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Our goal at Moonlight Reviews is to help make your life a little better by making your decision-making a little easier. We pride ourselves on producing high-quality content that will help you make good decisions. We spend countless hours researching products and updating reviews to make them as useful as possible. Often we choose to write reviews about products that we use and love as part of our daily routines.

Some products we try first-hand, while other products we review based on detailed research, without trying them first-hand. Of the products we try first-hand, some products we receive for free in exchange for an honest review, and other products we pay for. Given the range of products we review, research is essential to every review we share.

We love what we do, but running Moonlight Reviews isn’t free. It requires a well-built website infrastructure, various software subscriptions, and other standard business expenses. And we are also trying to support our families. To make money, we often use referral links (also called affiliate links). These referral links don’t cost you any money, and in fact, some of our referral links include discounts for you, but these referral links let companies know that Moonlight Reviews sent you to their site. If you make a purchase, we earn a commission on the sale.

We feel fortunate in that we have an affiliate relationship (either direct or though places like Amazon) with nearly every company whose products are reviewed on Moonlight Reviews – which helps us maintain our own personal integrity and reduce financial bias on Moonlight Reviews. Being able to deliver an honest, clear, and straightforward review is our most important guiding principle. That being said, we want to make readers aware of the incentives at play so that they have all information possible when evaluating products.

Many of our reviews are based on our experiences. We often choose to write reviews because we found a product that we love using. In other instances, we will pour hours and hours into researching products, so that we can highlight differences between brands, and call out unique product features.

Sometimes companies will provide us with free products, but we don’t guarantee favorable reviews in return for free products. If a company provides us with factual and relevant feedback about one of our reviews, we will consider that information, because we want to provide our readers with the most factual and relevant reviews possible. Still, we maintain independence about what we choose to write and strive to provide honest and clear reviews for our readers.

Have you noticed any information that is outdated or untrue? Please let us know! We make every effort to communicate accurate and discerning information, so we want to correct any misinformation as soon as we can.

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