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Cozy Earth Review: 5 Reasons To Love the Bamboo Brand (2023)

Cozy Earth makes premium bamboo sheets and bedding that will give your traditional cotton sheets a run for their money. Not only is bamboo hypoallergenic, but it is much more sustainably sourced than conventional cotton farming. These Cozy Earth bamboo sheets are also temperature regulating to keep you cool and comfortable all night long.

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The Bottom Line:Cozy Earth makes premium bamboo sheets and bedding that will give your traditional cotton sheets a run for their money. Not only is bamboo hypoallergenic, but it is much more sustainably sourced than conventional cotton farming. These Cozy Earth bamboo sheets are also temperature regulating to keep you cool and comfortable all night long.
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Cozy Earth Review

While most brands are still focusing on cotton products, Cozy Earth has gone all-in on bamboo products. Along the way, they've been featured in Forbes and on Good Morning America, but their most notable fan might be Oprah. In this Cozy Earth review, we share why you might need to consider converting to the bamboo brand, too.

Cozy Earth Review: 5 Reasons To Love The Bamboo Brand

If you've spent a lifetime sleeping on cotton sheets, you might be surprised to learn how much a difference it might make to try something new.

Cozy Earth sheets and other products are sourced from a Bamboo viscose that is unlike anything you've ever slept on before.

Here are five reasons to love the brand and consider buying new sheets and pajamas today:

1. Cozy Earth's 10 Year Warranty

The Cozy Earth team is incredibly proud of their products. They poured themselves into researching the benefits of cotton and seeking out the best partners. As a result, the brand is proud to stand behind its product with a 10-year warranty.

A 10-year warranty on textiles is unheard of and stands as a testament to the brand's quality. While the warranty does not cover normal wear, it does cover pilling and abnormal rips and tears. Plus, Cozy Earth makes it very easy to submit a claim.

All you have to do is submit a picture of the issue and send a brief description to the warranty team. They won't make you send the sheets back, as that would be a drain on your collective carbon footprint. They rely on the pictures and descriptions submitted and don't require that you pay additional fees for replacement.


2. Products Are Soft & Smooth

Bamboo products are often noted for how soft they are. This happens partly because there are few fiber ends than cotton fabric, resulting in less friction. Cozy Earth takes it further and uses the highest quality bamboo fiber.

The founders personally select the best suppliers to work with, going as far as ensuring they develop face-to-face relationships with every manufacturer. Because of this attention to detail, Cozy Earth developed such a high-quality and soft fabric.

The reason bamboo sheets are so soft is partly that the fibers are extracted through a process that creates a cellulose fiber, which is made into bamboo Viscose. Bamboo viscose is silky and smooth to touch.

The bottom line is that these sheets will be some of the most comfortable sheets you've ever slept on, guaranteed, and the rest of the product line-up is just as impressive.

3. Bamboo Products Are Hypoallergenic & Naturally Cooling

While cotton products tend to trap dust mites and other allergens, bamboo products have natural properties that make them very hypoallergenic. Bamboo products are great for people with skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

Cozy Earth uses a 100% bamboo viscose fabric with antibacterial qualities and hypoallergenic properties. It's naturally more resistant to allergens than cotton. Also, Cozy Earth products are made from long fibers that stretch the entire length of the sheet rather than short fibers such as cotton. The interwoven short fibers create more friction but trap more allergens.

Cozy Earth also touts that their sheets can help you sleep cooler. The fabric is naturally breathable, which allows it to regulate temperature and keep you cool as your temperature changes throughout the night. Bamboo products are also very good at wicking away moisture from your body, so they're great if you tend to sweat during the night.

4. Bamboo is More Sustainable Than Cotton

While traditional farming techniques require significant amounts of water for cotton to grow, bamboo is known to "grow like weeds" and needs substantially less water to grow. In this way, bamboo is much more regenerative than cotton.

Most would not classify bamboo fabrics as "eco-friendly" because the fiber extraction process involves the safe use of chemicals. Still, the raw sourcing of bamboo is considered much better for the plant than cotton. In this regard, cotton also requires heavy insecticides, while bamboo does not.

Did you know that more than 20% of the pesticides used in the world are used to treat cotton?

Yikes. This isn't an issue with bamboo. So, to recap, bamboo regenerates quickly, uses significantly less water than cotton, requires fewer pesticides, and, oh, by the way, also produces more oxygen than some other trees.

5. Cozy Earth Is One of Oprah's Favorite Brands

Lastly, Cozy Earth products have landed on Oprah's list of favorite things at least four times. And not just the sheets either. Oprah has included the bamboo sheet set, the bamboo jogger pants, and the bamboo pajamas on her list of favorite things over multiple years.

Let's just be honest for a moment. If Cozy Earth is good enough for Oprah, then Cozy Earth is good enough for you. Oprah’s seal of approval is widely regarded, so not much else needs to be said.


Product Overview

The team has introduced some significant changes in the past few years. For a long time, the brand focused on sheets and white sheets. They didn't have many other products, and if you preferred non-white sheets, you were out of luck, but that's all changed. Cozy Earth continues to expand their line-up, and it seems like every time they add a product, it ends up on Oprah's radar. That's a good sign.

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets Review

A Cozy Earth bamboo sheet set will be among the softest sheets you've ever slept on, and we mean that. We mentioned that one of the reasons that the brand's sheets are hypoallergenic is the long fibers that stretch the length of the entire sheet. Cotton sheets cause more friction because the cotton fabric is made from multitudes of smaller fibers woven together.

Those tiny fibers have loose ends, which cause friction and make the sheets less soft to the touch. The long bamboo fibers address this problem. The result is buttery soft fabric that is breathable, moisture-wicking, and, yes, machine washable.

Some suggest that the bamboo fabric has a silk-like feel to it, and you will note that the sheets also have a sheen that looks a little bit silky. The sheets are as luminous as traditional sheets, but they aren't a cotton-like matte finish either.

Are you a hot sleeper? Bamboo viscose has natural properties which help to regulate your body temperature as you sleep. And since the sheets are moisture-wicking, you are much less likely to wake up in a pool of sweat. Yuck. No one wants to do that. Improving your sleep quality may be as simple as finding a breathable fabric with temperature regulating properties, and Cozy Earth fits that bill.

The fitted sheet and flat sheet are sold separately if you need an extra for one reason or the other, but the best value is to buy the complete bamboo sheet set. As you would expect, the complete set includes a top sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases.

Cozy Earth Comforter Review

The bamboo comforter isn't as thick as some comforters that you may have slept with in the past, which makes it an excellent choice for hot sleepers or in warm climates. The Cozy Earth comforter is a little oversized, as it is intended to give a little extra cuddle when needed.

Since the comforter is larger than some other comforters, we recommend that you pair the comforter with the brand's duvet cover. The comforter is designed with anchor loops, making it easy to tie to the duvet cover. Naturally, you may also choose to use the comforter on its own.

If we have one gripe regarding the comforter, the comforter is only available in white; however, this is pretty standard in the industry. After all, that's what duvet covers are for, and Cozy Earth now sells its duvet in five colors, including white. This was a significant improvement over the recent past when the only available color was white. The new colors are nothing crazy and fall into a neutral, earth-tone category, but they offer options, and that is the key.

As far as washing instructions, you should first attempt spot cleaning your comforter, but it can be machine washed when necessary. Of course, the best path here is to use the duvet cover for protection and wash the duvet cover following the company care instruction guidelines. This will protect the comforter from stains and protect against the manufacturer's extended warranty being voided.

The bottom line: If you're interested in the hypoallergenic and cooling properties associated with the sheets, you will love the bamboo comforter.


Bamboo Bath Sheets & Towels

If you love the sheets, you will love the towels. The towels are super soft, offering spa-like plushness. The bath sheets and towels are made from 40% viscose from bamboo, plus 60% cotton. So, while the towels aren't 100% bamboo, they still offer an alternative to 100% cotton sheets, and the quality and warranties back them that Cozy Earth is known for.

Not only are the towels so soft that you may forget you are in your bathroom, but they are also designed to be ultra-absorbent. Comfortable and functional, these towels would serve as a great addition to your collection.

And by the way, do you know the difference between bath sheets and bath towels? Bath sheets have grown in popularity in recent years and are merely oversized versions of bath towels. In this case, the bath sheets are 40" x 65", while the bath towels are 30" x 58". Naturally, the traditional bath towels are a little more affordable than the modern bath sheets, but they are precisely the same aside from size and price.

Bamboo Clothing

While this brand is known for its comfortable sheets, customers love the bamboo fabric so much that it makes sense that the company expanded into loungewear and casual clothing. The Cozy Earth Robe is particularly popular in the entire Cozy Earth loungewear line-up.

With that said, our favorite piece of clothing is the Cozy Earth joggers. Just as the bamboo sheets offer enhanced temperature regulation, the clothing does the same thing, so the joggers are very breathable and promote cooling. The joggers are excellent for chilling around the house, but they also feature a functional back pocket with a zipper, making them the perfect year-round jogger inside the home and around town.

We recommend trying the joggers and pairing them with the super-soft bamboo pullover. Look, they may not be a traditional loungewear company, but they’ve perfected bamboo textiles. We are guessing that once you fall in love with sleeping in bamboo sheets, you will agree that the next logical step is wearing bamboo during the daytime.

Is Cozy Earth Worth The Money?

Cozy Earth is worth the money, even if more expensive than several competitor brands. When you first see the sticker price, you might be caught off guard, but the brand makes high-quality products, and one important thing to keep in mind is that the sheets come with a 100-night sleep trial, free shipping, and returns, and most importantly, a 10-year warranty.

While these are expensive sheets, they are also among the

highest quality. The product quality and customer service policies make the price much more reasonable. Plus, the sheets are now available in a variety of colors. They were only available in white in the past, but the new colors make it much more likely that you will find a set of bamboo bed sheets you genuinely love.

Add a bamboo comforter with the sheets, and even Oprah Winfrey would be proud. More importantly, your sleeping experience may be completely different than any sleeping experience you've had before.

The Cozy Earth team started by bringing us soft and earth-friendly sheets and bedding, and they expanded out so we could enjoy the softest fabric in the loungewear game. High-quality and luxury bedding are important because you spend around a third of your time between the sheets, but you might consider Cozy Earth pajamas, robes, and loungewear for many of the same reasons that we love the soft sheets.

With thousands of 5-star reviews, we are confident you will be happy with your purchase. You deserve a good night's sleep. You deserve cooling temperature regulation through the entire night.

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Cozy Earth Alternatives

Of course, there are other brands making waves in the bamboo space, but are they on the same level as Cozy Earth? It depends on what you are looking for. In our opinion, Cozy Earth makes the best bamboo sheets, and thousands of others have left a 5-star review indicating the same thing.

Cozy Earth vs Cariloha

The reality is that Cariloha is much cheaper than Cozy Earth, and their sheets are also available in a different color profile. Cariloha has reached its own level of notoriety, appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show. While we love Cozy Earth, Cariloha is most likely the better value, but Ettitude is perhaps the best value.

Cariloha sheets are sourced from a hand-selected bamboo farm and made with fair trade partners around the globe. It's a very sustainable supply chain, and the resulting product is fabulous.

If there is one big reason regarding the price difference, it's the 10-year warranty that Cozy Earth offers. That's a big deal. While Cozy Earth products are top-notch quality, the warranty is the big difference-maker.

Cozy Earth vs Ettitude

We also like Ettitude, mainly because we prefer the color profile Ettitude offers compared to the Carlioha color profile. The pricing falls somewhere between Carlioha and Cozy Earth, and in our minds, the extra money is worth the additional color options. Ettitude may offer the best overall value, as noted in comparison to Cariloha above.

Ettitude is made from 100% bamboo lyocell and is branded as CleanBamboo. What's that mean? Ettitude sheets use 500x less water and 52% less CO2 than cotton sheets. So not only are these sheets hypoallergenic and cooling, but they are legitimately better for the planet.

Cozy Earth makes the most premium bamboo sheets on the market, but if you decide you're not ready to make such a significant investment, then we recommend that you go with Ettitude.


Cozy Earth Bedding Review Summary

While cotton may have some benefits, many savvy consumers are investing time to learn the differences between bamboo and eucalyptus textiles. Gone are the days when cotton was the only option.

At any rate, Cozy Earth offers a formidable alternative to traditional cotton sheets, and users love the natural properties of bamboo bedding, such as breathability, moisture-wicking, and allergen resistance. And don't worry about using fabric softener because these bamboo sheets are already buttery soft.

Why Are Bamboo Sheets Better Than Cotton?

While organic cotton sheets aren't as harmful to the environment, traditional cotton farming techniques require substantially more water than bamboo and the introduction of pesticides into the atmosphere. As a result, many consumers look for sheets made from an alternate material, where bamboo comes into play.

Bamboo is a trendy cotton alternative, but eucalyptus sheets are also growing in popularity. Buffy and Sheets & Giggles are two of the biggest names in eucalyptus sheets and are more affordable than Cozy Earth. While the eucalyptus alternatives are more affordable, they don't offer a 10-year warranty, so that is worth considering. In addition to this Cozy Earth sheets review, we also compared Buffy vs Sheets & Giggles to highlight some of the pros and cons.

Some may just prefer a cotton feel, and that's just fine. Still, if you are looking for hypoallergenic sheets, then Cozy Earth, Buffy, and Sheets & Giggles are all great options. One thing to warn you about is that thread count can be misleading. Cotton sheets are often made through processes that artificially increase the thread count. In reality, the source material, length of the fibers, and manufacturing process have as much impact on the softness of sheets. So while cotton sheets often have a higher thread count, that doesn't mean they are softer.

If you're not entirely sold on bamboo or eucalyptus as an alternative, we recommend considering Brooklinen or Boll & Branch for more traditional cotton alternatives. Boll & Branch sheets are made from organic cotton, so that may be a little easier on the planet, but Brooklinen sells premium sheets at a very accessible price point, so they should at least be considered.

Still, there is a reason that Cozy Earth has thousands of 5-star reviews and lands on Oprah's picks of favorite things year after year. And you might have dismissed Cozy Earth when white was the only choice. Still, now that there are multiple color options, one might expect Cozy Earth to continue growing as a powerhouse in bamboo textiles and as a cotton alternative in general. They are among the best sheets money can buy.

Whether you are looking for a new pair of pajamas or a silky smooth sheet set, Cozy Earth is worthy of your consideration.

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