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Sunday Lawn Care Review: What You Need To Know (2023)

Should you try Sunday lawn care? We reviewed Sunday lawn care, as well as its major competitors, to help you make the best decision possible.

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Our Take:
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  • check Customized For Your Lawn
  • close No Pre-Emergent Weed Control
  • check Mailed to Your Door
  • check Natural Ingredients
  • check Safe Around Pets and Kids
  • check Delivered in Liquid Form
The Bottom Line:Sunday Lawn Care changed the DIY lawn care industry by introducing natural fertilizers that are delivered straight to your door. Since then, other companies have replicated their service, but Sunday has continued to evolve and new products such as grass seed and pest deterrents.
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Full Review:
Sunday Lawn Care Review - Cover Image

You shouldn’t have to choose between dead grass and an industrial size bag of chemicals from a big box store. Also, touting lawn care products in your car is messy and inconvenient.

If you agree, then you've come to the right place.

Our comprehensive Sunday Lawn Care review covers everything you need to know. Whether you want depth or some quick insights, we got you covered!

Some of my favorite memories involve our kids running around having fun in the backyard. Our luscious lawn enhances those memories. They wouldn’t be the same in a barren yard filled with mostly sticks, weeds, and dirt.

Of course, most of these memories happened on weekends and holidays, when we could relax. For that reason, Sunday is the perfect name for a lawn care company. We completed our Sunday Lawn Care reviews with family memories in mind.

Sunday Lawn Care Reviews

Sunday Lawn Care offers natural products, customized solutions, and recurring deliveries. If any of these appeals to you, then read on.

Dusty box-store weed & feed fertilizer sold in a one-size-fits-all format is a pain to apply to your yard. Not to mention all the chemicals they contain and the hassle of transporting it.

Sunday is a better lawn care solution all around. Especially when you highlight its competitive advantages compared to the alternative solutions.

I hated the idea of paying a lawn service to come spray the same fertilizer on my lawn as they did on everyone else's. Plus, they put down applications on whatever schedule works for them, even if the timing is off. All too often, the result is a burnt lawn you paid for, and the soil ecosystem isn’t improved at all.

And the big bags of fertilizer always made me feel a little uneasy. I’ve used solutions like Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food, but these products don’t seem to improve the soil long term. Instead, they just give your grass a short-term dose of chemicals and nutrients like iron.

Ammonium nitrate found in many fertilizers makes them very volatile and flammable. Also, you have to beware of dangerous chemical dust clouds when pouring fertilizer into your spreader.

In considering Sunday Lawn Care reviews starting with ammonium nitrate will help you decide whether Sunday is worth trying.

Customized For Your Soil

In my experience, Sunday Lawn Care is a better solution for most people. Sunday Lawn Care is customized for your soil’s exact needs, based on a soil sample from your yard. Then it's shipped to your door when you need it.

Rather than come in a messy and dusty solid, Sunday uses liquid pouches that attached to your hose. Allowing for easy application via a convenient built-in hose spray connector. Making for a much cleaner and easier process than alternatives.

The one potential downside to the Sunday system is that their main nutrient packets don’t tackle weeds. Instead, the Sunday system tries to choke out weeds by cultivating a healthy yard. They do sell Weed Warrior (an organic herbicidal soap) and Dandelion Doom (made from iron) in spray bottles. If you need to deal with pesky weeds in flowerbeds or on the fringes.

The fact that you can set up a lawn care subscription is a game-changer. Since the entire process starts with a soil analysis kit, you can smile knowing your smart lawn plan is tailored for your lawn's needs.

While the first thing to consider in our Sunday Lawn Care review is the impact of ammonium nitrate, the second thing to consider is the ease of a subscription service.

Sunday Lawn Care Review

How Does Sunday Lawn Care Work?

To get started with Sunday, you will need to do the following:

  1. Review satellite imagery to help Sunday calculate how much product you'll need.
  2. Receive a soil test to identify deficiencies in your soil.
  3. Finalize your subscription plan.

The satellite imagery step might catch you by surprise. But it is great because it removes the guesswork out of the process. Preventing you from ending up with too much or not enough.

The first shipment you receive from Sunday includes the soil test. This helps them identify specific deficiencies your soil might need. After testing, you will be able to review the lab results on your online profile whenever.

While these early steps might seem a bit tedious, they give your yard its best chance at success. You will also receive unlimited lawn support from the Sunday team.

Just What You Need

Not only is

Sunday Lawn Care customized, but it is easy too. They send you exactly what you need, just as you need it.

One of our favorite features is that you only need a hose to apply the product. No more dusty, filthy spreaders needed. Just attach your hose to the pouch provided by Sunday, and use the product as directed.

Sunday’s Grass Powerhouse includes the following:

  • iron

  • nitrogen

  • seaweed extract

  • molasses

These will provide your grass with all the nutrients it needs. The beauty is that you don’t need to worry about which product to apply and when. You just need to sign up and follow the instructions.

And since it is all-natural, your grass will be safe for your pets and kids immediately. There are no toxic chemicals involved. So no more fretting over chemical lawn care ingredients.

Sunday Lawn Care Reviews

Does Sunday Lawn Care Require a Subscription?

Yes. The subscription automatically pauses during the winter and non-growing months. And it can be canceled anytime.

The subscription automatically pauses during the winter non-growing months and can be canceled anytime. The subscription picks back up at the perfect time to have your grass ready to withstand the summer.

Any tools that you might need for the soil test or application are included with the subscription. You can purchase Sunday’s proprietary seed blends and spot-use weed killer as add-ons to the lawn food subscription plan. Some subscription service companies have a bad reputation, but Sunday is all about quality products and customer service.

After you sign up, you will receive a customized annual plan, a soil test kit, and up to three shipments of nutrients annually. It’s a good deal, and so much better than the old-school way of doing things.

You will need a garden hose, but that's about it as far as tools go. Everything else you need to turn your yard into a green grass machine is included in the subscription.

Sunday Lawn Care Reviews Detailed

Is Sunday Lawn Care Safe For Family & Pets?

Sunday’s system is all-natural and is entirely safe for your pets, kids, and loved ones.

It’s not too often an ingredient list includes so many everyday ingredients. Sunday never uses harmful herbicides and pesticides such as bifenthrin, pendimethalin, and trifluralin.

The program supplies a variety of nutrients and none of the harmful chemicals. It's always a telltale sign when the list of ingredients requires an advanced degree to pronounce. Much less to understand the implications truly.

Safer Than The Competition

If you pick up a bag of standard lawn care fertilizer, you will find the ingredient list includes multiple types of nitrogen. As well as a bunch of other chemicals you can’t pronounce.

You will also find a warning to keep other people away from the “dust” and keep kids and pets off the grass until it has been thoroughly watered. That’s not very reassuring. Actually, it is a little frightening. Sunday is a safer alternative.

You don't need to deal with harsh chemicals to have a lush lawn.

Is Fertilizer Bad for The Environment?

Traditional fertilizer includes chemicals that can runoff or be absorbed into our groundwater. When certain fertilizers are too prevalent in the water system, water bodies will turn green, and oxygen will be depleted.

This process, also called eutrophication, can hurt the wildlife population. On top of this, exposure to fertilizer could be dangerous for your family and pets.

Similar things are true of pest control services and mainstream weed control products. But we understand you may need to kill weeds here and there.

Dandelion Doom and Weed Warrior are nice complements to the rest of the Sunday Lawn Care system if you need a little weed control.

Sunday lawn care avoids the eutrophication problem altogether. Sunday doesn't use nitrogen. Its all-natural ingredient list is safe for your family to be around.

Sunday can actually help improve your yard’s ecosystem unlike alternatives. Thanks to their focus on boosting your lawn's health through all natural ingredients.

How Long Does Sunday Lawn Care Take To Work?

The reality is it depends on the current health of your yard, as well as what you want it to look like in an ideal state.

If you are simply asking how long it takes the grass to green up, with proper application and watering? It doesn’t take more than a week or two.

Developing a healthy yard with deep roots that chokes out weeds will take longer. In reality, developing that healthy lawn may take a year or two. As you work through the fully customized cycle that the Sunday team develops for you.

Healthy Grass Is Key

If you are interested in a full backyard makeover, developing a lush green lawn is the cornerstone. Fortunately, applying Sunday is as easy as attaching the nutrient pouch to the hose sprayer, and applying as directed.

Compared to the countless hardware store trips you have taken in the past, Sunday lawn care is an affordable lawn care plan, and easy to use.

It might take a little patience to grow the lawn of your dreams, but most good things come with time, and that applies to any lawn care plan.

Sunday now offers add-ons such as pest control and a product that helps repair pet spots. In many ways they are now a one-stop-shop for yard care, which will save you time.

Because Sunday Lawn Care is delivered straight to your door and uses simple ingredients, it’s more efficient than old-school fertilizer. But it takes about the same amount of time to work.

If the synthetic fertilizers seem to work a little more quickly, just remember the shot of chemicals will provide a short-term green-up effect. But won’t deliver long-term health.

Does Sunday Sell Grass Seed Too?

Yep! Sunday has you covered here as well, with premium grass seed designed to help you grow a full yard of grass.

If you have bare patches in your yard or just a thin lawn in general, then you might need to put down some new grass seed to help thicken things up. Their grass seed is bred to maximize drought resistance. So that you don’t have to watch the horizon waiting for the next rainstorm continually.

Sunday has a wide variety of grass seeds. Which are optimized for different continental United States regions. Good seeds, a little rain, and natural nutrient packets are the trifecta that will make your yard beautiful and full.

Check out their website for more detailed explanation regarding the benefits of each grass blend.

And by the way, the seeds have fun names too, including Fescue Rescue, Kentucky's Best, Bermuda Time, Shade Select, and Lucky Lawn.

If you don't need to fully overseed your yard, Sunday also offers bare spot repair products.

Your lawn won't be looking like Yankee Stadium unless it is full, so sometimes it makes sense to put down some new seed.

Sunday Weed & Pest Control

For a while, Sunday only sold the nutrients pouches, but then they added weed control and grass seed to the product portfolio. The weed control products, including Weed Warrior and Dandelion Doom, offer a new way to kill weeds.

Dandelion Doom is particularly interesting because it is basically an iron booster. The iron booster targets dozens of broadleaf weeds. The best part? It doesn't hurt your grass. In fact, it might improve lawn health in select areas and result in even more green grass.

Now they have taken it a step further to offer pest control, making the company a powerhouse in the lawn care industry.

Mosquito Deleto uses plant-based ingredients like concentrated cedar and lemongrass oil to repel pesky mosquitos. It works for up to four weeks and works on fleas and ticks too.

Pest Control For The Natural Lawn

If you are particularly concerned about ticks, you can also try Nix Ticks, which ticks (and their larvae), fleas, and mosquitos on contact. To distinguish between the two, just remember Nix Ticks kills existing pests, while Mosquito Deleto repels new pests.

If that isn't enough, they also offer Ant Adios and a DIY Fire Ant Fighter, making Sunday a one-stop-shop. They offer full-service lawn care plans that cover everything from target nutrients to pest control.

Sunday Lawn Care Alternatives

There are a few competitors in the DIY lawn care space, but the most notable are Rachio Thrive and Scotts Annual Program. We prefer Rachio Thrive and Sunday above all of the competition.

Sunday sets itself apart by providing a completely customized and natural solution to a healthier yard.

Between Rachio Thrive and the Scotts program, Rachio Thrive is the more holistic solution since they place a significant emphasis on watering.

Rachio Thrive is intended to be used with one of Rachio’s smart sprinkler controllers, so that won’t work for everyone. Even though the company offers a reputable yard care plan focused on improving soil PH levels and overall lawn health.

At some points during the summer season, you probably need to run the sprinklers. But not everyone has invested in a full irrigation system or advanced sprinkler controllers.

If you happen to have a Rachio controller, then Rachio Thrive is worth considering. But otherwise, we recommend that you stick with Sunday Lawn Care.

Box-Store Fertilizer

Scotts Weed & Feed and similar products will green up your grass, but these fertilizers don't take into account the regional soil makeup and don't improve the soil conditions in a way that might result in a healthier lawn long-term.

The brand doesn't offer a truly natural lawn care solution, and they don't have a plan that is really a personalized lawn care solution either. Sure, they might have certain fertilizers focused on northern regions or southern regions, but nothing based on local or regional soil analysis.

With all this considered, Sunday is a wise investment of your hard-earned money. If you want to address soil deficiencies and increase your overall lawn vitality, there are few comparable options. Below is a side-by-side comparison table highlighting some of the brand differences.

Sunday vs. Rachio Thrive vs. Scotts
Comparison Table
Sunday Lawn Care Competitor Analysis
Sunday Logo
Rachio Thrive Logo
Scotts Logo
PriceaddSunday💰💰Rachio Thrive💰💰💰Scotts💰💰💰
Biggest Selling PointaddSundayCustomized and all-natural lawn health solution in liquid pouchesRachio ThriveThe system focuses on ecosystem health, including appropriate wateringScottsThe most brand recognition
Fun FactsaddSunday1% of all sales go to restoring the native tallgrass prairieRachio ThriveRachio app customizes lawn treatments and water applicationScottsThe app includes lawn inspiration and tips
Natural IngredientsaddSundayRachio ThriveScotts
Associated AppaddSundayRachio ThriveScotts
Soil Test for Customized ResultsaddSundayRachio ThriveScotts
Liquid or SolidaddSundayLiquidRachio ThriveLiquidScottsSolid
Weed Control IncludedaddSundayRachio ThriveScotts
Kid and Pet FriendlyaddSundayRachio ThriveScottsWhen used as directed
WebsiteaddSundayRachio ThriveScotts

Is Sunday Lawn Care Worth The Money?

From a cost perspective, Sunday is a great value. There will be no more guessing what to buy, so based on our experience, the Sunday system will be as affordable or more affordable than the old-school bagged-solid fertilizers.

When you consider that Sunday Lawn Care is a completely customized service, including a soil test to identify nutrient deficiencies specific to your yard, Sunday is an outstanding value.

This isn’t even to mention the peace of mind, which comes from knowing your yard is safe for your children and pets to play on, which is priceless.

Change can feel uncertain, and Sunday is definitely a change from traditional, bagged-solid fertilizers. In our opinion, Sunday is worth the change. Here are the biggest pros and cons to consider:

  • check Customized based on soil tests and climate
  • close Doesn’t include weed control (it’s all-natural)
  • check All-natural lawn food
  • check Safe for children and pets
  • check Easier on the planet than chemical fertilizers
  • check Delivered in pouches to your doorstep
  • check Only requires a hose to apply

Sunday Lawn Care Reviewed

More Sunday Lawn Care Reviews

We are big believers in Sunday’s system, but we understand if you might want a “second opinion.” Sunday has nearly 800 5-star reviews, so we sifted through the most insightful thoughts to help you make a final decision.

Katie likes Sunday Lawn Care products but also appreciates the tips and problem-solving available through The Shed. The Sunday Lawn Care team is on the front line of cutting-edge plant science and offers plenty of resources to help you improve your grass health.

In Scott's Sunday Lawn Care review, he noted that he had spoken to an advisor several times, and always found them very helpful. Scott notes that he considers the Sunday Lawn Care plans worthwhile because Sunday Lawn Care offers support and other resources far beyond what a local lawn care service might offer.

The Sunday Lawn Care cost is something similar to what you might pay for a local lawn care service, but developing healthy soil is worthwhile. Lemar notes that his lawn was nearly dead, but in his Sunday Lawn Care review he notes that Sunday lawns are the best lawns. Lemar said that Sunday Lawn Care is a no-hassle alternative to professional services, that are sometimes more costly.

Is Sunday Lawn Care Legit?

Sunday lawn care checks almost all of the boxes. The subscriptions don't include weed control because it is an all-natural product, but by creating a healthier and fuller lawn, Sunday’s product will still help you choke out the weeds.

And because it is all-natural, it is safe for your family to be around, which is worth any downside to not including weed control. Based on our review, Sunday Lawn Care is a way more legitimate option than traditional lawn care services, so long as you don't mind spraying down the application yourself.

Take care of your lawn with Sunday Lawn Care, and then buy a smokeless fire pit so that you can truly enjoy your outdoor space, even into the evening.

Sunday Lawn Care Review Summary

We appreciate that Sunday Lawn Care is a completely customized solution. Specific nutrients are provided based on what soil samples reveal about your soil, not your neighbor’s, and not Joe Schmoes across the state.

Our Sunday Lawn Care review suggests the company's products will help you keep your lawn strong, and get rid of unwanted weeds, too. From the moment you receive your first package until you reach the point you are mowing designs into your backyard lawn, we think you will love Sunday's products and service.

Regardless of whether you need grass seeds, weed control products, or more traditional fertilizer products, our Sunday Lawn Care review leaves us believing that Sunday Lawn Care systems are the future of green yards.

Sunday Lawn Care Review Article

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You can apply Sunday two to four times per year depending on your location, type of grass, and guidance provided by your Smart Lawn plan. Sunday lawn care should only be provided during your region's growing season.

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