Best Heavy-Duty Fire Pit Options Choose This Pit (2023)
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Best Heavy-Duty Fire Pit Options: Choose This Pit (2023)

Purchase one of these heavy-duty fire pit options and enjoy Friday night fires for years to come.

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Heavy-duty Fire Pits

Few experiences are more relaxing than sitting around a fire pit on a Friday night. Roasting s'mores and hot dogs are an American pastime representative of all the things and people we love. Still, the cheap fire pits you might find at the local hardware store tend to rust out quickly. Purchase one of these heavy-duty fire pit options and enjoy Friday night fires for years to come.

Best Heavy-Duty Fire Pit Options: Which To Choose?

So many fire pits look just the same that it is difficult to tell which will have better performance and durability. Even so, there are a few brands out there that stand tall above the rest. Some of these brands have spent years refining the craft, so they've developed something much more innovative than a simple metal pit.

Best Heavy Duty Fire Pit Overall: Breeo Fire Pit


Breeo makes the best fire pit in the world, in our opinion. While consumers often compare

Breeo vs. Solo Stove because they both feature smokeless technology, Breeo made the original smokeless fire pit. Breeo fire pits are also durably constructed and American-made in the shadows of Pennsylvania steel company.

The high-quality construction is one reason we recommend Breeo over Solo Stove in most instances. The other reason is that

Breeo is designed with accessories perfect for outdoor cooking and enjoyment.

Breeo fire pits are available in heavy-gauge stainless steel and Corten steel. Competitor brands will tout the light weight of their products, but Breeo products are heavy weight because they are built using thicker steel. Breeo fire pits are designed to withstand the elements and ensure years of family fun.

We recommend that you buy a lid to keep the elements out of the burn chamber, but there will be no need to move the fire pit to your garage or under shelter, as is expected with some of the more portable fire pits. A Breeo is sturdy. The type of product that will sit as a backyard fixture for years to come.

The fact that Breeos feature smokeless technology and many available cooking accessories are bonus reasons to buy.

The majority of fire pits are simply metal bowls. The thoughtful design behind Breeo's fire pits is a difference that can be overstated. Plus, these aren't chintzy fire pits you will need to assemble. Breeo fire pits are made in the USA by skilled craftsmen using premium materials.

Learn how to light your fire pit, and then let the good times roll.

Smokeless Fire Pit Technology


The smokeless technology on a Breeo fire pit elements the bonfire experience to the next level. A few features make this possible, including double wall construction and cross bars at the burn chamber's base that enable air to flow into the fire.

The fire quickly heats any air that is pulled into the base of the double walls so that as the air flows out vent halls at the top of the burn chamber, the air is firey hot. The hot air mixes with any smoke to create a secondary combustion to burn off the excess smoke.

Breeo fire pits also feature raised crossbars at the base of the fire pit, allowing air to flow to the bottom of the fire. This creates a much more efficient fire that burns hotter and produces less ash. Ash creates smoke when it burns, so this innovative design reduces ash from the start and burns off the remaining smoke through secondary combustion.

One warning: learn to properly put out your fire pit. Smokeless fire pits are more expensive. You don't want to throw water on your fire, because that could damage your fire pit over the long term.

Breeo Cooking Accessories

While you might not be focused on the cooking accessories since your interest is in reviewing heavy-duty fire pits, Breeo's fire pits are thoughtfully designed to facilitate outdoor cooking. Besides, there is something rustic and pure about cooking over an open fire, with no need for electricity.

There are two primary accessories worth mentioning. For one, you can add a sear plate attachment that mimics the best grill tops. Of course, it's a much more rustic experience to sit around the fire pit with a sear plate than using a propane-powered grill top.

The top rim on Breeo fire pits also features a port where you can slide the Breeo Outpost. The Outpost is a grill grate attached to a post. The Outpost works on its own, too, so you can take it to the campsite and stick it into the ground next to the campfire. But you can also slide it into the port to grill your steaks, burgers, and other favorites right above the fire pit.

When you are considering heavy-duty fire pits, the Breeo X Series fire pits are the top contender.

Best Heavy Duty Fire Pit Grill: Arteflame


While the Breeo is a traditional fire pit, Arteflame products are actually grills that convert into fire pits, making them awesome in their own right. Grill dinner while the sun is still up, and gather around the fire pit top when the sun goes down.

Arteflame grills and fire pits feature a unique look because the bowl sits atop a stand, elevating the griddle top to a standing level so it can be used like a standard grill. The stand and bowl's body have a distinct look because, like some Breeo grills, the body is made from corten steel.

Corten steel is also called "weathering steel," and each piece develops a one-of-a-kind patina with a reddish-orange hue. Corten steel is beautiful, but it is also extremely durable. Many building components, bridges, and other structures are made from corten steel because it is so durable.

There is a reason Breeo and Arteflame use the material for their heavy-duty fire pits. For context, pallets from Arteflame often weigh over 500 lbs when they arrive, and the bowl is spun from a single piece of steel. Since there are no seams or welds, Arteflame products are designed to last a lifetime.

Arteflame products are as long-lasting as fire pits come.

Arteflame Grill Tops


While Arteflame units carry a beautiful and distinct look, the brand is best known for its carbon steel grill tops. The carbon steel grill tops reach temperatures as high as 1,000°F, which is perfect for Hibachi (or Plancha) style grilling.

The Arteflame bowl is convertible so that you can place the carbon steel grill top and griddle atop the bowl for cooking. You can also simply remove the grill top (when it's not hot) to use the bowl as a fire pit.

Actually, Arteflame flat tops are so popular that the brand makes inserts for other popular grills, including Big Green Egg, Blackstone, Traeger, and Weber. Arteflame makes heavy-duty fire pits, but some people can't afford a full Arteflame unit. Instead, customers can match the dimensions of their existing grill to one of Arteflame's grill tops.

Use Arteflame Bowl On Stand Or On the Ground


While Arteflame makes unique grills, you may only be interested in heavy-duty fire pits. Fortunately, Arteflame grills easily convert into fire pits. While those using the Arteflame primarily as a grill place their bowl on a tall stand, the brand sells separate smaller stands for those that primarily intend to use fire pits.

You can also place the bowl directly on the ground, but we recommend some sort of heat barrier between the bowl and the ground surface. Either way, you can set the Arteflame bowl on a short stand or on the ground to use the bowl as a fire pit.

Common-Sense Caution: Don't move the bowl when it is hot.

While Arteflame grills are modeled after some European grills (notably OFYR), Arteflame grills are made in America and ship right to your front door. The grills are designed and built in the USA using US steel.

The Arteflame should be your choice if you are ready for a full-height grill that doubles as a fire pit. It's hard to beat the longevity that Arteflame offers. We love Breeo fire pits, but they are welded together. Arteflame offers extra heavy-duty fire pits because the bowl is spun from a single piece of steel.

The quality and durability are in the details, and the fact that Arteflame is made from a single piece of steel with no welds is one detail that matters.

Best Propane Fire Pit: BBQGuys Signature Series


We prefer wood-burning fire pits for authenticity, but we recognize propane fire pits are easier to use and make less mess. There are certain settings in which a propane fire pit makes complete sense. For those searching for a wood-burning fire pit, stop your search at breeo and Arteflame. For heavy-duty fire pits that use propane, consider BBQGuys Signature Series.

For instance, consider the BBQGuys Signature Estes Rectangle Propane Fire Table. It offers a modern flare and a concrete look that would work well on a nice pool deck, surrounded by a nice outdoor furniture set.

How durable are these propane fire pits? They are American-made, but rather than corten steel, they are made from glass fiber reinforced concrete. It's a different approach than Breeo and Arteflame take, but the concrete fire pits offer a less rustic look that maintains durability.

Multiple Shapes & Sizes For Concrete, Heavy-Duty Fire Pits


One of the unique attributes of glass fiber reinforced concrete is that it is more easily made into multiple shapes and sizes than its corten steel fire pit counterparts. The BBQGuys signature series fire pits come in lengths ranging from 42-inches to 72-inches. Plus, while many of the tables are square, they also offer several fire pits that are round.

A poolside deck is perfect for one of these fire pits, but they will look good in many outdoor settings. Plus, you can fill up the top of these propane fire pits with beautiful lava rock. That is one downside to wood-burning fire pits. They are naturally more rustic and less adaptable to different shapes and sizes.

If you are looking for heavy-duty fire pits that burn propane instead of wood, then look no further than the BBQGuys Signature Series.

Best Heavy Duty Fire Pit Ring Insert: Sunnydaze


Lastly, some people prefer to build their own fire pits and use a heavy-duty fire pit ring insert. While the Breeo Zentro previously was the best name in the game, Breeo no longer makes the Zentro. Nowadays, Sunnydaze makes the best-rated and most highly respected fire pit ring inserts.

Check out Sunnydaze's heavy-duty fire pit ring liners, which are made from steel. The one thing we don't love about these units is that they feature a high-temperature paint finish instead of stainless steel or corten steel. On the other hand, the painted steel is 2 millimeters thick and should provide long-lasting use.

And it makes more sense for a fire pit ring insert to use painted steel because it sits naturally on the interior of the fire pit. The Breeo and Arteflame heavy-duty fire pits listed above utilize stainless steel and corten steel for durability, but also because they are handsome materials to sit in your backyard permanently.

The Sunnydaze fire pit ring liners are easy to assemble, durable, and enable you to design the DIY fire pit of your choosing.

A Heavy-Duty Fire Pit For Your Backyard

There is something endearing about a heavy-duty fire pit that sits on the same site year after year. We love the portable fire pits made by Breeo and Solo Stove, but the permanent backyard fire pit that calls your name takes your search to the next level.

Just imagine the Friday nights hanging out around the fire pit with a cold drink. Imagine the fun memories of roasting marshmallows and hot dogs. You can create those memories when you select one of these heavy-duty fire pits.

Stainless Steel or Corten Steel Construction

Cheaper fire pits are simply made from painted steel. The paint is added to provide corrosion resistance, but the paint will only endure so long against fire, pokers, thrown wood logs, and outdoor elements. Stainless steel and corten steel products are much more durable and will withstand a beating for years to come.

Stainless steel and corten steel products are worth the added price. Be careful what fire pits you look at on Amazon. Some of them might be just fine, but many of the products are cheaply made.

Rust Resistant and Low Maintenance

When considering heavy-duty fire pits, you want to find something that is rust-resistant and low maintenance. Arteflame and Breeo fire pits fit this description the most.

If you would prefer a propane fire pit or a heavy-duty fire pit ring liner, BBQGuys Signature Series and Sunnydaze are the way to go.

Which Heavy-Duty Fire Pits Are Best?


For most people, we think the most reasonable choice is to purchase one of the heavy-duty fire pits made by Breeo. These fire pits are made in the USA from American steel and are built to last a lifetime. Plus, you can purchase cooking accessories like a sear plate ring or the Outpost grill grate for grilling. Lastly, Breeo pioneered the original smokeless fire pit.

Arteflame fire pits are spun from a single piece of content steel, so they don't even have seams. This probably makes Arteflame products the most durable heavy-duty fire pit. They are also much more expensive than Breeo products. Still, this might be just what the doctor ordered if you want a backyard centerpiece that will last a generation.

And Arteflames are usually sold with a stand and a carbon steel cooking top. Arteflame grills are perfect for social cooking near the pool or at a fancy backyard party. Then when the grill is no longer hot, you can move the bowl to a shorter stand or the ground to use as a fire pit. Just be careful because the units are exceedingly heavy.

It serves as an interesting contrast between Breeo and Arteflame because both are intended for cooking. A Breeo fire pit offers a slightly more traditional fire pit experience that also enables cooking. An Arteflame fire pit, on the other hand, is designed to stand as a work of art that functions as a grill and fire pit.

Purchasing a

heavy-duty fire pit may represent a big investment, but it is a worthwhile investment that should last a lifetime. Years of relaxing evenings and fun-filled weekends are at stake.

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