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Brooklinen Sheets Review: The Best Online Sheets? (2023)

Brooklinen was founded so that customers could find hotel quality sheets at an affordable price point, and this is where they succeeded. With over 100,000 5-Star reviews, we investigate whether these sheets are worth your hard-earned money.

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The Bottom Line:Brooklinen was founded so that customers could find hotel quality sheets at an affordable price point, and this is where they succeeded. With over 100,000 5-Star reviews, we investigate whether these sheets are worth your hard-earned money.
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Investing in a fresh pair of sheets is an excellent start in one's quest for a better night's sleep. In days gone by, you had to go to your local department store to buy an overpriced pair of sheets in a weird pattern, but to quote Bob Dylan - The times they are a-changin'. Brooklinen offers luxury sheets at an affordable price point, making these popular sheets accessible for the masses.

Brooklinen Review

Rich and Vicki Fulop founded Brooklinen because they felt quality sheets were out of reach for most people. Hence, they decided to start a direct-to-consumer company where middle man markups and control were cut out of the equation. The brand's focus has always been on manufacturing high-quality, durable, and comfortable sheets. The sheets aren't

organic like Boll & Branch; however, part of Brooklinen's brand ethos is to manufacture responsibly with top-quality materials.

Brooklinen Percale vs Sateen

The Brooklinen Luxe Sateen sheets are a best seller for a good reason. You first need to know that the 480 thread count cotton sateen sheets are very soft and have a slight sheen that looks luxurious. If you are interested in upgrading your bedding and buttery-smooth sheets sound enticing to you, then the Brooklinen Luxe Sateen sheets are an excellent choice.

The Luxe Sateen sheets are available in essential colors, and limited edition runs, such as the "Stripes in Ultraviolet" that look like your sheets received a sophisticated, adult-like tie-dye treatment. Of course, colors like white, cream, graphite, and deep nave are available for those that prefer a more traditional look.

In contrast to the Luxe Sateen sheets, the Brooklinen Classic Percale sheets have lighter weight and are even more breathable. The Luxe Sateen sheets also have a slight-sheen look, whereas the Classic Percale sheets have a matte finish. This 270 thread count, breathable weave makes the Classic Percale sheets the perfect option for the hot sleeper in your life.

The Classic Percale sheets were the first product in Brooklinen's stable. The founders set out to develop the perfect "hotel-style" sheets at a more affordable price point, and they succeeded. The Classic Percale sheets offer a luxurious feeling that you don't have to feel guilty about purchasing.

Like the Luxe Sateen sheets, the Classic Percale sheets are also made from 100% long-staple cotton, with long and short side labels, pillowcase envelope closures, and essential and limited edition color runs.

We like Brooklinen's model because they sell core sheet sets that include a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases, but they also sell the

hardcore sheet set bundle. The hardcore sheet set bundle includes everything in the core sheet set, plus a matching duvet cover and two extra pillowcases. The Hardcore sheet set bundle comes at a 25% discount, which is nice because most retailers either sell the duvet cover separately or have a much less generous bundle discount.


Other Brooklinen Sheet Options

Of course, no brand built around bedding would be complete with just two lines of sheets, no matter how soft they are. Brooklinen also sells washed linen and heathered cashmere sheets. In some way, the casual washed linens and the luxurious heathered cashmere seem like complete opposites, but both represent refined elegance.

The 100% linen sheet sets are sourced from European Flax and made in Portugal. The flax-derived fibers result in a much more relaxed vibe than the cotton fibers used for the sateen and percale bed sheets, which we quite appreciate. So many people look to create a luxurious bedroom experience, but your bed is where you go to rest, recharge, and sleep at the end of the day. Why shouldn't bedding sets look comfortable, relaxed, and inviting?

We will always be fans of well-made cotton sheets, like the Brooklinen Luxe Core sheet set that my wife and I purchased for our bedroom; however, the individually garment-dyed linen sheets serve as a nice change of pace. Brooklinen calls their linen sheets the "perfectly imperfect weave," which is quite the fitting description. We also appreciate the color options, including muted colors among the essential colors kept in stock and bright and adventurous colors among the limited edition solid color runs.

The heathered cashmere sheets are naturally a little more expensive than Brooklinen's other sheets. And because this is a much more luxurious product, it isn't available in as many odd sizes, like Twin XL. Instead, the heathered cashmere sheets are available in full, queen, king, and Cali-king sizes. The heathered cashmere sheet sets are Brooklinen’s most luxurious weave, so this shouldn't be surprising.

Of course, we should back up slightly to explain exactly what heathered cashmere is. The sheets are 100% cashmere. That would come at a costly price point. Instead, the sheets are made from 95% cotton and 5% Himalayan Cashmere. As you might imagine, the sheets are brushed for ultra-softness. Notably, Brooklinen's heathered cashmere sheets are lightweight and breathable to keep you cool on hot summer nights; however, the combined cashmere and cotton properties will keep you warm and cozy on cold winter nights.

Are Brooklinen Comforters Worth The Investment?

Brooklinen comforters are worth the investment because of their high-quality craftsmanship and premium materials. Plus, Brooklinen comforters are more affordable than many options you may find at the local department store because Brooklinen bypasses the middle-man markup in selling directly to the consumer. Brooklinen also offers quite a few comforter alternatives, so you are sure to find one that meets your needs and preferences.

The most popular comforter is the traditional down comforter, made from eco-friendly materials. The down cluster fill is enclosed in a 100 percent long-staple cotton sateen shell with a slightly luminous finish, similar to the Luxe Sateen sheets. The down itself is ethically sourced from Hutterite Farms in Canada, and the baffle box construction ensures even distribution of down warmth across the comforter.

One downside to down comforters is that they sometimes have a reputation for being too warm, but Brooklinen's down comforter is available in three different weights. The lightweight down comforter is perfect for hot sleepers. The all-season comforter is intended to work year-round. The ultra-warm comforter is for those who enjoy a cozy sleeping environment.

If down isn't your thing, Brooklinen sells an even more affordable down alternative comforter that is made from an eco-aware recycled PET Fiber fill that is both vegan and hypoallergenic. The fill mimics the weight and feel of traditional down; yet, rather than being sourced from Canadian geese, this bedding essential is made from repurposed plastic bottles.


Is Brooklinen a Luxury?

Brooklinen offers luxurious sheets and bedding at an affordable price. The brand was built for this reason. The founders wanted to make hotel-like luxury sheets accessible for regular people like you and me to purchase. And they succeeded in this goal. Their bedding products are incredibly high-quality, but because Brooklinen sells direct to consumers rather than through traditional retail channels, they can sell their premium quality products at prices the average consumer can afford.

All of Brooklinen's sheets are of the highest quality. The best-selling Brooklinen Luxe Sateen sheet set is luxurious in the sense that it is of higher quality than what you might find at the local department store, and even the classic cotton percale sheets were originally mirrored from luxury hotel sheeting. Still, checking out the heathered cashmere sheets is a must if you are after luxury.

The same quality runs through all of the Brooklinen bedding collections, and you may just find that Brooklinen sheets are among the most comfortable sheets you've ever slept on, especially when you need rest.

From Sheets To Robes And Towels

Alas, as great as Brooklinen sheets are, people don't buy new sheets that frequently, so it makes sense that the brand broadened its horizons to offer everything from decor and wall art to loungewear and robes. We will leave the decor and wall art for someone else to discuss, but we want to touch on the textiles that align most closely to their original product, great sheets at a great price.

The Super-Plush Towels are one of Brooklinen's best sellers for a good reason. Towels are often an afterthought until you go to grab a fresh towel out of the linen closet and realize all you have left are partially torn towels that you purchased a decade ago. With one of Brooklinen's bundles, you can transform your very own bathroom into a spa. You deserve nothing less than the softest towels against your skin.

And by the way, be on the lookout for Brooklinen's Super-Plush bath sheets, which are a little larger than a traditional towel, and feature durable z-twist construction. There's a good chance you will love your Super-Plush towels so much that you won't want to get dressed. If you find yourself in that situation, we have good news for you. Brooklinen makes a Super-Plush Robe, too. The robe features pockets and adjustable cuffs.

While it might have been hard to imagine when Brooklinen first opened its virtual doors, it's not a far jump from Super-Plush Robes to Loungewear. If you like their towels and robes, there's a good chance you will appreciate their tee shirts, sweatpants, and other loungewear, too.


Where Is Brooklinen Manufactured?

Brooklinen products have been made worldwide in places such as Portugal, Israel, Canada, Germany, and India. The company avoids manufacturing its products in East Asia because there is less accountability regarding responsibility and material quality.

While Brooklinen has made known they strive for responsible manufacturing, they haven't gone as far as some brands, such as Boll & Branch, which aim to only use organic cotton and Fair Trade Certified manufacturing. Of course, those niceties come at a price, which is one reason why Brooklinen maintains an affordability edge over Boll & Branch.

How Deep Are Brooklinen Sheets?

Most Brooklinen sheets accommodate mattresses as deep as 15" in depth. This includes the Classic Percale, Luxe Sateen, Linen, and Heathered Cashmere fitted sheets. The good news here is that since Brooklinen offers a 365-day return policy, there is little-to-no risk in trying Brooklinen sheets if mattress depth is a source of hesitation.

Since you are considering direct-to-consumer sheets, there is a good chance you might also have a direct-to-consumer mattress as well. Many direct-to-consumer brands sell mattresses between 10 inches deep and 15 inches deep, and Brooklinen works perfectly for mattresses in that range.

Side Note: I sleep on a Saatva mattress, and I love it.

How To Wash Brooklinen Sheets

While the linen and heathered cashmere sheets may have different care recommendations (check the website), most people purchase the Classic Percal or Luxe Sateen sheets. Machine wash with cold water and like colors for these traditional cotton sheets. Avoid chlorine. Then tumble dry on low.

Brooklinen Return Policy

Brooklinen offers a 365-day warranty return policy coverage. What does that mean? Put simply, unless the product you purchased was a "Last Call" or "Final Sale" item, you have up to 365 days after your date of purchase to return the product for a full refund.

One thing worth setting the record straight on is Brooklinen's warranty. I've seen other sites claim that Brooklinen offers a lifetime warranty, but that is not currently true. But don't fret! These are high-quality sheets!

The core products include most sheets, down & down alternative products, plus towels and robes. After that initial 365 day period, the core products include an additional 365 warranty against defects. During this period, the brand no longer accepts traditional returns, but if you have any defective products, they are glad to make things right.

Is Brooklinen Worth It?

Brooklinen sheets are worth the investment. Regardless of whether you choose the Classic Percale, Luxe Sateen, Linen, or Heathered Cashmere sheets, you can rest comfortably in your new sheets, knowing you purchased a great value. Brooklinen was created for this purpose: To provide hotel-luxury style sheets at an accessible price for average consumers like me.

There are other brands, such as Boll & Branch, that have gone all-in on organic cotton and responsible manufacturing, but in comparing Brooklinen vs Boll & Branch, you will quickly notice that Boll & Branch is much more expensive. Brooklinen strikes an outstanding balance between high-quality and affordability.

  • check Affordable pricing
  • close No organic options
  • check Limited edition color runs
  • check Multiple fabric options
  • check Highest-quality

Parachute vs Brooklinen

In comparing Parachute vs Brooklinen, the most significant differences relate to the availability of organic sheets and the color options.

Boll & Branch and Brooklinen are two of the most prominent names in direct-to-consumer bedding, but there is a distinct difference between the two brands. Since their original percale bedding, the Brooklinen team set out to develop luxury hotel quality sheets that are affordable for the average buyer. Boll & Branch, on the other hand, was built to make organic, Fair Trade bedding that a buyer can sleep on with a clear conscience.

While Boll & Branch and Brooklinen are often compared, there is little overlap in terms of price points or options. Parachute serves as a bridge between the two brands and as a viable third option. Parachute may align most closely with Brooklinen as a brand, making premium sheets sold direct-to-consumer in a manner that cuts out middle man markups.

That said, Parachute pricing may fall between the two competitor brands. But consider this: Parachute's percale sheets are made of long-staple Egyptian cotton, which neither Boll & Branch nor Brooklinen boast. Egyptian cotton is more durable because the fibers are longer, which allows for the resulting yarn to be tougher and softer. How can it be both tough and softer? Short fibers in the yarn pull apart more easily and create more friction points. The exceptionally long fibers found in Egyptian cotton have fewer fiber-ends, which means less friction and a more cohesive yarn.

Parachute also offers deeper earth tones such as Ochre, a deep golden color. Parachute sheets are primarily available in solid colors. Brooklinen's essential colors are softer tones, and their limited edition runs usually include patterns.

Buffy vs Brooklinen

In comparing Buffy vs Brooklinen, you are comparing eucalyptus vs cotton. Brooklinen sheets are made from cotton and flax (for the linen sheets), but those with allergies may prefer Buffy's hypoallergenic sheets made from eucalyptus lyocell.

The natural properties associated with eucalyptus sheets enhance moisture-wicking at night (making them cooler) and trap fewer allergens such as dust mites. Beyond its hypoallergenic properties, Eucalyptus sheets are also much better for the planet than traditional cotton sheets.

In fact, Buffy uses a lyocell blend made from eucalyptus and other wood pulps that uses as much as 76% less water to grow than most modern cotton-farming operations. Cotton also relies on pesticides and insecticides, which Eucalyptus does not.

What about the sheets? Buffy sheets are incredibly comfortable, though long-staple cotton can be more durable in the long run than eucalyptus lyocell. My personal experience with eucalyptus sheets was that they were more comfortable than traditional cotton sheets, but they had to be replaced sooner than I preferred.

If the eco-friendliness and hypoallergenic nature of eucalyptus sheets is appealing to you, Buffy is among the best brands available on the internet.

Cozy Earth vs Brooklinen

Cozy Earth bedding and sheets are derived from bamboo, which like eucalyptus, is both hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. So in comparing Cozy Earth vs Brooklinen, you will be deciding between bamboo and cotton.

Cozy Earth sheets are luxuriously soft, great at temperature regulation, and free of toxins. Based on these attributes, it's no surprise that Cozy Earth landed on Oprah's list of favorite things. If that isn't enough value for you, Cozy Earth offers a 100-night sleep guarantee and a 10-year guarantee that the fabric won't pill.

Still, Brooklinen offers more color options and cotton familiarity some people prefer. We will give Cozy Earth kudos for this: For years, Cozy Earth was only available in white, but they have added multiple colors, which we greatly appreciate. White tends to grow dingy with time, even if properly cared for after following proper instructions.

Nonetheless, Cozy Earth's bamboo sheets are VERY expensive, so if finding premium sheets at an affordable price is the priority for you, Brooklinen sheets will better fit your budget.

Casper vs Brooklinen

Perhaps the most surprising Brooklinen alternative is the sheets made from Casper. Yes, Casper, the direct-to-consumer mattress brand, now makes sheets. It turns out that consumers don't buy a new mattress all that often, but sheets have good margins and are purchased much more frequently than mattresses. So, it makes sense that Casper made the move. Of course, the value is all in the quality for the customer.

Casper's overall selection of sheets is much more straightforward than other brands', perhaps partly because they don't need to fill out an entire site with many sheet options. Still, it's not like they are lacking options. Casper offers percale, sateen, flannel, and HyperLite sheets.

Interestingly, Casper's sheets are 100% organic cotton sheets, and the pricing is still in line with Brooklinen sheets, which means Casper offers a great value. Brooklinen has more colors and styling options. Still, if you are looking for a simple pair of organic sheets, Casper's sheets are a worthy alternative to Brooklinen and the other competitors.


Brooklinen Review Summary

While the Brooklinen Luxe Core sheet set is the most popular, Brooklinen offers a wide variety of sheets to meet nearly any preference. The reason

Brooklinen is so incredibly popular is that they sell premium quality sheets without middle man markups.

Brooklinen was on the first wave of companies to sell sheets directly to customers, but while it's an excellent convenience to avoid the local department store, that's not the reason they have over 100,000 5-star reviews. That's a significant deal and speaks to value, quality, and customer service. All are top-notch, and small details like the envelope closure on the pillowcases will make you one happy customer.

If you are ready to buy new sheets, but not sure where to start, we recommend the Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set. That's what we purchased, and so have hundreds of thousands of others. It's a best seller for its hotel quality, and once you purchase a new sheet set, you might just mistake your bedroom for the local 5-star hotel.

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