backyard basics Nocturne Outdoor Solar Lamp 5 Reasons to Try Firefly (2023)
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Nocturne Outdoor Solar Lamp: 5 Reasons to Try Firefly (2023)

At first glance, you might be tempted to wonder if the Nocturne Firefly is just like every other floor lamp. We are here to tell you that it is different. Very different. Outdoor lighting is often either bland or cliche, but the Nocturne Firefly offers new lighting options wherever you want to take it.

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  • check Portable
  • close No motion sensor
  • check Solar-powered
  • check Bluetooth audio
  • check Durable
The Bottom Line:The Nocturne Firefly is an outdoor solar lamp that is easy to move around, provides great lighting options, and allows you to listen to the perfect song while you chill with friends and family. It is perfect long nights and good times.
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Full Review:
Nocturne Outdoor Solar Lamp Review

If you are looking for an innovative, eco-friendly outdoor solar lamp, look no further than the Nocturne Firefly. This lamp is powered by the sun and can be taken anywhere you want to go. It also includes a Bluetooth speaker, so you can listen to your favorite music while you relax. Here are five reasons why you should try the Nocturne Firefly Outdoor Solar Lamp!

Nocturne Outdoor Solar Lamp: 5 Reasons To Try Firefly

At first glance, you might be tempted to wonder if the Nocturne Firefly is just like every other floor lamp. We are here to tell you that it is different. Very different. Outdoor lighting is often either bland or cliche, but the Nocturne Firefly offers new lighting options wherever you want to take it.


1. No Batteries Or Electricity Required

We love a nice set of string lights hanging gently across your outdoor space, but as excellent as string lights are, they have to have a source of power. String lights are great for creating a romantic atmosphere, too, but the reality is you aren't taking strings lights with you down to the lakeshore.

Often the joy of being outside, under the night sky, is seclusion from the daily bustle, which means you may want to step away from electricity. Of course, this poses a problem if the bonfire isn't bright enough to stay illuminated to skewer next S'more.

Outdoor Solar Lights For The Win

Nocturne is the answer. It is an outdoor solar light that requires no electricity, and no interchangeable batteries. The outdoor lamp post runs entirely off of solar battery power.

The battery life lasts about 5 hours if you use the light on its brightest setting. If you opt for the dim mode, the light will last even longer. Even on cloudy days, it should be fully charged by nighttime because the solar panel is self-contained to the Nocturne and only used for its purposes.

The Nocturne Firefly has solar panels discretely built-in to the top of the unit and never needs to be plugged into a power outlet. In fact, there is no plug, so you couldn't plug it in even if you wanted to do so.

2. Easy to Assemble

We were a little worried that the Nocturne might be difficult to assemble or that it might feel fragile once put together, but we were wrong.

If you prefer easy installation, this is the outdoor solar light for you. The base is similar to the bottom of many basketball goals in which you fill a plastic container with water. This significantly cuts down on the shipping weight.

At the same time, the base serves as a solid foundation for the lamp so that it won't tip over in a storm. For safety purposes, this is reassuring. The three post pieces simply screw together and then screw into the base. We were a little concerned that the lamp would feel wobbly because of its multi-piece construction. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the lamp post feels quite solid.

Easy To Move As Needed

All of the various pieces are super easy to install. This makes the Nocturne the perfect solution for your backyard or even for a quick family trip up into the mountains. It's not necessarily designed for portability, so don't worry if you leave it on your patio.

That said, the pieces are as easy to unscrew as they are to install initially, so if you want to try it out in multiple outdoor spaces, it is easy to move and re-install the lamp atop the post. Be careful with the light and solar panel to avoid getting damaged, but the rest of the lamp post is durable plastic.

The lamp takes less than 5 minutes to install or disassemble. Outdoor illumination has never been so easy.


3. Bluetooth Music

Good music is synonymous with good times. The Nocturne Firefly eliminates the need to carry an extra speaker with you, as it very conveniently connects to Bluetooth through your phone. Our family loves the Nocturne for this reason alone.

Sure, battery capacity is incredible, and the soft glow of the light is nice with little kids around, but the music player adds an element of fun that other outdoor solar lights can't match. And since there are multiple light modes, you can match the brightness levels to the mood of the music.

Outdoor Solar-Powered Music, Too

If you are ready to enjoy life, turn the light up super bright, and turn on your favorite country music playlist. The bright light will make finding your food and drinks much easier. On the other hand, if you are ready to chill, turn the lights down low and jam to your favorite acoustic rock.

There are a million outdoor lighting options, but few illuminate your outdoor areas without plugging in. Even fewer also offer Bluetooth-powered music to set the vibe just the way you want it.

With the Nocturne Firefly, you can ensure your outdoor spaces stay lit while you enjoy your favorite tunes, too.

4. Multiple Light Settings

While adding a little light to the night with outdoor solar is nice, you also don't want the light to be overpowering. After all, if the outdoor lights are brighter than the sun, that kind of kills the vibe.

The trick is finding versatile lighting options. This is one of the downsides to pathway lights and string lights. They illuminate the patio and walkways, but there is generally only one brightness level.

Heck, we have a solar-powered lantern that will blind you. It is fantastic for emergencies, but that is the only time we use it because it might actually be brighter than daytime sunlight. I jest.

Versatile Solar Lights

The Nocturne solar lamp solves this problem. There are three optional modes. At the top of the lamp is a rubber pull cord. When you pull the cord once, the brightness level turns on.

This brightest level is plenty bright enough to illuminate an entire patio or garden. For nights when you have food and drinks outside, this is an excellent option so people can see their plates.

Below the brightest level, two light modes are softer. Not only do these modes use less energy, but they offer much softer outdoor lighting so that you can still enjoy the night.

And since the two lower modes use less energy, they will last deeper into the night.

To get to a lower level of light, you simply pull the cord multiple times, like any other floor lamp. The difference? If you pull down and hold the cord for three seconds, the Bluetooth audio turns on. Pretty cool.

5. Endless Fun Nights

After a hard week of work, you deserve the chance to unwind and relax with good company and good music. Outdoor lights are a great way to extend the nights. The Nocturne solar lights make it easier to enjoy the good life for hours into the night.

Outdoor solar lights are perfect for enjoying the company of family and friends. With no need for cords or plugs, you can take your light and music wherever you go.

Whether it’s around the

fire pit, down by the docks, or in your very own backyard, these lights will keep the party going all night long!

Make Your Outdoor Areas Better Lit & Lively

What's the point of a beautiful backyard or patio area if you don't have the chance to enjoy it with friends? And if the middle of a field or the end of a dock is more enticing to you, we get it.

The Nocturne Firefly works better than other outdoor lights in these environments because it is solar-powered, has multiple brightness levels, and can play music to get the good vibes going.

Outdoor solar lights are the perfect way to make your outdoor areas more lit and lively. With options like the Nocturne Firefly, you can choose from various light modes and brightness levels to perfectly match your mood. And with an included Bluetooth speaker, you can also select your favorite music to set the tone.

So what are you waiting for?

Most Outdoor Lights Are Stationary

An under-rated aspect of the Firefly is that it is built to make it very mobile. It's not entirely designed to be a portable lighting device, but it is by its very essence easy to move around.

Other solar lights, such as path lights, floodlights, and string lights, are mostly purpose-designed to stay in one place. Nobody moves their pathway lights at night because they want more light near the bonfire.

But the Nocturne Firefly is an outdoor solar lamp that is very easy to pick up and move. Plus, since it includes Bluetooth speakers, you will want it nearby.


Outdoor Lights Where You Want Them

It is a bright light when you need it and mood lighting when you want it. It is much more versatile than other outdoor lamps that have to be plugged in.

And think about this: Where are most power outlets? Outlets are most often found near the door or up against the house. That doesn't do you much good if you need soft lighting in the middle of your yard, and that's the major problem with most outdoor lamps.

They may illuminate the doorway or a patio next to the house, but that's about it. Most lights aren't truly designed to work in an outdoor space, But the Nocturne Firefly is intended to be the perfect outdoor lighting.

Do Solar Powered Lights Work In Winter?

Rain, snow, or shine, the Nocturne Firefly should work just fine, but the solar lamp might need a little extra attention in the snow.

Snow is beautiful, but it can be a pain for solar-powered devices. As anyone who has ever had a garden knows, snow can completely cover up and obscure solar panels.

This happens with outdoor solar lamps, which can lead to decreased battery life or no power if the panels are not cleared off regularly.

Luckily, it’s a pretty straightforward process to clear off solar panels. All you need is a broom or stiff brush and some warm water. Simply sweep the snow off the panel, then rinse with warm water.

In areas with significant snowfall, it might be necessary to clear the panels more often than in areas with little or no snow. But as long as you’re diligent about keeping the solar panels clean, your outdoor solar lamp should work just fine through winter.

The Nocturne Firefly is waterproof, so while sunlight provides the energy the lamp needs to shine for hours into the night, there is no need to worry about rain or the sprinkler impacting its performance, either.

Other Outdoor Solar Lights Reviews

Outdoor solar lights are everywhere. We have string lights, flood lights, path lights, wall lights, and even pool lights. Plus, most of these lights have a motion sensor attached. Still, none of these outdoor solar lights serve the same purpose as a Nocturne solar light.

Nocturne Firefly vs. Alternatives

Of course, you are most likely not choosing one or the other. The Nocturne Firefly serves its purpose, just as the other light options serve their purpose.

Solar String Lights

While the string lights in our own backyard plug into an electrical outlet, there are solar-powered string lights available on the market. We love string lights. They are fun and provide a certain ambiance that other sources of light don't offer.

String lights allow you to create the perfect patio experience to enjoy with family and guests. The parts that are missing are the mobility and Bluetooth audio.

In our opinion, these are two sources of light that make sense to use in tandem so that you can enjoy all hours of the night. The string lights create ambiance, while the Nocturne is versatile enough to add to the ambiance (including music) or provide more targeted lighting near food and cold drinks.

Solar Path Lights

Whether you want to illuminate the sidewalk leading up to your house, or the access headed back to the garden, solar path lights are beneficial. They produce energy from the sunlight, and are the newest models are very inconspicuous.

Still, it is worth noting that they don't serve the same purpose as the Nocturne Firefly. Solar path lights will help your family, friends, and guests avoid trips and falls, but they are intended more to help guide you through your yard, rather than enjoying life in your yard.

Solar Lantern

To a certain extent, a solar lantern might be the closest to the Nocturne among solar lights because it is very portable. Solar lanterns also frequently have multiple brightness modes.

Of course, unless you have a stake, you have to put a solar lantern on the ground or on a table, which will work just fine, but doing so may not provide the immersive lighting experience that the Nocturne provides.

Whether you need bright illumination for hours or dim lights to set the mood, a solar lantern might be the best alternative to the Nocturne, but in some ways, a solar lantern is a less effective substitute. Plus, most solar lanterns don't come with Bluetooth audio.

Solar Spotlight and Flood Lights

Lastly, solar spotlights and floodlights might be the most direct competition for the intended usage, but even a solar spotlight has its limitations. Namely, they are stationary. It may provide light to your pathways, garden, or deck, but not down to the docks or the fire pit deep in your backyard.

They are intended for safety, not for experience, while the Nocturne Firefly is designed to maximize user experience.

Is The Nocturne Firefly Worth It?

The Nocturne Firefly is worth the investment. The best part about the Nocturne Firefly is that you don't need any wires. It's completely solar-powered!

This means that you can take it anywhere without having to worry about finding an outlet or a battery. Just set it up in the sun and enjoy the show.

Cost-Effective & Energy Friendly

Plus, since the Nocturne Firefly doesn't even require power, it is super cost-effective and eco-friendly! The Nocturne doesn't have motion sensors if that is something you are specifically looking for, but that's also not the Firefly's intent.

Sure, you might want garden path lighting or your corner floodlights to have motion sensors. Still, the Nocturne is designed to be enjoyed when you are present and not necessarily for security or convenience.

But in serving its purpose, the Nocturne Firefly is among the best solar post lights on the market.

Nocturne Firefly Pros & Cons

Some features would be niceties on future versions of the Firefly, such as smart brightness control, a motion sensor setting, or the availability in multiple sizes and forms.

Still, the

Nocturne Firefly serves its purpose very well. It is easy to assemble, easy to move, durably built (and waterproof), solar-powered, has multiple light modes, and comes with a built-in speaker system.

The sunlight powers the rechargeable battery, providing all of the energy you need for lighting when you want it and need it. The Nocturne is one of the top deals on the internet because of its innovative design and function.

Whether you plan to gather around a fire pit, cook pizzas on an outdoor oven deep into the night, or just chill with drinks and good music, the Nocturne is the only outdoor solar lighting that transcends form and function.

The Nocturne is everything you might want in outdoor solar light.

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