outdoor gear Best GCI Rockers & Chairs Top Reasons To Buy (2023)
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Best GCI Rockers & Chairs: Top Reasons To Buy (2023)

A good chair can make a fun experience even more enjoyable. On the other hand, uncomfortable seating can ruin an otherwise good experience. GCI Outdoor rockers and chairs are perfect for the ballfield, a day at the beach, or your next camping trip. GCI chairs will give you a comfortable experience to truly sit back and relax. After all, relaxation is likely what you need the most.

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GCI Outdoor Rocker Chair Review

A good chair can make a fun experience even more enjoyable. On the other hand, uncomfortable seating can ruin an otherwise good experience. GCI Outdoor rockers and chairs are perfect for the ballfield, a day at the beach, or your next camping trip.

GCI chairs will give you a comfortable experience to truly sit back and relax. After all, relaxation is likely what you need the most.

Best GCI Rockers & Chairs For Any Situation

Still, you might need a different chair on a family camping trip then you might need at the ballfield during an all-day tournament. The GCI Outdoor team designs chairs for every situation. Each chair has well-thought-out features that maximize convenience and comfort.

Of course, they make some do-it-all chairs, too. A Freestyle Rocker will work as well in your backyard as it will at a campsite.

Since there are so many GCI chairs and rockers to choose from, we highlight our favorite chairs for you to consider.


1. Pod Rocker With Sunshade

Our favorite chair or rocker from GCI Outdoor is the Pod Rocker with Sunshade. It is just too comfortable and practical not to love. The chair is sturdy, and the seat is wide. When you first sit down you will sink into the chair and be surprised at just how comfortable it really is.

The rocker makes it perfect for kicking back to relax. Any parent that has spent time at a ball field knows just how uncomfortable the stands are on a hot day. And that is if they even have stands to sit on. The SunShade protects you from the heat, while the seat and back provide gentle support you would never feel on the aluminum stands.

The chair is bigger than you might expect, but the carry bag has a wide mouth. Thanks to that wide mouth, folding the rocker back up and sliding it into the carry bag is pretty simple. Everything is designed to avoid the all too common pain points.

For the moms out there, my wife aptly noted that the sunshade also works well as a shield if you need to feed your little one. It's an interesting call out for a couple of reasons. One of the reasons that the SunShade makes so much practical sense is that it is perfect for keeping the sun off of your little ones.

It just so happens the SunShade works well for guarding your little ones and providing a little privacy when needed. Plus, the SunShade is UPF 50 to keep you protected.


2. Wilderness Backpacker

The GCI Outdoor Wilderness Backpacker is a different type of chair, but it is great in its own right. The Wilderness Backpacker doesn't fold up or slide into a carry bag. Instead, it has sewn-on backpack straps, which make the chair easy to carry wherever you might need it to go.

The Wilderness Backpacker enables you to keep your hands free to use elsewhere. Carry

totes and coolers easily, or wrangle your kids where you need them to go. The adjustable straps make the Wilderness Backpacker easy to carry.

Plus, the Wilderness Backpacker includes built-on accessories, including a headrest, an oversized storage pouch on the back, and a cup holder. The chair features four reclining positions, too.

This chair meets the mark for both convenience and comfort.


3. RoadTrip Rocker

The RoadTrip Rocker and the Freestyle Rocker are very similar and two of the most popular GCI rockers. We prefer the RoadTrip Rocker, which collapses into a carry bag. The Freestyle Rocker folds and features a handle to carry, but it doesn't collapse all the way down into a bag.

When you think about it, the RoadTrip Rocker is a very impressive piece of engineering. It is a folding rocking chair that is softer to sit in than a traditional rocking chair. Imagine yourself rocking next to the campfire or on the end of a dock.

The RoadTrip Rocker will work anywhere. The patented spring-loaded shocks create a smooth rocking experience, and the mesh chair material molds to your body and allows for cooling airflow.

4. Freeform Zero Gravity Lounger

The Freeform Zero Gravity Lounger footrest makes the chair look too long to be portable, but it folds up nicely. It is as easy to carry as it is to adjust. Plus, that Lounger extension for your legs is what provides the zero gravity experience.

This Zero Gravity Lounger places comfort as the first priority. Whereas some of GCI's other chairs prioritize features like compact size or sun shade, the lounger is all about getting your feet off the ground to fully relax.

Of course, there may be some settings in which you don't want to hit full relaxation mode. The leg extension moves to multiple positions and locks in those positions.

When you are beach or poolside, you can extend and lock the lounger extension to support your legs and feet. Then when you need to sit up and lean forward during your kid's big moment, you can move the leg rest out of the way.

Here is another thing: The lounger support as much as 300 lbs., so it is very sturdy. You can relax in full comfort and with no worries. This chair should stand the test of time.

5. SunShade Recliner

If you spend much of your free time at the beach, you must check out the SunShade Recliner. In some ways, it is the combination of our top two choices mentioned above.

Like the Pod Rocker, The SunShade Recliner features the SunShade, and it collapses down into a carry bag. Like the Wilderness backpacker, the recliner back reaches multiple positions, and the chair has a built-in pillow.

While the SunShade Recliner is built for the beach, some might find it the perfect chair. We wish it was available in more colors, but the limited color selection might be worth overlooking. The SunShade rotates so that as the sun rotates, you can keep the sun blocked.

Top Reasons To Buy

There is no better brand or better selection if you need a portable chair. The price is right, so the biggest thing you need to decide is which chairs you will choose. If you need a further breakdown, here are the things you need to know about GCI Outdoor.


Quality Construction

You will notice the top-end quality as soon as you set up your first GCI Outdoor chair or rocker. The attention to detail is obvious, and the construction is second to none in this price range. Sure, you can buy a $300 chair from Yeti, but most people will look for a more affordable option, and we get it.


GCI Outdoor Chairs are comfortably designed yet feel strong and supportive under your seat. And while the rocker design is innovative, it doesn't feel chintzy or gimmicky like you might find on a lesser-quality chair.

Practical Versatility

All of the GCI Outdoor chairs and rockers are easily portable. During the week, you can gather around a smokeless fire pit in your backyard, like a Breeo or Solo Stove. Then on the weekend, you can carry your chairs to the soccer field or baseball field.

Some chairs are designed for ultimate portability, while others are designed specifically for the beach. Still, nearly all of the chairs are versatile enough to work in almost any situation.

Comfortable GCI Chairs For Anyone

There truly is a GCI rocker or chair for anyone and any situation. Peruse the GCI Outdoor website for a few minutes, and you will quickly see that each chair is made with a specific customer in mind. Here are some of the more specific chairs which didn't make our top 5 above:

FirePit Rocker - Low to ground, with strategically placed cupholder PICO Arm Chair - Telescoping tech folds to 1/16 of its open size Stadium Chair With Armrests - Perfect for Friday night lights PackSeat - Small, portable stool MaxRelax Pod Rocker - A Rocker with added padding for comfort

The team behind GCI Outdoor is specific and creative. No stone is left unturned. They've thought of every potential need for a chair and designed a chair to meet that need. It's no wonder that the average rating for its chairs hovers around 4.5+ stars.

Shop For a Side Table Too

You might not need a side table at the ball field, but you very well may need a side table next to the campfire. The GCI Outdoor Camp Table folds into a compact form. Still, it is the perfect place to set a drink or a plate as you gather around a fire for dinner.

They also offer a Slim-Fold Cook Station, which was once featured on the TODAY Show. It's perfect for the backyard or for a campsite. The cook station features fold-out side tables and hooks to conveniently place your cooking utensils. At less than 20 lbs, this weight is more than manageable.

The Master Cook Station even features a soft-shell sink. The soft-shell sink alone is a unique innovation I wouldn't have even thought to attempt. This table is perfect for backyard grilling.

More About GCI Outdoor Chairs

GCI Outdoor chairs and rockers are available in local stores in a city near you, like DICK's Sporting Goods, or online. We recommend that you choose the convenience of purchasing directly from GCI Outdoor's online store to compare the many options.


What Is A GCI Chair?

GCI Outdoor designs its chairs and rockers for functionality and portability. They engineer each chair to meet a specific set of needs, whether you need a go-everywhere chair or the perfect chair to take to the beach. They offer the largest selection of portable chairs that you will find.

Open & Close A GCI Outdoor Rocker Chair

You can easily open a GCI Outdoor rocker chair by pulling the legs apart. Make sure that none of the legs catch on a feature like a SunShade or a backpack strap. Often, users struggle to open a rocker chair because they unknowingly caught an accessory.

How Do You Clean A GCI Rockers & Chairs?

You can clean your GCI chair with a solution of mild dish soap mixed with water. GCI Outdoor makes its rockers and chairs from high-grade materials, including aluminum or steel and polyester fabrics. Cleaning and properly storing your GCI chair will help extend its lifecycle.

Who Owns GCI Outdoor?

Gathr Outdoors owns multiple brands, including GCI Outdoor, Klymit, Cascadia Vehicle Tents, and ORCA Coolers. Together, these brands serve as a reminder that outdoor activities are best when done in a community with others. Gathr Outdoors is a private company based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Do GCI Chairs Go On Sales?

If you are looking for the latest deals and special offers, we recommend that you check out your local sporting goods store. Like other big retailers across the country, sporting goods stores often offer holiday discounts.

Of course, GCI Outdoor equipment is very affordable, so you may not need a discount if you prefer to check the availability of your favorite colors.

Are GCI Outdoor Chairs Worth It?

GCI Outdoor chairs and rockers are well worth it because they are designed with convenience and comfort in mind. Each chair is designed to be both durable and portable. Some chairs rock, while others include a leg rest, but all the chairs will help you relax.

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