backyard basics Can You Use Pit Boss Pellets In a Traeger? (2023)
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Can You Use Pit Boss Pellets In a Traeger? (2023)

Deciding which pellet grill or smoker to buy is the first big decision in your pitmaster journey, but deciding which wood pellet mix to use is a close second, and we are here to help you decide.

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Can You Use Pit Boss Pellets In a Traeger?

While purists and competitors may suggest that pellet grills lack the deep smoky flavor that wood logs offer, the reality is that a pellet smoker is much easier to use than a traditional smoker. Modern wood pellet grills and smokers feature digital controllers and apps that make it significantly easier to set it and forget it than a traditional smoker.

Still, a modern pellet grill, such as a Traeger pellet grill, still provides a more true BBQ experience than charcoal grills and gas grills. Purists and hobbyists alike will tell you that the key to flavorful bbq is to cook low and slow, and you just can't get that with a charcoal grill or gas grill.

And while professionals might be able to discern the taste difference between real wood logs and wood pellets, cooking with high pellet quality is paramount to obtaining the complex smokey flavor you desire. And this is the reason so many grillers are searching for that signature blend that provides intense flavor distinct from the average Joe.

Can You Use Pit Boss Pellets In A Traeger?

Interestingly, pitmasters are just as particular about the types of wood pellet they use as the brand of pellet smokers they prefer, and for a variety of reasons, these don't always align, despite the brand loyalties that run deep in meat smoking culture. Traeger grills are among the most popular because of their high-quality build and advanced technology.

And Traeger Grills sells quite a few types of pellets, including limited edition blends perfect for the holidays, plus BBQ wood pellets such as their signature blend, the hickory blend, and the mesquite blend. Traeger has spent years developing premium blends of natural wood that are designed to enhance the flavors you are cooking.

Still, some people don't like Traeger pellets and are looking for alternatives. Pit Boss makes another popular brand of smoker appliances and wood pellets. Whether there is a true preference for Pit Boss pellets, or they are just easier to find, the question often arises:

Can you use

Pit Boss pellets in a Traeger? The answer is a little more complicated than you might assume at first glance. Why? Well, Traeger states “Using other brand wood pellets voids warranty,” so that is important to be aware of and consider. Most people suggest that this isn't an enforceable warranty clause, but if that is a major concern for you, be aware of the warranty claim and make a decision accordingly.

It is a separate question to ask whether or not non-Traeger pellets will actually work with a Traeger grill, and fortunately, that is a more simplistic answer. We suggest that you stick with all-natural hardwood pellets, the wood pellet grills and smokers are brand agnostic. In other words, any brand of wood pellet would work with any brand of a pellet smoker.

So why would Traeger say their warranty is void if you use non-Traeger pellets? Well the cynic might assume such a decision to maximize wood pellet sales, and we are sure that in some way directly or indirectly plays a part; however, low-quality pellets may include glues that gunk up pellet hoppers and hopper chambers.

Can You Use Pit Boss Pellets In A Traeger?

Traeger Pellets Alternative

Hardwood BBQ pellets can make a major difference in the range of flavors you experience, and some pitmasters never truly stop their search for the perfect pellet blend. And that is why you might hear of such grilling methods as mixing an apple blend with a hickory blend to build a mild sweetness flavor.

Another popular strategy is to combine Jack Daniels branded pellets with more traditional and less artificial flavors, which results in a very distinct flavor. Some people love Jack Daniel's pellets, but using only Jack Daniel wood pellets will result in a ubiquitous flavor while mixing with another flavor will enable you to create a more signature blend.

Pellet Grill Safety

One thing about pellet grills is that they don't require lighter fuel to get going, so in some ways, they are safer than a traditional grill. Still, people question whether pellet grills are safe, and we can understand why. After all, modern pellet grills plug into the wall and use electricity, so it is reasonable to wonder whether it is safe to use a Traeger in the rain.

The best advice we can offer is to follow manufacturer instructions. Using a pellet smoker can be the perfect grilling experience, but it is still important to take care of.

Traeger vs Pit Boss

Can You Use Traeger Pellets In A Pit Boss?

Yes, you can use Traeger pellets or any wooden pellets in a Pit Boss. While Traeger makes a big deal about their warranty is voided if you use competing fuel, Pit Boss is a little more realistic, and their website FAQ states that while they recommend Pit Boss or Louisiana Grill pellets, you can use other brands of pellets in the smoker.

We appreciate this, because the perfect smoke might be a little different for everyone, and half the fun of using a pellet grill is mixing and matching the develop your very own personal blend. And keep in mind that different types of pellets enhance the flavoring differently for different types of foods, so you might need to develop several versions of the perfect mix.

Plus, Traeger and Pit Boss both use 100% All-natural hardwood, so both are very high-quality. Of course, while Traeger and Pit Boss are often considered the gold standard for wood pellet grills, there are some people that speak disparagingly about their pellets.

If you want to try something new altogether, consider Lumber Jack BBQ grilling wood pellets or Bear Mountain BBQ pellets. These brands may not have the same mainstream awareness, but they do have a fairly loyal following.

Are Pit Boss and Traeger Pellets The Same?

No, while Pit Boss and Traeger both offer high-quality hardwood pellets, they are not the same. The question makes the frequent comparison of Traeger vs Pit Boss an interesting one because as loyal as individuals are to the appliances, they are less loyal to the wooden pellets themselves.

In deciding between Pit Boss or Traeger, buyers will spend hours researching where Traeger grills are made, and where Pit Boss grills are made; however, when it comes to wood pellets, loyalties fade and the only thing that matters is smoking up the best tasting meats. We get it.

Can you Leave Pellets in Hoppers?

Leaving your pellets in the hopper shouldn't do much damage to your smoker, so in that sense, it is fine to leave pellets in the hopper between cooks. Still, while your grill and smoker might be just fine, the pellets may not be fair as well. If the moisture content in the hopper gets too high, the pellets may expand or even rot, which is not only a waste of money but also just causes a nasty mess.

For this reason, we recommend that remove leftover pellets from your grill/smoker and storing them in a sealed bucket.

Traeger Pellets or Pit Boss Pellets

Our Favorite Type Of Pellets?

Using a pellet grill or smoker is a new type of experience for some. If you are fond of traditional charcoal grilling, then stick with a Weber or Char-Broil, but once you are ready to elevate up to a Traeger or Pit Boss, the next big decision is deciding on what your favorite pellet is. Traeger and Pit Boss sell quality products, and that extends to wood pellets as well, but there are other options available.

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