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Top 3 Hypoallergenic Sheets:
Buffy vs. Cozy Earth
vs. Sheets & Giggles

We reviewed Buffy, Cozy Earth, and Sheets & Giggles to highlight the best hypoallergenic sheets on the market. Don't compromise comfort while sleeping.

Buffy vs Cozy Earth vs Sheets & Giggles - Cover Image

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Such is the case with your sheets. The world around us is changing at break-neck speed, but chances are, you have been sleeping in the same cotton-style sheets for decades. Today is the day for change.

Traditional cotton sheets are naturally more prone to trap moisture than their eucalyptus or bamboo counterparts. This is a big deal, because the moisture-wicking properties natural to eucalyptus and bamboo sheets fight bacterial growth and other indoor allergens. The tight weave found in hypoallergenic sheets also makes dust mites less likely.

So, when you buy these sheets you can proudly know you made a decision that is both unique and responsible. Even better, you will be diving into a new pair of sheets that are more comfortable and breathable than your old cotton sheets. So which brand should you choose? We will help you decide. Read the detailed review or see the side-by-side comparison below.

Buffy vs. Cozy Earth vs. Sheets & Giggles
Comparison Table
WHAT ARE THE BEST HYPOALLERGENIC SHEETS?Buffy LogoCozy Earth LogoSheets & Giggles Logo
PriceaddBuffy💰💰💰Cozy Earth💰💰💰💰Sheets & Giggles💰💰
Biggest Selling PointaddBuffyEarth Friendly MissionCozy EarthOprah's Favorite ThingsSheets & GigglesBold and Sassy Style
Fabric SourceaddBuffyEucalyptusCozy EarthBambooSheets & GigglesEucalyptus
Thread CountaddBuffy300Cozy EarthNot Disclosed, Company Prefers Focus on ReviewsSheets & Giggles400
HypoallergenicaddBuffyCozy EarthSheets & Giggles
Color ProfileaddBuffyNeutral TonesCozy EarthWhiteSheets & GigglesVibrant Colors
Sustainable FocusaddBuffyCozy EarthSheets & Giggles
ShippingaddBuffyFree Shipping & ReturnsCozy EarthFree Shipping & ReturnsSheets & GigglesFree Shipping To Most US Homes
WebsiteaddBuffyCozy EarthSheets & Giggles

Why Buy Hypoallergenic Sheets?

The obvious reason to buy hypoallergenic sheets is to fight back against allergies, but the reason hypoallergenic sheets are so important might be deeper than you think. Hypoallergenic sheets repel allergens from the surface where you sleep, but also protect your mattress, box springs, and pillow. It is one thing to make sure your sheets are fresh, but it is an entirely taller task to make sure your bed itself is staying fresh. Mattresses, box springs, and pillows are expensive, so chances are you keep them for a decade or more. Considering this, hypoallergenic sheets are key for protecting your bed from dust mites, dead skin, bacteria and other allergens.

Investing in hypoallergenic sheets is a simple solution to help you fight your allergies at night. If that isn’t reason enough, these hypoallergenic properties will help your skin, too. Because they are moisture wicking and repel bacteria, your skin will stay cleaner.

Hypoallergenic Sheets Made From Eucalyptus and Bamboo are Sustainable

These hypoallergenic sheets are not only softer than cotton sheets, but the production process is often better for the planet. It generally takes less water and energy to produce eucalyptus sheets, as an example. Eucalyptus trees can be grown with 10X less water than it takes to grow cotton, and because trees are less susceptible to pest damage than cotton plants, pesticides aren’t needed either.

Two of the sheets highlighted originate from Eucalyptus trees, and both Buffy and Sheets & Giggles work with sustainable farmers. Buffy’s partner plants four trees for every three trees harvested. Sheets & Giggles plants two trees for every tree harvested, in addition to planting one tree for every order received.

That’s a lot of trees, so not only is the world’s tree canopy being replenished, but less water and electricity is being used. Cozy Earth is in on the game too. Bamboo used by Cozy Earth is sourced stringently from USDA certified organic farms, and they utilize reusable packaging. Cotton sheets require more water, electricity, and pesticides than either eucalyptus or bamboo sheets.

Don’t Sweat It: Hypoallergenic Materials Are Cooler Than Cotton

Buffy, Cozy Earth, and Sheets & Giggles are clearly three of the best options if you are looking to invest in quality, hypoallergenic sheets. If you are worried about sacrificing comfort to buy hypoallergenic sheets, worry no more. Sheets originating from eucalyptus and bamboo are naturally softer and cooler than traditional cotton sheets. Say goodbye to the night sweats.

There are plenty of companies out there that sell hypoallergenic sheets as a fringe part of a larger line-up, but Buffy, Cozy Earth and Sheets & Giggles specialize in eucalyptus/bamboo sheets because they believe eucalyptus and bamboo are the best option for sourcing sheets.

The benefits are clear. Not only are the sheets hypoallergenic, but they are sustainably made and widely considered more comfortable than cotton sheets.

Buffy Sheets Review: Sleep Well And Care For Earth Too

Buffy is so confident you will love their sheets that they offer a free 7 night trial. They only complete the transaction based on what you choose to keep. That is a pretty bold policy, but perhaps it is the cool-to-touch and softer-than-cotton features they believe will convince you.

If not these features, perhaps it’s the hypoallergenic or highly breathable nature of the fabric they are counting on to convince you. Regardless, these sheets are like sliding into clouds that are somehow both cozy and cool, and Buffy is convinced you will become a believer too.

Don’t Settle For Less

An incredible amount of thought and responsibility goes into Buffy sheets. The fabric comes from a regenerative forest, and only natural dyes such as tea, gardenias, and turmeric are used to add color to the sheets. The eucalyptus is sourced from Austria, using 10x less water than it would take to produce cotton sheets.

And if you don’t like the sheets? Customers are encouraged to donate products they don’t want in an exchange for a refund, because returns are an inherently inefficient process increasing CO2 emissions. It’s obvious they put their money where their beliefs are, and we think that is pretty cool.

Perhaps the best thing about Buffy, is that when you buy these sheets you will both indulge in comfort and make a decision responsible to the planet. The eucalyptus fibers are just as durable as cotton, but not only are they softer, but will get softer over time. Each time you wash your sheets you will love them more than the last time you slept on them.

It’s a win-win situation, so when you buy new sheets from Buffy, you can go ahead and purchase a new comforter and pillows too.

Sheets & Giggles Review: Sustainable Meets Sassy

Sheets & Giggles stands out as a bold company in many ways. The name is edgy, the sheets come in vibrant colors (like royal purple and mint green), the website has a few “easter eggs” to be found, and they have a VP of Barketing. No, that wasn’t a typo.

The founder’s dog has an entire page on the website dedicated to him, and they call him the VP of Barketing. If you like to have a little fun in your sheets, you should probably go ahead and buy some Sheets & Giggles right now. Besides, Sheets & Giggles’ eucalyptus sheets are naturally softer, more breathable, and better at moisture-wicking than the cotton sheets you are used to.

Never Sleep On Cotton Again

Like Buffy before, Sheets & Giggles does things the right way. The company claims “near-zero” waste, and 96% less water used during production than cotton-based counterparts. If that’s not awesome enough, because sheets are the #2-most-requested item at homeless shelters, when you donate your old sheets, Sheets & Giggles will give you 10% off your next purchase. Dang.

What’s our favorite detail? It’s hard to pick with the sustainably driven business approach and vibrant colors, but the small details matter too. Sheets & Giggles have little tags telling you which corner goes where. For anyone that has ever fought to get the fitted sheet on a king size bed, you know what a big deal this is.

Sheets & Giggles carefully considered every little detail of these sheets, from choosing responsibly managed forests for sourcing to making it easier for you to make the bed. They sell comforters, duvet covers, and throw blankets too, so once you fall in love with Eucalyptus, you will probably be headed back for more.

Just for Sheets & Giggles

Cozy Earth Sheets Review: The Best Bamboo Sheets On The Market

Cozy Earth bamboo sheets twice made the cut for Oprah’s famous list of her Favorite Things, so if you are looking for hypoallergenic bamboo sheets, your search should stop and end with Cozy Earth. While Sheets & Giggles capitalizes on their bold and sassy style, Cozy Earth is in many ways the exact opposite. Cozy Earth products come in white. That’s it. Cozy Earth knows their value is in the comfort and durability, so they let the product speak for itself.

How can they be so confident in their product that they don’t even offer multiple colors? The founder of Cozy Earth traveled around the world personally building each part of the company’s eventual supply chain. A lot of companies sell “bamboo sheets” that are really cheap bamboo blends, but Cozy Earth invested in developing high-end bamboo products to enhance the features that come natural to bamboo.

Never Compromise on Quality

Like eucalyptus sheets, bamboo sheets are softer than cotton, but bamboo is particularly effective at regulating body temperature. The high quality nature of these bamboo sheets also maximizes their hypoallergenic nature. Let’s be clear, these are the most expensive sheets on our list, but the price is reflective of both the research invested in the product and the general quality of the product.

Cozy Earth’s attention to quality details extends throughout the company’s portfolio, meaning they know exactly where the bamboo comes from and how it is processed into the perfect bamboo sheets. No harmful chemicals or pesticides are used, and because so much time was invested into developing the perfect bamboo fabric, the benefits would be wasted if they didn’t extend beyond sheets and bedding.

Cozy Earth has extended their bamboo quality to an entire loungewear line, so whether you are looking for temperature regulating pajamas and komodo robes, or searching for a less humid pullover, Cozy Earth has you covered. Start with sheets, then expand to other bedding, and complete the circle with new loungewear. If it is good enough for Oprah, you won’t regret your purchase.

Customer Reviews

Don’t want to take our word for it? We understand. We carefully curated the most insightful five star reviews from around the web, so they are all right here at your fingertips. Each brand has its own unique qualities that helped them rise to our list of the three best hypoallergenic sheets, and that really shines through in the customer reviews. We’re betting after looking through these reviews you will know exactly which sheets are right for you.

5 Star Buffy Sheets Reviews

Review from Dani: I bought the entire set- cloud comforter, sheets, and duvet. Best decision ever made! So fluffy & cozy!! Treat yo self!

Review from Michael: Really enjoying getting into bed every evening after switching to Buffy bedding. I am cool through the night and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Review from Lisa: Oh my goodness!!! These sheets are amazing. They are so soft and buttery straight from the box but were even softer after the first wash. We have been sleeping so well in these bad boys!

Review from Natalie: I am a hot sleeper, and so I ordered the eucalyptus sheets especially for my summer sleeps. I don’t have any AC, and so I inevitably always sweat at night, but don’t want to be washing my sheets every day. After a week of sleeping with them, I am impressed with how they resist getting any sweat stains. This helps me to feel cool, as the sheets below me never feel damp.

5 Star Cozy Earth Sheets Reviews

Review from Carrie: I know people say this all the time about Cozy Earth, but you really do feel like you’re sleeping in a fancy boutique hotel bed when using this bedding! It’s beyond soft, and feels super cooling, too, which is a must for us since we live in a 1960s home without air conditioning. My advice is to go the full nine yards and get the sheets AND duvet cover because that combo turned our king bed into a cloud. Couldn’t recommend it more!

Review from Mary: I honestly did not believe that there would be a big difference, or that I would even notice a difference, from other sheets. Believe me, you definitely will notice!!! It’s lovely to sleep on these sheets! It feels luxurious and comfortable at the same time. Treat yourself, you are worth it, & so are these sheets!

Review from Cynde: Amazing! They are so comfortable and I don’t get as hot when I sleep! Absolutely love them. I will keep using the set I bought, washing and putting back on until I can afford to buy another set. I also purchased the pajamas which are made out of the same material and are so soft and comfortable. Best I’ve ever had for sure!

Review from Melinda: Hands down the softest sheets I have ever slept on and I buy lots and lots of bedding. These are an absolute Win, I have been sleeping well.

5 Star Sheets & Giggles Reviews

Review from Reagan:We are obsessed with our sheets! They are the perfect size and so comfortable. We also loved the fast shipping and fun packaging. We will definitely be ordering again!

Review from Chelsea: My husband and I are opposite sleepers. He loves it cold and I like it warm. These sheets are the best of both worlds. They are incredibly soft, hands down the softest sheets I’ve ever owned. They are cool for him and comfy warm for me. I love the extra deep pockets on the fitted sheet. We recently bought a new mattress (purple) and our old sheets weren’t deep enough so they kept coming off. These sheets fit perfectly and no one is fighting over them. Highly recommend!

Review from Lisa: I’ve wanted these sheets for months and finally my husband surprised me with them for Mother’s Day! There was an error made (on our end) so I emailed the company about it on a Friday night, assuming they would not get back to me until Monday. But to my surprise they actually got back to me the next day. A few emails back and forth and our issue was resolved. The customer service rep got back to us very quickly. We are so in love with our sheets and can’t wait to buy their blanket in the future.

We’ve poured countless hours into researching the best hypoallergenic sheets on the market. We are convinced that Buffy, Cozy Earth, and Sheets & Giggles are the best. Hopefully, at this point you know enough about each of the brands and their unique benefits that you are ready to make a decision, but if not, we are glad to make a recommendation.

Our favorite hypoallergenic sheets are sold by Sheets & Giggles. Like the other options on our list, they are softer and cooler than cotton counterparts, and sustainably made, but Sheets & Giggles unapologetically stands out on styling. Referencing the queen sheets as a benchmark, Sheets & Giggles is about 25% more affordable than Buffy, while offerring 400 thread count to Buffy’s 300 thread count. Compared to Cozy Earth, Sheets & Giggles is nearly half the price. Sheets & Giggles products are an excellent value. We love Sheets & Giggles sheets so much, they landed on our list of Ten Best Gifts for 2020.

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