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Our Favorite Bed-In-A-Box Mattresses:
Leesa vs Nectar vs Purple

It's hard to know which mattress might be right for you, but we reviewed Leesa, Nectar, and Purple to help you decide.

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Leesa vs Nectar vs Purple Review

Gone are the days when you had to go to a mattress store to buy a new bed. Leesa, Nectar, and Purple are part of a tidal wave of new mattress companies selling direct-to-consumer online. As a result, purchasing a mattress online can be a much more pleasant experience.

Dealing with fewer salespeople is always a good thing, and all of the major online mattress brands have in-home sleep trials, so you can feel comfortable knowing you made the right decision.

Leesa, Nectar, or Purple?

Of course, the downside to buying a mattress online is that you might not feel quite as confident in your decision, but we are here to help. Leesa, Nectar, and Purple all shine in different ways. Still, our research and experience suggest that Purple mattresses might be the most difficult to adjust to because they are so different than traditional memory foam beds or hybrid mattresses.

This is all explained in detail below, but for now, here are our recommendations:

Top Bed-In-A-Box Mattress Comparisons
Leesa vs Nectar vs PurpleLeesaNectarPurple
Overall ValueaddLeesa⭐⭐⭐⭐Nectar⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Purple⭐⭐⭐
B Corp CertifiedaddLeesaNectarPurple
Financing AvailableaddLeesaNectarPurple
Compressed in BoxaddLeesaNectarPurple
Trial PeriodaddLeesa100-Night TrialNectar365-Night TrialPurple100-Night Trial

Leesa Mattress Review

If you like to support businesses that emphasize being good corporate citizens, then Leesa is the mattress brand for you. Leesa is a Certified B Corporation, which means they have proven to use their company as a force for social and environmental good.

What does that mean in practical terms? Well, their headquarters uses renewable energy, and a portion of revenue is set aside to provide mattresses to people in need.

Of course, none of this matters much without quality products. Fortunately, Leesa makes high-caliber mattresses for all body types and any sleep positions. For every ten mattresses sold, they donate a bed to a child in need is the cherry on the top.

Leesa Original

The Leesa Original mattress is an all-foam mattress designed to provide medium-firm support. While all-foam mattresses are ubiquitous these days, the Leesa Original is thoughtfully designed to provide everything you need without the over-engineering you don’t need.

There are three layers in the Leesa Original that work together seamlessly. The top layer is a breathable layer, called the Comfort Layer, that cradles your body as you sleep. The Comfort Layer sits atop a memory foam recovery layer that contours to your body in a manner that gives your pressure relief. If you have aches and pains, it’s this Recovery Layer that will help alleviate unwanted pressure for your back, hips, and shoulders.

The Comfort Layer and Recovery Layer are reinforced by the Support level that provides durability and density to the Leesa Original mattress. Some heavier sleepers have trouble with all-foam beds, but the Support Layer is designed to give all sleepers a solid and connected feeling. So whether you consider yourself to be a back sleeper, a side sleeper, or a stomach sleeper, the Leesa Original should work for you.

Here is another interesting tidbit: Leesa mattresses are made to order, so you might have to wait a week or two to receive your bed. Still, it is nice to know that your new Leesa mattress isn’t coming from a warehouse where it was sitting and collecting dust in the age of mass production and warehouse storage.

If there is a downside to the Leesa mattress, it’s that it has an odd smell, almost like fresh paint, when it is opened. The smell dissipates over time. Still, it’s a quality memory foam mattress made from the highest environmental and social standards.

Leesa Hybrid

We’re big fans of hybrid mattresses. However, some all-foam beds hug your body so well that your body may have trouble naturally realigning as you sleep. While this is why the Leesa Original has a significant support layer, the hybrid mattress takes this to the next level. The dual layers of premium foam and coils offer a heavenly night’s sleep.

Leesa’s premium foam is combined with supportive springs that provide the perfect amount of bounce and responsiveness, which allows you to move more naturally and realign your body while you sleep. This helps prevent and alleviate many aches and pains.

If you consider yourself to be a hot sleeper, you will be pleased to know that the top layer of foam is hole-punched in a manner that provides cooling comfort. Combined with the breathable and soft comfort, the

Leesa team went beyond the basics to offer an all-around comfortable sleep experience.

While we love hybrid mattresses, there are some downsides. Specifically, some mattresses with springs introduce unwanted noise and motion transfer. The Leesa Hybrid is designed with a Quick Responsive Layer that reduces noise and motion transfer to minimal levels. If your sleep partners tosses and turns, you shouldn’t feel much movement at all.

The mattress is a

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Leesa vs Nectar vs Purple Comparison

Leesa Legend

Legend. Legendary. It’s a reasonably bold name for a mattress, but we don’t disagree. The Leesa Legend features not one but two layers of springs for targeted support across the entire mattress. In addition, the Leesa Legend features similar pocket springs as the Leesa Hybrid, which provides edge-to-edge support, but the Legend model also introduces micro-coils that provide pinpointed hip and shoulder support.

With a sustainable and hypoallergenic cover made from organic cotton, merino wool, and fiber made from recycled water bottles, the Leesa Legend might just be the most luxurious mattress you’ve ever slept on. The cover wraps Leesa’s hole-punched Comfort Layer, which provides breathability and responsiveness, which sits atop the Recovery Memory Foam Layer designed to relieve pressure as noted for the Leesa mattresses above.

All of this luxury design and materials are supported by one of the most advanced spring layers available on the market. The multiple layers of springs, including the traditional pocket springs and the more advanced micro-coils, are wrapped in an exclusive foam that provides a near-perfect combination of support, cushioning, noise reduction, and motion isolation.

The Leesa Legend mattress will cost a few extra dollars compared to the price of some of their other mattresses or the competition; however, if you invest in the Legend, you are investing in a premium product designed for premium comfort and performance. Sleep like a baby.

Leesa vs Purple vs Nectar Review

Leesa Studio

At the other end of the spectrum from the Leesa Legend, the Leesa Studio mattress provides an affordable alternative to other entry-level foam mattresses such as the Casper Original and those spotlighted below.

The Studio still features multiple layers of memory foam, including a top cooling layer that disseminates body heat. The base layer provides enough support to prevent you from feeling like you are sinking, but on the firmness scale, the Leesa Studio falls at a medium-firm rating of 5-7 out of 10, just like Leesa’s other mattresses.

If you are looking for a high-end, high-tech mattress, you will want to consider one of Leesa’s other mattresses, but if you are primarily searching for affordability and value, the Leesa Studio is worth considering, but we will point you to Nectar’s mattresses for value. Nectar’s total value proposition is tough to beat.

All of Leesa’s mattresses are made in the United States from a business that prides itself on being a force for good. As a result, a Leesa mattress is an excellent investment, and the Leesa Studio is a great value.

Is Leesa Worth It?

The Leesa team makes high-quality mattresses for all types of sleepers. We are particularly fond of the Leesa Legend, one of the nicest luxury mattresses available on the internet. But, of course, the Leesa Legend mattress has the price of a premium bed, too. So, if cost is your primary consideration, we would recommend Nectar, but the value is in the eye of the beholder.

Keep in mind Leesa is the only Certified B Corporation we reviewed here, which means the company has gone out of there way to be proper environmental and social citizens. For every ten mattresses sold, they donate a mattress to someone in need. While Leesa is more expensive than some lower-tier brands, it costs about the same as other premium brands. The difference is you know that premium price is well worth it.

Combine the technology and advanced design from the Leesa Legend with Leesa’s corporate good deeds, and you have a winner. Leesa is worth the money.

  • check Certified B Corporation
  • close Premium pricing
  • check Premium materials
  • check Advanced technology
  • check Delivered in a compact box

Leesa vs Nectar vs Purple Review

Nectar Mattress Review

We’ve been impressed with Nectar mattresses, so let’s just start right here: Nectar offers incredible value compared to the competition. Their technology is new and innovative, without being over the top, and their prices are nearly unmatched for mattresses of similar quality. Add in the 365-night sleep trial and limited lifetime warranty that Nectar calls the Forever Warranty, and you will find a very compelling mattress company.

Original Nectar

The Original Nectar Mattress is sold at a price point substantially below some major competitors offering similar all-foam mattresses, but don’t let that fool you into assuming Nectar’s quality and innovation are lacking.

Under the cooling quilted cover, you will find three inches of gel memory foam that supportively cradles your body in a way that provides pressure relief. The gel memory foam sits atop a dynamic, specialized support layer that dynamically responds to pressure points as you move around on the bed. Not only does this help relieve pressure, but it also reduces motion transfer across the mattress.

While old-school foam mattresses were so pillowy the sleeper might feel like they were sinking or stuck, newer foam mattresses include better support layers to remedy this problem. In the case of the Original Nectar, a dense, 7-inch layer acts as the mattress’s base and provides recognizable support to any body weight. This high-density foam layer also improves the bed’s durability and longevity.

The technology included in the Original Nectar mattress far exceeds anything you might have found in a traditional memory foam bed. It works well for any type of sleeper, including combination sleepers. On a firmness scale to 10, the Nectar Original mattress lands at the “just right’ firmness level around a 6 or 7.

Nectar’s memory foam layers have that sweet combination of support and cushiness that sleepers are looking for, and from a sheer value perspective, the Nectar Original memory foam mattress is class-leading. Plus, there is no reason to worry about box mattresses. Simply put, your Nectar mattress on a well-designed platform bed or similar foundation bed frame.

And keep in mind Nectar offers a 365-night trial, so if you are on the fence, there really is little downside to trying a new mattress out.

Nectar vs Leesa vs Purple Comparison

Nectar Premier

The Nectar Premier mattresses have several similar qualities to the original Nectar; however, it has a few additional features worth exploring. All of Nectar’s mattresses are made with cooling materials quilted into the cover, but the Nectar Premier also features a proprietary ActiveCool memory foam, which adjusts to your body’s heat.

The ActiveCool layer is unique in that if you’re a hot sleeper, this layer of memory foam will wick heat away from your body. Conversely, if you are a cold sleeper, the mattress will release heat to keep you warm. These features combine in a way that helps regulate your body temperature throughout the night, so you can wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

In addition to ActiveCool, the Nectar Premier’s comfort layer features a denser foam than that included on the original Nectar mattress. The Nectar Smart Layer with ActiveCool HD functions as a transition layer to the more durable and supportive foam layers. The denser foam in the Dynamic Support Layer provides just the right amount of responsiveness and pushback to help keep you feeling supported.

For those of you sleeping on platform

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Nectar vs Purple vs Leesa Review

Nectar Premier Copper

The Nectar Premier Copper takes temperature regulation and cooling one step further than the Nectar Premier mattress. The breathable cover features copper fibers, which act as heat conductors, transferring heat away from your body. Alongside other cooling technology, the bed feels cool when you touch it, so you know it will help keep you cool while you sleep.

The Premier Copper mattress features an extra inch of the comfort layer and an extra two inches of the supportive base layer. As a result, the Nectar Premier Copper is a firmer mattress than Nectar’s other offerings, but the extra comfort layer balances the support with excellent pressure relief.

When all considered, this is a premium mattress worthy of your consideration. Including a quilted gel memory foam, Nectar may not have some of the bells and whistles of a competitor such as Casper, but it applies innovation in all of the right places.

And like the Nectar Premier, the Nectar Premier Copper also comes with the Google Nest. This is a mattress so good that if you were initially planning to get a queen-size bed, you might consider upping your game to a king-size bed because you might be spending more time in your bed.

Is Nectar Worth It?

If the question is whether Nectar is worth the cost, then the definitive answer is a resounding ‘yes.’ Nectar is more affordable than many of its competitors but still packed with all of the innovation you need to get a good night’s sleep. Nectar mattresses don’t have all of the bells and whistles some competitor mattresses have, but you may find that you don’t need them.

If you are on a tight budget or spending money generally makes you nervous, then we highly recommend that you consider a Nectar mattress. Nectar makes quality mattresses designed with innovative features, and the brand offers a 365-night trial and Forever Warranty. Plus, with the Nectar Premier or Nectar Premier Copper, you will also receive a Google Nest Hub.

  • check Excellent value
  • close Simple design lacks some bells and whistles
  • check Some models include Google Nest
  • check Quality materials
  • check 365-night trial
  • check Forever warranty
  • check Delivered in a compact box

Nectar vs Leesa vs Purple Review

Purple Mattress Review

The Purple brand started with one mattress, The Purple Mattress, before later adding hybrid models. Loyalists say to heck with the hybrid models because the original mattress with a layer of gel Grid is the most comfortable sleep surface they have ever experienced.

The Purple Mattress

But what exactly makes the Purple Mattress different? Good Question. Well, it’s all about the Purple Grid, which is a hyper-elastic polymer that was developed over 30 years. It has a gel-like feel, and the company has over 30 patents behind it.

The Purple Grid is designed to be more responsive than layers of foam might be. It has a unique bounce-back quality that should help keep your body well aligned and comfortable as you move during sleep.

The responsiveness provides pressure relief as you move. Adaptive memory foam slowly reforms its original shape after moving, leaving you with uncomfortable valleys across the mattress. Some memory foam, particularly less dense foam, will compress over time, leaving permanent valleys. The Purple Grid’s natural qualities eliminate some of these issues.

Of course, the whole bed is not made of Purple Grid. The 2-inch layer of ultra-breathable Purple Grid gel cradles your body and helps to keep your body correctly aligned. The Purple Grid sits atop a dual-layer comfort foam base that provides support below the gel cushioning. The foam and gel are wrapped in a Softflex mattress cover designed to move with your body. The gel grid has over 1,800 air channels to maximize breathability, and the mattress cover is designed to complement the grid’s airflow.

If you’re not sure, Purple offers a 100-night sleep trial to help you decide. However, they only request that you sleep on your new Purple Mattress for at least 21 nights because it takes your body a few weeks to adjust to new sleeping support. Purple also offers a 10-Year Warranty.

Purple vs Nectar vs Leesa Comparison

Purple Hybrid

One of the troubles with foam as a mattress material is that it doesn’t provide enough support for some sleepers. Considering some sleepers find the Purple Grid too “squishy”, the foam-based Purple mattress might not work for all sleepers, particularly for heavier sleepers who generally need more support.

The Purple Hybrid essentially solves this problem, including the Purple Gel Grid, support coils, and foam for supported cushioning. The coils work with the flexible Grid to push back against your body in all the right places while still providing pressure relief where you need it.

The Purple Hybrid mattress offers a unique proposition over virtually every other bed on the market. The airflow and general breathability are unmatched because the grid is full of air pockets, and the individually wrapped stainless steel coils also allow for airflow. The StretchMax Cover is also designed to encourage airflow. If you are a hot sleeper, this might be worth considering.

The downside to the Purple Hybrid is that it might not match the motion isolation of hybrid mattresses with more significant foam layers. The Purple Grid is designed to be responsive, whereas foam absorbs impact.

The Purple bed naturally offers less motion isolation because of its design. This shouldn’t be a final determining factor, in our opinion. Still, it is at least worth understanding and considering both the upsides and the downsides to a bed primarily designed around a hyper-elastic polymer.

We prefer hybrid mattresses for combination sleepers, and the Purple Hybrid is no different. It should work well for stomach sleepers, side sleepers, back sleepers, and combo sleepers alike. And by the way, Purple mattresses are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and made in the United States.

Purple vs Nectar vs Leesa Review

Purple Hybrid Premier

The Purple Hybrid Premier is a best seller for a reason. Customers love the floating-type feeling that the deeper purple Grid provides, but it works even better on the Purple Hybrid Premier because premium coils support it. This provides the cradle feeling sleepers like, without feeling squishy, which is the downside to The Purple Mattress without coils.

Still, if we were to point you to a Hybrid mattress, we would start with one of the brands listed above because the Purple Grid is still too squishy for some people. That said, the Purple Hybrid Premier is one of the favorite mattress models some people have ever slept on. If you like a Purple mattress, you love a Purple mattress, so we understand why you might be inclined to try.

The Purple Hybrid Premier is the most expensive mattress we highlighted in this article, but the Purple team offers financing, as do Leesa and Nectar. We’ve recommended that those with a tight budget consider Nectar, but if you are set on trying out the premium Purple Hybrid mattress, financing is nice to have available.

To take a step back, why might someone choose the Purple Hybrid Premier over the more affordable Purple Hybrid mattress? The premier version of the bed has a deeper gel grid. When combined with the premium coil system, the Purple Hybrid Premier offers the brand’s most advanced pressure reduction.

The Purple Hybrid Premier

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Is Purple Worth It?

The Purple team has won multiple J.D. Power awards and was ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction multiple years in a row. Purple ranked well for mattress support, warranty, comfort, price value, and customer service. If you lean toward a Purple mattress and want to experience the gel Grid, you are in good company. We still lean toward Nectar or Leesa for overall value, but if you choose a Purple mattress, we are still confident you are making a good decision.

Besides, the Purple Grid is innovative and unlike any other mattress on the market. It’s pretty cool, literally and figuratively. 😎

  • check One-of-a-kind Purple Gel
  • close Price point is high for some
  • check Best-in-class responsiveness
  • check 10-year limited warranty
  • check Delivered in a compact box

Purple vs Leesa vs Nectar Review

Verdict: Leesa vs. Nectar vs. Purple

If you have researched mattresses and narrowed them down to Leesa, Nectar, and Purple, you’re not alone. The brands are often compared for their quality, value, and performance. All three are considered top-tier bed-in-a-box brands. Purple excels because of the enhanced air circulation and responsiveness that the Gel grid provides. Still, the Purple Grid isn’t for everyone.

A Purple bed is a different feeling than you might be used to, and it takes some people several weeks or more to adjust. That said, J.D. Power is a fan of Purple beds, so don’t worry too much. If a Purple mattress is enticing to you, we say go for it. Still, for many of our readers, the decision might come down to comparing Leesa vs. Nectar.

Leesa and Nectar should offer a more manageable adjustment period, regardless of your sleep style. So, which should you choose? Nectar mattresses provide innovative technology and high-quality materials at a lower price point. Leesa mattresses offer premium materials at a more expensive price point, but they are also a Certified B Corporation that considers environmental and social good in everything they do.

So in comparing Leesa vs. Nectar, here is what it comes down to. If affordability and value are your highest priorities, purchase a Nectar mattress. While sold at a value price-point, Nectar mattresses are still very high-quality, which you will be satisfied with. If premium materials and consideration for social and environmental good are your highest priorities, choose a Leesa Hybrid.

Both brands offer mattresses that fall in the medium firmness range so that they will work for the broadest range of sleep types. Both mattress brands are available in all-foam and hybrid varieties. And most importantly, both brands offer a great night’s sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions



The short answer is that we recommend reading each brand's warranty information. The long answer is that most warranties cover defective mattress issues. If they send you a damaged mattress or fall apart because of poor construction, they will take care of you. They won't replace your mattress because of normal wear and tear or improper use.



Again here, the short answer is that you need to read the return policy for each brand. The longer answer is that they all off some sort of return policy. Nectar, for instance, will work with you to find a mattress donation center in your local area. They don't expect you to compress your mattress and shove it back in a box. 😀

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