home sweet home Brooklinen vs. Boll & Branch Which Sheets Are Best? (2023)
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Brooklinen vs. Boll & Branch: Which Sheets Are Best? (2023)

Boll & Branch and Brooklinen were founded to sell high-quality sheets at affordable prices. Brooklinen has amassed over 100,000 5-Star reviews and has a near cult-like following, but Boll & Branch’s focus on organic cotton and responsible manufacturing is worth considering.

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Our Take:
Brooklinen Logo
Brooklinen Product Image



  • check Affordable price
  • close No organic options
  • check Limited edition color runs
  • check Multiple fabric options
  • check High-quality
The Bottom Line:Brooklinen was founded so that customers could find hotel quality sheets at an affordable price point, and this is where they succeeded. With over 100,000 5-Star reviews, these sheets are worth your hard-earned money.
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  • check Organic cotton
  • close Premium pricing
  • check Fair trade certified
  • check Multiple fabric options
  • check Highest-quality
The Bottom Line: Boll & Branch makes luxurious sheets at an accessible price point. Their products are made with organic cotton and are Fair Trade Certified. The premium price point is entirely representative of the high quality standards.
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Full Review:

Have you ever taken the time to think about how vital your sheets are? If you get the recommended 8 hours of sleep, you spend as much as a third of your life in bed between your sheets. In our minds, that makes your bedding one of the most important purchases you can make.

In comparing Brooklinen vs Boll And Branch, you will find two brands making luxurious sheets in an affordable price range. With a wide variety of colors and styles, we are confident that you will rest easy having chosen one of these brands for your bed.

Brooklinen vs Boll & Branch Comparison

Brooklinen and Boll and Branch are often compared because they rose to prominence as internet-first brands selling high-quality sheets and bedding. Both brands have opened limited retail locations over the recent years, but those opportunities don't represent a significant portion of their business.

The significant benefit to these direct-to-consumer brands is that they cut out middle man mark-up. They don't have to split profits with Macy's or other department stores where you might have previously purchased sheets and bedding. Instead, the brands can sell you great sheets at a reasonable price.

Of course, while comparing Boll and Branch vs Brooklinen, you will find similarities. The brands also have subtle differences worth considering.

Which Sheets Are Best?
Brooklinen vs Boll & Branch
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AffordabilityaddBrooklinen⭐⭐⭐⭐Boll & Branch⭐⭐
RecommendedaddBrooklinenBoll & Branch
Organic CottonaddBrooklinenBoll & Branch
Fair TradeaddBrooklinenBoll & Branch
Long-Staple CottonaddBrooklinenBoll & Branch
WebsiteaddBrooklinenBoll & Branch

Review Duel: Which Sheets Are Best?

We purchased sheets from both companies, just like you would do, to compare the experience and highlight the good and the bad. For these purposes, J. Daniel purchased sheets from Boll & Branch, and Mac purchased sheets from Brooklinen. We will share what we like and what we don't like and hopefully inform you along the way.

Note: J. Daniel purchased sheets from Brooklinen previously and benefits from having purchased sheets from both company websites.

We love Brooklinen's story because there is nothing pretentious about it. So much of the internet is corporate-driven that we appreciate it when people like you and me use the internet to build a brand to make the world a little bit better. And that is essentially what Rich and Vicki Fulop did.

The Brooklinen co-founders set out to build a brand where you could find high-quality sheets and bedding, all responsibly manufactured with premium materials, but without the ridiculous mark-ups.

Does all of that sound too good to be true? Well, Brooklinen is approaching 100,000 five-star reviews on the internet. At the risk of burying the lede, we've both purchased Brooklinen sheets and can understand why they are so popular.


Boll & Branch has a similar story. The one difference is that Boll & Branch was started almost entirely with responsible manufacturing in mind. They didn't feel comfortable purchasing sheets from local department stores because of little information on working conditions or product quality. More than 1000 people had just died in the collapse of an overseas textile factory.

But, this is more than just a feel-good company ethos. Boll & Branch utilizes organic cotton and relies on Fair Trade Certified manufacturers to ensure living wages for workers.

To be clear, Brooklinen notes they consider sustainable and responsible manufacturing, but if you wonder why Boll & Branch tends to be more expensive, opting for materials such as organic cotton may be a big part of the difference. So while Broolinen's focus is on providing high-quality products at accessible prices, Boll & Branch focuses on providing the most conscience-friendly products possible.

Comfort and Quality

Of course, this talk of accessible price points and responsible manufacturing starts to lose much weight when the product itself is sub-par. Quality and comfort might be the most important considerations when purchasing something as important as new bedding.

Spoiler alert: inflated thread counts from lower-quality competitors can be misleading. We know it can be tempting to look for some common metric when comparing products online, but we recommend that you look beyond thread count in considering comfort and quality for these brands.

Are Brooklinen Sheets Soft?

Mac: Brooklinen sheets are as soft as the most excellent luxury-hotel sheets, which is good since the company was founded to make hotel-quality sheets available for purchase at affordable prices. All of the sheets are soft, but for a unique experience, we recommend that you consider the heathered cashmere sheets.

The heathered cashmere sheets are available in a lightweight blend that keeps you cozy but never stuffy and might just be the ultimate definition of a luxury sheet set. If finding soft sheets is a priority for you, Brooklinen considers the heathered cashmere sheets the softest sheets they sell.

The Brooklinen heathered cashmere sheet sets are made from a blend of cotton and cashmere, which results in a heavenly fabric that boasts the best of both worlds. The cotton allows for the sheets to be lightweight and breathable, while the Himalayan cashmere makes the sheets extraordinarily soft and comfortable.

But, what about linen? We made sure to try Brooklinen's linen sheet set to offer our perspective. Linen is known for being slightly coarse, so we wanted to see if it is soft enough to sleep on. Our verdict is that Brooklinen's Washed Linen core sheet feels soft and durable. It has a little more texture and coarseness than most cotton sheets but is very comfortable sheets to sleep in at night.

It's also worth mentioning that the linen sheets have a distinct cozy feeling, which is noteworthy since the washed linen is the most lightweight and airy sheet set in the Brooklinen line-up. The rumpled linen sheets are not only soft but also versatile enough to sleep under year-round.


Are Boll & Branch Sheets Soft?

J. Daniel: Boll and Branch sheets are specifically designed for superior softness, and they get softer over time. Boll and Branch's signature hemmed sheet set is only 300 thread count, but don't let that fool you. There is an extent to which companies boasting over their thread count is a misleading marketing tactic.

The raw materials and craftsmanship have more impact over softness than thread count, where Boll and Branch thrive. For instance, Boll & Branch utilize long-staple cotton, a higher quality raw material, and softer sheets. Why? Well, short-staple cotton has more exposed cotton fiber ends than long-staple cotton, which results in higher friction. On the other hand, the long-staple cotton has fewer exposed ends, which results in less friction, higher durability, and a soft-to-touch feel.

Then when you consider that these sheets are made with 100% organic cotton, it becomes evident that these sateen weave sheets are among the highest quality sheets that money can buy. So choose 1000 thread count sheet sheets if you must, but there is a good chance they will be less durable and less soft. Boll and Branch organic sheets are a standard above the rest.

Boll and Branch are breathable and buttery soft luxury sateen sheets.


Overall Value

In our experience, in comparing Brooklinen vs Boll & Branch, you are choosing between two of the highest quality sheets available on the internet. Still, more affordable sheets are available, so it is worth considering the overall value compared to the competition.

Are Brooklinen Sheets Worth It?

Mac: Brooklinen was founded to deliver high-quality bedding and home essentials at a fair price, and this is precisely where they have succeeded. In cutting out the middle man, such as department stores that have to add on a markup, Brooklinen offers substantial value.

Whether you are looking for a more classic sateen or percale weave, or want to try something a little new and exotic like the washed linen or heathered cashmere weave, you will find that Brooklinen is priced just right. Brooklinen also puts forth the effort to get the little details right. The envelope closure pillowcases and short and long side labels all make these sheets more pleasurable to own.

Compared to Boll & Branch, the sheets are much more affordable. While Brooklinen uses premium materials and responsible manufacturing, Boll & Branch emphasizes organic cotton and Fair Trade Certified manufacturing. While these are praiseworthy considerations, they also come at a premium cost.

Brooklinen's focus is more honed on providing the customer with high-quality essentials at an approachable price, and in that regard, Brooklinen is worth the investment.


Are Boll and Branch Sheets Worth It?

J. Daniel: Boll and Branch sheets are worth it if you are willing to pay a little extra considering human rights and sustainability. There is an extent to which value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. There are certainly more expensive sheets available on the internet, but make no mistake about it—these Boll & Branch sheets are luxury sheets, priced as luxury sheets.

Still, some luxury brands can build prestige on branding alone, but that isn't the point here. The founders didn't set out to create a status symbol. Instead, they set out to build the most sustainable and ethically-manufactured sheets available on the internet. The Boll & Branch team succeeded in achieving their goals, but that level of quality comes at a price, so don't be surprised when you notice prices are higher than Brooklinen and other alternatives.

Of course, it's not just human rights and sustainability contributing to the higher price here. The percale sheets are as high-end as luxury hotel sheets and very popular with hot sleepers due to their one-over and one-under weave that promotes breathability. Even the signatures sheets are high-quality organic cotton sheets woven from long-staple fibers. Pair either with Boll and Branch's luxe sateen duvet and pillowcases, and you will be sleeping on the finest organic products on the market, well worth the investment.


Website Usability and Ordering

Since Brooklinen and Boll and Branch are direct-to-consumer brands, their websites have to be phenomenal, right? One would think, but we've reviewed enough brands to know this isn't always the case. Fortunately for you, both of these brands offer an excellent customer experience.

Brooklinen Website Friendliness

Mac: Brooklinen's website is beautifully designed, and we especially love the front-page hero image, which at the time of this writing features a picture of a man's best friend (a beagle) comfortably sleeping wrapped in a Brooklinen duvet cover.

We found it easy to navigate the site to the various sheet selections. For someone that has in the past just bought sheets through traditional channels, it might be a little challenging to know which sheets to consider first, but the Best Seller next to the Luxe Sateen listing in the dropdown menu does help.

We also felt that the product details were well written and highlighted linen, heathered cashmere, and sateen sheets.

Finding recent customer reviews to read is challenging, which is odd since Brooklinen has over 100,000 5-star reviews. If there is one thing that we wish Brooklinen would change, it's that the product reviews aren't listed on the individual product pages, which would be helpful in the decision-making process. Instead, there is a standalone reviews page that is hard to find and even harder to navigate.

One website feature that is particularly helpful is a page comparing the different types of sheets. If you don't know whether flannel, linen, percale, or sateen sheets are for you, this page offers helpful comparison images and descriptions.


Boll & Branch Website Friendliness

J. Daniel: The Boll & Branch website gets high remarks for ease of use. The menu is well organized and easy to navigate. It might help a little bit if there were an easier way to compare the signature sheets vs the percale weave vs the chambray sheets, but it's easy enough to navigate between the various types of sheets.

Still, if we have one gripe about Boll & Branch, the website is as clean as Brooklinen's website. The website looks like they were trying to match the luxury of the sheets with sophisticated fonts.

And while it might seem like a small thing and is admittedly very subjective, the font and colors make the brand feel less accessible to the average consumer. In comparison, Brooklinen's branding is clean and welcoming. I don't sense this is what the Boll & Branch team intended. My sense is their luxury pricing is all about selling sheets that will help you sleep easily in part because of their comfort, but even more so because they are ethically manufactured.

While some brands strive for exclusivity in branding, Boll & Branch is more about making premium sheets that are ethically manufactured available to the masses. But again, the font choices and branding are a very subjective part of website friendliness, so you may completely disagree, and that is perfectly fine.

At the end of the day, if you are interested in organic sheets that are Fair Trade Certified, the website is easy enough to use. We spent more time deliberating over sheet color than when navigating the website, so Boll & Branch is still a fantastic option.

Regarding the ordering process, Boll and Branch don't offer an official warranty; however, they offer a 30 day return period.

Packaging and Delivery

Before you ever wash your sheets or sleep on them, details like packaging, presentation, and delivery make a big difference. Companies put lots of thought and resources into deciding on factors such as whether to include plastic in their packaging and how to most pleasantly present your new bedding so that it makes the best impression possible.

Brooklinen Packaging and Presentation

Mac: Brooklinen's sheets come in a neat cardboard box, which is recyclable, and the overall presentation is immaculate. Shipping took place quickly, and we received our product in no time. The care instructions were easy enough to locate, so once we had washed our sheets, we were sleeping on them within a matter of days after placing our order.


Boll and Branch Packaging and Presentation

J. Daniel: We were downright surprised at how quickly our Boll & Branch sheets arrived, and let me just say that is a great way to make a good impression. We ordered our sheets when other companies were struggling with supply chain issues, and we ordered them during the peak Christmas-buying season. We honestly thought it might be a few weeks before our sheets arrived, but they came to our front door within five business days.

Did you know that when cardboard boxes have laminations, they are no longer recyclable? Small details make a big difference, so Boll & Branch utilize 100% recycled cardboard and other components such as water-based adhesives. And as a result, more than 80% of each box is made from recycled contents.

As you might expect, the king sheet set that we ordered included one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. The quilt set included the quilt and had two pillowcases, so combined; they make the perfect bed set.

Product First Impressions

In comparing Boll And Branch and Brooklinen, the differences primarily relate to pricing and personal preference. Both brands feature breathable fabrics made from 100 percent long-staple cotton and boast trendy sheets. We've discussed that Boll and Branch are more expensive because of the organic cotton and focus on Fair Trade manufacturing. If you set those considerations aside, first impressions and personal preferences make the differences.

Brooklinen First Impressions

Mac: We purchased linen sheets for the first time, and if you haven't slept on linen before, the linen is noticeably more coarse than cotton. That's not to say that they are too rough, as they are very soft, but the linen sheets have a little more rumple and texture than you might be used to sleeping under.

Overall, we are happy we chose line over regular cotton sheets. The linen feels like very durable sheets, even though they are touted as Brooklinen's airiest bed sheets. The sheets are very breathable, which is great for warm sleepers. A crisp percale can be pleasant to sleep on, but the washed linen offers a different type of comfort.

We chose to go with one of the more muted colors, but we appreciate the option to select a more vibrant color or design. So many brands only offer earth-tone sheets that we respect Brooklinen for taking a step out there design-wise, even if we chose a more neutral color in the end.


Boll & Branch First Impressions

J. Daniel: We purchased the signature sateen weave sheets, and one thing you will notice is that in website images, the sheets have a very subtle sheen. It's a little difficult to tell in pictures just how subtle that sheen is. We purchased a king sheet set in the mineral blue color. I was afraid that appearance might offer an overly luminous sheen, but this wasn't the case at all. The appearance is charming to the eye and paired nicely with the white basketweave quilt set, also made from organic cotton. We didn't want an overly silky sateen weave, and we are delighted with the overall look.

While cotton may not be as soft as other materials, the 100% long-staple organic cotton is much more delicate than the cheaper short-fiber cotton sheets we have slept on in the past. I was initially a little disappointed that the sheets weren't as soft as competitor-made eucalyptus sheets I've slept on, but the sheets have continued to soften as they have been washed.

Our Boll & Branch sheets and quilt alike feel durable and well-constructed. I've had other sheets where the seams feel loose, or the fabric feels too thin, but I've had none of those concerns here. The sheets have a mid-weight feel while still offering enough breathability for hot sleepers. The quilt is also a mid-weight. If you like to feel all cozy at night, you will probably need to add a comforter or blanket to the sheets and quilt.

All in all, we've been pleasantly surprised by our sheets. The mineral color was a little more neutral than it appeared in the pictures, which I appreciated from an aesthetics standpoint. The sheets are soft, the quality is second to none, and we can sleep well knowing that our sheets are Fair Trade Certified and made from organic cotton that is easy on the planet.


Alternative Sheets

If you plan on buying cotton sheets soon, then Boll & Branch and Brooklinen are the best places to start. Between the two brands, they have something for everyone. Parachute is the other popular brand that you may consider. Parachute might be most directly comparable to Brooklinen, but their color palette offers a little different vibe, and they also have a solid line-up of linen sheets.

Parachute also offers sheets made of Egyptian cotton, a popular sheet fabric known for superior durability and softness. Outside of Parachute, if you continue your search beyond Brooklinen or Boll & Branch, we recommend that you think outside the box and consider bamboo or eucalyptus.

Cotton vs Bamboo vs Eucalyptus

There are a lot of benefits to cotton sheets, including durability, but cotton sheets are not as hypoallergenic as bamboo and eucalyptus alternative. Bamboo and eucalyptus have natural properties that make that resistant to bacterial growth. Cotton also has a bad reputation in some circles for its sustainability. Nearly all cotton requires significantly more water to grow than bamboo or eucalyptus, and most non-organic cotton also requires significant pesticides.

Still, cotton has been king for decades for a good reason. It's comfortable and breathable, and also very durable. My last pair of Eucalyptus sheets tore (nearly disintegrated) within a year of purchase. I will say that while I had them, I loved them, but they didn't last nearly as long as I would have hoped.

Whether bamboo or eucalyptus is the better material has been widely debated. If you are interested in eucalyptus sheets, Buffy and Sheets & Giggles are our favorite brands. Buffy offers more neutral tones, while Sheets & Giggles is a little more bold and sassy.

If bamboo bedding sounds enticing, Cozy Earth does it best. The only downside to Cozy Earth is that it is a little pricey. Like Boll & Branch, the founders invested heavily in finding the most responsible business strategy and raw materials. Cozy Earth is almost entirely a white line-up as well. That's neither bad nor good, but some prefer a little color.

What Are The Best Cotton Sheets?

While it is common to compare Brooklinen vs Boll & Branch, as you dig deeper, you may find you resonate with one brand ethos more than the other. If you are looking for some additional color options, you might also check out Parachute before making a decision, but for the most part, Brooklinen and Boll & Branch are among the best of the best.

Have you ever stayed in a hotel and been left jealous of the hotel bedding? It's more common than you might think. Hotel sheets are often very comfortable sheets, but in years gone by, many were disappointed to realize they couldn't afford high-end sheets usually found in hotels.

Brooklinen was founded so that average consumers could access high-quality sheets. We will just note that we love their sateen sheet sets.

The direct-to-consumer business model makes both brands more affordable than department store competitors, but cutting out the middle man is an essential part of the Brooklinen business model. While Brooklinen's sheets are not organic, the team does ensure that no harmful substances are used in the manufacturing process. Most of the sheets are OEKO-TEX Certified.

Boll & Branch takes responsible manufacturing to the next level, which accounts for the premium pricing. All of Boll & Branch's products, from a twin sheet to a king duvet cover, are Fair Trade Certified and made from organic 100% long-staple cotton. There is something very authentic about all-natural fibers. Boll & Branch is the go-to brand for those that might lose sleep over sustainability and fair labor conditions.

So, which brand is best. They are both great brands, and your final decision will likely come down to color tones and other purchasing preferences. Either way, we are confident that you will rest easy in your new sheets.

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