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Huppy Toothpaste Tablets Review: What To Know (2022)

Protect your smile and the planet! Huppy is a newcomer to the toothpaste tablet industry that is shaking things up. Check out our hands-on review to see why!

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Let’s face it, everyone needs to

brush their teeth. Toothpaste and toothbrushes are the bare necessities, followed by floss and mouthwash. Because we cannot avoid these periodic purchases, we owe it to not just ourselves, but our environment to buy brands that implement sustainable models in their packaging and all- natural ingredients in their products. With their colorful and sleek reusable containers, Huppy toothpaste tablets are a newcomer to the toothpaste tablet market that seek to help the planet and remedy some of the shortfallings of other brands.

Huppy Review

Huppy is an excellent option for anyone that prefers all-natural ingredients and toothpaste tablets that taste and feel like actual toothpaste. There’s no reason to buy tube-based toothpaste that is non-biodegradable, lasts forever in landfills, and contains other harmful chemicals that you ingest every time you brush your teeth. Huppy shines in the following areas:
  • They offer refillable colorful containers

  • Their toothpaste is non-chalky & tastes great (seriously)

  • Tastes Minty like traditional toothpaste

  • Is Velvety in texture similar to toothpaste

  • Uses n-HAP, a non-toxic fluoride alternative

  • Has 5 different essential oils & extracts

  • Better for your mouth and the environment

In addition, all of Huppy’s packaging,including the boxes they use for shipping, are compostable or recyclable ♻️. They alsodonate 2% of all their revenue to supporting sustainability-focused causes!

I used to buy all of my toothpaste from local corner store retailers back when I began buying toothpaste for myself. During those times, I never stopped to really consider things like if the packaging was recyclable or compostable. The truth that my toothpaste tubes would be forever etched into the earth in a landfill was an unpleasant thought that I would push from my mind by justifying my decision due to my immediate need for toothpaste. In addition to this urgency, I had never heard about toothpaste tablets until I learned about them from my friends.

Tube-based toothpaste, while convenient, also has its set of disgusting downfalls that has nothing to do with sustainability and the ingredients they use. Toothpaste of this variety has a tendency to collect at the end of the nozzle, despite our best efforts to clean them! 😬 This residue is very unhygienic and makes a mess. In addition, it also sometimes can leave artificially-colored residue that dries in the reservoirs of our sinks that looks terrible and is difficult to clean. Last but not least, everybody knows somebody that rolls their toothpaste tubes to ensure that they get all of what they paid for and aren’t wastefully leaving toothpaste unused before they throw their tubes away.

Huppy Review Refillable Container Gif

Huppy is a better solution!

Toothpaste tablets are an amazing innovation, and surprisingly you can get toothpaste tablets for cheaper than many tube-based toothpastes that you can find in stores. One of the subtle things that I like about them is that they’re easier to store away and their containers are much better looking than ugly toothpaste tubes.

Huppy prides itself on being sustainably-focused and even pays attention to little details like how their products are shipped by requiring that their carriers adhere to carbon neutral shipping policies.For first time purchasers that set up a recurring subscription, Huppy will even send you a color reusable container that is made with aluminum to store your toothpaste tablets! Finally, all of their refill boxes are compostable, so you can rest easy knowing that you aren’t contributing to landfills.

Huppy Review - Fresh Out Of The Box Image

My Experience With Using Huppy 😄

I love toothpaste tablets, and when I learned about Huppy I was excited to try them out and see how they compared to the competition. I tried both their charcoal and their peppermint favors and was pleasantly surprised at how closely the taste and texture matched that of tube-based toothpaste. The tablets are very strong in both their peppermint smell and taste, and the frothiness of the toothpaste did in fact have a velvety consistency close to that of traditional toothpaste. One of the things I noticed after multiple nights of use is that my mouth had a clean feeling that felt natural after each brush. It’s hard to describe, but with traditional toothpastes there’s usually a strong aftertaste that leaves your mouth feeling full of chemicals. A good example of this is after using traditional toothpaste, drinking something like milk would taste awful. But after using Huppy, I could drink a full glass of milk and have negligible bad aftertaste while doing so.

As far as brushing goes, it’s recommended that you take one tablet to brush. I found myself taking two tablets each timeI love my toothpaste extra foamy I brushed and would wet my toothbrush before I began. Biting down on the tablets, the tablets almost entirely had the same taste and consistency of a chewable mint.My wife also tried them, and an interesting discovery we found when using them is that they seemed to work notably better with electric toothbrushes. We were still able to get the same results using a standard toothbrush or an electric without it’s motors, it just took a few additional seconds of brushing to build up the foamyness of the toothpaste. I myself own an electric toothbrush that I would highly recommend, when using it’s programmed settings it quickly was able to build up the foamyness of the toothpaste and get to work.

Another thing I liked about Huppy that can’t be overstated enough is that it didn’t leave behind nasty toothpaste residue after a brush, and I didn’t have to worry about staining my shirt with some artificial color that would be difficult to remove. In the mornings when most people are tired and in a frenzy to get ready for work, I would say not having to worry about leaving the sink a mess or getting toothpaste on your shirt that can’t be easily removed is a huge plus.

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How Well Does Huppy Fair Against The Competition?

When compared against the competition, one of the things I particularly liked is that the container was colorful and looked much better than most competitors’ toothpaste tablet containers.

Another area Huppy particularly shines is in their intense focus on sustainability and their attention to detail. In addition to their carbon neutral shipping policy, all of the packaging involved is recyclable or compostable and that also can’t be overstated enough.

Huppy vs Bite vs Hello Comparison

When it comes to specific competitors such as Bite or Hello, we put together the following table below to help highlight the subtle differences between Huppy and the competition:

Huppy vs. Bite vs. Hello
Comparison Table
Best Toothpaste Tablets
Huppy Logo
Bite Logo
Hello Logo
Biggest Selling PointaddHuppyColorful reusable containers and non-chalky toothpaste tablets that taste and feel like toothpasteBiteQuarterly subscription with refills shipped in compostable packagingHelloA mainstream brand with a plastic-free option
Fun FactsaddHuppyDonates 2% of all their revenue to sustainable initiativesBiteFloss available in a refillable glass bottle tooHelloThe brand has at least ten charcoal products in their line up
Number of FlavorsaddHuppyTwoBiteThreeHelloTwo
Plastic FreeaddHuppyBiteHello
Vegan FriendlyaddHuppyBiteHello
Refill Subscription OptionaddHuppyBiteHello
Free ShippingaddHuppyBiteHello

What Ingredients Does Huppy Use?

Huppy’s primary ingredients include xylitol, hydroxyapatite (nano), coconut oil, peppermint oil, sodium cocoyl isethionate, calcium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, aloe vera, charcoal, natural mint flavor, tea tree oil and tara gum. Below is a full list of their ingredients:

Huppy Customer Reviews

Don’t take my word for it? Here are what customers have to say:

Review from Anna
Best Toothpaste Tabs!

What I love:
  • Cleans like no other

  • Foams so well

  • Sustainable packaging

  • Refillable case

  • Compostable refills

  • Huppy Toothpaste tabs are the best I have tried. My oral hygiene is so important to me and Huppy keeps my breath smelling good and my teeth clean. Before Huppy, I had tried other tabs and ultimately went back to Colgate toothpaste. I am dedicated from here on out to Huppy.

    Review from Martinez
    Love This Toothpaste

    What I love:
  • Natural ingredients

  • Plastic free

  • Sustainable packaging

  • Refillable case

  • Compostable refills

  • I am a dentist and just got them for my dental office and my dental patients. I contacted the company and they kindly made my order a breeze to make. Can’t wait for my patients to try it.

    Review from Cameron
    Chew, Brush, Smile

    What I love:
  • Natural ingredients

  • Foams so well

  • Convenient to use

  • I am a first time user of toothtabs and it was a pleasant experience. I just chewed, brush with a wet toothbrush and it foamed right up. Very impressed!!

    Huppy Review Flavors Gif

    How To Get Started With Huppy?

    To get started with Huppy, you can visit their website and either try them out with a one-time purchase of $12 for one month’s worth of their toothpaste tablet packages, or you can save 33% and setup a recurring subscription with them that will send you 4 months worth of toothpaste tablets every 4 months. Once that is done if you opted for a subscription Huppy will give you the option of picking which color you’d like for your reusable container and will take care of the rest. Huppy’s subscription plan is very flexible, and you can pause, cancel, or tweak the recurring period if you find you need more or less than what’s provided.

    Is Huppy Worth it?

    I definitely think Huppy is worth giving a try! The toothpaste tablet competition is tight, but Huppy seems to have learned from many of the shortfallings of their competitors and incorporated many of those lessons into their products. As an avid toothpaste tablet consumer, Huppy’s toothpaste has a slight edge it seems. As one might suspect, Huppy’s formula removes plaque, freshens breath, and does it all while using better ingredients. Huppy’s toothpaste also whitens teeth, fights cavities, and boosts oral health without the need of chemicals!

    Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by Huppy, and I plan to continue using their tablets going forward. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

    SUMMARYthumb_up PROS
    thumb_down CONS
    • check Colorful Reusable Containers
    • close Can be expensive to try (cheaper to subscribe
    • check Non-chalky toothpaste with a texture similar to tube-base toothpaste
    • check Plastic Free
    • check Sustainable packing and processes in every step of the process
    • check All-natural ingredients
    • check Less messy than traditional toothpaste
    • check Non-chalky toothpaste with a texture similar to tube-base toothpaste

    Huppy Review - Showcase Images

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