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Casca Shoes Review: The All Day, Everyday Shoe (2023)

Based on our detailed Casca shoe review, we found Casca makes an innovative yet timeless shoe. Read more to see why it might become your go-to shoe.

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Our Take:
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  • check Premium material construction
  • close A little pricey because of premium materials
  • check Custom-fitted insole available
  • close Heavier than lower quality shoes with less cushioning
  • check Max cushion insole 3x as thick as the competition
  • close Often out-of-stock as a young company battling inventory and popularity
  • check Leather Avro is weatherproof
  • check Knit Avro is machine washable
  • check Less ubiquitous than the big brands
  • check Durable rubber outsole for gripping
  • check A classic silhouette that can be dressed up or down
The Bottom Line:The Casca team designed their shoes with the highest quality materials available, but because they cut out the middle man, the shoes are still reasonably priced. These are premium casual shoes that are worth every penny.
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Full Review:
Casca Shoe Review - Cover Image

With its clean lines and innovative technologies, Casca shoes are some of the best new shoes to hit the market in recent years. Casca utilizes luxury materials and manufacturing but sells its shoes at a fraction of the cost of top-tier luxury brands because they sell directly to consumers via their website. There is much to admire about the Casca Avros, and we fully expect the cornerstone shoe to become an essential player in your wardrobe.

Casca Shoes Review

Exceptional products start with extraordinary vision, and so is the case with the Casca Avro. Casca designed their signature shoe to combine the most impressive features from a variety of high-performance shoes. As a result, they have developed one of the most premium sneakers on the market, and they sell the Avro at an affordable price using their direct-to-consumer strategy.

For example, the Avro is as comfortable as a running shoe and includes a performance insole that is 3X thicker than most of the insoles in your closet. The insoles are made from a cloud-like material frequently used in the midsoles of many running shoes. Still,

Casca is so awesome they developed an in-sole using the same material, which maintains its bounce and cushion over time.

Adding a hiking boot’s performance functionality, Casca utilizes a sole they categorize as “mountaineer grade,” because the same material is used on shoes that people have used to climb Mt. Everest. To maintain versatility, the Avro is sold in both a breathable knit for warmer climates and a weatherproof leather for colder and wetter climates.

It might sound like a marketing ploy for most companies to position a shoe as the everyday shoe that will simplify your wardrobe. When you combine the Avro’s timeless silhouette with the superior comfort, performance durability and grip, and weather-proof leather, the result is almost a perfect everyday shoe. The Casca can be dressed up for a date, and might even work well in specific office environments, but could just as easily be worn with your favorite joggers or weekend shorts. We recommend pairing with

Vuori, an emerging casual lifestyle brand out of California.

Casca Shoe Review Image

Who are Casca’s Competitors?

In some sense, Casca is in a league of its own. While I am sure that sounds like hyperbole, I don’t know of any other company offering 3D printed insoles designed with custom support for your foot. Casca Design’s innovation is second to none, particularly for such a young company.

A few other shoe companies compete for specific segments, but no real comparable shoe brand exists for Casca. Allbirds, for instance, is the industry leader in sustainability, while Greats also offer timeless silhouettes made with premium materials. We’ve compared Casca to Allbirds and Greats in the side-by-side comparison table below to highlight some of the differences.

Allbirds vs. Casca vs. Greats
Comparison Table
Casca Shoe Review: Competitive Analysis
Allbirds Logo
Casca Logo
Greats Logo
Biggest Selling PointaddAllbirdsIndustry-leading sustainabilityCascaCustom 3D printed insole availableGreatsFashionable slip-on
Fun FactaddAllbirdsUppers are made from wool or eucalyptus treeCascaThe shoe comes with a two-year warrantyGreatsBrooklyn’s first sneaker brand
Running Shoe AvailableaddAllbirdsCascaGreats
Sustainably AwareaddAllbirdsCascaGreats
ShippingaddAllbirdsFree shipping on orders over $50CascaFree Shipping & ReturnsGreatsFree Shipping & Returns

Casca Shoes Footbed Technology

You can’t do a Casca shoe review without highlighting “SmartFit” technology. The Casca Avro comes with a standard, injection-molded insole, but can be upgraded to include a 3D printed (zero waste) insole. The irony of Casca offering an upgrade is that their standard insole is already one of the most advanced, and most comfortable on the market.

Not only is Casca’s standard insole 3X the thickness of the competition, but it is made from an advanced, high-rebound TPU foam other companies are using in their midsoles. To improve on their standard insole would require breakthrough design and technology, exactly what Casca offers with its SmartFit upgrade.

So how does a direct-to-consumer, online-only company provide custom-fitted footwear solutions? There is an app for that, of course. If you choose to upgrade your shoe purchase to include SmartFit, your account will be credited with a scan, which you can then complete via Casca’s app. Once you submit your scan to Casca, they will 3D print your custom insole and send it your way.

The SmartFit insoles ship separately and may arrive after your shoes arrive, but keep in mind each pair of SmartFit insoles is individually 3D printed. This also means the arch support, arch position, and metatarsal support will come in a unique and custom fit, providing unmatched comfort.

The Vancouver Shoe Company - But Where Are Casca Shoes Made?

If you are not familiar with the Vancouver business scene, you may not realize the proud start-up heritage. Apparel brands based in Vancouver include industry leaders like Lululemon, Herschel Supply Company and Arc’Teryx, so an innovative footwear design company such as Casca staking a claim should come as no surprise.

So are Casca’s shoes made in Vancouver? Well, no. Casca’s shoes are made in China in the same facilities that develop other cutting-edge footwear. If your first inclination is to be disappointed, maybe you should reconsider. After touring alternative European facilities, and frankly after touring facilities worldwide, Casca realized the highest quality shoes are made in China.

Casca works with some of the same partners as high profile shoe lines like the YEEZY brand and chooses to do so because their Chinese partners have unrivaled access to premium materials and cutting edge technology. Access to such high-quality materials and technology is part of what makes the Casca transformational as a shoe.

Casca Shoes Review Image

Are Casca Shoes Sustainable And Eco-Friendly?

Casca shoes come with a two-year warranty, which is so hard to believe that I feel like adding a disclaimer that says something like “as of the time this article was published,” but that level of quality is really behind everything Casca does. Casca makes high-quality shoes that are very literally intended to last for years.

If you research Casca's sustainability, you won’t find as much emphasis as some of its competitors on sugar-cane soles or other raw-materials sourced strictly for their sustainable qualities. That is because some of the eco-friendly competitor shoes lack performance and have a shorter lifetime. The unintended consequence is you purchase additional shoes.

So Casca Designs is a proponent of a sustainable lifestyle, but their approach is to develop an incredible, performance-driven everyday shoe that will last years. Did you know that 70% of shoe industry waste is actually from the manufacturing process? Creating durable shoes, and eliminating the need to purchase 7 or 8 pairs of shoes a year as many people do, Casca is inherently sustainably driven.

Speaking of shoe industry waste, Casca’s custom-fitting SmartFit insole creates zero waste during the manufacturing process.

Casca Design Brand Ethos and Philanthropy

Casca cites that the average consumer purchases seven pairs of shoes every year, so they set out to make a better shoe that needs to be replaced less often. Casca uses premium technology and materials to this end to make a better product. Less is more. Casca also donates 1% from every purchase toward educational initiatives, to help create a brighter future for others.

Casca Shoe Customer Reviews

New shoes are a significant investment, so we totally understand wanting to learn as much as possible. Don’t feel like you just have to take our word for it, because we’ve curated some of the most helpful five-star reviews from the web to provide you additional insights.

Review from Michelle: Spending 8 hours at work is hard on the feet when you're not allowed to sit at all during the workday. These shoes have provided support and comfort (while looking fashionable) that I've wanted but have struggled to find on the market. Before my Casca shoes, my feet would tire out around 5 hours into the day, but I can go the entire day and still can go for a walk or run after work with Casca. The significant reduction in pain makes these shoes a winner, and I can't wait to try the 3D printed insoles in the future. A typical comment from friends I've shown the shoes to is that they're "heavy," but it's not noticeable to me when I have them on, especially considering how comfortable they are at the end of the day.

On another note, the customer service is amazing - there was a small defect with my right shoe tongue, causing a slight pinching pain when I walked. I sent Casca an email, and they were more than happy to do an exchange. The process was so easy, and I was left feeling satisfied with the exchange. This business definitely cares about the customer's satisfaction!

Review from Kit: I don't buy many new items or clothes, but I heard about these shoes from a mentor of mine. He was raving about them. So I went online and got a pair. They fit great and look fantastic too. My wife actually said that I finally have a bit of style now... so that is pretty sweet in my books. I try to keep these beauties away from anything too dirty so that I can keep them as long as possible!

Review from Mick: I have a wide forefoot and find it difficult to find shoes that are both comfortable and good looking. I thought the knit Avro might fit the bill, and the quality seemed high. When I received them, I was surprised by how supportive they are. The knit fits very snugly, not loose like a sock. I walk five miles every day in an urban setting, and these have become my walking shoe, replacing my boring but practical new balance walking shoes. The Avro' snug-fitting knit helps stabilize my foot, with the added benefit of keeping pebbles out of my shoe, and the sole is not overly cushioned for walking like a lot of athletic shoes are, so there is no spongy sensation. Because they are washable, the white pair I purchased continues to look clean and new. If you expect a light shoe for lounging, these might be more shoe than you are looking for, but if you do a lot of walking and standing, and want a sharp-looking shoe, these are outstanding.

Casca Designs Review

Are Casca Shoes Worth It?

Casca shoes are a tad more expensive than competitor shoes you might find at a Rack Room Shoes or similar volume discount chain. That is especially true if you opt for the custom-fitted SmartFit insole as an upgrade. Even so, the Casca Avros are worth every penny. The Casca Avro is a technical shoe meant to be worn all day, every day.

The Caca Avro is made with premium quality materials and technology, including insole materials usually reserved for running shoes, and a rubber sole traditionally reserved for hiking boots. That’s not to mention SmartFit, Casca’s custom-fitted insole, which can be ordered and fitted with the use of Casca’s phone app.

On top of this, the leather Avro is weatherproof, while the Avro’s breathable knit version is machine washable. Regardless of your climate, there is a Casca shoe that is perfect for you.

Once you tally up all of the incredible features, you realize even at Casca’s premium price point; the Avro is still a great value. In fact, luxury brands using similar materials and technology sell twice as much as Casca, because they focus on the retail environment where a large mark-up is needed. Casca preserves the value of their shoes by selling directly to you, the consumer.

If you are on the fence, hop off the fence and into a pair of Casca Avro. Buy a pair today, and your only regret will be not buying a pair sooner.

Casca Footwear - The Final Verdict

Casca footwear may soon become your go-to shoe. Casca shoes are more expensive than some shoes you could buy, but they aren't in a race to the bottom. The

Casca Avro team has designed a premium shoe that will be a staple in your wardrobe for years, and they sell their shoe for a fraction of the cost similarly premium shoes sell for because Casca has cut out the middle man.

  • check Premium material construction
  • close A little pricey because of premium materials
  • check Custom-fitted insole available
  • close Heavier than lower quality shoes with less cushioning
  • check Max cushion insole 3x as thick as the competition
  • close Often out-of-stock as a young company battling inventory and popularity
  • check Leather Avro is weatherproof
  • check Knit Avro is machine washable
  • check Less ubiquitous than the big brands
  • check Durable rubber outsole for gripping
  • check A classic silhouette that can be dressed up or down

Bonus Information: We compared Casca to four other minimalist shoe brands, and after hours of research and review, determined Casca is our favorite minimalist shoe on the market. Check out the full minimalist shoe review. Also, be sure that you have a fresh pair of comfortable sock in order to maximize the benefit of your new kicks.

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