backyard basics Breeo Fire Pit Review Is It Worth It? (2023)
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Breeo Fire Pit Review: Is It Worth It? (2023)

In this Breeo fire pit review, we detail all of the brand's best features, and discuss whether the fire pits are really smokeless.

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There is never a bad time to upgrade your backyard with a new fire pit, and based on our Breeo fire pit review, we are confident you will enjoy night after night around a Breeo with family and friends.

Breeo Fire Pit Review: Smokeless Fire Pits Done Right


When we first started looking for a fire pit, one brand stood out above the rest. Breeos are innovative and durable. Breeo was the first to build a smokeless fire pit back in 2011, and they did so in the shadows of steel country. We did an in-depth review comparing Breeo to Solo Stove and Blue Sky, so we mean it when we say Breeo makes the best.

That combination of innovation and durability made Breeo products so appealing to our family, and the company continues to innovate with updated technology and new product lines. Breeo makes the

ultimate backyard fire pit, and they have enough options that the backyard grillmaster will be just as pleased as those looking for more luxury options.

Breeo’s Best Features

While the Breeo Double Flame was a staple of the company's portfolio, they streamlined their offerings to focus on the X Series. The Breeo X Series features an advanced design that helps with airflow through into the base of the flame, and while it was initially only available in Corten steel, there are now stainless steel options.

These wood-burning fire pits are way more authentic than propane fire pits, and the smokeless design is game-changing compared to a regular fire pit. When you add the available Sear Plate and the Outpost cooking grate, there is no comparable product on the market. All of these features are more advanced than what you might find on a traditional fire pit.

Hot air rises through the clever airflow system. As the heated oxygen mixes with smoke, secondary combustion occurs, that burns off excess smoke before it leaves the burn chamber. These

smokeless fire pits work best when hot and when the fire is spread from wall to wall so that the air flowing through the two walls can be fully heated.

How much smoke remains? When used properly, very little smoke is left as the fire burns. Using paper and fire starters will result in more smoke, and there may be a little smoke before the burn chamber heats up. Once the fire is rolling, there will be noticeably less smoke. This is great for roasting marshmallows and hot dogs or relaxing.

A smokeless fire pit is worth investing in over a traditional fire pit. The fire burns hot and efficiently, leaving little ash behind and producing a better experience. The fact that Breeo makes such a heavy-duty fire pit makes this an easy decision.

The interesting thing about Breeo is that it combines the best of all worlds. Breeo fire pits are durable and beautiful, like Arteflame grills, but feature smokeless technology similar to a Solo Stove. This is why we believe that Breeo makes the best smokeless fire pit available on the market.

Breeo X Series Review


Nearly a decade of learning and experience culminated in an innovative product called the Breeo X Series. While they were the first to build a smokeless fire pit, the Breeo team continues to innovate. The X Series features the tried and tested secondary combustion double wall system that eliminates most smoke and introduces Breeo’s patent-pending X Airflow technology.

The new X Airflow technology improves the primary oxygen source, creating a hotter-burning flame. The smokeless technology works best when the wood in your fire pit stretches from wall to wall so that the fire heats the air flowing between the double walls. The combination of X Airflow technology and the double-wall system pushes hot air to the top of the flames, mixes the hot air with smoke and re-burns, and creates a smokeless fire.

The Breeo X Series should be your first fire pit if you are considering buying a new fire pit.

Breeo Corten vs. Stainless Steel

The Breeo team continually innovates, so we thought it was cool when the X Series added two new features, including the Corten steel exterior and a sear plate. The Corten steel is heavy-duty and develops a handsomely colored and deep patina over time, while the sear plate makes your fire pit incredibly versatile.

While this was impressive, Breeo didn't stop there. Now you can fully customize your Breeo fire pit, choosing the size, material, and top rim. To our knowledge, it is the only fully customizable fire pit available on the market.

We like the Corten steel, but it is a little messy to the touch. The red coloring can rub off if you brush up against it (when it is cooled off, of course!). We've never found this to be a significant issue, but we can understand why some people might prefer stainless steel as a base material.

Now you can design your X Series, and when you do, you can choose between Corten steel and stainless steel. The stainless steel is a little more expensive, but it looks sharp and will last for decades.

Initially, the X Series came in two sizes, including a 19-inch diameter unit and a 24-inch unit. While 24 inches was big enough for most people, it wasn't big enough for everyone, so the Breeo team added a MASSIVE 30-inch model for those of you looking to keep the good times rolling.

Not only does the 30-inch model accommodate a bigger fire, but it also has two ports for the Outpost accessory. This enables you to cook even more food and is perfect for hosting guests.


It might be the largest fire pit on the market, but the size isn't in vain. The extra space, room for an additional Outpost, and the fact that it is built on smokeless technology result in even the largest model offering great value compared to the competition.

As the final customization option, their fire pit builder will allow you to choose between the sear plate rim and the standard rim. We love the sear plate rim, but it might not be for everyone. If you already have a grill and plan to use your new fire pit strictly for lounging, then it might make sense to stick with the standard rim.

Regardless, this is not a standard fire pit you might buy from Amazon. This is a quality fire pit with an innovative airflow design, thick steel walls that will help retain heat better than the competition, and a sear plate and Outpost that combine for a near-perfect fire pit experience.

X Series Price

The exact price will vary depending on what package you choose and whether the brand is running any sales, so we like to consider the cost in relative terms. The X Series features two durable steel materials and a built-in sear plate. Not surprisingly, the X Series is a little more expensive than some alternatives.

Still, none of the competitor brands feature the sear plate or offer corten steel, which improves appearance with time. And the X Series is built with a combination of technologies that is simply unavailable elsewhere. In other words, while the X Series might cost a few extra dollars, but it is still an incredible value.

Breeo X Series Weight & Size

The X Series comes in three sizes. The X Series 19 has a top opening of 14.5 inches, but the inside diameter is 19 inches wide, big enough for smaller logs and chunk wood. The unit is 15 inches tall, including the built-in feet protecting underlying surfaces. The weight comes in at 54 lbs. The unit is manufactured from 304 stainless steel or Corten steel.

The larger X Series 24 holds larger firewood, creating a bigger and hotter fire. The stylish design follows similar proportions to the smaller model. The top opening is 19.5 inches across, but the inside diameter is 24 inches. The sear plate hangs over both sides of the double wall, resulting in a total diameter that is 29.5 inches across. This is a big, bad fire pit weighing up to 74 lbs. if you choose the sear plate.

You will find that competitors like the Solo Stove Bonfire or Yukon are significantly lighter than Breeo's fire pits, but Breeo uses thicker gauge materials, which should result in Breeo's fire pits lasting longer. The company intends for its fire pits to last decades.

The X Series 30 is one of the largest smokeless fire pits sold anywhere. Everything about it is bigger. If you choose a sear plate, It is 7 inches wide, compared to the sear plate on the X Series 24, which is only 5 inches wide.


This makes it significantly easier to cook steaks or burgers directly on the sear plate. The extra-wide stainless steel plate also includes a second port for an outpost grill. The unit has a total diameter of 34.5 inches and an inner opening of 30 inches. With the sear plate, the X Series 30 weighs a whopping 115 lbs.

The larger model is heavy, but they aren't intended to be constantly moved around like a portable fire pit. Instead, these are durable outdoor fire pits designed to serve as the centerpiece of your outdoor space. Put some Adirondacks around it, and enjoy.

X Series vs. Double Flame

The Breeo Double Flame was one of the original smokeless pits. It came in stainless steel, very similar to those you might see from Solo Stove. The company sunset the Double Flame when they added the option to build the X Series with stainless steel, which was previously only available in corten steel.

The latter series introduced the Breeo X Airflow system, which was later added to the Double Flame, so there wasn't much difference between the two models other than the sear plate ring. Now that is optional, too, so the Double Flame became redundant.

For years, the Double Flame was an industry standard, so if you do much research, you might find reviews for the older model. The newer X Series has better technology and can be built with options to meet your specific wants and needs.

Breeo X Series Review: The Verdict

Breeo makes the highest quality fire pits on the market. The Breeo X Series smokeless fire pit differentiates itself from the Double Flame with the option for a corten steel outer wall and sear plate ring. If you want to cook around your backyard campfire, the sear plate alone makes the

Breeo worth the investment and all of the other great features are a fan to the flame.

Breeo X Series Fire Pits are the cream of the crop.

  • check Corten steel is extremely durable
  • close Heavier than competitors
  • check Develops rich patina
  • check Sear plate ring
  • check X Airflow technology
  • check Smokeless fire when hot

NEW: Breeo Y Series

Breeo recently introduced the new Y Series, which is more affordable and designed for portability. The Y Series features many of the same features as the X Series, but there are distinct differences. The Y Series is smaller, lighter, and features a handle. It also features retractable legs that serve as a heat shield and an available carrying case.

Aside from that, it is very similar and makes for a great fire pit! There might be a few drawbacks to the smaller size, but there aren't many. Still, you will have to use smaller logs, and the fire may not last as long, but that is to be expected with a more portable unit.

The Y Series is the perfect option if you want portability AND the highest quality.

Breeo Luxeve Review


The Breeo Luxeve is, unsurprisingly from the name, the brand's luxury model. While the brand focuses primarily on rustic-like products that you can cook with, the Luxeve is entirely different. It is beautiful and refined and looks like you might find it next to a pool in a Malibu backyard. As you would hope and expect, it still features the signature Breeo smokeless fire pit technology, but there are a few aesthetic differences compared to the brand's other models.

The Breeo Luxeve is a sophisticated stainless steel fire pit available in four different powder-coated colors. The earth-tone colors include white river, earth rust, bronze vein, and silver vein, but each unit also comes with a 13 lbs. bag of fire pit glass.

This high-end product is big and heavy. It weighs as much as 135 lbs., so pick where you want it to go, and then design the rest of your backyard with the Luxeve as a focal point. We don't anticipate that you will want to move it around much.

Breeo Luxeve Review: The Verdict

If you believe in buying quality products that will last for years and years to come, then the Breeo Luxeve offers an excellent alternative to many of the more traditional-looking products on the market.

The durable build and beautiful, eye-catching design make the Luxeve a great value, and we are sure you will be proud to use this colorful fire pit as the focal point of your outdoor space.

  • check Stainless steel construction
  • close Heavier than competitors
  • check Refined, powder-coated exterior
  • close Most expensive Breeo model
  • check Includes colorful fire pit glass as well
  • check X Airflow technology
  • check Smokeless fire when hot

Breeo Outpost Cooking Grate

The Breeo Outpost is a portable grill grate that comes in two sizes. It can be attached to your

Breeo fire pit when you’re craving beautiful grill marks on your steaks or packed up with your camping gear when you are ready to take your family to the woods. The Outpost’s height is adjustable, which gives the user plenty of options. You can adjust the height depending on what you are cooking and how hot the flame is.

We love the Outpost because of its versatility and the ability to use it with or without one of Breeo's pits. Regardless, it is a perfect fire pit cooking grate and adds to your ability to cook delicious backyard meals. You might not have even known you need a portable grill grate, but once you see the Outpost in action, you will realize everything you have been missing.


We also love that the 30" pit includes not one but two ports for an Outpost. This is fantastic if you plan on having people over or if you just have items that need to be cooked at different heat levels. It is unique, and it takes open-fire cooking to the next level.

Sure, you might use a charcoal grill or pellet grill most of the time when cooking in your backyard, but there is something authentic about cooking on a wood-burning fire pit that is irresistible. Wood-burning fire pits provide much of that same smoky flavor you love, and you can hang around the fire when you cook.

Breeo Alternatives

We love Breeo, but it’s important to know how they stack up against the competition. Solo Stove and Tiki Brand are among the few brands with a competitive smokeless feature.

Breeo Fire Pit Review
Breeo AlternativesBreeoSolo StoveTiki Brand
PriceaddBreeo💰💰💰Solo Stove💰💰💰Tiki Brand💰💰
Selling PointaddBreeoDurability & Outdoor CookingSolo StoveLightweight & PortableTiki BrandMore Modern Look
MaterialaddBreeoCorten or Stainless SteelSolo StoveStainless SteelTiki BrandPowder-coated Stainless Steel
Low SmokeaddBreeoSolo StoveTiki Brand
Sear Plate AvailableaddBreeoSolo StoveTiki Brand
Matching Lid AvailableaddBreeoSolo StoveTiki BrandCloth Cover
Most Portable SizeaddBreeo31 Lbs.Solo Stove15 Lbs.Tiki Brand45 Lbs.
WebsiteaddBreeoSolo StoveTiki Brand

Solo Stove Products

While Breeo pioneered the smokeless fire pit, Solo Stove might be the best-known fire pit. Solo Stove features streamlined stainless steel construction and comes in many sizes. The Ranger fire pit is notable because it is light and truly intended to be portable. At only 15 lbs, the Solo Stove Ranger is considerably lighter than any of Breeo's fire pits.

In our minds, the battle of Breeo vs. Solo Stove is pretty clear. If you think you might want a fire pit that you can take with you to the mountains or the beach, the Ranger is the perfect size for portability and might be for you. On the other hand, if you want something to stay in your backyard, we recommend you stick with Breeo.

Breeo and Solo Stove make the best smokeless fire pits. Breeo is durable and made for cooking, while Solo Stove is more lightweight and portable. Other fire pits can't match their smokeless experience.

Breeo vs. Tiki Brand

Are you familiar with tiki torches? The Tiki Brand is probably the best-known maker of tiki torches, but guess what... The Tiki Brand makes a fire pit too. The Tiki Brand product is cheaper than Solo Stove and Breeo, which feature powder-coated stainless steel. It also comes with a stand and a cloth cover, and you can purchase a spark screen.

The Tiki Brand fire pit (yes, there is only one model for now) claims to be low smoke, and while it features some of the same features as Breeo and Solo Stove fire pits, it isn't quite as advanced.

Aesthetically, it has a slightly more refined look than you will find with the alternatives, but we prefer the more outdoorsy look, so this is merely a matter of preference.

If your dream backyard is a small patio up close to the house, with lights strung across the top and tiki torches surrounding you, the Tiki Brand Fire Pit will look great and work well in such a setting. The downsides are that you can't customize it at all, there is limited optionality, and there are no cooking accessories.

Is The Breeo Fire Pit Really Smokeless?

The reality is that most smokeless fire pit experiences might be better described as “nearly smokeless,” but that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. That’s certainly no knock on Breeo because their fire pits produce substantially less smoke than traditional fire pits.

The innovative technology starts with double-walled construction, enabling hot air to flow from the bottom of the fire up through vents at the top of the walls. Air is heated as it moves through the wall cavity. The hot air flows from the secondary burn holes, mixes with the smoke, and re-burns. This process significantly reduces the levels of smoke leaving your fire pit.

Breeo’s patent-pending X Airflow technology creates better airflow in the fire pit, enabling the fire to burn hotter, further contributing to the reduced smoke. It's a near-perfect fire pit experience.

Here are two things you need to understand. While the fire is starting, there may not be enough hot air traveling between the double walls, so there may be a little smoke while your fire rolls.

Secondly, the Breeo smokeless technology works best when the fire pit is full, stretching from wall to wall. The good news here is that the more extensive and hotter your fire is, the better the smokeless technology may work; however, you should also know that you may have a little smoke if you only burn a small, two-log fire.

So if you build your fire with the correct materials (wood works best) and manage it for consistent heat output, your fire can be mostly smokeless with a Breeo because of its precision airflow design. And I will say that a smokeless experience is a premium experience.

Best Breeo Fire Pit Accessories


We highlighted Breeo’s Outpost above because you can take the Outpost camping and use it to grill up a nice dinner over a remote campfire, but it is worth mentioning here as well. While the Outpost can be used as a standalone product, it is designed to work as an accessory to Breeo fire pits.

You can quickly lock the grill to your fire pit quickly and adjust the height to control the heat level. The Breeo Outpost is a stainless steel product with a carry case. It will work exceptionally well attached to your Breeo fire pit; it will do just as well set up on the beach (and even includes proprietary technology that makes it easier to anchor in the ground).

Aside from the Outpost, you will probably want to consider purchasing the lid and the ash removal tool at a minimum. Since the X Airflow technology creates right angles in the bottom of the unit, the ash removal tool is specifically designed to work with X Airflow fire pits making it much easier to remove ash.

The stainless steel lid is handsome and includes four “locking tabs” to keep the lid securely attached to the fire pit. While the company does not recommend using the top to snuff out a fire when it is still going strong, it still serves functional purposes.

When you're not using your unit, the lid converts your fire pit into a functional backyard table. Naturally, it also keeps out the elements. Breeo fire pits are built to last, but ash sludge can be harmful to their longevity, so it is best to keep snow and rain out of your fire pits.

The smokeless feature for Breeo units is nice, but the Outpost elevates your game so that you can do much more than roast s'mores. Add on the kettle hook, and the possibilities are nearly endless.

How To Care For Breeo Fire Pit

Breeo fire pits are meant to last, but a little attention still goes a long way toward preserving your fire pit’s good looks and stellar performance. As a general rule of thumb, clean the ash after every fire, or at least after every few uses.

Accumulated ash reduces proper airflow through the bottom of the fire pit. Worse, if rain or other sources of moisture mix with the ash, it creates a sludge that can be hard on your fire pit and reduce its longevity.

The units with a Corten steel exterior wall develop a handsome patina over time, but the Corten steel also requires no maintenance. Neither do the 304 stainless steel exterior walls, which can withstand the elements year-round.

If you choose a fire pit with the signature sear plate, there will be slightly more maintenance. The sear plate should be cleaned with soap and water before the first use and then cleaned after each use. You can use a grill scraper and kitchen degreaser to clean after cooking.

Scraping while the fire pit is hot will make it easier to scrape off the crud, but just be careful with the heat. Don't start scrubbing the rim with paper towels. Use judgment, and after you have initially scrapped the sear plate, wait until the unit has cooled down before you finish your deep cleaning.

Breeo Culture

Breeo doesn’t just make fire pits. They facilitate family and friends, escaping a high-tech world to gather under the stars. It's a tradition thousands of years old that have a new significance in the modern world. The team at Breeo gets this, which is why they are as focused on creating the best experience possible as they are on creating the best fire pit possible.

This drive led them to create the first-ever smokeless fire pit, and it is this same drive that inspires them to influence campfire culture. How do they do that? They have a team of Pro Team influencers showing what is possible with Breeo and an entire catalog of recipes to inspire you to cook over the open flame.


The Most Durable Smokeless Fire Pit

While the Double Flame was an original, and the Luxeve is impressive, the Breeo X Series is our favorite smokeless fire pit on the market, regardless of brand.

Our favorite fire pit is the 24-inch X Series built with Corten steel and a sear plate. In our opinion, it is the most interesting product in the fire pit industry. The Corten steel develops a handsome patina that looks great in your backyard, and the sear plate adds a level of functionality to your unit that is unmatched.

We recommend adding on a lid (to keep the elements out) and the Outpost to increase the versatility of how you can use your new fire pit.

Please allow us to push you off the wall if you have been on the fence about investing in a new fire pit. 😎 A Breeo fire pit is a great way to add a focal point to your outdoor space that is perfect for gathering around with family and friends. There is nothing better than cooking s'mores with my son and daughter around our Breeo, and we are convinced you will love yours all the same.

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