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BOB vs. Thule: Best Jogging Strollers Reviewed (2023)

What is the best jogging stroller? We compared BOB vs. Thule to help you determine which stroller fits your needs.

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If you are researching jogging strollers for the first time, you probably have noticed

BOB and Thule are two of the business’s biggest names, and it's easy to understand why. Both companies make durable strollers that meet the performance needs of hardcore runners and recreational joggers alike.

BOB vs. Thule Comparison

BOB gear strollers shine as the go-anywhere-do-anything strollers, while Thule strollers are an easy choice if racing performance is your top consideration. BOB strollers have a more comfortable cockpit area for the kids, while Thule strollers sport an ergonomic handlebar with a twist-handle braking system. Both brands offer advanced suspension systems for a smooth ride.

While we usually try to recommend one product to purchase, in this case, it matters how you intend to use your stroller, so we are recommending multiple strollers with that in mind. Based on your intended use, these are the strollers we recommend.

So which brand should you choose? Our goal is to provide you with useful information to make a wise investment based on your specific needs. Check out our side-by-side comparison table, or read the detailed reviews below. As always, we will also give you some specific recommendations.

BOB vs. Thule Comparison Table
Best Jogging StrollersBOBThule
Biggest Selling PointaddBOBVersatile designThuleAerodynamic design
Fun FactsaddBOBMade by Britax, the car seat companyThuleBest known for roof racks and cargo carriers
Single Stroller Weight CapacityaddBOB75 LBSThule75 LBS
Double Stroller Weight CapacityaddBOB100 LBSThule100 LBS
Lightest Single StrolleraddBOB25 LBSThule24 LBS
Lightest Double StrolleraddBOB33 LBSThule34 LBS
Strollers w/ Suspension SystemaddBOBThule
Strollers w/ BrakesaddBOBThule

Stroller jogging is a fantastic way to spend time with your kids and maybe even give your spouse a break from child-driven madness. After hundreds of miles of stroller jogging, I can positively say it is one of my favorite experiences to share with my children, and I am confident you will enjoy the experience too.

BOB Strollers Review

Life shouldn't just stop when you have kids. Having children is an opportunity for great adventures and for seeing life anew again. BOB gear exists to encourage an adventurous lifestyle with your family, and we're here for it. We only live once, and what better legacy is there to pass along than an active lifestyle and expeditious spirit?

Which Is The Best BOB Stroller?

Not all strollers are created equal or even for the same purposes, so it's essential to understand how you intend to use your stroller before making a purchase. Some strollers are great for leisurely walks, while others are tough enough for off-road trails.

Here is the first thing you need to know: Britax makes BOB strollers, and while using a Britax car seat enables seamless transition when you have the right attachment, the strollers are compatible with most other car seats.

The strollers are compatible with most major car seat makers, including Chicco, Graco, Cybex, and Peg Perego, as long as you use the correct adapter. Once you have the attachment installed on the stroller, latching the infant car seat is extremely easy.

All of the single strollers fit children as large as 75 lbs, and the seatbacks are adjustable so your kids can sit in an upright position or lay down flat. They also sport five-point harnesses, single-step parking brakes, plenty of storage space, and easy folding to save cargo capacity in your vehicle.

The BOB team also sells plenty of accessories for your kid's comfort and ease of use. And while the various trays are convenient for your kids, the parent console is a game-changer. It's a big deal to have a water bottle within reach. Sometimes you don't want to stop and bend down to grab water from the storage area. The parent console makes it easy to sip water while you continue running.

So which stroller should you choose? It depends on the terrain you most commonly run on and whether features such as shocks are essential. The BOB stroller comparison below will provide plenty of additional detail to understand the various models’ differences.

BOB vs. Thule Stroller Article

Rambler - Single Stroller

The company sells three single stroller models, with a few variations in a couple of the models. The BOB Rambler series is the entry-level model featuring a front swivel wheel that locks, a large cargo basket under the seat, UPF 50+ canopy shields, and air-filled tires and suspension system allowing for a smooth ride. The Rambler is the best jogging stroller for tight budgets. It is built solid and gets the job done well, but you might not want to take it on uneven terrain, and it won't have some of the extra features the more advanced models have. Still, if you are a casual runner, the Rambler will do just fine.

If you are new to running strollers, the swivel-locking feature is essential to understand. When you are running with your stroller, the front wheel should be locked, which provides you with ultimate control on the run. Since locking prevents swiveling, the frontend can be gently lifted via the suspension system when making turns on the run.

If it’s not locked, the front wheel will bounce and turn violently. I learned the hard way that making sure the lock is on is essential. When you are using your stroller for daily, non-jogging purposes, you can unlock the wheel, making it easier to maneuver.

The BOB Rambler will get the job done if you plan to use it first as a regular stroller and infrequently for exercise, but most people will appreciate the features found on other jogging strollers.

BOB vs. Thule Review Article

Revolution Flex - Single Stroller

The BOB Revolution Flex is the next step up from the Rambler. The most immediately noticeable difference is that the rear wheels are more prominent, measuring 16 inches instead of 12 inches. The larger wheels provide the BOB Revolution Flex with a greater sense of stability and easier running than the Rambler.

The BOB Revolution Flex includes all of the features available on the Rambler, plus a SmoothShox suspension system providing your kid with the smoothest ride in town. The adjustable handlebars are convenient for various hand positions and runners of all heights, and the wrist strap provides security when you choose to run with one hand.

This is one of the most popular jogging strollers for the average parent and one of our favorites. It’s advanced enough for serious exercise and practical enough for running errands.

It has enough advanced technology, including the suspension system, to work well weaving through people on a greenway and also has a comfortable cockpit for the passenger with mesh pockets for their goodies. My son loves having snacks and water in the seat with him, and there is plenty of room for a toy too.

Folding the stroller is a simple two-step process that only takes a few moments. All of the wheels are also detachable if you need to create a little extra cargo space for a family trip.

Alterrain & Alterrain Pro - Single Stroller

As you easily guessed, the Alterrain and Alterrain Pro models are the company's all-terrain jogging strollers. The most significant difference between these models and the Revolution Flex is that these strollers feature tougher tires and a specialized SmoothShox suspension system. The Alterrain Pro model also includes a hand brake for when you hit that unexpected slope that starts to get away from you a little bit.

The BOB Alterrain Pro is a high-quality product, with a cell phone holder and plenty of storage pockets in case you need snacks for your little one or water for yourself once you get deep off the beaten path. The rims are reflective, the canopy is waterproof, it has a magnetic peak-and-chat window so you can check on your running buddy, and it features a compression stroller seat.

The stroller easily handles bumps and is a trailblazer on off-road paths. The BOB Alterrain Pro is the

Cadillac for all-terrain joggers. It is a quality jogging stroller that can handle nearly any type of terrain.

BOB vs. Thule Jogging Stroller Article

Revolution Flex Duallie - Double Stroller

Heading out for a jog is admittedly more complicated once you have two kiddos. While the broader base will make you more selective of which sidewalks you venture down, the Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller is a formidable option if you need to upgrade.

The weight limits are consistent between the two brands, which is true for the double strollers. The weight capacity is a combined 100 lbs.

Regarding its features, it is very similar to its single stroller namesake. You won't find the all-terrain tires or advanced suspension system found on the Alterrain Pro, but not too many people venture off-roads with two in tow. If you do, more power to you. We are impressed.

Regardless, this is an excellent stroller with ample suspension, storage, and all the functionality noted above for the single stroller. This double jogging stroller will accommodate up to 50 lbs. per seat and works great as an everyday stroller too.

The BOB Revolution Flex Duallie will work with major car seats as well. One side of the adapter attaches to the car seat, while the second side of the attachment has a snack tray and cup holder for your older passenger. You might also consider the parent tray with bottle holders. If you are pushing two, we recommend staying hydrated. 💦

It’s the small details that make the difference. The Revolution Flex Duallie also has plenty of storage for all of your baby gear and other necessities.

Is a BOB Stroller Worth The Money?

If you've ever run with one of their strollers, you know they are durably made and designed for performance. Still, BOB gear makes entry-level strollers great for light joggers, as well premium strollers you might find someone using on race day or a local trail.

BOB strollers enable adults to maintain an active lifestyle even after kids are part of the picture, and for that reason alone, they are worth the money. The stellar reputation and industry-leading functionality just make the decision easier.

  • check Premium suspension systems
  • close Can feel very long around turns
  • check Available handlebar brake
  • check Ample room in the storage basket
  • check Easy to use foot brake for parking
  • check 75 to 100 lbs weight limit
  • check Options for city streets and rough terrain

BOB vs. Thule Running Stroller Article

Thule Strollers Review

The company makes much more than just strollers, including everything from bike racks to luggage carriers to duffle bags, but some of their most die-hard followers are joggers. Thule enables families to live life on their own terms, and jogging strollers happen to be the intersection where Thule and BOB meet. Thule has a strong reputation for making high-quality products and making sleek products, and jogging strollers is no exception to this.

Which Is The Best Thule Stroller?

Naturally, there are many similarities between the two brands’ strollers, simply because many of the included features are necessary for top-tier performance. However, there are still subtle differences worth pointing out.

One consistency worth quickly noting is that both brands have 75 lbs weight capacity for their single strollers and also have some sort of peek-a-boo window so you can see your kids.

Glide - Single Stroller

The Thule Glide series is the company's most affordable single stroller, and it is a jogging stroller built for serious athletes. Where most running strollers are meant to crossover from running to everyday needs, the Thule Glide is intended for running. It features a fixed wheel on the front and an integrated handbrake, which is only found on the most premium BOB strollers.

The stroller is also designed to be lightweight and aerodynamic, which sounds fantastic, but practically it is worth mentioning the seating area is much more narrow and seems to leave the kids more exposed. Still, if you are an avid runner, this might be more important than all of those additional features sported on other models. You probably aren't going to take the Thule Glide hiking or even on bumpy terrain, but if speed is the name of the game, you don't need to look much further than the Glide.

On the other hand, the narrow frame also enables a much more narrow handlebar, and this is probably the most significant benefit from the Thule Glide over the BOB strollers. The narrow handle allows the runner to push with one hand and still control the braking system.

Thule vs. BOB Stroller Article

Urban Glide - Single Stroller

The Thule Urban Glide features a swivel front tire that locks while jogging, and this is the most significant difference from the Thule Glide. The Thule Urban Glide is also designed to have an ergonomic handlebar that facilitates one or two handle pushing and a twist hand brake for speed control when bombing downhill.

The large storage basket features a zip-top cover, which is nice to keep everything secure, as well as plenty of pockets for snacks, keys, and phones. Anecdotally, there isn't as much room for your child to hold on to drinks and snacks.

Thule strollers are designed to be lightweight and aerodynamic, so I understand why; however, my kid falls asleep on most runs and drops whatever is in his hands. You might consider getting the compatible snack tray and cup holder to help with this.

The Thule Urban Glide series can be used with infant carriers or with the brand's signature bassinet attachment, sold separately, and only available in some markets. For infant carriers, separate adapters are available for purchase, including Maxi-Cosi car seats, Chicco car seats, and a universal adapter, which will work with Graco and Britax car seats.

If you are serious about running, then you should seriously consider the Thule Urban Glide. The aerodynamic and lightweight design, along with the adjustable handlebar designed to be pushed with one hand, are all game-changers if speed is the name of your game.

Thule vs. BOB Review Article

Chariot Cross - Single Stroller

If the Chariot Cross looks different, that's because it is different. It's designed as a multi-sport trailer that you can pull like a bike trailer or even on skis, but you can also use it for jogging.

Given its many uses, the Thule Chariot Cross needs a sound suspension system so it sports a leaf spring suspension, ensuring a smooth ride for joggers and passengers alike.

The Chariot Cross series’s biggest knock is that it can get a little hot in the passenger seat if the rain cover is set up. Users that also bike almost always have the rain cover set up to protect children from whatever muck the wheels throw their way.

The company has attempted to address the ventilation issue by including easily adjustable vents, but the cockpit still might get a little stuffy in certain climates. If you are worried about your kids having airflow to keep cool, you might opt for the Thule Urban Glide instead.

While the Chariot Cross stroller does look a little bulkier just because of its intended purposes, it still folds up compactly. If you plan to use it for multiple activities, the VersaWing system makes it easy to convert between uses quickly. Heck, you can train for two-thirds of the triathlon with this bad boy and then take the kids skiing for recovery.

Thule vs. BOB Jogging Stroller Article

Urban Glide - Double Stroller

While the brand does have a double stroller version of the Cross Chariot, the Thule Urban Glide Double is the best option for most people. While the aerodynamic and narrow design comes with drawbacks for the single version of the stroller, it is a significant advantage for the double stroller.

We are particularly fond of the handlebar because the ergonomic design seems less bulky and more manageable than some double strollers. And since the stroller handles up to 100 pounds of your precious cargo, it will be years before your kids outgrow the stroller.

Similar to the single version, the Thule Urban Glide Double is perfect for city streets or your favorite greenways and trails. It features the signature integrated twist hand brake and smooth-riding suspension system.

And in case you are wondering, the double stroller works with a car seat when you use the adapter so that you can run with a bigger kid on one side and an infant on the other. As always, just check with your pediatrician to see if your child is old enough to go for a run.

Both seats have a padded 5-point harness to keep older kids safe, and the reflective rims will help ensure you are seen. As always, safety is most important, but with this double stroller, you get perhaps the best possible combination of safety, performance, and convenience.

Honestly, the Thule Urban Glide 2 Double is my favorite double jogging stroller.

Is a Thule Stroller Worth The Money?

If you want to get out of the house and teach your kids to appreciate the breeze rushing through their hair, then these strollers are a worthy investment. Thule jogging strollers shine if you are looking for streamlined performance worthy of being used on race day.

  • check Aerodynamic design
  • close Can feel very long around turns
  • check Standard twist handle brake
  • close Narrow seat for kids and their goodies
  • check Lightweight design
  • check Zip-top storage basket
  • check 75 to 100 lbs weight limit
  • check Meant for serious runners
  • check Cross Chariot can be used for multiple sports

Thule vs. BOB Running Stroller Article

Will These Running Strollers Fit In Your Car?

Naturally, it depends on the size of your trunk area and which stroller you choose. The single jogging strollers are a little less cumbersome to fit in, but for the most part, you should be able to get any of the jogging strollers in your car, so long as your trunk isn't already full. Many of the stroller models have features where the wheels can easily be removed, which is particularly nice if you plan on traveling.

For our family, we have a mid-size sedan and a crossover-type SUV. The single and double strollers fit in both trunks, but as mentioned, it does get a little tricky if there are other items in the trunk too. The other thing to keep in mind is that it is not necessarily the stroller’s size that is challenging, but the awkward dimensions.

What do I mean? When we travel with a jogging stroller, it is much easier to take the SUV simply because we can take off the wheels and sit the stroller upright (still folded). Since you can't sit the stroller upright in the trunk of a car, it is hard to put luggage or other cargo in with the stroller. Just leave room for a tire pump, so you don't end up away from home with flat tires.

Staying In Running Shape

Before we proceed much further, let us detour to make one point. Running with a stroller can be challenging at first, so be sure to take care of yourself and stay hyrdated. I've hurt my knee before when a stroller pulled me too quickly down a hill, so be careful, and train well. Consider utilizing affordable equipment like the Terra-Core or the Gorilla Bow to properly develop stabilization muscles.

Cross-training is also useful for improving cardio performance while avoiding injury. I use the Peloton for cross-training, but if you are looking for a more affordable option, something like a Yosuda indoor bike is an affordable option for cross-training.

That last thing you want to do is get sidelined, because everytime you pause your routine, it gets harder and harder to make a comeback. For this reason, some may also consider a massage gun for self-care and a speedier recovery. I wouldn't expect you to invest in all of this equipment, at least not all at once, but considering your overall wellness is an important part of avoiding injury so that you can get the most out of your new running stroller.

What Is The Best Jogging Stroller?

Parents have it tough. There is no doubt about it. We love our kids and would do anything for them, but choosing to be active parents takes commitment and collaboration. Unfortunately, it often means sacrificing sleep.

You shouldn't have to worry about your jogging stroller, so our goal is to help you choose a reliable stroller at an affordable price. Fortunately,

BOB and Thule are both great options. Both brands have stellar reputations, offer strollers that parents have run thousands of miles worldwide, and nearly all of their strollers come at that reasonable price that cash-strapped parents appreciate.

There are little differences here and there, such as the exact placement of the wrist strap, but we recommend you choose a stroller based on your intended purpose when it comes down to it. As noted at the beginning of the article, here are our specific recommendations.

While we recommend following manufacturer and doctor recommendations for newborns (, running is a fun and productive way to bond with infants and toddlers alike. Sure, you might enjoy the peacefulness when your kids recline back and take a nap, but the bonding experience is real too.

My pace might be a little slower than the hardcore runners passing by, but nothing gives me more joy than when my son hops out of his stroller at the end of a run to stretch with me. On the grass or pavement, we sit there, and he intently watches and tries to mimic my same stretches. And I look forward to my daughter doing the same when she is a little older.

Once you've finished your run, just be sure to stretch and get proper rest. Consider using a massage gun to speed your recovery. Regardless of your chosen recovery methods, take care of yourself you keep up with your running routine. My running routine is an important part of my overall self-care, and I am sure it is for you as well.

Whether you are purchasing your first jogging stroller or just upgrading to a new model, Bob and Thule both offer the durability you need, at a price you can afford. And regardless of whether easy morning jogs are your thing or if you are a marathon runner, we hope you enjoy years of happy running adventures with your new stroller.

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