home sweet home Pluto Pillow Review Are Custom Pillows Worth It? (2022)
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Pluto Pillow Review: Are Custom Pillows Worth It? (2022)

Should you purchase a Pluto Pillow? We compare it to the competition and share our honest feedback to help you decide whether or not the Pluto Pillow is right for you.

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Pluto Pillow Review

I am ashamed to say that I used the same pillows for nearly a decade, even though they weren’t getting the job done.  Too frequently, I woke up with a sore neck, and sometimes I wasn’t able to turn my neck for days. Enter Pluto Pillows.

I started researching variations of pillows and happened to see an advertisement for

Pluto Pillows. I decided to try, and honestly say I haven’t had a sore neck since I made the change. The experience was so good that I just knew I had to share.

Pluto Pillow Review

Pluto makes customized pillows based on your unique preferences, and that’s a game changer.  Pluto’s quality is second to none, and the comfort is tailor made for your needs. Still, there are other considerations to think through before making a final decision.

One of the problems with reviewing pillows is that everyone has their own preferences. Some like hard pillows, while others prefer softer support. Some people prefer thick pillows, while others prefer pillows so slim that they are nearly non-existent.  There are a lot of reasons for this, including sleep position, anatomy, and individual preference.

Regardless, an uncomfortable sleep position makes for restless nights, while a sore neck can result in long days. The genius behind Pluto Pillows is that each pillow is customized based on each user’s sleep habits. It’s this reason I can definitely say that Pluto makes a great pillow. After all, each one feels uniquely designed for you because each pillow is specially designed for its user.

If you are unsure, consider this: Pluto ships for free, offers you 100 nights to test your new pillow, and has a 1-year warranty. They have practically eliminated any reason you might have to avoid trying it out. There are many upsides to trying one out, including a restful night’s sleep and potentially eliminating neck pain, and minimal downside. Now, if they only made mattresses.

thumb_down CONS
  • check 35 Pillow Variations
  • close Trusting the Algorithm is Hard For Some
  • check Chosen By Algorithm Based On Your Needs
  • check Finishing Touches By Human For Ultimate Personaliztion
  • check 100-Night Trial
  • check Hybrid Design With Foam Core & Filling
  • check Extremely Comfortable

Pluto Pillow Review - Learn More

The Pluto Pillow Quiz

If your current pillow isn’t getting the job done, it is at least worth checking out Pluto’s quiz and website to consider what a better option might be like for you.  To get started with the customization process, you simply answer questions to a short quiz.  The quiz is as easy as it is insightful.  Before Pluto starts crafting the perfect solution for you, they ask you some version of these questions:

Once Pluto collects all of your relevant information, the team gets to work crafting the perfect pillow for you.

But how customized can it possibly be? Good question. Pluto currently crafts over 35 variations based on the responses of their customers. 

Pluto Quiz Results & Personalization

You spend somewhere around a third of your life with your head on your pillow, so we appreciate any skepticism you might have about a quiz.  We were a little nervous, too, so we wanted to share a little more insight into what the experience was like for us. 

Pluto runs the answers from your quiz through its one-of-a-kind algorithm to determine which of the 35 pillow variations is best for you.  That said, at the end of the quiz process, they also give you the ability to add any specific concerns or requests, so there is still some human touch and judgment involved in crafting your pillow. 

For me, the Pluto algorithm and design team determined the best solution was a CertiPUR-US foam core.  My foam core was then wrapped in silky fibers that are so thin and smooth they are thinner than a human hair. With a customized approach, the thickness of fibers surrounding the core was completely dependent on my quiz answers and algorithm results. 

You can also choose whether you prefer a standard size pillow or a king-size pillow. The company developed an easy-to-use online process and the pillow will be at your doorsteps within a few weeks of ordering. After it is custom-built and ready to go, the pillows usually arrive within seven business days.

Pluto Pillow Review - Explore Now

Pluto Materials

The foam is a vital component that can make or break a good pillow.  Performance aside, some foam pillows smell.  My experience was that the pillow had a mild scent when I took it out of the box, but that went away in a day or so, which was good news.  Pluto uses a CertiPUR-US certified foam, which means they are safer for the environment than many alternatives.  They aren’t made with known ozone depleters or other bad actors such as mercury, other heavy metals, or even formaldehyde.

Regarding performance, Pluto’s foam beats the sheets off of my old memory foam pillow. The Pluto foam is made in the USA from a temperature-responsive and highly adaptive poly foam.  It’s a high-performance foam that doesn’t smell and isn’t harmful. 

The company makes a hybrid-design pillow, in which the plush cover is the other significant component to ensuring each design meets the user’s pillow preferences. The team chooses a cover based on how you answered the online questionnaire and how you described your personal preferences. They might use a cooling surface to craft your pillow if you tend to get hot, or perhaps the algorithm will point toward quilted knit surfaces. 

The company uses several different variations to build the outer cover for their “pillow within a pillow” design. It’s the combination of a customized foam core inside a personalized cover that creates the perfect pillow for you. Since that outer cover is machine washable, you will sleep even better knowing your pillow is clean. Most solid foam core pillows aren’t easily washable. 

WinkBed Reviews - Sleep Well

The overall pillow design is one of quality, and the quilted cover is both soft and durable, regardless which style of pillow the algorithm helps you choose. It’s a personalized pillow sold at a fair price, and regardless of your sleep style, the Pluto quiz will help you choose the perfect pillow for you. The Pluto pillow makes that Mike Lindell pillow look rudimentary.

Pluto Pillow Alternatives

Buying a new pillow can be a big deal.  On the one hand, some of you might fight to spend money on something so simple. On the other hand, you spend a significant chunk of your life on your pillow. Plus, who doesn’t want to wake up feeling rested? Still, there are several companies in this premium pillow category, so it is worth comparing the most popular brands to ensure you get a good night of sleep.

Pluto vs. Purple vs. Ghost Pillow vs. Tempur-Pedic
Comparison Table
What Is The Best Pillow?PlutoPurpleGhostPillowTempur-Pedic
   PriceaddPluto    '💲💲'Purple    '💲💲+'GhostPillow    '💲'Tempur-Pedic    '💲💲'
   Biggest Selling PointaddPluto    Personalized DesignPurple    Adapts to Curvature of BodyGhostPillow    Designed to Keep You CoolTempur-Pedic    Industry-leading Memory Foam
   No. of VariationsaddPluto    Thirty-FivePurple    ThreeGhostPillow    TwoTempur-Pedic    Nine
   CertiPUR-USaddPluto    ✅Purple    ✅GhostPillow    ✅Tempur-Pedic    ✅
   ShippingaddPluto    Free Shipping - Contiguous 48 StatesPurple    Free Shipping - Contiguous 48 StatesGhostPillow    Free Shipping - Contiguous 48 StatesTempur-Pedic    Free Shipping - Contiguous 48 States

A comfortable pillow might be one of your most important belongings. A customizable pillow like Pluto’s ensures you have a supportive pillow if you need it, or a cloud-like fluffy pillow if you are a stomach sleeper and that is what you prefer.

If you are looking for a total bedroom makeover, you might consider a new mattress and set of sheets to help you reach your deepest sleep. That said, if you can only buy one new item to help you sleep better, then we recommend investing in a smart pillow. We recommend a custom-built pillow, but there are plenty of choices below.

Pluto Pillow vs. Purple Pillow

In case you are unfamiliar with Purple mattresses, they are designed with a proprietary Purple Grid, a hyper-elastic gel intended to bend under pressure while still supporting the areas of your body not applying pressure to the mattress. Purple mattresses are one of those things that you either love or hate, but there isn’t much in between. If you want to melt into your bed or pillow, then you might love Purple, but some people that need a little more firm support don’t like the feel.

Naturally, some of Purple’s pillows feature similar technology. Purple does have three or so pillow options, but they don’t have an algorithm to help determine which is best for you, and three options are still much less than the 35 pillow variations Pluto has in their arsenal.

The Purple Pillow features the mattress-like Purple Grid, which cradles the head while providing neck support because of the reflexive technology. The Purple Harmony Pillow is more of a hybrid pillow. Like Pluto, the hybrid pillow has two components; however, the core is made from the hyper-reflexive Purple Grid Hex technology. Lastly, the Purple Plush Pillow is like a traditional pillow.  It doesn’t have Purple Grid technology or any other core. 

Purple Pillow might work if you are looking for more conventional options (like the Purple Plush Pillow) or if you are looking for a squishy-like pillow that conforms to your head. Purple does offer a 100-night trial, like Pluto, but the options are still much more limited. For instance, if you need your pillow to be a certain height, Purple will not custom cut some of their Purple Grid for you. 

Pluto Pillow vs. Purple Pillow

Pluto Pillow vs. GhostPillow

If your first question is wondering what the heck a ghost pillow is, we hear you and are here to help. The Pluto Pillow stands alone as a different type of pillow since it features a hybrid design and both components of the hybrid design are personalized. While the GhostPillow is VERY popular, it is still an old school memory foam pillow at heart.

The big differentiator for GhostPillow is that it is designed to keep you cool.  The gel-based memory foam core has natural cooling qualities, as the Ghost Ice pillow cover (which is washable). The combination of the cool core and cool cover helps sleepers avoid overheating at night.  The gel core is also seated to promote airflow through the pillow.

There is also a faux down version of the GhostPillow, but those are basically the only two options. The brand makes innovative pillows for sure, but they don’t offer the variety or personalization that Pluto does.  Still, if you get very hot at night, it would be worth considering GhostPillow. Otherwise, we prefer Pluto’s personalized hybrid pillows here too.

GhostPillow offers a 101-night sleep trial, beating Pluto by a day.  Regardless, both allow a couple of weeks for you to adjust to your new pillow.

Pluto Pillow vs. GhostPillow

Pluto Pillow vs. Tempur-Pedic Pillow

If you buy Tempur-Pedic pillows, you are purchasing them from one of the leading mattress companies.  This could be good or bad, depending on your perspective. On the one hand, the company holds decades of industry knowledge, but on the other hand, there is something to be said for Pluto’s singular focus on pillows. It’s a singular focus on pillows that resulted in 35 pillow variations and Pluto’s ability to provide each customer’s perfect pillow.

Tempur-Pedic too has a variety of pillows in different heights and levels of support. Still, the pre-designed pillow designs might not be the right combination of features you need to avoid uncomfortable nights of sleep. It’s not that we think Pluto pillows are miraculous; it’s just that Pluto offers a level of personalized comfort no other brand matches.

Most people find that Tempur-Pedic makes very supportive pillows, so if you are looking to get a more advanced version of your old memory foam pillow, this could be a great option. It may not be a custom pillow, but for the most part, Tempur-Pedic makes comfortable pillows.  Still, it’s not a pillow company, and they haven’t set out to design the exact pillow perfect for your needs like Pluto. 

Our take: If you are looking for higher mattress satisfaction, then heck yes, get Tempur-Pedic mattresses, but if you are looking for a customized pillow that will help you sleep through the nights for weeks to come, then go with a Pluto pillow. 

Pluto Pillow vs. Tempur-Pedic

Caring For a Pluto Pillow

Don’t wash the foam! Nothing good happens to the foam core when it is washed, so avoid that; however, that is one reason the Pluto pillow was conveniently designed for the foam core to be removed from the cushion cover. You can simply take the cover off and toss it in the washing machine using cold water and a delicate cycle. 

If you are prone to eating pizza in bed, this is good news, but regardless, washing the cushion cover a few times a year is probably a good idea to keep your pillow fresh.

Pluto Referral Program

While the price of a Pluto is reasonable in our opinion, once you fall in love with your Pluto pillow, you might try earning back the cost of the pillow through their referral program.  This can also be a fun game to see how many people you can refer.  The company will pay you $5 via Paypal every time you have a friend or family member use a referral code.

It’s a kind of cool program you can sign up for through their website. And since the brand makes customized pillows perfect for hot sleepers, cold sleepers, stomach sleepers, and side sleepers, we’re pretty sure some people in your inner circle could benefit from this pillow too.

Pluto Pillow Review - Sleep Well

Is A Pluto Pillow Worth The Money?

If your old memory foam pillow isn’t getting the job done, or heaven-forbid, you still are using a cheap pillow stuffed with synthetic filling, we recommend trying out

Pluto pronto. We found the pillow to be fantastic, even game-changing, and with their 100-night trial period, there’s not much reason to fret over the price or second guess how you answered the online questionnaire. 

The hybrid pillow approach allows for perfect personalization. The foam core is cut to just the right height, and the cushion cover is filled with just the right amount of silky-fiber filling to align with your preferences. If we are honest (we are), I was surprised how much I would like my Pluto pillow, but I love it.  I recently had to take a flight, but it’s not that easy to fly with a full-size pillow. I was literally sad to leave my pillow behind and excited to sleep on it when I returned.

Pluto also makes a body pillow now call the Pluto PUFF. And if you think body pillows are just for pregnant women, you are wrong. I sleep with a long pillow between my knees to alleviate knee and hip pain, and that habit has resulted in my waking up with fewer aches and pains.

Any time the topic comes up (which is more often than you might think), I am glad to recommend Pluto Pillow to my family and friends, and I am so happy to share that recommendation with you now. It’s a must-buy pillow if you enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

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