outdoor gear Give'r Gloves Review 5 Reasons To Love These Gloves (2023)
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Give'r Gloves Review: 5 Reasons To Love These Gloves (2023)

It is hard to find a good pair of gloves. Most don't fit well, and those that work well are too stiff to be useful. Finding a durable pair of gloves that looks good while still getting the job done is hard. Fortunately for you, Give'r gloves might offer the answer.

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The Bottom Line:The bottom line is that Give'r Gloves are worth the investment, and you will be proud that your initials are branded into such a high-quality product.
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Give'r Gloves Review

It is hard to find a good pair of gloves. Most don't fit well, and those that work well are too stiff to be useful. Finding a durable pair of gloves that looks good while still getting the job done is hard. Fortunately for you, Give'r gloves might offer the answer.

Give'r Gloves Review: 5 Reasons To Love These Gloves

The Give'r brand originates in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, a resort area surrounded by mountains. It's a place where the needs of tough conditions and an outdoor lifestyle intersect with affluent visitors expecting a certain level of quality and comfort.

Give'r gloves are almost the perfect representation of this dynamic, so it should be no surprise that Town and Country once called the gloves

"The Souvenir of Jackson Hole."

Of course, you may need different gloves for different seasons or different purposes, so Give'r offers a variety of gloves to choose from, including:

There are many reasons to love Give'r gloves, but there are five primary reasons these Jackson Hole gloves have built such a solid reputation and developed a near cult-like following.

1. Durable

The gloves feature an all-leather exterior, and many of the gloves are coated with natural beeswax for waterproofing, which helps improve leather longevity. While other brands have transitioned to synthetic materials, few materials are as rugged and versatile as leather cowhide.

The 4-Season Give'r gloves feature a soft Thinsulate insulation system, tested through everyday winter activities, right there in Jackson Hole. Above the insulation system, a 100% waterproof membrane will keep your hands dry, while a reflective heat shield on the front of your hand will maximize warmth retention.

Note: The lightweight gloves don't feature a beeswax coating to keep them light and breathable. The lightweight gloves also feature a unique sizing table. While Give'r Gloves are fantastic, and you may want to collect multiple pairs, be sure to read the details on sizing and features, such as whether they are wax coated for each selected set.


2. Functional

A pair of nice gloves won't do you much good if they aren't also functional, and that is where Give'r gloves shine. The form-fitting glove offers enough dexterity to do nearly any task. This is true in the winter when you might prefer the Classic Give'r or the 4-Season Give'r for the cold weather.

It is also true during the warmer months when the lightweight glove protects your hand without the extra insulation that would be too hot. Plus, the wrist cuff is tight enough that the gloves won't slip off your hands but not too tight to cut off airflow completely.

The intelligent and durable design means that you can use Give'r Gloves for nearly any purpose imaginable for which you might need gloves. Since Give'r offers the gloves (and mittens) in multiple weights and with various insulation levels, there are even more potential uses for the gloves.

Here is a list of the many ways you might choose to use your Give'r gloves.

  1. Gardening
  2. Yard Work
  3. Raking
  4. Shoveling
  5. Chopping Wood
  6. Construction
  7. Snowboarding
  8. Camping
  9. Hunting
  10. Winter Hiking
  11. General Warmth

The reality is that there are probably 101 ways to use Give'r gloves and mittens. Many customers have ordered multiple pairs. The Lightweight Give'r gloves are perfect for springtime and summer activities when you need protection but are not that warm.

When it gets colder, the Classic Give'r gloves are the perfect all-purpose gloves, and the 4-Season Give'r gloves will keep you warm during the coldest seasons while still allowing dexterity to get all of your essential jobs done.

3. Comfortable

Give'r gloves are comfortable in every way. The supple leather cowhide breaks in nicely. At first, the gloves are tight, maybe even uncomfortable, but that is intentional. The gloves loosen up with wear.

If you don't want to wait for the gloves to loosen up with normal wear, the brand offers instructions regarding how you can use an oven to loosen them up more quickly. There is no reason for sacrificing dexterity, and as you break the gloves in, they will become more comfortable.

Plus, the Classic Give'r gloves and 4-Season Gloves feature soft insulation, which is not only warm but pleasant against the skin. Of course, every aspect of these gloves is built with attention to detail. That's why the Classic Give'r Gloves are ever so different from the Lightweight gloves and the 4-Season gloves.

For instance, the 4-Season gloves feature a snug wrist cuff to keep warmth near your hands. The elastic cuff is never too tight; instead, it seems to fit just right.


4. Handsome

The honey-colored leather cowhide is unmistakably beautiful, but the beauty goes much beyond the color. Sure, these gloves will keep your hands warm, but they are designed to transform into one of your most prized possessions because they take on a look reflective of the many ways you personally use your gloves.

Most of the gloves are available with wax or without wax. The wax will increase your leather gloves' longevity, and when applied, it creates a richer color with a one-of-a-kind look. No pair of wax-coated gloves looks quite the same.

One of the other signature looks offered by Give'r is the hand-branded initials. Give'r allows the buyer to add up to 3 initials branded onto the gloves. There is nothing sophisticated about the look or the process, but it is personal and fun.

The branded initials also signal that these are quality gloves worth keeping. They aren't just another pair of gloves that will be stuffed in the back of a drawer.

And every day you use your Give'r Gloves, they will become increasingly broken in, and the wax coating will enable the gloves to absorb the beauty of the many ways that you use them. You shouldn't worry about the gloves getting a little dirty or picking up some marks here and there, but the well-worn look of your gloves tells the story of you.

5. Versatile

We've touched on the many ways you can use Give'r gloves, but we've just scratched the surface. If you ever have the chance to visit Jackson Hole, you might hear the locals refer to the gloves as the "gloves of 100 uses."

This is the glove for you if you are looking for ski gloves. If you want to cut down trees and build a log cabin by hand, these tough leather cowhide gloves will get the job done. They are work gloves one day and the perfect glove for mountaineering the next day.

If you choose a pair of gloves with a wax coating, the weather resistance makes the gloves even more versatile.

And as we've noted, each of the styles of gloves is just a little different. The Lightweight Give'r Gloves fit just a little bit loosely, ensuring maximum air flow during those warmer months. On the other hand, the Give'r 4-Season gloves have a wrist cuff to keep snow out, a steel D-ring for leash attachment, and leather pull tabs to help get them on and off.

It is this attention to detail that makes the Give'r glove choice the easy choice. There are not many gloves that you can use as a ski glove and a construction glove, but that is the name of the game with Give'r gloves.


Frequently Asked Questions

Give'r gloves are like the perfect baseball mitt, form-fitted just for your hand, but you can do quite a bit more with these gloves. Getting them broken in properly is essential for perfecting that form-fitting glove feel.

You might have questions about how to break in your gloves and take care of the leather cowhide, and we have answers.

Are Give'r Gloves Made In the USA?

A master-leather worker makes Give'r gloves in Pakistan. Still, the gloves are hand-waxed, branded, and checked for quality right here in Wyoming, USA.

The key takeaway in our Give-r gloves review is that Give'r gloves check all of the boxes. The brand makes a good glove that is handsome, durable, and comfortable. They may not be made in the USA, but the quality is on par with any competitor brand you might consider.


Can You Wash Give'r Gloves?

The Give'r team recommends that you avoid cleaning your gloves. For the most part, they will develop a beautiful patina as they get a little dirty and worn.

If you want to clean your gloves off, use a damp cloth, but don't add soap. Once you've gently wiped away any dirt with a wet dish towel, dry them as necessary in front of a fan. Putting a paper towel tube in the wrist cuff will promote air flow and proper drying. You might also use a newspaper or shoe dehydrator to absorb moisture.

Just as there is a right way to dry the gloves, there are also some things you should avoid. Never put to close to a fire, place them on a radiator, or try to dry them in a microwave. You don't want to wring out like a dish towel either because that will be unnecessarily rough on the leather.

How Snuggly Do Give'r Gloves Fit?

It is ok if your gloves fit snug when you first put them on! The insulation will fill the gloves, and the leather will fit much more comfortably after the break-in period. The gloves may be snug at first, but eventually, they transform into form-fitting gloves, and this form-fit is one of the reasons users love the gloves so much.

Don't wing the size, or you might regret your decision. Use the sizing chart, and measure your hands to make sure you purchase the correct size, to begin with.


Give'r Glove Alternatives

Give'r gloves are so versatile that it is hard to identify a natural alternative, but Hestra gloves might be the brand most commonly compared to Give'r gloves. Hestra makes ski gloves, so their ski gloves are often compared to the 4-Season Give'r gloves.

In comparing Give'r gloves vs. Hestra gloves, both are functional, but Give'r Gloves have a much more authentic, genuine, and even rustic vibe. The honey leather cowhide hand-coated with beeswax and hand-branded initials is a look that is hard to beat.

Hestra might have more options than Give'r and some selections with thicker insulation, but we still prefer the Give'r gloves.

Are Give'r Gloves Worth It?

Our honest opinion is that you will love Give'r gloves. They are durable and comfortable and can be used for nearly any purpose. You might even love your Give'rs so much that you end up with multiple pairs.

The Lightweight Give'r gloves work well in warmer seasons and as an everyday carry glove. The Classic Give'r gloves can be used for nearly any purpose as the temperatures start to get colder, and the 4-Season Give'r gloves are built with a flexible keystone thumb design and tightened wrist cuff that will keep the snow out.

The bottom line is that

Give'r Gloves are worth the investment, and you will be proud that your initials are branded into such a high-quality product.

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