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Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses:
Felix Gray vs. Warby Parker vs. MVMT
(2020 Review)

What are the best blue light blocking glasses? We compared Felix Gray vs. Warby Parker vs. MVMT to help you determine which brand fits your needs.

Felix Gray vs. Warby Parker vs. MVMT - Cover Image

A few years ago, I struggled with headaches at work almost every afternoon. I found myself inching closer to the screen as each day wore on, so I was surprised to learn my eyesight was holding steady when I visited the optometrist. Ironically, one time when I saw the optometrist, they moved me to a lower prescription.

Since my eyesight didn’t cause the headaches, I wasn’t sure what to do. The headaches were painful and distracting. I have a tendency to get dehydrated quickly, so I thought that might be the root cause, but regardless of how much water I drank, the headaches never went away. The Optometrist recommended that I use eye drops more frequently, and they would help for a few minutes, but then the headaches came right back.

One day I finally bought blue light filtering glasses out of frustration, and it might be one of the best impulse purchases I have ever made! My skepticism told me that the technology felt a little snake oily, but now I almost always wear them when I sit in front of a computer.

Felix Gray vs. Warby Parker vs. MVMT Comparison

So what are the best blue light filtering glasses? If you ask us, Felix Gray, Warby Parker, and MVMT make the best blue light filtering glasses on the market. Not only are they functional, but they are of high quality with designer styling. Check out our side-by-side comparison below, or read the detailed reviews.

Felix Gray vs. Warby Parker vs. MVMT
Comparison Table
Best Blue Light Blocking GlassesFelix Gray LogoWarby Parker LogoMVMT Logo
PriceaddFelix Gray💲💲Warby Parker💲💲💲MVMT💲
Biggest Selling PointaddFelix GrayBlue light filtering included in the priceWarby ParkerAt home try-on and virtual try-on programsMVMTAffordable entry point
Fun FactsaddFelix GrayProprietary lens has embedded blue light filtering materialWarby ParkerThey will send you 5 frames to try on at home for freeMVMTMVMT sells a wide range of accessories including watches and jewelry
Prescription LensesaddFelix GrayWarby ParkerMVMT
Non-Prescription LensesaddFelix GrayWarby ParkerMVMT
Sleep Glasses AvailableaddFelix GrayWarby ParkerMVMT
Noticeable TintaddFelix GrayWarby ParkerMVMT
WebsiteaddFelix GrayWarby ParkerMVMT

Do Blue Light Glasses Really Work?

If you research blue light glasses long enough, you are bound to come across claims that blue light causes macular degeneration and disease, but there isn’t enough evidence out there to back up at this point. What we do know is that 50% of Americans have jobs that require extended computer use, and over 200 million Americans report eye strain after only a few hours of computer use.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends reduced screen time and the use of the 20-20-20 rule over blue light glasses. Still, many professionals are starting to recommend blue light glasses because of the benefits they have seen in their practices. And one study from the University of Houston showed that participants wearing blue light blocking glasses had a 58% increase in nighttime melatonin levels.

The 20-20-20 rule states that every 20 minutes, you should look away from your screen, at an object at least 20 feet away, and hold your gaze for at least 20 seconds. This helps to alleviate prolonged stress from your eyes.

Blue light filtering glasses are relatively new, so studies regarding their effectiveness are just now starting to show up, but anecdotally they make a huge difference. Not only are professionals starting to recommend blue light blocking lenses, but they have made a massive difference for me too. I tried everything, including doctor recommendations, to reduce eye strain and headaches, and the only thing that helped me was blue light filtering glasses. So do blue light glasses work? For many people, including us, they are life-changing. Fewer headaches and less fatigue make each day a little better.

Felix Gray Blue Light Glasses Review

While competitor companies make eyewear with optional blue light filtering, Felix Gray’s blue light filtering technology is at the heart of everything they do and all the products they sell. We live in an increasingly digital world, and in the age of work-from-home, many of us sit in front of a computer all day long. We don’t even give our eyes rest while commuting anymore.

Felix GrayFelix Gray set out on a mission to make eyes happier in a digital world, and in doing so to reduce headaches and fatigue that are often associated with digital eye strain.

The company sets itself apart by offering traditional optical glasses, sleep glasses, and sunglasses. Wait. Sleep glasses? Yeah, sleep glasses. Felix Gray’s line of sleep glasses improve melatonin secretion two-fold and are available with prescription or non-prescription lenses like their optical glasses.

The sleep glasses have a slightly darker and more noticeable tint, but they are designed to filter the specific blue light wavelengths that impact melatonin production. They are intended to be worn before bed and are clinically proven to help you sleep better.

Felix Gray Comparison Image Courtesy of Felix Gray

Felix Gray glasses solve two significant problems. Most importantly, they filter blue light to reduce eye strain, the risk of macular degeneration, and sleep disruption. Felix Gray also puts an anti-reflective coating on all of their lenses to reduce 99% of all glare. The anti-reflective coating also reduces strain on our eyes by eliminating visual noise (the glare).

We are fans of Felix Gray because they don’t just make stylish and durable frames. Their glasses represent a holistic effort toward easing eye strain and making your life better.

How Does Felix Gray Work?

Felix Gray sells exclusively online, which might feel a little daunting to some people that would like to see how their glasses fit and look before committing. Fortunately, Felix GrayFelix Gray offers a few main features to ease this leap of faith. Their website has a very detailed fit guide that will help you think through what your face’s shape looks like and what size frames you should consider. Secondly, and perhaps more assuringly, Felix Gray offers free shipping, returns, and exchanges. If you second guess your frame selection, Felix Gray offers a 30 day exchange period.

But why purchase Felix Gray over any other brand? Felix Gray’s cutting-edge technology is embedded in the lenses. The blue light filtering glasses filter out 50% of all blue light and around 90% of the blue light’s highest range. Best of all, because the technology is embedded, Felix Gray glasses don’t have an annoying reflective coating, and the tint is so subtle it is unnoticeable while wearing the glasses.

Felix Gray vs Warby Parker vs MVMT Review Image

Felix Gray Review - The Verdict

Felix Gray takes a wellness first approach to their eyeglasses. While some competitors emphasize styling and premium frames, Felix Gray emphasizes the lenses. Their frames are high-quality and stylish too, but for Felix Gray, it all starts with wellness, and eye wellness starts with innovative lens technology. Felix Gray focuses on reducing blue light and glare in the most effective way possible so that you no longer have to worry about headaches and eye fatigue holding you back.

thumb_down CONS
  • checkAll glasses include blue light filtering
  • closeNo virtual try-on option
  • checkPrescription and non-prescription available
  • closeNo home try-on option
  • checkStylish designs
  • checkVariety of options
  • checkFree Exchanges

Felix Gray vs MVMT vs Warby Parker Review Image

Warby Parker Blue Light Glasses Review

Warby Parker was started under the premise that quality glasses should be available to the masses. The founding team found that even designer companies used glasses made by one overseas company. There was little differentiation between the brands other than the logo slapped on the frames, and the quality of most eyeglasses was subpar for the exorbitant price.

To provide more options and a better customer experience, Warby ParkerWarby Parker designs their glasses in-house and uses premium construction materials and processes to make high-quality glasses. As an example of this, the custom-designed cellulose acetate used for many of the frames is a renewable, plant-based material that is both durable and flexible enough to adapt to your face. And once assembled, each pair of glasses is hand-buffed and adjusted.

But What about blue-light filtering? Doesn’t Warby Parker sell subscription glasses? Warby Parker sells the highest quality glasses on the market, and blue-light filtering can be added to any pair of glasses, prescription or non-prescription.

While some companies focus primarily on blue-light filtering glasses, Warby Parker concentrates mainly on prescription glasses and makes blue-light filtering available as an option. The benefit to you is that when you purchase a pair of Warby Parkers with blue-light filtering, you are purchasing the highest quality frames and materials on the market, bar none.

How Does Warby Parker Work?

Warby Parker started as a direct-to-consumer company, though they do have retail locations now. Even so, Warby Parker stays true to its online roots by offering free home try-on. The entire process is smooth. Warby ParkerWarby Parker allows you to pick up to 5 pairs of glasses to try on at home, which they quickly ship to your door with return labeling. You then have a few days to decide on sending back the samples.

I was a little hesitant to deal with the home try-on and return because I thought the process would be a hassle, but I was wrong about the hassle, and now I have the perfect glasses for me. It was kind of fun to pick 5 different glasses to try on, and my wife and kids enjoyed offering their opinions regarding which pair looked best.

I was a little shocked at how differently each pair fit my face. Warby Parker clearly states the width of each pair of glasses, so that was no problem. Instead, my expectations for what I thought would look good and what actually looked good were way off. Had I not used the home try-on service, I might have been a disappointed customer. Instead, I am very proud of my Warby Parkers and their sophisticated look.

If you’re not sure which glasses to pick for your home try-on, Warby Parker has two tools that will help you make a decision. The website offers a quiz that will allow you to choose your preferred shape and colors, and in return for taking the quiz, Warby Parker will give you a suggested list of frames from which to choose.

In addition to the quiz, which is the perfect place to get started, the Warby Parker app has a virtual try-on feature for most frames, so you can get a sense of what the glasses might look like before you ever request a pair of frames for the home try-on. Warby Parker turned the entire glasses industry upside down, and much of that is related to their innovative approaches to virtual and home try-on.

No longer do you need to awkwardly try on glasses at the doc, or purchase online in hopes you found a pair of glasses that fit. Warby Parker is a game-changer.

Warby Parker vs Felix Gray vs MVMT Review Image

Warby Parker Review - The Verdict

Warby Parker sets the standard in the glasses industry. Their glasses are custom designed in-house for timeless styling, and their materials and production processes are best-in-class. The Warby Parker user experience, from free home try-on to in-app virtual try-on, allow online customers to make a decision they will be proud of for years to come.

thumb_down CONS
  • checkFree home try-on of 5 pairs
  • closeBlue light filtering slightly expensive as an add-on
  • checkVirtual try-on available for most glasses
  • checkOverall user experience
  • checkQuality construction
  • checkStylish designs
  • checkVariety of options

Warby Parker vs MVMT vs Felix Gray Review Image

MVMT Blue Light Glasses Review

If you are the type of person that likes an outsider, then you may want to consider MVMTMVMT Everscroll Eyewear. While Warby Parker and Felix Gray focus on glasses, MVMT is more of a lifestyle brand. MVMT was initially founded to disrupt an outdated and overpriced watch industry; and based on their success, they expanded into other accessories such as eyewear.

Of the three brands we highlight here, MVMT offers the most affordable blue light glasses, but keep in mind no prescription lenses are available. MVMT blue light filtering glasses provide 100% UV protection, and MVMT’s proprietary Everscroll lenses are designed for optimal blue light filtering.

MVMT offers trendy styling, available for both men and women. MVMT blue light filtering glasses work well too, but cutting edge technology isn’t the focus for MVMT as providing modern styling at an affordable price is the focus. MVMT’s mission statement says it all:

MVMT was founded on the belief that style shouldn’t break the bank. Our goal is to change the way you think about fashion by delivering premium designs at radically fair prices.

MVMT vs Warby Parker vs Felix Gray Review Image

MVMT Review - The Verdict

If you are looking for stylish lenses to wear infrequently, then MVMTMVMT offers affordable pricing and an excellent entry point for blue light filtering glasses. Of course, if you spend your days in front of a screen, you may want to consider Warby Parker or Felix Gray over MVMT.

thumb_down CONS
  • checkAffordable price
  • closeNo prescription lenses
  • checkDesigner Styling
  • closeStyle over function

MVMT vs Felix Gray vs Warby Parker Review Image

Our Favorite Blue Light Filtering Glasses

Needless to say, as someone who spends ten or more hours each day directly in front of a computer, blue light filtering glasses are essential for me.

I prefer wearing contacts, but when my eyes are dry or struggling with allergies, I will wear prescription glasses. So I have a pair of blue-light filtering prescription glasses for when I can’t get my contact lenses in and a pair of non-prescription blue light filtering glasses to wear the rest of the time.

Warby Parker’sWarby Parker’s glasses are my favorite, and their user experience is second to none.

The Warby Parker team designs all of their frames in-house and uses only premium materials for construction, such as ultra-lightweight titanium and acetate sourced from a family run business in Italy. Warby Parker then combines premium construction with an industry-leading shopping experience and top-flight customer service.

Who else will send you 5 frames to try on at home for free? Nobody. This is a huge deal because it gives you the chance to take your time deciding what frames are best for you. You don’t have to awkwardly rush to a decision in a doctor’s office or take a leap of faith purchasing a pair of frames online that you don’t know for sure will fit.

Carefully chosen eyewear can boost your confidence as you go throughout your day. Who doesn’t like to look good and feel like a million bucks? And blue light filtering glasses can reduce eye strain and headaches, so you can keep that good feeling going. Warby Parker has more than 50 different frames to choose from, and they are our favorite blue light filtering glasses.

Warby Parker Recommendation

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