backyard basics How To Put Out A Fire Pit (2023)
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How To Put Out A Fire Pit (2023)

Enjoying a cozy evening by the fire pit? When it’s time to head in for the night, you’ll need to extinguish it safely. Click here to learn how to put out a fire pit safely.

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How to put out a fire pit

There’s just something about a roaring fire in nature that can’t be beaten.

If you’re lucky enough to have access to a fire pit, you’ll definitely want to make the most of it by setting those flames in motion and toasting a few marshmallows for good measure.

As attractive as fire pits are, they still involve fire - and fire never comes without its risks.

Once you learn

how to keep your fire pit going, you also need to learn how to put out a fire pit properly.

When you’ve finished enjoying your fire pit for the evening, you’ll need to extinguish it safely to protect yourself and your surroundings from damage and injury.

We’re here to share a few of our tried and tested extinguishing methods, so you can put out your fire safely, and sleep easy.


What Is A Fire Pit?

Fire pits, sometimes called fire holes, are essentially homemade campfires. Fire pits are often thick, deep, and circular and are made from a pit in the ground that’s surrounded by a structure of steel or masonry to house the fire.

However, the modern fire pit has evolved, and the term is now used to describe any method where a fire is enclosed in an outdoor area.

Most fire pits will usually burn wood, but some models can also burn gas. If you’re using a wood-burning fire pit, you should always make sure your wood is dry, otherwise, it won’t burn.

Many people prefer to use chopped-up pallets for the wood fire pits, which tend to burn more efficiently.


Can You Have A Fire Pit In Your Backyard?

The answer to this question probably depends on where you are in the world. Some areas have very lenient outdoor fire rules, while others are a little stricter.

For more information, check with your local authorities before starting a fire.

If you are allowed to have a fire pit in your backyard, you’ll need to follow a few general safety tips first.

  1. Keep your fire pit away from other buildings or fences
  2. Only burn dry wood to prevent producing excessive smoke
  3. Take care not to let any smoke blow into roads or other properties
  4. Be mindful of your neighbors, and don’t burn large fires in the middle of the day
  5. Avoid standing too close to an open fire
  6. Never leave children or pets unattended near a fire pit

You may consider purcahsing a modern smokeless fire pit. They are truly zero-smoke, but they are designed to eliminate overly smokey fire pits.

Our favorite smokeless fire pits are made by Breeo, but Solo Stove is also popular.

How To Light A Fire Pit

If you’re allowed to have a fire pit on your property and you’re ready to make the most of it, congratulations!

You’re one step away from appreciating the beauty of your own outdoor fire. Before you get started, here’s the safest way to light a fire pit:

To start your fire, you’ll need dry firewood, kindling, tinder, and a lighter or fire starter.

You can use almost anything as your tinder, as long as it’s dry, and won’t produce any toxic chemicals when burning.

1. Tinder

Form a small pile of tinder in the middle of your fire pit. This should be no bigger than the size of your fist.

2. Kindling

Now, gather your kindling and form a small pyramid of sticks around your tinder.

Leave a slight gap between each piece of kindling for adequate airflow, but don’t leave a gap too big, as this will prevent the flames from igniting your kindling.

3. Lighting

Once you’ve built your fire starter, you can go ahead and light your tinder.

We’d recommend lighting a firelighter with a lighter and burning your tinder until it starts to catch fire.

If your tinder burns before the kindling catches, simply add more tinder and wait.

4. Firewood

Now, you can go ahead and add your firewood.

Remember to use dry wood, and arrange your logs in a pyramid shape around your kindling and tinder, with a gap large enough to encourage airflow.

If your firewood takes a while to catch fire, you can add more kindling to increase the heat and encourage ignition.

How To Put Out A Fire Pit

How To Put Out A Fire Pit

When it’s time to put out your fire pit, there are many ways to do it.

Before you decide on one set technique, let us walk you through some of the safest ways to extinguish your fire pit.

Let It Extinguish Itself

If you leave your pit for long enough, it will eventually extinguish itself. However, unattended fires can quickly escalate, so do this at your own risk.

If you’re planning to let your fire pit go out on its own, you should cover it with a casing cover to prevent any embers from igniting other fuel sources, such as your decking or dry grass.

Letting your fire pit go out on its own is a practical option, as long as it’s done sensibly.

If you’re planning to leave your fire pit exposed while it extinguishes itself, ensure it’s not light enough to blow over, and don’t leave children or pets near it unattended.

Use A Snuffer

Another option is to use a snuffer. A fire pit snuffer is a lid or cover that can be placed over the opening of the fire pit to suffocate the flames and put the fire out.

Remember: If you use this method, the contents of your fire pit will still be incredibly hot, even when the fire has been extinguished.

You’ll also need to make sure that your fire pit snuffer fits the dimensions of your opening to avoid any stray embers from escaping or adding extra oxygen to the fire, which will keep it burning.

Use Water

Of course, you can always use water to extinguish your fire pit.

However, if you’re using a metal fire pit, using water to extinguish it frequently can wear your metal down, and decrease the lifespan of your fire pit.

Many manufacturers will advise against using water, so we’d only recommend using it if you have no other option.


The Bottom Line

A fire pit can be an inviting and exciting addition to your outdoor space - if you use it sensibly.

These tips and tricks for lighting and extinguishing your fire pit can preserve its longevity, and keep yourself and your surroundings safe from damage or injury.

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