outdoor gear Hypervolt Go Review Is This Portable Massage Gun Worth Your Hard-Earned Money? (2023)
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Hypervolt Go Review: Is This Portable Massage Gun Worth Your Hard-Earned Money? (2023)

Massage guns work great to relieve tension, alleviate chronic pain, and speed athletic recovery, but most are too big and clunky to take with you to the gym or office. Read this Hypervolt Go review to find out if this is the solution you have been searching for.

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Our Take:
Theragun Product Image



  • check Ergonomic handle design
  • close Louder than some competitor devices
  • check Premium materials
  • check Therabody app provides suggested routines
  • check Bluetooth connected app
  • check Multiple price points
  • check Deep-kneading massage
The Bottom Line:Theragun by Therabody is the original massage gun that sets the standard for the rest of the industry. The triangular, ergonomic handle helps you get to all of those hard-to-reach areas, and the deep pulse helps drive out tension.
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Hypervolt Product Image



  • check Patented QuietGlide technology
  • close Less ergonomic handle
  • check Industry-leading percussions per minute
  • close Some find the massage isn't as deep as competition
  • check TSA approved for carry-on
  • check Bluetooth connected app
  • check Multiple price points
The Bottom Line: Hypervolt massage guns are known for their quiet operation, but Theragun's patented handle is unparalleled. Hyperice has done a great job of partnering with organizations such as the NBA, but their heightened profile shouldn't be your deciding factor.
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Full Review:
Hypervolt Go Review

It would be easy to dismiss massage guns as a fad, as long as you have never tried one. If you have used a handheld massage gun, then you know they are here to stay, and for good reason. There is a long list of reasons to consider purchasing your own percussion device. Not only do they help alleviate chronic pain and speed recovery between workouts, but they are extremely useful for alleviating tension in the body brought on by stress.

The problem is, some physical therapists recommend using a massage gun two or three times per day in trouble areas, but most massage guns are too big and clunky to take with you on the go. In this Hypervolt Go review, we discuss whether this Hyperice Hypervolt device is worthy of your hard-earned money. It's a portable device, but is it really easier to take on the go? Does it provide the hours of battery life and power you need to treat sore muscles? Let's find out.

Hypervolt Go Review

The Hypervolt Go is designed as the Hyperice response to the Theragun Mini, which you can take with you to the gym, to the office, on an airplane, on a hike, or basically anywhere that you plan to go. In the grand scheme of things, percussion devices haven't been around that long. In a not-too-distant past, if you need a massage to alleviate pain, struggled with chronic soreness, or wanted to improve your range of motion, you either had to visit a physical therapist or beg a significant other for help.

Once the first jigsaw was converted into a massage gun, it took years before any portable options were introduced to the market. While it is definitely a lightweight massage gun, in this Hyperice Hypervolt Go review, we explore whether the portable device performance matches that of a full-sized Hypervolt.

Hypervolt Go Review

Is Hypervolt Go Powerful?

You might expect a smaller, more compact device to offer a less powerful motor, and you would be right. This mini massage gun has a brushless high-torque 40W motor that will get the job done, but it's definitely not as powerful as the 60W motor built into the Hypervolt 2, or the significantly more powerful 90W motor built into the Hypervolt 2 Pro.

With that in mind, the stall force isn't quite as high as some might prefer. What is stall force? Well, stall force is the amount of pressure that can be applied to the massage gun before it, well, stalls. Hyperice doesn't disclose stall force, but based on the less powerful motor and experience, it is safe to say the stall force isn't as heavy-duty as the larger models.

So, what's that mean? It means that the

Hypervolt Go works well as a vibration massage tool, that transfers vibration into that soft tissue to loosen it up, but it might not work as well for deep tissue massage. That's one reason that Hyperice and some other competitors have focused so heavily on percussions per minute, but that so-called strokes per minute metric can be a little misleading.

The Hypervolt Go has three-speed levels, with the highest speed setting reaching 3,200 percussions per minute. Compared to Theragun Mini's 2400 percussions per minute, that seems incredibly impressive, like it would work out any muscle soreness, but the focus on speed ignores depth (also called amplitude). Theragun massage guns have a deeper stroke than Hypervolt devices, which enables the latter to have higher percussions per minute, but also allows that former to offer a deeper massage.

Still, both are limited by lower stall force than larger models, but that doesn't mean either is a bad massage gun. When it comes to thinking about portable massage devices, it is important to keep their intended use in mind. Throw a portable massage gun in your car or take it to the office to relieve tense muscles, but for more serious muscle pain, you might want a device that offers higher levels of massage power.

Is Hypervolt Go Quiet?

The noise level is one thing you don't have to worry about. The common comparison lately is to say that modern massage guns make less noise than an electric toothbrush and that honestly seems about right. The Hypervolt Go is built with QuietGlide technology, just like its bigger siblings. The patented QuietGlide tech is so quiet that, while you might be subtly aware of the sound, it shouldn't interrupt anything else that is going on. Whether you are having a conversation, listening to your favorite podcast, listening to music to get amped up for your workout, or just trying to stay quiet in the office, this portable device should be no distraction.

Is The Battery Life Sufficient?

The battery on the Hypervolt Go lasts for 2.5 hours, compared to the 3 hours of battery life that its larger siblings offer. On one hand, 150 minutes of battery life isn't bad at all, when you consider that key manufacturers and physical therapists recommend using your massage gun two to three times per day, and at 10 to 15 minutes per use. So at most, you should be using the massage guns for 45 minutes on any given day.

And one might expect the portable version to offer less battery life per charge. On the other hand, when you start to consider the target use for this portable massage gun, you can't help but wish the battery lasted a little longer. What do I mean? Well, let's say you are buying the Hypervolt Go strictly for on-the-go use. You might plan to stuff it in your gym bag or office bag so that it is ready and available when you need it. If you are like me, things get crazy when I get home from a work trip or the office. The kids are going crazy, and the chance of me remembering to pull the massage gun out from my bag to charge it is slim to none.

Still, when you compare Hypervolt Go vs Theragun Mini, you will note that the Theragun Mini also boasts 150-minute total battery life, so the problem here might be more my forgetfulness than the battery life. In reality, 150 minutes represents 10 to 15 uses, so unless you are using three times a day while you are on the go, the battery life is plenty sufficient.

Hypervolt Go vs Hypervolt 2 Pro

Portable Percussion Device

You might be tempted to purchase the Hypervolt Go simply because it is cheaper than the other models, but that would be a mistake. The device is designed as a portable massage gun that is convenient to take with you anywhere you go, and that's how you should think about it and use it.

If you deal with chronic pain, frequent soreness, or want to improve your recovery times between workouts, you probably would benefit from one of the full-sized devices. Still, the full-size devices are too big and clunky to lug with you most of the time, and for that reason, the portable Hypervolt Go is an excellent option.

For most people, we recommend using the Hypervolt Go as a supplementary massage device, rather than as your primary massage gun. While you might have come to this review hoping to save a few dollars, the reality is that a quality massage gun is much cheaper than frequent trips to see a massage therapist.

Also, keep in mind that we like the Hypervolt Go. It works great in its intended use as a portable percussion device, but that doesn't mean it should take the place of the professional-grade model (or the entry-level full-sized model, for that matter). On the other hand, if you are truly looking for a device to keep in your gym bag, or at the office, then the Hypervolt Go is a great choice.

What Makes Hypervolt Different?

The Hyperice team has staked a market position in which their Hypervolt massage guns are the main competitor to Theragun. So where does Hypervolt shine? Their biggest claim to fame was the reduced level of noise in comparison to the original Theragun models. Hypervolt's QuietGlide tech is still quieter than Theragun's QuietForce tech, but the difference is no longer as significant. Hypervolt devices are also much faster, reaching speeds as high as 3200 percussions per minute.

Hyperice makes quality-built and durable massage guns, and the more advanced models even include pressure sensors so that you can see how much force is applied mid-massage. It's the quality-build and innovative design that makes the Hyperice devices a better value than the cheaper alternatives. The strong reputation led to partnerships with the NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA Tour, UFC, and the US Olympic teams. While these partnerships largely illustrate the brand's marketing prowess, if the brand works well enough for the best athletes in the world, it will work well for you, too.

Theragun was the industry pioneer and still leads the market in terms of research and development. Theragun is also known for its patented triangular handle, which is intended to offer more ergonomic grips in comparison to more traditional handles. The [Theragun Pro](https://moonlightreviews.com/theragun-pro-review/ is also renowned because it combines an adjustable arm with the ergonomic handle, making it exceedingly easy to get to all of those hard-to-reach areas.

Theragun Mini vs Hypervolt Mini
Comparison Table
Portable Massage Guns
Biggest Selling PointaddTheragunTriangular ergonomic handleHypervoltMore traditional design
Color OptionsaddTheragunThreeHypervoltOne
Speed SettingsaddTheragun3 levels/up to 2400 PPMHypervolt3 levels/up to 3200 PPM
Battery LifeaddTheragun2.5 hoursHypervolt2.5 hours

Is Hypervolt Go Worth It?

The Hypervolt Go doesn't connect to the Hyperice app via Bluetooth, as does the full-sized Hypervolt massage guns, but it still offers most functionality you need for a quick massage on the go. The lowest setting may not provide a deep enough massage to really work out tight muscles, but if you are looking for a portable device to supplement your more powerful device, then the Hypervolt Go is a great option. You might choose to buy a few add-on attachment heads to increase the massage gun's versatility, but the brushless motor works well for its intended use: a portable device you can take to the office or gym, or in your carry-on while traveling.

Sometimes you don't want to lug around a heavier and larger device. For this purpose, the Hypervolt Go shines. And if it seems crazy to keep a more powerful device at home, while also having a portable massage gun, just keep in mind that if you deal with serious sore muscles, it is likely cheaper than frequent visits to a massage therapist.

Hypervolt Go vs Hypervolt 2

Hypervolt Go Alternatives

While the Hypervolt Go is purposely designed to have few bells and whistles and to be easier to keep up with on the move, some might be disappointed that it only comes with two interchangeable head attachments. Specifically, Hyperice's portable massage gun comes with a flat head and bullet head. We would like to say this is sufficient, but our honest take is that most people may want additional massage heads.

My wife and I prefer different massage heads, and personal preference does play a large role here, so the more options the better. If you are familiar with the Hypervolt Plus, then you are probably familiar with the other available attachments, including the fork, the ball, and the cushion head. The fork and cushion seem to have very specific purposes, which are unmet since the attachments aren't included. Of course, the portable Hyperice massage gun isn't as powerful as the devices below, so maybe that is one reason they don't include the cushion head.

Hypervolt Go vs Hypervolt Plus

Hyperice has largely moved on to its next-generation percussion device, including the Hypervolt 2 and Hypervolt 2 Pro, but they still sell the Hypervolt Plus, which is the most advanced massage gun in the previous generation. The Hyperice Hypervolt Plus model has quite a bit going for it, including the high-torque 90W motor, Bluetooth connectivity, and pressure sensor technology that reports how much pressure is being applied during the massage.

You might consider it as an alternative to the Hyperice Hypervolt Go from the perspective that it is a little more affordable than the new generation of percussion guns, but it has its limitations. For instance, you will quickly notice that the Plus model weighs 3 lbs, which is twice as heavy as the Go model. If you are truly in the market for a portable massage device, then that extra 1.5 lbs will be quite noticeable. While the Plus has a more powerful motor that will provide a deeper massage, it only has three speeds of percussion, like the Go model.

We've compared the Plus to quite a few models, including comparing Hypervolt Plus vs Theragun Pro, and the reality is that its technology has mostly been left behind. If you are looking for a portable device, it is too heavy.

And if you think you need more power than the Hyperice Hypervolt Go offers but don't want to break the bank with one of the professional-grade models, then we recommend that you consider the Theragun Elite or Theragun Prime models.

Hypervolt Go vs Hypervolt 2

So, for most people, the Plus probably isn't the best option at this point, but what about the next generation Hyperice model? The Hypervolt 2 is a very legitimate alternative to the Hyperice Hypervolt Go.

Why? For starters, the next-generation device weighs only 1.8 lbs, so it is MUCH lighter than the Plus model. It also offers extended battery life, with up to 3 hours of battery life. As you would expect, it features three speeds of powerful percussion and Bluetooth connectivity.

So, in deciding against the Go model, you have to decide whether or not the portable size really matters to you. If you are willing to sacrifice for a slightly larger body, the Hypervolt 2 features a more powerful 60W motor (compared to the Go model's 40W motor), Hyperice's patented pressure sensor technology, and longer battery life (plus a battery status indicator).

One other small difference is that the larger device comes with all 5 of Hyperice's head attachments. All considered, the Hypervolt 2 is a much better value than the Go model, so it really comes down to the size. The weight is very similar, but the 2 model is slightly bigger. If you are looking for something in a very compact size, then stick with the Go model, but the 2 model is by far the better device.

Hypervolt Go vs Hypervolt 2 Pro

For comparison's sake, that leaves the professional-grade model, the Hypervolt 2 Pro. When people compare Theragun vs Hyperice devices, they are often comparing the Hypervolt 2 Pro against the Theragun Pro, as they are truly the flagship devices.

Of course, we are focused on the Hyperice Hypervolt Go here, and describing the differences between the Go model and the Hypervolt Pro model. In comparing portability, the Hyperice Pro model weighs 2.6 lbs, so it is significantly heavier than the portable model (which weighs 1.5 lbs), but not as heavy as the previous generation model. In exchange for that heavier weight, you get a high-powered 90W motor, so it's not for nothing.

The biggest difference, in my mind, is that the professional-grade model offers five speeds of percussion power, offering ultimate precision control. Still, the professional-grade model isn't the most logical comparison to the portable model. Sure, the professional-grade device will help you optimize muscle performance with maximum percussive power, but it isn't designed for portability in the least. It's also significantly more expensive than the portable device.

Can You Use Your Hypervolt Every Day?

You can use a Hypervolt every day and may find the best results if using it two or three times a day. Massage guns work best when consistently used, which is in fact one of the reasons several brands have developed portable units. For athletes, consider using once before your workout to activate the muscles, once after the workout to alleviate tight muscles, and one other time during the day to work out the lactic acid. A routine similar to this will help you recover more fully.

To relieve pain in trouble areas, run the massage guns over the target muscle group for up to two minutes, but no more. A full body massage might take ten to fifteen minutes. In most instances, 15 to 30 seconds per muscle group should suffice. The good news here is that using your portable massage gun at the office or in the gym doesn't have to be a big deal. You can treat trouble areas in a matter of a few minutes.

Is The Hypervolt Good For Sore Muscles?

A Hypervolt is great for sore muscles, as a nice massage will help to release the lactic acid that causes soreness. Just use some common sense. If you have sore spots that are particularly sensitive, then you can adjust the device down to the lowest speed level or change out the massager head attachments.

We noted elsewhere that the Go model only comes with two head attachments, and that neither attachment is a cushioned head. Of course, if you have any known health conditions, it is always best to consult with a medical professional. While the portable model is the most powerful device available and has lower stall force, it still has surprising power for a device that can fit your purse, satchel, or gym bag.

More Customer Reviews

Of course, you might be interested in what still other customers think of the Hyperice Hypervolt Go. We totally get that and are glad to provide some insight from other customers.

Craig notes that the Go was his first-ever massage gun and that there was a lot to like. Namely, the design is simple, and the device is easy to use. It comes in a handsome, and minimalist-looking form. With all of that considered, Craig said it doesn't pack a heavy punch, so if you are looking to use this on its own, in isolation from other massage guns, then you might be disappointed.

Jon had an interesting observation regarding the Go model. His wife is on the petite side and has smaller hands. They deliberately chose this smallest Hyperice massage gun model because they wanted something that would fit in her hands. So far so good, as Jon and his wife appreciate that the angled handles make it a little easier to reach the back, and the smaller design works well.

While some will complain about the price, Ryan notes that the Go model is quite the value at half the price of other models. If you are looking for a more powerful massage gun, but just don't want to spend the money, then we recommend that consider the Hypervolt 2, but Ryan does offer an interesting perspective. Compared to the value at large, the Go model is quite affordable.

The Go model has largely favorable reviews. Some lament the fact that the portable device doesn't come with more massage attachments, and others wish that it came with a convenient travel pack. After all, the massage gun is intended for use while traveling and on the go. Still, most people love that this portable percussion gun is easy to use, and comes in a smaller size.

Do You Need This Portable Massage Gun?

In considering handheld percussion massage devices, the Hyperice Hypervolt Go is among the best. Sure, there are cheaper massage guns available on Amazon, but the only other portable device that we would recommend you consider is the Theragun Mini. We wouldn't say that the Go is a premium percussion massage device, as it doesn't feature Bluetooth connectivity, and the motor is relatively weak, but neither does the Theragun Mini.

If first researched the Go model because it is an affordable massage device, we recommend you consider the Theragun Prime or Hypervolt 2 instead. Still, there is something to be said for owning a portable percussion gun, so we aren't completely writing off the Go as a viable option.

If you struggle with chronic pain, it might make plenty of sense to carry a portable massage gun with you. Pain doesn't stop for work or life, and having the tools you need to alleviate pain throughout the day might be just what you need to keep going, and to be the best version of yourself. Similarly, if you have a particularly stressful workplace, a nice little midday massage might be just what you need. For serious athletes, and those dealing with serious chronic pain, we recommend starting with a full-size model, but for many, the

Hypervolt Go might be just what you need.

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