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How To Use Theragun For Cellulite: Does Vibrating Massage Help? (2023)

Massage guns work great to relieve tension, alleviate chronic pain, and speed athletic recovery. But did you know some people use their Theragun to treat cellulite? Read to learn more.

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Theragun For Cellulite? Percussion Massage For Cellulite works well.

Is a Theragun massager useful for reducing the appearance of cellulite? There are creams, gels, and regular massage techniques marketed as cellulite reduction products. Some work. Some don't. Sometimes the problem comes from not using the product correctly. So, here we discuss what cellulite is and how to use Theragun for cellulite.

A 2020 Harris Poll informed by responses from more than 2000 women who have cellulite, licensed medical professionals, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists suggest that 80% of women have some level of cellulite. And, 75% of those women have sought solutions to reduce visible cellulite in the buttocks, hips, thighs, abdomen, or underarms regions.

It's clear that people don't appreciate the dimpled appearance often associated with cellulite, even if it is a common skin condition, and are searching for alternative treatments for cellulite. That's where Theragun and other massage devices come in. Massage is known as an effective way to battle cellulite-dimpled skin, but most people have a limited budget to see a massage therapist on an ongoing basis.

If you've ever wondered whether percussion massage for cellulite works, we will explore the topic in further detail below.

How To Use Theragun For Cellulite

In order to treat cellulite with a Theragun or alternative percussion gun, gently squeeze the skin as you treat it with the handheld massager. The Theragun provides a deeper massage than most massage guns, so you don't need to apply too much pressure. Simply move the massage gun over the impacted area.

The combination of gently squeezing the skin with the percussion massage will loosen up the fat under the skin. In a nutshell, that's how to use Theragun for cellulite, but understanding more about what cellulite is, and how massage guns work, may help you decide whether to invest in a new percussion device.


Perucssion Massager For Cellulite

While it can be useful to use a percussion massager for cellulite, should should understand what cellulite is. We also recommend consulting a doctor before beginning any course of treatement.

What Is Cellulite?

Women are more likely to develop lumpy, orange-peel skin associated with cellulite. Thank you Estrogen! Cellulite is a naturally occurring substance that develops between the dermal layer (skin) and the muscle. There are three factors that contribute to cellulite build-up: 1) break down in the fibrous collagen bands that act as connective tissue, 2) skin elasticity, and 3) body fat.

Fibrous bands thicken over time, which triggers tension in the dermal layer. We've all heard that collagen is good for us – right? It heals, supports healthy heart function, gives your skin a youthful, bright appearance. And, collagen is found in scar tissue, bone, ligaments, and skin. Your body produces 28 types of collagen. Only 2 (TYPE 1 AND TYPE 3) contribute to cellulite development.

Skin elasticity declines with age. Smoking, sun damage, genetics, race, poor nutrition, and weight loss all cause or contribute to loss of skin elasticity. Yes! You heard that right, weight loss can result in looser skin. The looser one's skin is, the more room there is for fat cells to move in. More fat cells mean more dimpled skin.

Dimpled skin generally appears about the time a woman's estrogen levels begin to fall. However, women of all ages and all sizes, and all weights can develop the dreaded cottage cheese aesthetic.

As you continue reading about cellulite treatments and how to use Theragun for cellulite reduction, remember that only invasive treatments, such as liposuction, can permanently eliminate pockets of cellulite. High-quality massage guns do help improve the skin's appearance. And with that in mind, it is always important to consult a medical professional before making a final decision on treatment.


Where Does Cellulite Come From?

The reality is that not much is known about the origins of cellulite. There are certain factors that may impact cellulite, including your genes, age, and body fat percentage; but doctors and professionals haven't uncovered exactly what might cause one individual to suffer from the skin condition, while others never face the development of cellulite.

Cellulite results from a buildup of fat underneath the skin, so diet and an unhealthy lifestyle certainly play a long-term factor as well, but the reality is that some people may need to consider cellulite treatments, such as using a percussion massager.

How Do Massage Guns Work?

The early versions of the massage gun were converted jigsaw guns. In fact, you can find jigsaw converter kits on the internet now. Modern-day percussion devices are much more advanced and refined than the early prototypes, but the underlying functionality is very similar. Massage guns pulse up and down at varying speeds to knead your body as a physical therapist might.

Massage guns use percussion motions to produce noticeable, positive changes in the skin's appearance. And, unlike Coolsculpting, which uses technology to freeze fat cells, Massage guns have scientific evidence that this therapy actually reduces cellulite permanently. Furthermore, when compared to massage technology, such as Cellfina and Cellulaze, which require local numbing because the treatment can be painful, massage guns usually feel good due to the released muscle tension.

Although massage gun treatments cost more than juice cleanses, topical creams, coffee scrubs, exfoliants, and yoga sessions, massage guns produce better results. Why? Because no matter how many coffee scrubs you get or kale salads you eat, you won't see exciting results without a therapy that targets what's under the skin.

A percussion massage gun helps redistribute fat cells, drains excess fluid from inside the body, and rejuvenates the dermal layer (skin). You have a cost-effective solution that doesn't “cure” cellulite, but rather it provides an option that alleviates the embarrassing dimpled thighs and hips caused by cellulite.

Before we dive into more details, here's a tip for those wondering how to use Theragun for cellulite: To maximize results you'll probably need to make some diet and exercise changes, as well as lifestyle changes – like quitting smoking, staying in a low-stress state and reducing alcohol intake. All of these changes help improve your skin's condition, resulting in tighter skin tone. Remember loose skin means more room between the dermal layer and muscle layer for fat cells and cellulite to move in.

Will A Massage Gun Help With Cellulite?

Yes. When used properly, Theragun works very well for cellulite reduction. Percussion massage guns saturate muscles with intense pulses. This action improves blood circulation, which encourages cellulite to break down.

Improved blood flow means your oxygen levels and nutrient supply go up. More blood reaches targeted areas and helps your skin heal from the inside out, naturally.

The benefits of using massage guns – visible reduction of cellulite without pain – makes the percussion massage gun the number one cellulite solution on the market today.

They fall squarely in the middle when compared to high-end treatments that cost between $4000 and $10,000 and budget-friendly topical remedies sold online and in the health and beauty section of your local discount store or pharmacy.

Just keep in mind that the massage gun will work most effectively over long periods of time when you consider a combination of diet, consideration of positive lifestyle factors (like exercise), and treatment with the massage gun.


How To Use Massage Gun To Reduce Cellulite

Knowing how to use a Theragun to reduce cellulite is critical for success. Percussion massage guns are up to 30% more effective than traditional massages. Along with cellulite reduction therapy, they can be used on many parts of the body, to relieve muscle tension. They are some areas you should avoid with a powerful massage gun, such as the carotid area in the neck. Consult your doctor before starting your personal treatment plan to discuss body areas that may be harmed by a forceful massager.

When choosing your cellulite therapy, remember that creams and scrubs are continuous replacement products. Even some of the high-end treatments take a few months to start working and only last two or three years. Then you have to start the process.

Treating cellulite is a great solution because your one-time investment in a Theragun will last for years. Your one-time investment is all you need, although some people prefer to use some kind of cream or lotion during or after therapy. From the moment you feel the first pulse, your body starts flushing out excess fluid and improving blood flow. These actions improve body fat distribution, breaking the bands. This improves fat distribution, resulting in skin that is less dimpled.

As far as using a massage gun, this process is simple, especially if you have one with a proper ergonomic handle that allows you to target hard-to-reach problem areas. Simply point the gun at your problem area, choose your power setting and supplement with mild pinching.

There are several Theragun solutions. Keep reading for more details.

What Else Does Percussion Therapy Help With?

Naturally, percussion devices are useful as a massage technique providing deep tissue massage. Massage guns are used by professional athletes and weekend warriors alike to activate their muscles before workouts and to speed recovery post-workout. In between workouts, percussion therapy also helps to alleviate sore muscles. Most devices come with multiple head attachments so that you can target a larger muscle group in a different way than you might target a smaller and more sensitive muscle group.

The big call-out is that massage guns enable you to treat sore muscles without needing to pay for daily physical therapy. And this is important because it's not just athletes that use percussion devices. In fact, the first massage gun was made to alleviate chronic pain caused by the onset of soft tissue damage that came after a motorcycle accident.

Over time, professionals and consumers have realized there are multiple ways to use massage guns. As noted throughout the article, those searching for smoother skin might use their percussion device at the first signs of cellulite. Others have realized that massage guns may help treat plantar fasciitis, and some use their Theragun to relieve back pain and sciatica.

Of course, be sure to follow manufacturer guidelines regarding how often to use Theragun or competitor devices, and consult with medical professionals regarding any pains or other ailments.

Most people use their personal massage device to alleviate muscle soreness to relieve chronic pain, but there are a growing number of use cases for massage devices. Promoting blood flow throughout the body, and alleviating muscle tension, can go a long way toward helping you to feel better.

Recommended Theragun Percussion Devices

The Theragun Pro is the best-of-the-best massage gun on the market, but it is truly a professional-grade device. You may find that the advanced features are suitable for your personal needs as well, or you may find that a combination of improved lifestyle choices, cellulite creams, foam rolling, and one of the more affordable massage guns listed below is better for your circumstances.


Theragun Mini

This portable-sized model delivers Theragun quality in a super-portable package. Powerful and agile, wherever you go it goes. Most professionals recommend using a massage gun two or three times a day to combat muscle fatigue and soreness, so if you plan to use your massage gun for more traditional purposes, in addition to using it as a cellulite massager, then the Theragun Mini might be right for you.

Hypervolt is Theragun's most reputable competitor, so if you are interested in reviewing alternatives, we recommend that you compare Hypervolt Go vs Theragun Mini. For portability, we prefer the triangular shape of the Mini compared to the more cylindrical shape of the Hypervolt Go, and as noted in more detail below, the triangular shape may also enable you to more easily reach problem areas.

Theragun Prime

This Theragun delivers deep powerful pulses powered by a 120-minute internal Lithium-ion battery. A five-speed range with an LED screen. When used with the Therabody App via Bluetooth, you can run personalized treatments based on your own behaviors and preferences. Plus, the patented triangular handle provides multiple grip options to ensure comfortable sessions without wrist or hand strain.

Aside from the Theragun Mini, this is the most affordable option from the Therabody brand, so if you want something a little more advanced than the Mini, but don't want something as advanced as the Theragun Pro, then Theragun Prime is a great option. In comparing Theragun vs Hypervolt, the Prime is most equivalent to the mid-level and original Hyperice Hypervolt device.

Theragun Elite

While a

review of Theragun Pro will reveal it is the best-of-the-best, the reality is that it is also the most expensive massage gun, and among the most expensive massagers for cellulite, you could find. If you want a high-quality device with most of the same functionality as the Theragun Pro, but at a lower price point, the Theragun Elite is a fantastic option.

The main differences between the Theragun Elite and the Theragun Pro are that the Theragun Pro has an adjustable arm and extended battery life. Those are nice to have features, especially if you are a professional, but they aren't deal-breakers if you need to save a few dollars. For most people, the Theragun Elite will work perfectly for dealing with muscle aches, and as an anti-cellulite treatment.

Theragun Pro

The 4th generation Theragun Pro is a powerful deep tissue massager built for strength and unparalleled performance. It features a proprietary, brush-less motor that is quiet, yet powerful. The massager comes with two 300 minute rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries. The fact that it has a total battery life of up to 5 hours is an indication of its professional grade.

The other stand-out feature that sets the Theragun Pro apart from the other models in the family, and nearly all of the competition is the rotating arm. The rotating arm makes it much easier to apply the exact amount of pressure you need, exactly where you need it. In comparing the Theragun Pro vs Hypervolt 2 options, you will notice the rotating arm is a major differentiator.

Of course, while Hyperice makes great massage guns (under the Hypervolt name), Theragun was the first massage gun, and they are still among the best. If you aren’t quite sold on spending the money necessary to invest in the Pro model, then we recommend that you consider Theragun Elite vs Prime before considering alternative brands.

So, Will A Percussion Massager Help Cellulite?

Although cellulite poses no health risks, it can be embarrassing and frustrating. It can affect one's body image and may result in lower self-confidence. This is why so many people are willing to try anything – including surgery, expensive lotions and creams, and other products that promise to solve the bumpy appearance.

So will Theragun help cellulite?

Using a massage gun may mean there's no reason to take such drastic measures. By applying a massage gun to targeted areas with visible cellulite, the dimpled skin will begin to smooth out as fats are redistributed. So, yes, you and your doctor may decide that using a percussion massage for cellulite is the best course of action.

Perhaps the most important benefit of purchasing a Theragun is that it is a one-time spend. Should cellulite reappear, you can reactivate your secret weapon and punch back, without any additional investment. Prices start around $200 for a compact Theragun and may cost upwards of $600 for the most advanced model with more than one rechargeable backup battery.

If you are looking for a powerful, easy-to-use, reliable massage gun, Theragun is known to eliminate cellulite pockets. True, there is “no cure” for cellulite. However, Theragun massagers are definitely a fantastic solution for controlling dimply skin, without a heavy investment.

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