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Breeo Fire Pit Review:
X Series vs. Double Flame

What is the best Breeo fire pit for your backyard? And is Breeo worth the money? We reviewed the Breeo X Series and the Breeo Double Flame to help you decide.

Breeo Fire Pit Review

There is never a bad time to upgrade your backyard with a new fire pit, and based on our Breeo Fire Pit Review, we are confident you will enjoy night after night around a Breeo with family and friends.

Life gets crazy, and recent times have made this abundantly clear. It doesn’t help that the lines between work and life are increasingly blurred in a work-from-home, zoom-meeting environment. While we love our kids and pets, barking and crying in the background, happening during already intense meetings, is a little much for the best of us.

This is why it is so important to find time to relax. I know I struggle with this, and I bet you do too. What’s worse is that every time we pick up our phones, there is more stressful news and angry social media feeds waiting for us. It’s time to get outside and unplug.

Fire pits are the perfect place to relax after a stressful day. Just last night, our family gathered under the stars to enjoy the warmth of our fire pit on a perfectly cool evening. While the weeks have been stressful, for a few hours, everything felt right with the world.

Are Breeo Fire Pits Worth It?

When we first started looking for a fire pit, one brand stood out above the rest. Breeo fire pits are innovative and durable. Breeo was the first to build a smokeless fire pit back in 2011, and they did so in the shadows of steel country. We did an in-depth review comparing Breeo to Solo Stove and Blue Sky, so when we say Breeo makes the best fire pits, we mean it.

It’s that same combination of innovation and durability that made BreeoBreeo fire pits so appealing for our family, and the company continues to innovate with updated technology and new product lines. Breeo currently has five product lines ranging from a portable grill grate to a luxury fire pit with colorful fire pit glass. We recommend the Breeo X Series or Breeo Double Flame for most people looking for a backyard fire pit. We’ve included an extensive review of both models below, but here is a quick overview of the rest of the brand’s portfolio.

Breeo Product Images

Breeo’s Product Portfolio

While the X Series and Double Flame are perhaps the most popular and most functional products, the brand has a full line-up of advanced fire pits and accessories. And let’s just say this isn’t your regular fire pit experience. Attention is given to every aspect of the design, which is how an industry pioneer stays innovative and relevant.

Aside from their most popular fire pits, there are a few other products you might want to familiarize yourself with before we dive into the X Series and Double Flame reviews.

Breeo Outpost

The Breeo Outpost is a portable grill grate that comes in two sizes. It can be attached to your BreeoBreeo fire pit when you’re craving beautiful grill marks on your steaks or packed up with your camping gear when you are ready to take your family to the woods. The Outpost’s height is adjustable, which gives the user plenty of options. You can adjust the height depending on what you are cooking and how hot the fire is.

Breeo Zentro

The Zentro is a fire pit ring available in multiple materials and can be used with the Outpost grill mentioned above. If the idea of building your fire pit with your hands is appealing to you, then adding a Zentro fire pit ring might be the way to go. Breeo’s Zentro fire pit rings utilize the same smokeless, double-wall technology as their standalone fire pits and are a great way to add sophistication to your block or masonry fire pit.

Breeo Luxeve

The Breeo Luxeve is, unsurprisingly from the name, the brand’s luxury fire pit model. The LuxeveLuxeve is bigger and heavier than the other fire pits but carries the good looks to match. While the interior is 24” across, similar to the X Series and Double Flame models, the exterior diameter is a whopping 33” across, allowing room for handsomely colorful fire pit glass. The fir pit exterior is also available in several colors including, red, white, and earth rust. The combination of the bright outer walls with the colorful fire pit glass creates an eye-catching backyard showpiece.

X Series vs. Double Flame

While many of the brand’s products would be a great addition to your backyard, we are particularly fond of the BreeoBreeo X Series and Breeo Double Flame. While they have some similarities, they also have some key differences. Check out our side-by-side comparison table or the detailed product reviews below.

Breeo X Series vs. Double Flame
Comparison Table
Breeo Fire Pit ShowdownBreeo X SeriesBreeo Double Flame
PriceaddBreeo X Series💰💰💰Breeo Double Flame💰💰
Construction MaterialaddBreeo X SeriesCOR-TEN Steel & Stainless SteelBreeo Double FlameStainless Steel
Built-in Sear PlateaddBreeo X SeriesBreeo Double Flame
Matching Lid AvailableaddBreeo X SeriesBreeo Double Flame
24 Inch Model WeightaddBreeo X Series78 LBSBreeo Double Flame57 LBS
19 Inch Model WeightaddBreeo X Series56 LBSBreeo Double Flame48 LBS
PortabilityaddBreeo X SeriesDesigned for your backyardBreeo Double FlameThe lighter weight makes it easier to take to the beach or mountains
Intended FueladdBreeo X SeriesWood logsBreeo Double FlameWood logs
WebsiteaddBreeo X SeriesBreeo Double Flame

Do Smokeless Fire Pits Work?

If you’ve never experienced a smokeless fire pit, you might wonder if the idea of a smokeless fire pit is too good to be true. The reality is that most smokeless fire pit experiences might be better described as “nearly smokeless,” but that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. That’s certainly no knock on BreeoBreeo because their fire pits produce substantially less smoke than traditional fire pits.

The innovative technology starts with double-walled fire pit construction, enabling hot air to flow from the bottom of the fire up through vents at the fire pit’s top. The hot air flows through the double-wall design, flows out the secondary burn holes, mixes with the smoke, and re-burns. This process significantly reduces the levels of smoke leaving your fire pit. Breeo’s patent-pending X Airflow technology creates better airflow in the fire pit, enabling the fire to burn hotter, further contributing to the reduced smoke.

Here are two things you need to understand. While the fire is getting started, there may not be enough hot air traveling between the double walls, so there may be a little smoke while your fire gets rolling. Secondly, the smokeless technology works best when the fire pit is full, stretching from wall to wall. The good news here is that the bigger and hotter your fire is, the better the smokeless technology may work; however, you should also know that you may have a little smoke if you only burn a small, two-log fire.

So if you build your fire with correct materials (wood works best) and manage the fire for consistent heat output, your fire can be mostly smokeless with a BreeoBreeo because of its precision airflow design. And I will say that a smokeless experience is a premium experience.

Breeo Fire Pit Reviews

Breeo X Series Review

The Breeo X Series culminated from nearly a decade of learning and experience from the Breeo team. While they were the first to build a smokeless fire pit, they continue to innovate. The X Series features the tried and tested secondary combustion, double wall system, as Breeo’s fire pits, but introduces Breeo’s patent-pending X Airflow technology.

The new X Airflow technology improves the primary oxygen source for your fire, creating a hotter-burning fire. Ensure your fire pit stretches from wall to wall so that the fire heats the air flowing between the double walls. This combination of features pushes hot air to the top of the fire, mixes the hot air with smoke and re-burns, and creates a smokeless fire.

The BreeoBreeo X Series features two new features, including the COR-TEN steel exterior and the sear plate. Not only is the COR-TEN steel heavy-duty, but it also develops a handsomely colored and deeper patina over time. Your X Series will create a one-of-a-kind look as you burn more and more fires.

As a company, Breeo is all about open-fire cooking, so while it’s not entirely surprising, the company added a sear plate to their new flagship fire pit; it is surprising how incredibly functional the sear plate is. Used in combination with the Outpost and the kettle hook, you can cook nearly any meal with the Breeo X Series. For starters, just imagine cooking a few burgers without ever needing to leave the comfort of your fireside chair.

If you consider buying a new fire pit, the BreeoBreeo X Series should be the first fire pit you consider.

X Series Price

The exact price will vary depending on what package you choose and whether the brand is running any sales, so we like to consider the cost in relative terms. The X Series features two durable steel materials, as well as the built-in sear plate. Not surprisingly, the X Series is a little more expensive than that Double Flame. It’s also a little more expensive than comparably sized competitor brands. Still, none of the competitor brands feature the sear plate or the combination of steel that improves appearance with time. In other words, while the X Series might cost a few extra dollars, it is still a good value.

X Series Weight & Size

The X Series comes in two sizes. The X Series 19 has a top opening of 14.5 inches, but the inside diameter is 19 inches wide, big enough for smaller logs and chunk wood. The unit is 15 inches tall, including the built-in feet, which protect underlying surfaces from the fire pit itself. The weight comes in at 56 lbs, as the fire pit is manufactured from 304 stainless steel and corten steel.

The larger X Series 24 obviously holds larger firewood and creates a bigger and hotter fire. The stylish design follows similar proportions to the smaller model. The top opening is 19.5 inches across, but the inside diameter is 24 inches. The sear plate hangs over both sides of the double-wall, resulting in a full diameter that is 29.5 inches across. This is a big, bad fire pit weighing 78 lbs.

Breeo X Series vs. Double Flame

Breeo X Series: The Verdict

Breeo makes the highest quality fire pits on the market. The Breeo X Series differentiates itself from the Double Flame with its COR-TEN outer wall and sear plate ring. If you want to cook around your backyard campfire, the sear plate alone makes the BreeoBreeo worth the investment and all of the other great features are a fan to the flame.

thumb_down CONS
  • checkCOR-TEN steel is extremely durable
  • closeHeavier than Double Flame
  • checkDevelops rich patina
  • checkSear plate ring
  • checkX Airflow technology
  • checkSmokeless fire when hot

Breeo Learn More Image

Breeo Double Flame Review

The Breeo Double Flame is Breeo’s classic 304 stainless steel fire pit. The Double Flame was upgraded to include the X Airflow technology, similar to the X series, which creates optimal airflow to feed the bottom of your fire. Not only is the stainless steel construction heavy-duty, but it practically maintenance-free. It won’t rust and is built to last a lifetime.

While just as sturdy as the X Series, the BreeoBreeo Double Flame is a little lighter. If you like to pack up and head to the beach one weekend and then head to the mountains the next weekend, the Double Flame would be a good option. The idea of setting up your campfire on the beach is pretty enticing.

The Double Flame utilizes secondary combustion technology to eliminate smoke, and the same technology helps distribute heat evenly when you cook with the Outpost grill. We recommend considering purchasing the Double Flame / Outpost bundle, which includes an anchor point and carrying bag for the grill.

There are three primary differences to note when comparing the Breeo X Series vs. Double Flame. The Double Flame is built from stainless steel instead of COR-TEN steel, so while it will still develop a nice patina, it isn’t as distinct as the patina on the X Series. The stainless steel construction is lighter than the X Series, making it the more portable of the two models. Lastly, the Double Flame doesn’t include a sear plate.

The Double Flame is a capable fire pit that will make a great addition to your backyard. When you’re ready to head to the beach, the BreeoBreeo Double Flame will make a great trip companion.

Breeo Double Flame vs. X Series

Double Flame Price

As the stainless steel model, the Double Flame is cheaper than X Series and very competitively priced with competitor branded fire pits such as the Solo Stove Bonfire. Don’t let the price fool you, though. This is very much a high-end stainless steel fire pit, so while you might save a few bucks compared to the X Series, the quality is just as high. The Double Flame doesn’t feature the prominent sear plate or Corten Steel, but investing in an American-made BreeoBreeo is always a good investment.

Double Flame Weight & Size

Like the X Series, the Double flame also comes in 19 inches and 24-inch interior diameters. While the stainless steel walls are very durable, they aren’t as heavy as the X Series’ corten steel walls. As a result, the Double flame models aren’t as heavy and much more portable. The Double Flame 19 weighs 48 lbs, while the larger model weighs 57 lbs. Keep in mind the larger X Series weighs 78 lbs, so the Double Flame is MUCH lighter.

Breeo Double Flame: The Verdict

We recommend you purchase the Double Flame if you plan on frequently bringing your BreeoBreeo with you on various excursions. While it lacks the sear plate ring, it is durable and lighter than the X Series.

thumb_down CONS
  • checkMade from 304 stainless steel
  • closeNo sear plate ring
  • checkMore portable than X Series
  • checkX Airflow technology
  • checkSmokeless fire when hot

Breeo Outpost

Best Breeo Fire Pit Accessories

We highlighted Breeo’s Outpost above because you can take the Outpost camping and use it to grill up a nice dinner over a remote campfire, but it is worth mentioning here as well. While the Outpost can be used as a standalone product, it is designed to work as an accessory to BreeoBreeo fire pits.

You can quickly lock the grill to your fire pit quickly and adjust the height to control the heat level. The Breeo Outpost is a stainless steel product that comes with a carry case. It will work exceptionally well attached to your Breeo fire pit; it will do just as well set up on the beach (and even includes proprietary technology that makes it easier to anchor in the ground).

Aside from the Outpost, you will probably want to consider purchasing the lid and the ash removal tool at a minimum. Since the X Airflow technology creates right angles in the bottom of the firepit, the ash removal tool is specifically designed to work with X Airflow fire pits making it much easier to remove ash.

The stainless steel lid is handsome and includes four “locking tabs” to keep the lid securely attached to the fire pit. While the company does not recommend using the top to snuff out a fire when it is still going strong, it still serves functional purposes. When you’re not using your fire pit, the lid converts your fire pit into a useful backyard table. Naturally, it also keeps out the elements. Breeo fire pits are built to last, but ash sludge can be harmful to their longevity, so it is best to keep snow and rain out of your fire pits.

It is worth noting that the Outpost and fire pit lids come in multiple sizes to match your fire pit size, so make sure you order the right one.

How To Care For Breeo Fire Pit

Breeo fire pits are meant to last, but a little attention still goes a long way toward preserving your fire pit’s good looks and stellar performance. As a general rule of thumb, clean the ash out of your fire pit after every fire, or at least after every few fires. Accumulated ash reduces proper airflow through the bottom of the fire pit. Worse, if rain or other sources of moisture mix with the ash, it creates a sludge that can be hard on your fire pit and reduce its longevity.

For the X Series, the exterior wall is made of that COR-TEN steel that develops a nice patina over time, but the COR-TEN steel also requires no maintenance. The sear plate should be cleaned with soap and water before the first use and then cleaned after each use. You can use a grill scraper and kitchen degreaser to clean after cooking.

The Double Flame is made out of durable 304 stainless steel and shouldn’t rust or otherwise deteriorate, so it can also be left in the elements year-round. The Double Flame doesn’t have the built-in sear plate like the X Series, so it requires virtually no maintenance at all, aside from cleaning out the ash after use.

Breeo Culture

Breeo doesn’t just make fire pits. They facilitate family and friends, escaping a high-tech world to gather under the stars. It’s a tradition thousands of years old that have a new significance in the modern world. The team at BreeoBreeo gets this, which is why they are as focused on creating the best experience possible as they are on creating the best fire pit possible.

This drive led them to create the first-ever smokeless fire pit, and it is this same drive that inspires them to influence campfire culture. How do they do that? They have a team of Pro Team influencers showing what is possible with Breeo and an entire catalog of recipes to inspire you to cook over the open flame.

Breeo Pro Team Influencers

If you don’t believe me when I say that Breeo is trying to elevate the conversation around the lowly campfire, look no further than their 4 Pro Team influencers. The group of influencers includes outdoor-cooking enthusiasts and adventurers.

They spread the word, sharing what campfire cooking can be at its best. For example, Derek Wol (@overthefirecooking) has over a million Instagram followers, where he shares his unique grilling technique and ideas. And Matt Crawford (@sasquatchbbq) has built a brand around cooking in crazy epic locations.

These influencers not only offer inspiration but also help Breeo with recipes and content. The Pro Team also tests equipment and provides feedback, which the company uses to strive for continual innovation. Rival fire pits don’t go to these efforts, but Breeo does because they believe in the campfire experience.

Breeo Recipes Images

Breeo Recipes

If you’re simple or lack kitchen creativity as I do, then you might just stick with hot dogs and hamburgers when grilling. If you get a little crazy, you throw some asparagus on and sear the buns, but you might not venture further than that. Breeo is out to change the game. Start by following their Pro Team, but then try some of the BreeoBreeo recipes yourself.

If you are going to invest in a high-quality fire pit, you might as well dive into campfire culture and impress your friends and family. Have you ever cooked mushroom frittata or tuna steaks on a bonfire? Nope? Me neither. What about mango-glazed pork tenderloins or venison burgers? My overcooked hotdogs and hamburgers seem a little silly in comparison.

The bottom line is that when you buy a BreeoBreeo, you’re not just investing in the best smokeless fire pit on the market but also investing in an alternative backyard lifestyle for your family and friends. Good food by a fire is the pinnacle of backyard fun.

Our Favorite Breeo Fire Pit

While the Double Flame is an original, and the Luxeve is impressive, the BreeoBreeo X Series is our favorite smokeless fire pit on the market, regardless of brand. The COR-TEN steel exterior gets more beautiful with time, and the sear plate makes the Breeo X Series the most functional fire pit around.

We recommend adding Breeo’s Outpost to get the full experience. Once you have the X Series and Outpost set up, you can start following some of the pro team members and try some of their delicious recipes yourself. Get the X Series and Outpost today, and go ahead and invite some friends over for next weekend.

Breeo X Series vs. Double Flame Review Article Image

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