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Boll and Branch Review: Are Organic Sheets Worth It? (2023)

Boll & Branch makes premium quality sheets at an accessible price point. Their products are made with organic cotton, and are Fair Trade Certified. Read this Boll & Branch review to find out whether the luxury price point is worth your hard-earned money

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The Bottom Line:Boll & Branch makes premium quality sheets at an accessible price point. Their products are made with organic cotton, and are Fair Trade Certified, which makes the investment worth the luxury pricing.
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Boll & Branch Review - Cover

If you are getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep each night, then you spend around a third of your life between your sheets! It's a little crazy when you think about it. You deserve a good pair of sheets, and in seeking out this

Boll & Branch review, you've come to the right place.

Boll and Branch Review

Boll and Branch are different from many of its peers because of the brand's keen focus on sustainability and fair wages. Sure, the competitor brands may claim they care about sustainability and even seek out OEKO-TEX certifications, but Boll and Branch take things to the next level.

Their organic sheets avoid pesticides that give cotton such a bad name, and all of their products are Fair Trade Certified.

What does Fair Trade Certified mean? Well, because Boll & Branch use Fair Trade Certified products, you can be sure that their products are made in safe working conditions, with environmental protection, while offering sustainable livelihoods for the workers.

And this is the crux behind the brand's existence. The founders didn't feel comfortable buying sheets at the local department store because they weren't confident in the downstream impacts of their buying decision. And, hey, if you spend a third of your time between the sheets, you better be comfortable with your decision.

Boll & Branch Sheets Comparison
Which Sheets Are Best For You?SignaturePercaleFlannelLuxeChambray
Selling PointaddSignatureButtery soft, luxurious weavePercaleGreat for warm sleepersFlannelSuperior warmth, with breathabilityLuxeSilken feel from organic cottonChambrayUnique stonewashed look
FinishaddSignatureSubtle sheenPercaleMatteFlannelMatte and lightly nappedLuxeSubtle sheenChambrayMatte
WeightaddSignatureStandard weightPercaleLightweightFlannelCozyLuxeStandard WeightChambrayStructured, standard weight
FabricaddSignatureSateen 4-over-1-underPercalePercale 1-over-1-underFlannelFlannelLuxePremium, silken cottonChambrayTriple-stitched chambray

Organic Cotton Sheets

When Scott and Missy Tannen set out to start their company, the foundational decision was to develop products that they would be proud of their own family to choose. With this in mind, it was a no-brainer that the company would use organic cotton for all of its products.

Organic cotton products are better for the planet in a variety of ways. First of all, organic materials avoid the use of insecticides which have been so detrimental to our bee population and overall ecosystem. Growing organic cotton also saves as much as 90% of the water used when growing cotton through traditional techniques. While some brands offer organic options, primarily to capture current trends, Boll & Branch only sells organic sheets.

Did you know that only about 1% of the world's cotton crop is grown organically? It's honestly difficult to avoid traditional cotton in your daily interactions, but when you choose Boll & Branch, you can smile a little more widely knowing you made an intelligent decision.


Where Are Boll and Branch Sheets Made?

With such a focus on responsible manufacturing, consumers often ask whether Boll & Branch sheets are made in the USA. The brand manufactures in India, Portugal, and the USA, but that's only part of the story.

There are corners of the world where working conditions are unimaginable, and even children are paid low wages in untenable working conditions. Boll & Branch sheets and other products are fair trade certified, and the brand ensures they don't work with any manufacturing partners that use child labor.

Last year, the brand paid almost $500,000 in incremental wages to make sure workers manufacturing Boll & Branch products received a living wage. Its this level of commitment that led to the brand becoming the first Fair Trade Certified manufacturer of linens.

When you stop to think about that, it is both impressive and a little surprising that they were the first, but if you noticed that Boll and Branch is a little more expensive than the competition, now you can start to understand why.

Sheet Set Options

It's a premium brand, but hopefully, after reading this Boll and Branch review, you start to understand that the brand is about much more than just stature. The premium pricing reflects the high quality and responsible manufacturing than it is of any status symbol.

And we respect that. Not every consumer will be interested in organic bedding, but Boll & Branch sheets are among the best sheets on the market regardless, and we are confident you would be satisfied with your new sheets.

Why? My wife and I recently purchased a signature sheet set and basket-weave quilt, and we couldn't be happier.


Signature Fabric Collection

The signature hemmed sheet set is both light and soft. The 100% organic long-staple cotton sheets have a buttery-soft feel and are designed for durability and breathability. The four-over-one-under sateen weave is comfortable year-round.

These are luxury sheets with organic pedigree available at an accessible price, and the sateen weave adds to the luxurious feeling. The sateen sheets weave has a heavy and substantial feeling to it that feels both durable and buttery soft, all simultaneously. Perhaps this is why the sateen sheets are frequently a Boll & Branch best seller.

The signature hemmed sheet set features a 17" deep fitted sheet to accommodate a deep mattress, plus a slight natural shrinkage you might expect from organic cotton sheets. The flat sheet, too, is sized to accommodate that natural shrinkage. Each sheet set is available in nearly all sizes, including twin xl, California king, and split king.

Percale Fabric Collection

The percale sheet sets are different from the sateen sheets in a few key ways. The one-over-one-under weave resulting in percale sheets is lighter and airer than sateen weave. As a result, percale sheets are particularly popular with warm or hot sleepers.

Another difference between the percale weave and sateen sheets is that the percale sheets come with a matte finish, compared to the slight sheen discussed above. As you would expect from Boll & Branch sheets, the percale sheets are also 100% organic cotton and made with ethical production.

How might you decide between percale and sateen? Well, the percale bed sheet set might be for you if you've ever been annoyed that your sheets felt like they were weighing you down.


Chambray Fabric Collection

The Chambray bed sheet set offers something less traditional than the Boll and Branch sheet sets above. The four-season chambray is soft to touch and exceedingly breathable.

The chambray sheets feature a matte, stonewashed finish, with triple stitches in a soft contrasting color. It is a unique look and feel, but you are bound to love these sheets.

So, have you ever wondered what the difference between chambray and linen is? Chambray typically looks akin to denim but is much thinner and softer. Chambray is most often derived from cotton.

On the other hand, a linen sheet set is most often derived from a plant known as flax. Both chambray and linen have a rustic look but are exceedingly durable.

We love the Boll & Branch chambray sheet set because it has a cool, comfortable, and inviting look. It pairs beautifully with a white duvet cover.

Do Boll and Branch Sheets Get Softer?

Boll and Branch sheets get softer with each wash, which is a testament to the brand's overall quality. The long-staple cotton is durable and naturally features a slight rigidity when the sheets are new. As the sheets are washed over time, some slight rigidity loosens, and the sheets soften. High-quality sheets are like a fine wine and get better over time.

Duvet Covers & Quilts

Duvet covers are available in the same fabrics as the sheets, aside from chambray, which means the duvet sets are available in sateen, percale, flannel, and luxe fabrics. Did we mention that Boll and Branch offers a cozy organic flannel sheet set?

We didn't, but they offer flannel sheets and a flannel duvet set, which works incredibly well to keep you warm during the coldest months of the year.

In addition to the matching fabric duvet covers, Boll & Branch also sell a modern matelasse duvet cover, which features a beautiful windowpane woven pattern. The white matelasse windowpane duvet set pairs particularly well with the chambray sheets, while the chambray blue matelasse duvet set provides a modern classic look to white sheets.

And last but not least is the modern quilt sets. My wife and I purchased a white basketweave quilt set to pair with the mineral signature hemmed sheets, and we couldn't be happier. The quilt comes in a mid-weight that works well on its own for hot sleepers and pairs nicely with a duvet and comforter if you like your sleeping temperatures cold but your bed cozy.

We like our bedroom quite cool and allow it to dip to downright cold during the winter. We love the quilt's weight, and it works perfectly in tandem with our sheets and comforter.


Boll and Branch Mattress

It's also worth noting that the brand now offers their mattress, and they took all of the expertise and care they cultivated in developing organic, Fair Trade sheets and applied that same knowledge and care to the world of mattresses.

Most modern mattresses are made with foam elements, but that is as inorganic as you can get. Instead of synthetic foam, the Boll & Branch mattress is made from Talalay Latex, which is a substance derived from trees. Not only is Talalay Latex durable, but it is often biodegradable and doesn't give off toxic gases as traditional foam may.

You might initially think that a textile company that started with sheets shouldn't worry about mattresses, but this mattress has unique features that make it clear that the Boll & Branch team did their research and came to play.

Traditional foam mattresses have a terrible reputation for trapping heat, whereas graphite-infused natural materials naturally cool and remove heat. Consider that this hybrid spring mattress features a graphite-infused latex layer, which is included to disperse heat away from your body. Seems like a win to me.

Pair this hybrid mattress with the brand's signature soft sheets and a beautiful duvet set, and your bedroom makeover will be complete.

Is Boll and Branch Worth The Money?

Boll and Branch sheets are worth the investment because all products represent the highest quality and the most responsible manufacturing decisions in the industry. It says everything you need to know about the brand that they became the first Fair Trade Certified linens manufacturer.

Everything in the brand's lineup, from

Boll & Branch sheets to the duvet covers and quilts, and even the duvet insert shell are 100% organic cotton. Plus, all of the products are Fair Trade certified so that you can sleep confidently and comfortably.

  • check Organic Cotton
  • close Premium Pricing
  • check Fair Trade Certified
  • check Multiple fabric options
  • check Highest-quality

Boll and Branch Alternatives

Premium sheets are expensive, so we understand why you want to do your homework. We know that it might be helpful to consider Boll & Branch alternatives before making a final decision. Brands like Brooklinen, Parachute, and Cozy Earth are among the most common options compared to the brand, so that we will highlight each below.


Boll and Branch vs Brooklinen

Boll & Branch sheets are often compared to Brooklinen because they were the original direct-to-consumer bedding companies. We’ve compared Brooklinen vs Boll and Branch in detail, and the most significant difference between the brands is the latter’s enhanced focus on sustainability and responsibility in manufacturing. We love Brooklinen sheets, so that's not to disparage Brooklinen as an option but it's also true that the brands have different focuses.

Brooklinen is focused on making premium bedding accessible to the average consumer, while Boll & Branch is focused on sustainability, and responsible manufacturing noted throughout the review above. That's not to say one is right or wrong, but that is the most significant difference between the two brands. They both make incredibly high-quality sheets and bedding.

Boll and Branch vs Parachute

Parachute is more similar to Brooklinen for all the reasons noted above, but they offer a unique color profile if you are sold on the quality of Boll & Branch, but not the styling. Still, Parachute now offers an organic collection, which makes them worth considering. With linen colors such as clay, terra, and dusk, Parachute offers an earth tone color palette that is warm and soothing.

Boll and Branch vs Cozy Earth

Lastly, if you are not sold on the sustainability of organic cotton sheets, you might consider the bamboo sheets sold by Cozy Earth. Cozy Earth is also a premium brand, but the bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic and highly sustainable. If there is a downside to Cozy Earth, their sheets and bedding are only available in white. Of course, you could combine white sheets from Cozy Earth with a Terra-colored duvet from Parachute if you need a little extra flavor. That might work well, but most prefer a little spice in their life.

Still, in comparing Boll and Branch vs Cozy Earth, the decision probably depends on whether you prefer organic cotton or bamboo sheets. We like the first because of the much wider variety of options and stellar reputation.

Boll & Branch Review Summary

While there are reasonable alternatives if your priority is accessible pricing rather than organic materials and responsible manufacturing, Boll & Branch is in a league of its own among premium sheets and bedding.

Start with a classic hemmed sheet set, and pair it with an organic cotton quilt or duvet cover. And don’t forget a new down alternative pillow to complete the new look and feel. There is no other brand offering organic bedding that is Fair Trade Certified at such an accessible price point, and for that reason alone, Boll & Branch is worth the money.

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