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HoomBand Review: Are They Worth It? (2023)

The Hoomband headband is carefully designed for comfort, but the real value is in the combination of the headband and the curated audio content designed to facilitate relaxation. The audio content is available for free through the HoomBand app when you purchase the headband.

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Our Take:
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  • check Breathable fabric
  • close Awkward fit for some
  • check Ultra-thin earphones
  • check Wireless technology
  • check App with curated audio
The Bottom Line:The Hoomband headband is carefully designed for comfort, but the real value is in the combination of the headband and the curated audio content designed to facilitate relaxation. The audio content is available for free through the HoomBand app when you purchase the headband.
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HoomBand Reviews

Sometimes we all need a little help relaxing as we try to get to sleep. White noise is helpful, but if it doesn't cover your ears, other noises and distractions can keep you up. And unfortunately, regular headphones are too bulky to sleep in. So you find yourself searching for

HoomBand reviews as you search for a solution, and we are glad you did. Based on our review, we think you will be pleasantly surprised with HoomBand as a partial solution to your troubles.

For years I traveled for work, and getting to sleep at night was sometimes a challenge. I recall that once, I was in the room closest to the lobby and next to the exercise room, so that I couldn't sleep at all. I tried using a noisemaker on my phone, but it just didn't work. Every laugh, every piece of luggage pulled down the hall, and every door closed as people went to the gym kept me awake. All the while, my blood pressure and anxiety rose, as I knew I soon had to wake up for work.

Let's just say that I wish I had a HoomBand then.

HoomBand Reviews

While HoomBand is designed to work with the associated app that provides access to hypnotic stories, guided meditations, and white noise, the earphones work with any phone with a Bluetooth connection. The Hoomband earphones aren't limited to the content on their own app either. Since they connect via Bluetooth like any other headphones or earpods, you can use them with YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Headspace, Calm, or any other app that you choose to use.

And because the headband is designed for comfort, the use case possibilities are endless. Naturally, you can wear the HoomBand to get to sleep, but there are plenty of other reasons to use the headband as well. Are you trying to get some sleep on your next flight? HoomBand is perfect for travel. It also works well for yoga and meditation. Regardless of how you choose to use it, sometimes we all need to drown out unwanted noise.

What Does HoomBand Do?

The Hoomband is designed with ultra-thin earphones surrounded by soft foam for comfort and wrapped in breathable fabric for a luxurious feeling. The earphones work similarly to any other earphones you might pair with your phone, so the big selling point is that they are designed for comfort in any and every situation.

Of course, theHoomBand earphones are really only part of the story. Sure they are designed for premium sound quality in addition to a comfortable fit, but the company's sleep science goes well beyond a comfortable set of wireless headphones. Pairing the app with ultra-flat earphones is where the magic happens because the brand's sleep experts have helped to curate over 100 hours of tranquility to help you relax and help you sleep. That content is only available to HoomBand users.

HoomBand Review - Explore

The Headband

The flat speakers are so thin that you will barely notice them. This is a big departure from bulky headphones you might have tried in the past. Importantly, the Bluetooth 5.0 module means you can sleep easily without the nuisance of a cord awkwardly pulling as you move around to get comfortable.

The speakers slide into a 3D foam that helps to keep earphones in place. The HoomBand foam is designed with perfectly fitted impressions meant to hold the earphones exactly where you want them. This means you can easily remove the foam to adjust the position of earphones so that they align with your ears. The soft foam is thin and cradles your head and the earphones to maximize comfort.

The foam is then covered by a breathable fabric that will your head cool, even if cozy. And because the soft foam is removable, the washable fabric can be cleaned any time you desire. The breathable fabric will stretch slightly with your head, it is easy enough to find the right fit. The headband is sold in two sizes, including small, and medium/large. Medium/large is the most common size, but the small is convenient for children or others with small head sizes.

Advanced techniques such as progressive relaxation that involve breathing, cardiac coherence, body scan, and engagement of the five senses will only go so far if you are uncomfortable. So, naturally, it's essential that as much thought was put into the design of the headband as was put into the earphones or the app.

And when your wireless headband starts to run low on battery, simply plug in the green mini USB charging cable for a quick charge.

The headband is designed to help you reach deep sleep and stay in a deep sleep for long periods of time. Whether you prefer sounds of nature or other types of immersive stories and background noise, your sound quality will be great, and the headband itself will be an afterthought.

Is HoomBand Noise Cancelling?

If you are looking for noise-canceling headphones, your best bet is still going to be to stick with a traditional player like Bose, but that won't help you much while you are trying to get to bed. While you might find this disappointing, just keep in mind that the HoomBand is more than just a set of headphones.

It's an ecosystem designed by sleep specialists, with the intention of helping you sleep at night. Whether you prefer deep meditation to relax, hypnotic documentaries to ease your mind, or a white noise loop, the HoomBand Wireless earphones, and associated app are designed to help you relax and sleep, even though they aren't noise-canceling.

Is HoomBand a Bluetooth Device?

The good news is that the HoomBand is an advanced Bluetooth device, featuring Bluetooth 5.0 technology that produces premium sounds. After all, what good is relaxation therapy if your sleep story keeps cutting in and out? No worries about that here.

That said, the HoomBand also features an Offline Mode, which is good if you are anti-WIFI-rays. More practically, this just means you can still use your headband when you are in airplane mode. And when you have Bluetooth turned back on, you should have no problem connecting. HoomBand works with nearly all mobile phones, including anything running on Android 7 or higher, or iOS 10 or higher.

HoomBand App (No Subscription)

The headband is great, but it honestly is only half the story. The sleep science developed into the HoomBand app is the big differentiator. And before we completely bury the headline, let's talk about the subscription, or maybe more specifically the lack of subscription. HoomBand's audio content is free and regularly updated with new content.

Take a second to think about what HoomBand is really selling here. Yes, they are selling a headband designed with ultra-thin earphones, but when you buy the headband you also get access to their entire library of regularly updated audio designed to help you reach deep relaxation, perfect for meditating or sleeping.

You are not merely buying an audio headband or a new set of Bluetooth headphones; rather you are buying an ecosystem that combines comfortable, flat headphones with sleep science baked into an audio library. Insomniac friends rejoice because the stunning reality is this is a one-time purchase without a subscription, which is a rarity in today's start-up culture that focuses on recurring revenue above all else. It's honestly refreshing.

So what exactly is in the HoomBand audio library? We're glad you asked. The audio library is filled with various approaches to relaxation and mindfulness meditation including soundscapes (i.e., the sound of rain) and white noise. There are also hypnotic stories and guided meditations designed to facilitate progressive relaxation. Perhaps my favorite is the immersive documentaries.

If you are unsure what these might be like you can listen to a sample of these on the brand website.

ASMR Sounds Explained

You may also see that the app includes ambient sounds such as sunny chords, binaural frequencies, and ASMR; however, you may not know what ASMR is. Let's start with the acronym. ASMR stands for an autonomous sensory meridian response, which is still primarily ambiguous, so you can understand why most people merely say ASMR.

Certain sounds such as crackles, whispers, or even dripping water trigger relaxation for some people. If that sounds weird, let me give a personal example that is less weird. My parents watch golf on Sunday afternoons, but I am convinced they are more interested in their afternoon naps than they are in the golf itself. The relaxing sounds of announcers whispering and muffled applause is their version of ASMR. Listening to golf quite literally puts them to sleep.

Fun fact: Bob Ross videos are frequently used as ASMR videos to help people relax (and sleep). The HoomBand app may not include Bob Ross videos, but the app does include other ASMR audio files.

The one little nuance here is that ASMR actually triggers a physical response for some people in which a relaxing sensation rolls over their body. Did you know there are over 5 million ASMR videos on YouTube? Me either.

HoomBand Review - Try Now

What Are Customers Saying

You don't need sleep doctors to tell you that restful sleep is a good thing, but before you invest in a HoomBand wireless Bluetooth headband, we understand why you might want to read a few HoomBand reviews. That's what we are here for. Still, you don't have to take our word for it. We scoured the internet to find other insightful reviews.

Ricky says he is the type of person that needs some white noise before he can get to sleep, and I get it. I am right there with you,

Ricky. That said, Ricky isn't the type of person that can be dulled to sleep by sirens and disruptive sounds in his neighborhood. He was looking for something that was calming, and that is what he found with the HoomBand headband. He even noted that he feels for rested in the morning than he did before he started using his new Bluetooth Headband, and he is thinking about buying HoomBand as a gift at Christmas time.

Earl shares that he has always slept with headphones out of necessity, but he always battled with getting comfortable to do so. To quote Earl, he is able to sleep "100000x more comfortably now." That sounds wonderful. Earl says the headband fits comfortably, and that app is wonderful, with great stories and other tools to help him get to sleep. Since Earl slept to audiobooks to sleep before HoomBand, he has a high bar for quality, and the headband and app both met Earl's expectations.

Stuart and a few others said the earphones are difficult to position, so they recommend setting the position of the earphones first thing, so you don't have to deal with that later on. The one big negative that Stuart and a few other buyers mention is that the cable between the two earphones might be too short for some people with a larger head, so the earphones may not align well over the ears for some users.

On the other hand, multiple reviewers, including Dasha, mention they have tried two or three competitor versions of Bluetooth headphones to sleep in and that HoomBand is the best of the bunch. There are some cheaper options available on Amazon, but Dasha made a point of reviewing her HoomBand wireless earphones to let people know they are worth the extra cost in her opinion.

Amy made the keen observation that this works well for couples that have different sleep preferences. For Amy, this means she can listen to the white noise that she needs to get to sleep at night, while her husband can have the silence that he prefers. HoomBand was a great option to help solve this small divide in their relationship.

Insights like these are why reading a few HoomBand reviews is helpful, even if the rest of our review provided most of the information you need to make a decision. Each person uses the HoomBand in a slightly different way, but the common theme is that there was a need for something thinner and more comfortable than traditional Bluetooth headphones, and HoomBand fills that need.

HoomBand Competition

HoomBand stands above the competition with its ultra-thin earphones surrounded by 3D foam to ensure utmost comfort. The headband is a substantial upgrade over intrusive earphones or conventional headphones, which is remarkable considering the headband is only half the story. The associated app, filled with immersive documentaries, nature sounds, and other sleep mechanisms, only further elevates HoomBand above the competition. Still, it's always helpful to consider how a product stacks up against its direct competition.

HoomBand vs. SleepPhones vs. Moonbow
Comparison Table
Battle of the Sleeptime EarphonesHoomBandSleepPhonesMoonbow
Biggest selling pointaddHoomBandAssociated AppSleepPhonesHeadband comfortMoonbowPopularity
App with audioaddHoomBandβœ…SleepPhones❌Moonbow❌

HoomBand vs. SleepPhones

HoomBand's most prominent competition is SleepPhone, and we must start by saying that SleepPhone puts up stiff competition. SleepPhones has more options than HoomBand in a variety of ways. For one, SleepPhones are available in a corded option and a wireless Bluetooth option. The Bluetooth option is a little more expensive than HoomBand, but they are also slightly better rated on Amazon, which is worth considering.

Another option where SleepPhones shines is that it comes in two fabric options. One of the fabric options is a heavier fleece, but for hot sleepers, there is a second fabric option that is intended to be lighter and more breathable.

One other thing that is interesting about SleepPhones is that they have a product called RunPhones as well, which is basically an upgraded version of the headband with a microphone system so that you can take calls while completing your physical activity. While the idea is intriguing, as someone that goes for a jog about three days a week, running with a headband over my ears during the summer sounds like pure misery.

In comparing SleepPhones vs HoomBand, the one thing that really stands out as a differentiator is HoomBand's app. We've said all along that the big winner is the combination of the earphones and the various sleep aides included with the app. And there is truly something for everyone. If you prefer to listen to audiobooks or your own audio library, then either headband will work. On the other hand, if you are interested in a curated audio list including everything from nature sounds to white noise to ASMR, then the option gets pretty clear.

HoomBand differentiates itself by being more than a headband, and more of a true sleep and meditation aide.

HoomBand vs. Moonbow

Moonbow Bedphones by DubsLabs is another strong competitor. In fact, in many ways, they may be the strongest competitor. It's a little different take than SleepPhones or HoomBand offers because the Moonbow Bedphones aren't built into a headband. As the "world's smallest on-ear headphones," they are purpose-built for sleeping.

The Moonbow Bedphones are designed into patented and lightweight headphones that are both ultra-thin and ultra-comfortable. The infinitely adjustable memory wire ear hooks fit all ears, and quite frankly might fit better than HoomBand, because the one gripe against HoomBand is that the wire between the two earphones is too short for the earphones to properly align over some wearer's ears.

While the Moonbow Bedphones offer a more traditional approach to sleep headphones, they might actually be a better design for some people, because they are infinitely adjustable. On the other hand, they are naturally more susceptible to falling off because the headband doesn't hold them to your ears. Still, multiple sleep-focused sites such as Tuck.com and Sleep Sherpa named these headphones the best headphones for sleeping.

The Moonbow Bedphones by DubLabs come in a wired version and wireless version, so if you prefer to plug your headphones into a headphone jack, you can choose the wired version.

So in considering Moonbow vs HoomBand, there are really two big considerations in my mind. If you have a larger head size, you might opt for the Moonbow because the HoomBand doesn't align with the ears of all users. If this is less of a concern to you, then the decision may come back to the app differentiator. The curated audio list included with the HoomBand app may lead to improvements in sleep, and in fact a deeper sleep.

HoomBand Reviews - Buy Now

HoomBand Pros & Cons

The HoomBand headband is a comfortable and innovative headband designed to be as much as an afterthought as possible will you meditate, sleep, or otherwise relax. The companion app includes hours of audio, which is impressive given the headband is a one-time purchase without subscription.

And since the Bluetooth headband easily connects to your mobile phone, you can listen to whatever you want, just like you would with any other earphones. So while we highly recommend you listen to something like the relaxing stories on the app, you could also choose to listen to political news if that puts you to sleep like listening to golf puts my parents to sleep.

The one big downside to the HoomBand is that some people say they have trouble aligning the earphones over their ears. Specifically, for some people, the cord between the two earphones isn't long enough, so the earphones don't stretch from one side to the other. If you feel as though you have a larger head size, you might consider the

Moonbow Bedphonesby DubsLabs as an alternative.

Otherwise, Hoomband's app includes hundreds of hours of noises, sounds, and stories designed to help you relax into a meditative state or sleep. HoomBand offers a comfortable headband, but the big differentiator is the app, and the app is the reason we would recommend that most people try HoomBand.

  • check Breathable fabric
  • close Awkward fit for some
  • check Ultra-thin earphones
  • check Wireless technology
  • check App with curated audio

HoomBand And Dodow

One thing that we haven't mentioned about the HoomBand is that it is designed by LIVLAB, which is the company behind the Dodow. What is the Dodow? It is a device that shines a relaxing blue light on the ceiling. You gently work to synchronize your breathing with the light as it dims in and out. The exhale portion of the synchronization is longer, which helps your body facilitate a sensation of tiredness, which in turn should help you fall asleep. The Dodow has an 8-minute mode and a 20-minute mode, and when the breathing session is over, the device automatically turns off.

When you combine the HoomBand with the Dodow, you quickly learn that LIVLAB is wholly focused on helping people to improve their sleep, and specifically on helping users to slip to a meditative or sleep state faster. The products are designed by the same company and work toward the same goal, so if you consider one, you might want to consider the other.

Is HoomBand Worth It?

If you have trouble sleeping at night, and particularly if you've tried other headphones at night and found that they are just too uncomfortable, then the HoomBand is definitely worth trying. While they aren't noise-canceling, they will block out most environmental noises and replace that external noise with soothing sounds that will help you relax. And that is the big takeaway. The HoomBand app, which is accessible with no subscription as long as you make a HoomBand purchase, includes over 100 hours of immersive audio content.

The natural noises are great for daily meditation, and the hypnotic stories are great for sleeping. And of course, if you prefer to listen to music at night, you can still use HoomBand for that as well. The one complaint about HoomBand is that it doesn’t fit some as well as others.If you are concerned about fit, then we recommend that you choose the Moonbow Bedphones.

If you are looking to take your nighttime comfort to the next level, you might check out our content highlighting potential bedroom makeover ideas, but here is the punchline. Our favorite sheets are made by Sheets & Giggles, and our favorite pillow is a customized pillow from Pluto Pillow. If you combine these with a HoomBand, you will be well on the right track to comfort and sound sleep.

While you might expect a HoomBand wireless review to be focused on the headband itself, the reality is that the vast library of audio content combined with the quality headband is what makes a difference when comparing it to the alternatives. Whether you choose to listen to a documentary, classical music, rainfall, or ASMR, the HoomBand headband and associated app will help you relax.

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