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Top Casual Shoes: Allbirds, Oliver Cabell, Suavs & More (2023)

Whether you are considering a well-known brand like Allbirds, looking for a Suavs shoe review, or searching for the perfect white leather shoe, we're impressed with your simplistic yet elegant style. These classic silhouettes will provide all the comfort and style you need in a casual shoe.

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Best Casual Shoes

Whether you are considering a well-known brand like Allbirds, looking for a Suavs shoe review, or searching for the perfect white leather shoe, we're impressed with your simplistic yet elegant style. These classic silhouettes will provide all the comfort and style you need in a casual shoe.

We've all seen the trend for casual shoes to feature massive company logos on their side. The big logos and crazy colorways are annoying if you ask us. Finding good-looking yet comfortable casual shoes shouldn't be so hard.

What Brand Is Best For Casual Shoes?

Determining which brand is best for casual shoes depends on style. Still, other factors may help you decide. Allbirds keeps sustainability first and makes its shoes from renewables like sugar cane and Merino wool. Suavs, on the other foot, are lightweight and packable, perfect for travel.

Despite the low-key design, our favorite casual shoes still have enough unique flair to stand out from the crowd, allowing you to walk the tightrope between casual and distinguished proudly. Whether you are planning a night on the town or planning some first-class lounging, we recommend these brands as the best shoes for your minimalist wardrobe.

Allbirds Shoes Review

Allbirds might be the best known of these brands, and for a good reason. The shoes are stylish in a way that is understated yet somehow elegant for a sneaker.

When a casual shoe design isn't done well, it can feel dull or tired, but Allbirds altogether avoided this downfall. The shoes are clean, inviting, comfortably reinvigorating, and perfect for nearly any occasion.

And while they stay true to minimalist design, there are many colors to choose from, so you can still show a little personality. Allbirds have also released limited edition colors and designs, such as a natural white, fluffy-looking model (like sheep) to celebrate the brand's birthday.

The company's line-up has expanded successfully, offering daily sneakers, high tops, running shoes, and more. Allbirds successfully designed each shoe line with a familiar minimal aesthetic, making them recognizable as Allbirds without larger maker's marks.

Allbirds come in various colorways, so while you prefer the clean designs, you can still add a little pop to your outfit if you want to. You can buy multiple pairs with so many colorways to keep your wardrobe combinations fresh. The shoes are incredibly comfortable shoes, so no shame if you have a few pairs in different colors.

While Allbirds now has a variety of shoes, including those made from Eucalyptus fibers, Allbirds was founded using high-quality Merino wool for all of their shoes. Merino wool shoes keep you warm during the winter, but they also wick moisture quite well, so surprisingly, they work great year-round.

If you are worried about wool shoes getting too hot, many people choose to wear them sockless. Merino wool is known for its softness and isn't scratchy like some wool. By the way, the wool shoes are machine washable.


Are Allbirds Really that comfortable?

Allbirds make seriously comfortable shoes. The soles are highly flexible, so they conform to your feet. The Allbirds Tree Toppers are light and breezy. Even the Wool Runners are more breathable than you might imagine. It's no wonder Allbirds was once named the "World's Most Comfortable Shoe."

The Allbirds team aspires to match its comfort with sustainable manufacturing.

While the company discloses they are not at zero carbon footprint yet, they actively pursue a zero carbon footprint. Look no further than some of the primary materials, including wool, recycled plastics and cardboard, and castor bean oil. Allbirds are comfortable on your feet and keep the planet feeling comfortable too.

Having such a responsible and sustainable mindset while producing such an enjoyable and handsome shoe is an impressive feat. Once you purchase your new Allbirds, you will look good and feel good, too, both because of the comfort and because Allbirds is sustainably focused.

One more thing: While some people wear their Allbirds sockless, a comfortable pair of shoes is nothing without comfortable socks. You might start by comparing Bombas casual socks to Feetures athletic socks, but Allbirds makes sustainably focused socks worth checking out.


What Shoes Are Similar To Allbirds?

There are several brands similar to Allbirds worth considering. Vessi shoes have a clean silhouette and are popular with nurses because of their 100% waterproof membrane. And Baabuk shoes are likely the best wool alternative. Still, Allbirds are incredibly comfortable and worthy of even a second pair.

In comparing Allbirds vs. Vessi, the two big differences are the shoe material and the waterproof membrane. When considering Allbirds or Baabuk, the style will likely be the deciding factor. Baabuk is known for its handmade slippers, but for casual shoes, we still prefer Allbirds.

Can You Buy Allbirds Shoes In Stores?

Allbirds has physical stores in major cities, such as San Francisco, London, and Amsterdam. They've also expanded to emerging cities such as Charlotte, N.C., and Austin, Texas. Allbirds doesn't sell through other retailers, so find one of their stores or purchase your new pair of Allbirds kicks online.

Selling direct to consumer helps the Allbirds team to keep prices down. While the brand started with a few simple shoe silhouettes, they've expanded to sustainably-focused apparel, too.

Which Allbirds Shoes Are Best?

Determining which Allbirds shoes are best likely depends on how you will wear them in everyday life. The Allbirds Wool Runners are the brand's most popular shoe, while the Tree Toppers are great for warmer weather. The water-repellent Wool Runner-up Mizzles are great for wet climates.

Finding the perfect pair of Allbirds shouldn't be hard. Even the Wool Loungers are nice and comfortable. I use the Wool Loungers as my daily house shoes. Allbirds makes a great shoe.

Do Allbirds Shoes Shrink in Wash?

Allbirds wool sneakers are washable but can shrink during the wash if you don't follow the proper instructions. Allbirds recommends that you use a linen bag and use cold water. Also, ensure you take the insoles out before washing. Don't tumble dry your Allbirds. Instead, let your shoes air dry.

Proper care may take a little extra effort, but that will also help your shoes to last longer. Many other shoes can't be washed, so proper care is a small price to pay.

Are Allbirds Worth It?

Allbirds shoes are worth trying because they are super comfortable, affordable, sustainably made, and easy to clean. While Allbirds was a trendy brand in recent years, they are now a mainstay of shoe culture. The shoes are great for errands and relaxed, casual wear. Plus, Allbirds now offers running shoes.

The downside to Allbirds shoes is that they don't dress up as well as some of the other casual shoes we've featured. Still, you won't want to wear your white leather shoes everywhere you go. Allbirds are much more practical for everyday wear than some of its competitors.

When considering versatility, comfort, and sustainability, Allbirds are an amazing must-have on your shoe rack.

  • check Known for comfort
  • close No leather, doesn't dress up as well
  • check Sustainably made
  • check Growing variety
  • check Running shoes available

Oliver Cabell Shoes Review

If Italian leather shoes are your thing, then Oliver Cabell is for you. These might be the most luxurious brands featured here, but they aren't sold at a luxury price point.

Oliver Cabell sells direct to consumers, avoiding the need for retail markup. Given the Italian leather quality and direct-to-consumer pricing, It's no wonder their shoes are often compared favorably to more expensive options such as Common Projects shoes, which frequently retail north of $400.

We love Oliver Cabell's transparency. Oliver Cabell is big on providing premium luxury for affordable prices and skips retail outlets to accomplish this. Because providing affordable luxury is vital to Oliver Cabell, they provide a price breakdown for every sneaker in their collection.


Is Oliver Cabell A Luxury Brand?

Oliver Cabell makes luxury shoes without premium pricing. The brand removes the high-end markups by selling directly to you, the consumer. Oliver Cabell only works with durable, quality materials, such as ethically-sourced Italian leather. The shoes may be made by some of the same partners as overpriced luxury brands.

Rather than mark the sneakers up by 8-10x from the actual cost, Oliver Cabell's markup is less than half. Selling through retail results in additional cost. A Retail markup might be double the cost to produce plus the manufacturer markup. You bypass the expensive retail markup when you purchase online through Oliver Cabell.

Who Owns Oliver Cabell?

Oliver Cabell is a privately owned company owned, in large part, by founder Scott Gabrielson. While Oliver Cabell was started in England, closer to premium suppliers and manufacturers, the company has since relocated to the United States. Scott Gabrielson left his job in 2016 to start Oliver Cabell as an ethical shoe company.

And where does the Oliver Cabell name come from? In the 1960s, prominent actors Oliver Reed and Steve McQueen played the parts of Oliver Twist and Martin Cabell. Scott combined the names of the fictional characters to create the name, Oliver Cabell. Steve McQueen was Scott's hero when he was growing up.


Where Is Oliver Cabell Located?

Oliver Cabell is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, even though Scot Gabrielson founded the company in England. Scott grew up in the Midwest and moved the company back home once it stabilized. While Oliver Cabell sells primarily online, they have a flagship storefront in the SoHo neighborhood of New York.

Where are Oliver Cabell Shoes Made?

There may have been a time when Oliver Cabell made every shoe in Italy, but the company has grown substantially. With growth comes evolution, and Oliver Cabell may now utilize premium sneaker facilities in emerging markets. Still, Oliver Cabell requires that all vendors follow a Vendor Code of Conduct.

Oliver Cabell's Vendor Code of Conduct is based on International Labor Organization core standards. Participant programs are required to showcase ongoing monitoring and continuous improvement.

Are Oliver Cabells Worth It?

Oliver Cabell shoes are worth the investment if you like high-end shoes but can't afford the premium prices. It makes sense to own a versatile yet sophisticated pair of sneakers. Oliver Cabell is that shoe. The brand represents quality, affordability, sophistication, and ethical manufacturing.

Oliver Cabell offers premium leather shoes and advanced vegan sneakers. You'll likely want to consider Suavs or Allbirds for traveling and physical activities. Still, Oliver Cabell fills its niche in the sneaker world very nicely.

  • check Great with jeans
  • close Few options that competitors
  • check Premium materials quality

Suavs Shoes Review

Suavs are the perfect shoe to buy if you only plan on having one pair of shoes in your wardrobe. They are ideal for traveling, as they pack flat, are machine washable, and are comfortable.

The rubber soles provide extreme flexibility and mobility, while the digit knit uppers are so lightweight the shoes actually pack flat. They are the perfect shoes to pack in a backpack or overnight bag during your travels.

Because the shoes are so pliable, you could easily argue that they fit more like a sock than a traditional shoe. For that reason, many people chose to forego the socks when wearing a pair of these minimalist Suavs.

Are you worried about making your shoes smell? No worries. The insoles are moisture-wicking to prevent sweat accumulation; if they need to be washed, that is fine too. Suavs are washed easily. It is best to take the insole out, and air dry your Suavs shoes once they have been washed.

While we prefer the original models with the Zilker Gum look, Suavs now offers a no-laces slip-on model if you are interested in extreme convenience. Suavs shoes are among the most versatile shoes you will find.


Suavs Are Vegan-Friendly

We also love that Suavs shoes are made from 100% post-consumer recycled threads, so your Suavs are comfortably your go-to shoe for convenience, but they are also earth-friendly.

Suavs is the only brand we reviewed to have a complete line-up of vegan-friendly minimalist shoes. If you do much backpacking or are looking for a vegan-friendly minimalist shoe, then we are proud to recommend Suavs. Pick up a pair soon.

Beyond being vegan-friendly, SUAVS are made with a very eco-conscious process. There is little material waste during production because SUAVS utilizes digital knitting technology. In considering a SUAVS shoes review, this is a key point that sets the shoes apart from competitors.

Where Are Suavs Shoes Made?

SUAVS works with manufacturing partners in Fujian to make its shoes. The SUAVS team performs manufacturing facility audits to ensure partner facilities uphold fair and safe practices. Most modern apparel is manufactured overseas, but SUAVS follows best practices in auditing its supply chain partners.

Additionally, SUAVS partners perform chemical testing on its footwear to ensure materials are safe to wear and safe for the environment.

SUAVS Shoes Are Not Waterproof

SUAVS shoes are not waterproof, but they are washable. Plus, the removable soles are sweat-wicking and breathable. Unlike some insoles, SUAVS insoles can be either washed or replaced. Vessi shoes are a strong alternative if you are searching for a waterproof shoe.

Vessi shoes are often compared to Allbirds because Allbirds sell waterproof mizzle shoes. Allbirds and Vessi shoes are popular with nurses that need something comfy and waterproof. These shoes are also great for walking and standing, offering more support and cushioning than SUAVS shoes.

Are Suavs Shoes Sold In Stores?

SUAVS shoes are sold online only. They are not sold in physical stores. You can find SUAVS on the brand's website or through other outlets like Amazon or Zappos.

This may be a slight bummer, but most direct-to-consumer shoe brands cut out retail middlemen to keep costs down. Still, you have a 30-day window to request an exchange or return if they don't fit or look like you thought they would.


Suavs Are Among The Most Versatile Shoes

Any good SUAVS Shoes review will center around Suavs as a lightweight, packable travel shoe. This is a great shoe to throw in your backpack when you are traveling or running errands. For long walks, you might choose Allbirds or a more supportive brand. Still, SUAVS are comfy, breathable, and amazing at serving their purpose on your shoe rack.

You likely won't wear SUAVS to the office or on a long run, but that's not the purpose they serve. SUAVS are great shoes for chill days, road trips, and more. Plus, you can take confidence in knowing the brand works to reduce material waste by utilizing digital knitting technology.

You should know that SUAVS are designed to hug your foot, and some wearers find that the toe box presses down too tightly. Still, other people appreciate the glove-like fit.

Are Suavs Good Shoes?

SUAVS are a lightweight and packable shoe that are easily washed. These are all reasons that SUAVS is an excellent shoe for road trips and air travel alike. Still, SUAVS shoes don't dress up as nicely as other casual shoes, which is perfectly fine, as they serve a different purpose.

Your Suavs will work well for basically everything other than work and fancy dinners, and honestly, some people might be able to pull them off in those settings as well.

  • check Great for traveling
  • close Thinner soles than some like
  • check Flexible and easy to pack
  • check Machine Washable
  • check Sustainably Made

Casca Shoes Review

We love the Casca Avro. The silhouette is clean and simple while also being modern and unique. The company is relatively new, so while the Avro is available in men's and women's sizes, it is the only silhouette in Casca's line-up. The Avro is so beautiful and versatile that it's the only silhouette they need, or you might ever need.

The Casca Avro might be the most versatile shoe on the entire market. The shoe comes in waterproof leather or breathable knit upper, so the Avro will keep you comfortable in any climate.

The knit version is machine washable, so you can keep your new kicks looking fresh. The Avro is an everyday shoe that wears like a running shoe but is much more durable and multi-functional.

Honestly, there isn't enough room here to do Casca justice, so we did a full article reviewing the brand. Check it out for a more detailed explanation of why we love Casca.


Casca’s “SmartFit” Insole

When you order your new pair of Cascas, they will be comfortable out of the box because of the proprietary support in the sole you are looking for absolute maximum comfort, Casca has the solution for you.

"SmartFit" is the first integrated sole tailored for you (and only you) based on 3D printing technology.

The way it works is you order your new pair of shoes, and they are shipped with the standard insole, which is comfortable in its own right. If you add the custom SmartFit, you will download the app and follow the instructions to scan your feet. Casca will then make your custom insoles and send them to you.

Casca's Avro sneakers are sleek and modern while providing superior durability and tailored comfort. If you are in the market for a new shoe, we recommend buying a pair of Avros today.

Where Are Casca Shoes Made?

Casca shoes are made in Guangzhou, China. While Chinese manufacturing gets a bad reputation, the current reality is that some of the most advanced manufacturing partners are based in China. Casca is a Canadian-based company that sells premium-grade footwear made from the best materials and manufacturing processes.

Are Casca Shoes Worth It?

Casca is still a new brand, but its shoes are made from the highest quality materials and with the most advanced manufacturing processes. The SMARTFIT is technology s cutting-edge stuff that provides unparalleled comfort. Casca shoes are worth considering because they are designed to be a versatile, do-everything shoe.

You can dress them up and wear them to most offices, or dress them down and lounge. The knit shoes from

Casca work better in warmer weather, while the leather Avros work well in cold and wet climates.

  • check Custom comfort
  • close Frequently out of stock
  • check Clean silhouette
  • check Unmatched versatility
  • check Premium materials quality

Greats Shoe Review

Greats mission says it all: "We make shoes for the rest of your life. And we like to make them responsibly." These shoes are born on the streets of Brooklyn and made to be your everyday shoe on your local streets. They offer classic styling made from quality materials, with care given to the planet in the process.

If you are looking for a wardrobe staple that will never go out of fashion, then the chances are that Greats are the shoes for you. The Royale Knit is made from recycled bottles and is 100% vegan. If you are looking for a vegan shoe for a night on the town, GREATS The Royale Knit is a minimalist shoe that will go with both chinos and jeans.

As much as we love The Royale Knit, our favorite Greats shoe is The Wooster. It is an old-school slip-on available in suede or leather. In our countless hours of researching minimalist shoes, The Wooster stood out as one of the only slip-ons worth recommending.

When you are in a rush and don't have time to sit down and tie your shoes, it is also nice to have a pair of shoes you can slide right into. Buy The Wooster, and it will become your go-to shoe as you rush out the door.

Greats makes timeless classics particularly fit for the minimalist wardrobe. Once you purchase a pair of their shoes, they will become a wardrobe staple for years to come.

Where Are Greats Shoes Made?

There was a time when all of Greats shoes were made in Italy. Like many growing companies, Greats transformed its supply chain so that some of its shoes may be made elsewhere. The Brooklyn-born brand is still committed to ethically manufactured shoes made from premium materials.

Greats shoes are hand-crafted sneakers that will become a staple in your wardrobe. They are high-end shoes with reasonable pricing and made from responsible practices.


Who Owns Greats Shoes?

Ryan Baenzien founded Greats Shoes. For years, Greats was a privately held brand, but Steven Madden purchased Greats Brands, Inc. in August 2019. Now, Steve Madden owns Greats shoes. Steven Madden now owns several shoe brands beyond the namesake brand, and Greats shoes complement the overall portfolio.

Are Greats Shoes Worth It?

Greats is a good brand that focuses on designing timeless sneakers made from premium materials. In some ways, Greats and Oliver Cabell are very similar. Considering Greats shoes makes a ton of sense if you are looking for a professional pair of sneakers to pair with jeans, chinos, or shorts.

If you are headed to the office or a night on the town, Greats are a

great (sorry, I couldn't help it) wardrobe addition.

  • check Sustainable Options
  • close Thinner soles than some like
  • check Look good dressed up
  • check Brooklyn born

Should You Buy New Casual Shoes?

In a decade gone by, there were only a handful of major shoe brands in the world. Some of those are still around and dominate the market in a winner-take-all fashion, while some (such as Pony) are a shell of what they once were.

The internet has changed the game, providing brands direct access to consumers without the need for expensive advertising and expensive sponsorship agreements. This is good news for you and me because brands flying under the radar sell high-quality shoes. Going with one of the brands we have highlighted is a fantastic option if you are looking for shoes for a minimalist wardrobe.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of great shoes on the market in today's internet-driven world, some you may not have considered in the past. When you buy Allbirds, Oliver Cabell or Suavs, you will purchase quality-made shoes that are comfortable and distinct.

Save The Planet Too - Minimal Shoes Are Often Sustainably Made

Minimalistic style elevates function and simple beauty above unnecessary noise, and this mindset also influences the production process and materials. As a result, many brands making shoes that fit with minimalist wardrobes also happen to make sustainably driven shoes.

Allbirds, for instance, make shoes sourced from responsibly managed Eucalyptus tree farms. Eucalyptus trees require significantly less water and electricity to grow than traditional cotton farming. Eucalyptus trees don't require harmful pesticides and chemicals, either.

Greats' The Royale Knit is responsible for seven recycled plastic bottles and only uses recycled leather for the accents.

Find Comfortable Shoes

While prioritizing a timeless look and sustainable approach is essential, some shoes just aren't that comfortable. We offer a friendly reminder that should be your first consideration. A great pair of shoes should check all of these boxes.

Most of the brands highlighted here place a heightened focus on finding the right balance. Still, one thing worth noting is that some brands are only sold in half sizes. This is usually fine, and you will still find the shoes comfortable, but reading the fine print and a few other reviews on the merchant sites will go a long way to this end.

Our Recommended Casual Shoe

There are two basic categories of casual shoes. The first is a more relaxed, casual athletic shoe. The second is a clean casual shoe you can dress up for a night on the town.

We recommend Allbirds if you want a more casual and athletic shoe. Allbirds shoes are uber comfortable, and they are leading the way among a growing number of sustainable-focused shoe brands, Cariuma shoes.

In comparing Allbirds vs. Cariuma and other eco-friendly brands, Allbirds offers the most comfort and the best-looking silhouette. Allbirds also sells running shoes, which the other highlighted brands don't. Grab some new athleisure gear from Vuori, and your remade wardrobe will be good to go.

Allbirds stand a head above most other casual shoes. Allbirds are extremely comfortable.

Go with Oliver Cabell when you are ready to dress things up. Oliver Cabell sells premium shoes that might cost twice as much as retail-focused merchants. Instead, Oliver Cabell sells premium sneakers in a classic silhouette at an affordable price. We call that a win-win-win.

Stating your shoe rack with Allbirds and Oliver Cabell will meet nearly any need.

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