackstone grill models are worth it in their own right, but this is especially true if you want to mix up your cooking routine.

  • check Hood or hard cover available
  • close No combination grill options
  • check Air fryer configuration available
  • check Shelf hooks & magnetic toolbar
  • check Paper Towel Holder

Who Makes The Best Flat Top Grill?

Blackstone and Camp Chef both make awesome flat-top grills and griddles. Camp Chef's flat-top grill makes a strong case as a newcomer, while Blackstone's griddle is an original. In comparing Blackstone vs. Camp Chef, your decision might fall on whether you want a standalone flat-top grill or if you are interested in a combination unit.

Blackstone found its way to greatness by focusing on the perfect griddle top. Just add a propane tank, and you are ready to roll. On the other hand, Camp Chef has niched down into versatile products other manufacturers haven't developed. You can buy a pellet grill with a griddle side attachment or an outdoor cooking system with interchangeable tops.

Even though both brands are formidable, we prefer the Camp Chef Flat Top Grill for its solid build, sleek looks, designed-in wind deflectors, heat diffusion plate, leveling screws, and easy-to-use grease management system. Camp Chef makes the best outdoor griddle and also offers options with two cooking surfaces.

Camp Chef also has a flat-top grill unit that is portable and perfect for your next camping trip. Blackstone has a griddle with a carry bag and a separate griddle with telescoping legs, but these units are very small, and most users will find the Camp Chef outdoor cooking system to be more versatile.


Does Weber Make a Flat Top Grill?

Weber sells a griddle to place over regular grill grates, but no purpose-built flat-top grill or griddle. Weber might be best known for its outdoor grill that looks like an egg filled with charcoal, but Weber offers much more than its kettle grill from the early days. Weber now makes gas, wood pellet, charcoal, and electric grills, but no flat-top griddle.

We like Weber products, and when you compare Char-Broil vs. Weber grills, you hit the heart of American backyards. Still, the purpose-built flat-top grills designed by Blackstone and Camp Chef are hard to beat regarding versatility and ease of use. Bye Bye flare-ups.

Does Pit Boss Make a Griddle?

Pit Boss makes a solid flat-top griddle worth your consideration. The newest Pit Boss griddle grill features a proprietary non-stick armored ceramic cooking surface. The ceramic surface is the only one of its kind, protects the griddle from scratches, and makes cleaning up a breeze.

In comparing Camp Chef vs. Blackstone, the name of the game is versatility. Camp Chef offers a cooking system that can be used with a griddle or a pizza oven (or both side-by-side), while Blackstone has a griddle grill with built-in air fryers. Pit Boss hasn't reached this level of versatility, but the ceramic coating makes Pit Boss worth consideration.

Seasoning A Flat Top Grill For The First Time

Seasoning your griddle top for the first time is a straightforward task. Follow these steps, and you will be ready to grill in no time flat:

  1. Use a damp towel to wipe down the griddle top cooking surface
  2. Heat your griddle on high heat for 10 to 15 minutes
  3. Apply cooking oil, and spread evenly with tongs and a wad of paper towels
  4. Spread oil over the entire griddle surface, including the edges and sides
  5. Maintain high heat until the oil is mostly burnt off from the surface
  6. Repeat the process at least twice more, and your griddle will be properly seasoned

Eventually, you may find that you need to reseason your griddle station, and you can do so by following the same process noted above.

Some flat-top griddles may become pre-seasoned. In fact, all of Camp Chef's flat-top grills and cast iron pans are pre-seasoned, but this is not universally true for other brands. This is one consideration to remember when comparing Blackstone vs. Camp Chef.

Either way, it is a simple process to follow to season your Blackstone griddle.

It's also a reason you might consider Pit Boss since its flat-top grill since it features a ceramic cooking surface that protects the griddle top.

Cleaning A Flat Top Grill

Cleaning a flat-top grill or griddle might not be as simple as wiping it off, but the process doesn't need to be complicated either. To clean a flat-top grill or griddle, we recommend following the below process:

  1. Set the griddle to a low temperature
  2. Scrape grease and food debris from the griddle station with a food-grade scraper
  3. Wipe the surface to clean off the remaining grease using folded paper towels and tongs
  4. Squirt water across the surface so it starts to steam (but keep the griddle temp low)
  5. Push water across the griddle surface and off into the grease drain hole
  6. Then clean the cooking surface (and sides) again with a cotton kitchen towel and tongs
  7. Apply cooking oil across the surface so that it doesn't rust

Consider purchasing a cheap pack of towels from Amazon that are specifically for your griddle station. This will alleviate any concerns over the towels getting greasy. If you do purchase a new pack of towels, wash and dry them a few times before using them on the griddle so that you end up with lint all over your cooking surface.

What Can You Cook On A Flat Top Grill?

A flat-top griddle's versatility is why you should consider buying one. And listen, that cooking area isn't just for smash burgers. The possibilities are nearly endless.


Breakfast on A Flat-top Griddle

One of our go-to favorites is breakfast hash, and there is no better way to grill it up than on one of Blackstone griddles or a Camp Chef flat-top grill. Start with your favorite potatoes or hashbrowns, and add eggs and your favorite breakfast seasoning. We also recommend that you grill up some green peppers and onions to mix into the hash.

The hashbrowns will crisp up more quickly than they will on a stovetop, and it will be much easier to cook a large batch. If breakfast hash isn't your thing, then consider the classics like pancakes with a side of bacon and eggs.

Lunch On A Flat-top Griddle

Most of the time, people look for a lighter lunch than what they might eat for dinner. Still, if you go through the trouble of firing up your griddle, you still want to cook up something delicious. Quesadillas may be the perfect solution. They are easy to make and filling but not as heavy as some griddle classics.

Start by sauteing your chicken and vegetable mixture. Again here, we recommend green pepper and onion. Once your meat and veggies are cooked through down your tortillas, place the filling on top, and add your favorite cheeses. You will enjoy these restaurant-quality quesadillas within minutes.

If quesadillas aren't your thing, consider the breakfast hash we previously mentioned. Make a few changes, add some green chilies, and then you are talking about a hearty and delicious lunch.

In comparing Blackstone vs. Camp Chef, the one thing we can say for sure is that the meal options are nearly unlimited.


Dinner On A Flat-Top Griddle

The best outdoor griddle will undoubtedly serve up hibachi on a routine basis. We expect nothing less, and that's our pick for dinner from your griddle. Start by collecting your seasonings and organizing your favorite vegetables and meats. Don't forget the eggs either, which are a common ingredient with fried rice.

The most common seasonings used for hibachi include butter, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, soy sauce, and teriyaki sauce.

Smash burgers are another great option if hibachi isn't your thing. Heck, there are entire restaurant concepts dedicated to smash burgers.

Can You Use A Flat Top Grill Indoors?

Blackstone sells electric flat-top grills, which you can use inside, but you should never use a cooking appliance attached to a propane tank inside. Most flat-top griddles are designed to function as outdoor griddles. If you are looking for a griddle to use indoors, look for an electric griddle specifically designed for indoor use.

Don't use propane gas indoors.

Of course, while an indoor griddle may be convenient, an outdoor griddle will generally offer a larger cooking surface. Plus, manufacturers envision an outdoor gas griddle as a place to facilitate a social cooking experience. Because of the large cooking space, you can cook tons of food at once.

Is A Flat Top Grill Worth It?

Cooking appliances become more niche by the day, but versatility is why buy a flat-top grill.

Plus, you will likely deal with cold spots and flare-ups with an old-school grill. Most griddles are designed from even heat distribution and clearly offer no gaps for flare-ups. Assuming you have all of the burners turned on, the even heat distribution allows for a much more pleasant and straightforward cooking experience.

Blackstone Vs. Camp Chef Griddle Review

There are subtle differences between the two flat-top grills. For instance, the Camp Chef ignition system enables you to use any burner that you like independently of the other burners. You can't do this on most competing flat tops.


What Is The Best Griddle?

In comparing Blackstone vs. Camp Chef, you quickly realize that both brands make industry-leading griddles. If you like to use an air fryer, then you might consider the Blackstone griddle with air fryer drawers below. Still, Camp Chef takes the win in our book.

Camp Chef appliances are sturdy and innovative, and the Camp Chef ignition system enables you to turn on just the burners you plan to use. Plus, Camp Chef offers significantly more options to choose the griddle that is best for you.

You can't go wrong with Camp Chef, even if you are looking for a standard flat-top grill. Of course, you might decide that the outdoor cooking system will work better. You can cover one burner with a griddle on the outdoor cooking system and place a different cooking attachment over the other burners.

And if you want something more permanent than the uber-portable outdoor cooking system, you can opt for the pellet grill with a side attachment for griddle cooking.

Blackstone grills are excellent, so this is no knock on the Blackstone brand. Still, if we were investing in a new outdoor griddle today, we would choose Camp Chef.

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