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Lawnbright Review: Natural Lawn Care & Weed Control (2023)

Should you try Lawnbright lawn care? We reviewed Lawnbright lawn care, as well as its major competitors, to help you make the best decision possible.

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Our Take:
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The Bottom Line:Lawnbright came on to the scene with a bang. They are most similar to Sunday Lawn Care in that they offer natural fertilizer in liquid form that can be sprayed on your yard with a hose. Lawnbright's biggest pro is that they were the first to offer a natural weed pre-emergent, which is a big deal.
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Full Review:
Lawnbright Review

Owning a home is still a significant part of the American dream. Having a little space and your own lawn provides a little individuality and privacy. Lawnbright helps develop a lush lawn while providing weed control with none of the harsh chemicals. If you dream of joy-filled outdoor living with your family and friends, or if you just want your yard to look good, then

Lawnbright is worth your attention.

Lawnbright Review - Natural & Safe

Natural Lawn Care Subscription

Many of us have growing awareness about the chemicals we expose ourselves to, and unfortunately, traditional box-store fertilizers are frequently full of harsh chemicals. Box-store fertilizers are also sold in solid form and are a mess to carry home and put down. That dust cloud of synthetic fertilizers has made me nervous on more than one occasion.

Lawnbright is part of a new breed of subscription lawn care services. You might consider a few other brands, such as Sunday Lawn Care and Rachio Thrive, but we will dive into specific differences between the brands shortly. For now, just know that Lawnbright combines the strengths of Sunday Lawn Care and Rachio Thrive and eliminates their most significant weaknesses.

Lawnbright Review

Lawn care can honestly be a pain. Some of us have spent years fighting brown grass and bare spots, all while begrudgingly relying on box-store brand fertilizers to green things up. But there are three significant problems with traditional fertilizers:

  • They aren't always safe to use

  • They superficially green the grass, but don't improve the soil

  • Purchasing at a box-store and lugging home is inconvenient

Lawnbright's product and system solve each of these problems. It's a natural law product that completely avoids harsh chemicals and toxic substances. The Lawnbright product provides nutrients to the soil that help improve your yard's overall ecosystem and, in turn, creates healthier grass, rather than just a shot of nitrogen to make the grass green. And because Lawnbright offers a subscription service, the liquid nutrients will be delivered to your doorstep. You don't even have to leave the house.

And by the way, Lawnbright's solution includes a natural and effective

pre-emergent weed control. This is perhaps the biggest advantage over competitor products in the natural lawn care subscription space.

Ordering & Subscription

You don't have to go to the local hardware store or big-box store, so how does the process work? How does Lawnbright know what to send you? Great Question.

To get started, Lawnbright will ask you to take a short quiz about your yard’s health and your current lawn care routines. Then they ask you to estimate the size of your yard, so they can calculate how much product to send to you, as well as the price. There are three lawn sizes to choose from, including small (about the size of a tennis court), medium (about the size of a basketball court), and large.

The first delivery you receive will include at least two products to get you started and a soil sample kit so that Lawnbright can customize your solutions in the future. They provide pre-paid envelopes to return soil samples in, and upon receiving, Lawnbright analyzes the existing nutrients in your soil to plan a custom solution as you advance.

After the first shipment, you will receive a shipment every eight weeks filled with organic Lawnbright soil conditioners and fertilizers. Like its competitors, shipments will automatically pause during the winter, maintaining the most reasonable value for you.

Lawnbright also offers the Great Lawn Guarantee. It's not a full, money-back type guarantee, but they believe the product will work. If you have any issues, they will either work with you to help solve the problems or provide a pro-rated refund.

Lawnbright Review - Try Now

How Does Lawnbright Work?

The Lawnbright solutions come in liquid form, in containers that will attach to your hose. The top of your container acts as a spreader, so you simply walk around your yard to spray on Lawnbright. It's a much easier application process than a traditional solid fertilizer, and you won't have to worry about inhaling potentially toxic and harmful dust either.

Lawnbright uses natural ingredients that you can pronounce and recognize. They believe natural ingredients are better for the lawn's long-term health, as well as safer for your family and the earth. We tend to agree.

Traditional fertilizers do more harm than good over time because they don't improve your soil. Instead, they just give your grass a temporary shot of green. The problem with this is that this makes your yard more vulnerable to bad actors, like disease, weeds, and drought. So in many ways, traditional fertilizer is counter-productive unless you are an expert on counter-balancing it with additional applications.


Lawnbright uses ingredients like sea kelp, cedar oil, cornmeal, and molasses to infuse your soil with the nutrients it really needs. The Lawnbright team will send you the right combination of these natural ingredients, just when you need them, to help improve your lawn's health.

Pretty soon, your grass will look like a combination of Central Park and Wrigley Field. Nice!

Does Lawnbright Have Natural Weed Control?

While Sunday Lawn Care and Rachio Thrive are solid options, they don't offer all-natural pre-emergent weed control. At least for now, this is the one major advantage Lawnbright has over the alternatives. Sunday Lawn Care and Rachio Thrive take a similar approach to improve soil health with natural nutrients, but they haven't dialed in weed control.

And sure, you can buy pre-emergent weed control in a big bag from a local hardware store, but many of the best-known lawn care companies sell pre-emergent weed control with known carcinogens. Yikes. You deserve better. Your family, pets, and friends deserve better too.

Instead, Lawnbright utilizes corn gluten meal to manage weeds, which has been evidenced through research to reduce crabgrass by up to 86%. When applied following Lawnbright's instructions, it should improve your yard’s ecosystem’s overall health and quality.

Lawnbright sends out its all-natural weed control to subscribers in their spring boxes. It's the perfect time of year to develop a solid nutrient foundation for a healthy and green lawn while also limiting pesky weeds.

More Lawnbright Products

While customers will be happy with the natural lawn food and weed pre-emergent, the Lawnbright team didn't stop there. They may be a new company, but they don't plan to stop with basic lawn care products. Instead, shortly after rolling out their natural fertilizer subscription, they rolled out two more products.

Keep in mind that Lawnbright is already on the cutting-edge of lawn care innovation because they have a natural weed pre-emergent, but now they have pet spot repair and a natural insect repellant too.

The organic pet spot repair is an innovative product that will repair yard spots caused by dog urine, and help prevent them in the future. If you use the product regularly, it will actually help prevent pets spots altogether, which is pretty incredible.

Perhaps the product I am most excited about is the Yard Patrol organic mosquito and tick control. A few of my immediate family members are overly susceptible to mosquito bites, but Yard Patrol utilizes cedar to repel pesky bugs. Some people are reluctant to use pest control because of the dwindling bee population, but Yard Patrol will have no adverse impact on the bee population or other important pollinators.

Keep the important bugs around, and scare off the ones that like to use your skin as a snack smorgasbord. And by the way, Yard Patrol is available on a subscription basis, which we highly recommend.

The Lawnbright team is completely changing the game since they can help you develop a healthy lawn with natural ingredients, but also help you control weeds, repair pet spots, and repel annoying insects. It's a holistic and impressive approach to lawn care.

Lawnbright Review - Explore Now

Lawnbright vs. Competition

There is no shortage of lawn care options. We completed a comprehensive comparison review featuring Sunday Lawn Care, Rachio Thrive, Lawn Serv, Lawnifi, and Scotts Annual program. Based on hours of research and our own experiences, we can confidently say that Lawnbright is one of the best options on the market.

Lawn Serv, Lawnifi, and Scotts Annual Program all come up short compared to the alternatives, so we will focus on how Lawnbright stacks up against Sunday Lawn Care and Rachio Thrive. While Scotts Program is probably the best-known lawn care company, you might be pleasantly surprised at the benefits some of the alternatives offer.

Lawnbright vs. Sunday vs. Rachio Thrive
Comparison Table
Lawnbright Competitor Analysis
Lawnbright Logo
Sunday Logo
Rachio Thrive Logo
PriceaddLawnbright💰💰+Sunday💰💰Rachio Thrive💰💰💰
Biggest Selling PointaddLawnbrightOrganic Pre-emergent weed controlSundayCustomized and all-natural lawn health solution in liquid pouchesRachio ThriveThe system focuses on ecosystem health, including appropriate watering
Fun FactsaddLawnbrightLawn Intelligence sends texts about application and watering schedulesSunday1% of all sales go to restoring the native tallgrass prairieRachio ThriveRachio app customizes lawn treatments and water application
Natural IngredientsaddLawnbrightSundayRachio Thrive
Associated AppaddLawnbrightSundayRachio Thrive
Soil Test for Customized ResultsaddLawnbrightSundayRachio Thrive
Liquid or SolidaddLawnbrightLiquidSundayLiquidRachio ThriveLiquid
Weed Control IncludedaddLawnbright✅ (pre-emergent)SundayRachio Thrive
Kid and Pet FriendlyaddLawnbrightSundayRachio Thrive
WebsiteaddLawnbrightSundayRachio Thrive

Lawnbright vs. Sunday Lawn Care

While Sunday Lawn Care is the most directly comparable brand to Lawnbright, the most significant difference is that Sunday's product doesn't offer organic weed control. Sunday offers spot weed control intended to be used in flower beds and mulch and rock gardens, but it isn't a natural product.

Lawnbright vs. Sunday Lawn Care

We like Sunday. Their product is conveniently delivered in nutrient pouches to your front door and applied with a hose similar to Lawnbright. Sunday also uses a soil sample to customize the combination of the exact nutrients of products they will deliver as part of the subscription. Everything but the spot weed control is natural.

One advantage that Sunday Lawn Care has over Lawnbright is that Sunday also sells grass seed including cool-season grasses, transitional grasses, and southern grasses. Nonetheless, Lawnbright will send you guidance on when and how to seed based on your specific climate.

If you are seeding a lawn, you might consider Sunday simply so you can purchase your seed and fertilizer in the same place, but Lawnbright's organic weed control is a game-changer. We recommend you give Lawnbright strong consideration because they offer both natural fertilizer and organic weed control.

Lawnbright vs. Rachio Thrive

Lawnbright vs. Rachio Thrive

The first thing you need to know about Rachio Thrive is that Rachio specializes in intelligent sprinkler controllers. Their sprinkler controllers are the best in the business, bar none. They connect to an app on your phone and adjust watering schedules based on your area’s weather. So if you have a sprinkler system installed, you might want to check out one of Rachio's controllers and the Rachio Thrive lawn care system.

The only trouble with this is that Rachio Thrive is intended to be used in conjunction with one of Rachio's sprinkler controllers. If you don't have a sprinkler system or don't yet have a Rachio controller, you will need to consider Sunday Lawn Care or Lawn Bright.

For those that do have a Rachio controller, Rachio Thrive's Lawn Champion is a great product. It is developed to provide nutrients to the soil and to nurture total turf health. Like the competitors highlighted above, Rachio Thrive is a better alternative than box-store brands that give your grass a temporary shot of green because they improve the soil and overall roots system.

Ah, but the weed control. Rachio Thrive doesn't offer natural weed control, which is a significant downside to the brand, alongside requiring the use of a sprinkler system. Lawnbright works in any yard, regardless of whether there is a sprinkler system, and the Lawnbright system includes pre-emergent weed control.

Lawnbright Lawn Intelligence

While Rachio sells controllers that integrate with an app and consider weather conditions, Lawnbright isn't too far behind. Lawnbright doesn't sell sprinkler controllers, but their product is intended to work on any lawn, and they take the more streamlined approach of simply texting you. Lawnbright texts you to let you know when to apply the product and when to water your lawn based on local weather conditions. Pretty smart.

Lawnbright Review - Buy Now

Is Lawnbright Worth It?

Traditional lawn care companies have rested on their laurels long enough. Box-store fertilizers are harmful, even carcinogenic. That's not even to mention they are inconvenient and messy. Lawnbright is part of a new breed subscription lawn care plans that improve the total health of your yard's ecosystem.

Lawnbright is a fantastic lawn care solution. Product is delivered to your door based on personalized soil testing, the application process is easy, and the product is safe for your kids, pets, family, and friends. Plus, Lawnbright is the only subscription lawn care service that includes pre-emergent weed control. Lawnbright is worth the investment.

  • check Personalized soil testing
  • close Don't sell seeds
  • check Product is safe for kids and pets
  • check All-natural ingredients
  • check Organic Pre-emergent weed control
  • check Subscription delivered to door

Lawnbright will help you develop a plush, green lawn you will be proud to own. Watch a movie under the stars, play chase with your kids, or enjoy a barbecue with friends. Subscribe to Lawnbright, and build a healthy and beautiful lawn.

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