Editor’s Choice - Top 10 Products (2023)
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Editor’s Choice - Top 10 Products (2023)

Life is full of adventure. Some adventures are big, and other experiences are small. Some occur on a grand stage, while others happen as you gather around a fire pit with your family.

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We are all about making as many memories as possible and soaking in the moments before they are gone. Over the years, we’ve slowly learned that making the most of life requires conscious effort.

The best experiences in life rarely find you. We compiled this Editor’s Choice list of our favorite products that help us make the most of each day.

Whether you need inspiration for a gift for a loved one or just looking for your next adventure, we hope this list of our favorite things helps you along the way.

Active Wear

If there is one thing that we have been convinced of, investing in quality

Active Wear makes much more sense than opting for the cheapest version of the latest fast fashion.

When you look good and feel good, it makes all of your daily feats just a little bit better. And investing in quality clothing that is comfortable and durable usually pays off in the long run.

There are few feelings worse than buyer’s remorse, but we can honestly say that these brands have worked well for us, and they happily fill a large portion of our closets.

1. Vuori Clothing

Editor's Choice - Vuori Clothing

While Vuori clothing may be most known for their ever-popular men’s and women’s joggers, all of their clothing is comfortable and durable.

So many athleisure brands have bold and bright prints, almost as if they are designed to draw attention to the fact that you are wearing premium clothing. We appreciate the more subdued approach that

Vuori takes.

Vuori clothing became a major part of my work-from-home wardrobe because I can look sharp while working comfortably and then head out to run errands in the same outfit. Gone are the days when you need two or three outfits for your daily activities.

The next time you need some new athleisure and casual gear, we highly recommend considering Vuori clothing.

2. Patagonia Clothing

Editor's Choice - Patagonia Clothing

While Vuori is a newer brand, Patagonia has been around for a long time. If you’ve ever had any Patagonia clothing, it’s probably no surprise that the brand made our Editor’s Choice list. There are many reasons to love Patagonia, but the top two reasons might be quality and responsibility.

The quality speaks for itself. Patagonia has been a staple in my closet for many years. While it might cost a little bit more than the fast-fashion competition, all of the clothing has proven quite durable. A slight fade from the sun is about all the wear and tear I can note, and I wear my faded hats with pride.

As a company, Patagonia is a 1% For The Planet member. For more than 30 years, Patagonia has donated 1% of its sales to various environmental organizations trying to do good.

And while most companies are pushing big sales on Black Friday, Patagonia recently ran an ad in the New York Times to encourage people to buy less clothing (even Patagonia clothing). They don’t plan on going out of business anytime soon, but they are against consumerism tearing our planet apart.

So don’t buy things that will sit in the back of your closet unused, but when the time comes when you need some new activewear threads, we sincerely hope you consider Patagonia.

Bonus: Feetures Socks

Editor's Choice Feetures

Your feet deserve some love too, and no brand makes socks that we like more than Feetures. The reason that we love Feetures socks so much is that they are anatomically designed to fit on each of your feet.

The anatomically designed socks are a big deal whether you consider yourself an athlete or enjoy a good hike. Since the socks fit perfectly to your foot, you don’t have to worry about them bunching up, which can be uncomfortable or even contribute toward blisters.

Other brands like Bombas now do something similar, but in our experience, no sock brand matches the high-quality that Feetures offers.

Outdoor Gear

While Outdoor Gear may include big items, like electric bikes, there are plenty of smaller things that can make a huge difference in your daily routines. Yeti coolers are cool (

pun intended), but I rarely drink anything that isn’t in a Yeti Tumbler.

That tumbler is reasonably affordable and makes a big difference, both on the go and at home. Plenty of other gear falls into this same category, but big or small, your equipment can significantly impact your experiences.

3. Rad Power Bike

Editor's Choice - Rad Power Bikes

Whether you need an electric bike for commuting, running errands, or something totally different, there is no denying that Rad Power Bikes are pretty, well, rad.

The brand’s mission is to help build a world where transportation is energy-efficient, enjoyable, and accessible, and they have been working toward that goal for more than 15 years. A brand born from teenage tinkering is now the largest e-bike maker in North America.

And while some brands grow because they have cutting-edge marketing departments, Rad Power Bikes has developed a cult-like following because they accessible bikes that are both versatile and long-lasting.

We love Rad Power Bikes because there are so many different ways to use them. You can grab a fat-tire bike and use it for off-roading or purchase an all-purpose commuter. Still, we happen to love the cargo and utility bikes.

Rad Power Bikes offers quite an array of accessories, ranging from baskets to child carriers. You can take your kids to school on a Rad Power Bike or even use one of their bikes for local food delivery. The possibilities are nearly endless.

4. Theragun Mini

Editor's Choice - Theragun Mini

Depending on where your adventurous spirit takes you, it is quite possible that those adventures might leave you feeling stiff and sore when you reach my age. Percussion massagers like those made by Theragun are a great way to relieve some of that discomfort quickly.

The only problem with most percussion massagers is that they are bulky. Professionals widely respect the Theragun Pro, but its triangular frame won’t easily fit in your weekend go-bag.

Fortunately, the Theragun Mini offers the relief of a massage gun in a much more portable package. The Theragun Mini doesn’t pack quite the punch as the Theragun Prime or the Theragun Pro, but it is strong enough to offer relief and recovery when you are on the go.

Bonus: Yeti Coolers

Editor's Choice Yeti

If you spend much time at the ballpark, the beach, or outdoors in general, there is no doubt that you are familiar with Yeti coolers. There are plenty of other cooler brands that mimic Yeti, but none quite match the original.

The Yeti team leads the way in pioneering roto-molded coolers, and they continue to innovate their way to the front of the pack. As we mentioned before, we can’t imagine a day spent without drinking from a Yeti tumbler. Those tumblers feel solid in your hand, and they keep ice cold for hours on end.

Backyard Basics

When your weekend doesn’t call for a big adventure, you may still want to enjoy some time with family and friends in the comfort of your backyard. Or perhaps you want to have some alone time under the stars.

Either way, making the most of your personal space can go a long way toward helping you to enjoy this life. Whether it's tips on developing a green lawn or advice on which fire pit will work best in your backyard, we’ve got you covered for all Backyard Basics.

5. Breeo Fire Pit

Editor's Choice - Breeo Fire Pits

There are only a few products that I love as much as my Breeo fire pit. It is strong and sturdy, and the Corten steel has developed a nice patina over time.

Plus, Breeo is the original maker of the smokeless fire pit. The X-flow technology is designed with raised crossbars that introduce oxygen to the bottom of the fire pit, ensuring a hot and efficient burn.

Breeo fire pits also feature double-wall construction, allowing air to be heated as it rises through the walls. As the air flows out the vents at the top of the Breeo burn chamber, it mixes with any smoke to create secondary combustion and burns off most of the smoke.

Solo Stove is the main competitor for Breeo, and while their space-age-looking fire pits include advanced technology and a handsome design, they aren’t made to be left uncovered in your backyard. You also can’t cook with Solo Stove.

The fact that Breeo fire pits are made with an optional sear plate ring and an attachable grill grate (called the Outpost) makes the fire pit all the better. You can cook hamburgers, steaks, and grilled vegetables before getting to s' mores and hot dogs.

6. Ooni Pizza Oven

Editor's Choice - Ooni Pizza Ovens

Our Ooni pizza oven is right up there with our Breeo fire pit. When I was a kid, my grandfather had a little small business pizza shop called Pasquales. I loved making my own restaurant-quality pizza, and nothing I ever made at home was close the same.

That changed when I got my first Ooni pizza oven. The secret to making great pizza at home is to cook at temperatures that are much higher than a traditional indoor oven reaches.

The high temperatures result in a crispy crust and a slightly charred flavor reminiscent of the best brick oven pizza you have ever tasted. The convenience of making Neapolitan-style pizzas in your own backyard is undeniable.

There are few Ooni alternatives, including the Solo Stove Pi, but Ooni offers six different variations of backyard pizza ovens to choose from. You can purchase a gas-powered Ooni, a wood-pellet pizza oven, or a multi-fuel pizza oven. Cooking with wood in the multi-fuel pizza oven provides a truly authentic experience.

7. Sunday Lawn Care

Editor's Choice - Sunday Lawn Care

Once you start spending more time outside with your smokeless fire pit and your backyard pizza oven, you may notice that your lawn doesn’t look as healthy as you might like. After all, imagery of kids, grandkids, and dogs playing on a beautiful green lawn is part of the American dream.

Of course, when children and dogs are playing on the grass, you have to be careful about what you put down, and the truth is that most box-store sold fertilizers are full of scary chemicals. That’s where Sunday Lawn Care comes in.

Sunday Lawn Care offers a safe lawn care subscription that is shipped right to your door.

Their nutrient pouches attach to a hose, and you simply spray the real ingredients (like seaweed) across your lawn. And since the service is set up as a subscription, you never have to consider when the natural fertilizer needs to be put down. You send a soil sample to the Sunday team, and then they set up a plan that will keep your lawn looking good.

The thing that we love about Sunday Lawn Care is that they focus on the whole health of your lawn. Rather than temporarily green up your lawn with brute force, Sunday’s goal is to improve the health of the entire ecosystem in your yard.

Home Sweet Home

Once all of your adventures are done, it’s time to relax. Taking care of yourself and getting proper rest will help you prepare for your next excursion.

And Home Sweet Home will guide you. The home is often overlooked by those who like to spend their time outdoors or conquer daily quests.

Still, a few minor tweaks can make a real difference in your home. We are all about celebrating the small wins, and some of these products might make more of a difference than you might expect.

8. Click and Grow Indoor Garden

Editor's Choice - Click and Grow Indoor Garden

When you take care of your body, it further enables you to enjoy incredible adventures. Eating well is a significant piece of this equation. Did you know that there is an entire industry for indoor hydroponic gardens?

We didn’t know about indoor gardens until someone sent us one as a birthday present, and let’s just say that we were blown away. Now we have herbs and vegetables sitting all over our kitchen counter growing hydroponically.

And Click and Grow makes some of the most well-functioning and handsome indoor gardens available on the market. We love the simplistic and modern design.

Click and Grow plant pods have no GMOs, herbicides, or pesticides, and include Smart Soil made of a natural, renewable, and biodegradable material. The Click & Grow creates ideal conditions for plants to grow, so they will grow 30% faster than the same plants grown outdoors under normal conditions.

While some brands like the Gardyn or Lettuce Grow sit on the ground, most Click and Grow’s devices are made to sit on the countertop, where they are easy to manage and greenery to your home.

9. Molekule Air Purifier

Editor's Choice - Molekule Air Purifier

Most home air purifiers employ HEPA filtering technology, but Molekule air purifiers deploy new technology. This innovative technology is referred to as PECO, and it was developed over the course of 25 years by a family-led team of research scientists.

While many Molekule alternatives rely on filtering only, Molekule takes their air purification system to the next level. Air first flows through outer filters, which trap large particles like dust. This part is pretty standard.

After the air flows through the outer filters, it then flows through the PECO filter. This nanocatalyst-coated filter reacts to light in a manner that destroys harmful pollutants. The result is that air flowing out of a Molekule air purifier is clean air that is safe to breathe.

Need more convincing? The Molekule PECO air filter destroyed 99% of SARS-Cov-2 within a matter of 1 hour.

10. Pluto Pillow

Editor's Choice - Pluto Pillow

The Pluto Pillow is a personal favorite of mine. For years I slept on a contoured memory foam pillow that was better than a traditional pillow, but I hated the contoured shape. When I started to have a little neck pain, I decided to find a better pillow.

That better pillow was found at Pluto Pillow. The team at Pluto Pillow utilizes a questionnaire to help identify the perfect pillow for your sleeping style, and sleep preferences.

Someone who sleeps on their back may need a different pillow than someone who sleeps on their side. Some people prefer pillows that are very thin and moldable, while others prefer pillows that maintain their shape.

There are a whopping 35 potential pillow combinations that Pluto Pillow can send your way based on your specific responses to their questionnaire. Combined with our favorite pillowcases from Boll & Branch, I sleep well every night.

A good night’s sleep is essential for conquering all of your ambitions.

Moonlight Reviews Favorite Products

If you know much about us, it is probably no surprise that many of these brands made our Editor’s Choice list of top products. We appreciate quality products that help us achieve our version of the American dream.

The products themselves are not all that important on their own, but each of the products here can make a 1% type improvement to your lifestyle, and that is worth celebrating.

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