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Best Refillable Deodorant: Don't Stink The Place Up (2023)

What is the best refillable deodorant? We reviewed By Humankind, Helmm, Myro, Noniko, and Wild to help you decide. Upgrade your deodorant to help save the earth.

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You may not have used them yet, but refillable deodorants are here to stay.

Deodorant has become an important part of our societal routines (thankfully!), but the usage is so routine that it is easy to overlook the fact that most deodorants come in single-use plastics. For a large part of my life I didn’t think twice about this, but as I grow older and wiser I realize how crazy it is that I purchase toiletries and cleaners for one use and then send them to a landfill.

Certainly some plastics are recycled, but most are not. In fact, National Geographic reported that perhaps only

9% of plastics are recycled. While recycling plays an important role in helping our environment, avoiding plastics in the first place would be more effective.

Enter refillable deodorants. Which brand should you choose? All of the players are fairly new and have unique features to consider. Check out our side-by-side comparison table for a quick overview, or read the detailed reviews below. Together we can make a difference, one deodorant at a time.

By Humankind vs. Helmm vs. Myro vs. Noniko vs. Wild
Comparison Table
Best Refillable Deodorants
By Humankind Logo
Helmm Logo
Myro Logo
Noniko Logo
Wild Logo
PriceaddBy Humankind💰💰Helmm💰💰💰Myro💰💰Noniko💰💰💰Wild💰💰
Biggest Selling PointaddBy Humankind40% better at killing body odor - than other leading natural deodorantsHelmmHigh-end deodorant meant to look sophisticated and work prestigiouslyMyroPlant powered deodorant in beautiful containerNonikoPlastic-free refillable deodorant primarily for womenWildEuropean refillable deodorant & our favorite case
Number of ScentsaddBy Humankind5Helmm4Myro6Noniko3Wild5
Carbon NeutraladdBy HumankindHelmmMyroNonikoWild
All NaturaladdBy HumankindHelmmNatural OptionMyroNonikoWild
Gender NeutraladdBy HumankindHelmmFor MenMyroNonikoFor WomenWild
Flexible SubscriptionaddBy HumankindHelmmMyroNonikoWild
Free ShippingaddBy HumankindHelmmMyroNonikoWild✅(in UK)
WebsiteaddBy HumankindHelmmMyroNonikoWild

The Top 5 Refillable Deodorants

In the words of Bob Dylan, The Times They Are a-Changin'. While society’s awareness of climate problems is changing, so too has the internet changed the consumer’s ability to influence products. Customers are increasingly aware of lazy and cheap product designs, and single-use plastic deodorants fall into that category.

The big brands haven’t evolved, because they haven’t needed to, but there are newer brands developing exciting refillable deodorant products. These newer companies base their entire operations on sustainable and responsible decision making, and it shows in the quality of their products. These are the best refillable deodorant brands on the market today:

Don’t Throw Out Plastics Unnecessarily - Refillable Deodorants Reviewed

For years we have heard there is a growing plastics problem, but if you are like me you always found it odd that the immediate focus was on reducing plastic straws. Don’t get me wrong. I understand they can be dangerous when ingested by animals, but from a size and density perspective, we throw away much crazier things.

Routinely throwing away deodorant containers after a few uses falls into that category of larger and denser plastics. Just consider how many deodorant sticks the average consumer goes through in a lifetime. Since most of us are grateful that deodorant usage is the societal norm, refillable deodorants offer a solution to the disposable container problem.

By Humankind Refillable Deodorant Review

Companies providing solutions to reduce single-use plastics is a fairly new sub-industry, but By Humankind might be the best known of the brands. While a few of their competitors focus only on refillable deodorants, By Humankind has a product portfolio ranging from mouthwash tablets to bar soap, in addition to their refillable deodorant, all designed with the intent to reduce single-use plastics.

Did you know that In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, there’s a floating mass of plastic waste twice the size of Texas? Or that single-use plastic packaging for everyday products accounted for 54% of the world’s plastic waste in 2015? Those are two of the stats listed on By Humankind’s website, and why they are laser-focused on providing quality products to help solve this problem.

By Humankind Image

By Humankind: How It Works

By Humankind currently offers the reusable deodorant container in four, sleek colors. If you don’t already have one, you will choose the container color you like best. Be picky and choose wisely, because this is intended to be the last plastic deodorant container you purchase for a long, long time.

That’s the whole point, and to match that expectation, By Humankind designed a deodorant container that looks more like designer pieces than like throw away containers you normally get from the big box stores. Currently, you can choose from charcoal, off-white, gray, and neon.

Once your container is chosen, you will then choose from five scent profiles. Whether you choose eucalyptus, lavender-citrus, rosemary-mint, or coconut you can be confident you will be smelling fresh. The deodorant also comes in an unscented variety if that is your preference, and all of the scents are free from GMO’s, aluminum-free, paraben-free, vegan, gluten-free, and ethically-made.

After choosing your container and scent you will be given the option to make a one-time purchase or to “subscribe and save”. By Humankind offers a 15% discount off on-going two-pack refills.

By Humankind: The Verdict

If you are interested in finding an entire ecosystem of natural toiletries, and want to reduce your plastic footprint, then we highly recommend By Humankind. The deodorant is 40% more efficient than other natural deodorants at killing bacterias that lead to body odor. When you buy from By Humankind, you can conveniently pick up mouthwash tablets too. By Humankind makes it convenient to help save the planet, which is why it is one of our favorite new companies.

Helmm Refillable Deodorant Review

Helmm is unique among our top 5 refillable deodorant brands because it is specifically targeted at men. Even more specifically, Helmm is targeted at affluent men, but it is clear to see why it is so popular. When you look at Helmm, it is easy to imagine the deodorant used in a professional baseball locker room. After all, when you make $20 million a year as some athletes do, why settle for a deodorant everyone else buys too?

While Helmm is a little more expensive than its competitors, the pricing is still within reach for someone wanting to splurge on a gift set for a loved one, or for anyone looking to feel a little more sophisticated. If not in a baseball locker room, you might imagine Helmm as the deodorant of choice for James Bond or Jason Bourne. It’s got that edgy vibe to it, and most men are on the constant look-out for a little extra edge in their lives.

Helmm Image

Helmm: How It Works

To get started with Helmm, you will naturally want to choose their Starter Kit option. Helmm is available for a one time purchase, but because the container (which they call a vessel) is so nice, a one-time purchase is 50% more expensive than signing up for the subscription option.

About that vessel… The container is made from premium materials including a durable Nickel-plated Zinc and Carolina Brown Horween Leather. The vessel is sleek, rugged, and generally manly. If there is any downside, it is that there is only one vessel option. Competitors in the space offer multiple colors, but those multi-color containers aren’t made from such high quality materials either.

After selecting whether you want to try the subscription or not, you will then be able to choose your scent. Helmm comes in Trailblazer, Coastline, Hudson, and Night Market scents, which are all described in more detail through the Helmm website. As examples, Trailblazer is targeted for someone looking for a “crisp, cool, and adventurous” scent, while Night Market is targeted for someone looking for a “sensual, warm, and sophisticated” scent.

Helmm is completely customizable, so not only can you choose your scent, but you can also choose which formula fits you best. Currently, you can choose between natural deodorant and antiperspirant and deodorant, but coming soon Helmm will also be rolling out a 100% aluminum-free sport option.

The brand intends for the cartridges to be interchangeable based on the occasion, which is an interesting consideration I can’t say I have even thought of before. One day you could be wearing the Trailblazer scent in a natural deodorant, and the next day be wearing the Hudson scent in the coming sport option.

Helmm Refillable Deodorant: The Verdict

If you or a man in your life appreciate the finer things, Helmm is the best option in the refillable deodorant space. While sustainably focused, it is not as drastically eco-minded as some of its competitors. The vessel has leather on it, which might not appeal to everyone, and the refill cartridges still look very plasticy (Helmm says they reduce plastic by 60% per unit compared to traditional single-use containers).

All in all, Helmm offers a very modern product that any guy would be glad to own. What guy hasn’t envisioned themselves a little more like James Bond or Jason Bourne? Helmm offers a sophisticated look and feel that we are sure is proudly displayed on every fictional hero’s bathroom counter.

Myro Refillable Deodorant Review

For readers with a high eco-conscience, this might be the deodorant that checks all of the boxes. Like the other deodorants on this list, Myro was born out of passion to reuse and refill rather than throw-away, but their ingredient list is second to none. Myro deodorants are aloe based, providing a smooth and comforting touch.

Beyond the aloe base, Myro products are vegan, gluten, soy and mineral oil free. Myro deodorants truly are plant-powered, meaning you can wear freely. And how effective is the deodorant? It includes sage to keep you fresh and probiotics which help fight body odor causing bacterias.

Myro Image

Myro Refillable Deodorants: How It Works

Myro offers 7 different container colors including Deco, Punch, Blush, Moss, Royal, Slate, and Flame. The Myro system is intended to be gender neutral, so you pick the case that reflects your personality the best. If you order directly from the Myro website you can actually customize your case with a message.

This caught me off guard at first glance. I hadn’t previously considered personalized deodorant cases, but it makes sense. The cases are intended to be permanent additions to your home, so adding a little custom flare is kind of cool. Custom messages can be up to 15 characters, and take a few extra days to ship. Add your name or an inspirational thought to get you going every morning.

Once you have chosen your custom case you can choose the scent that is right for you. Myro deodorant currently comes in 6 scents including Solar Flare, Big Dipper, Chill Wave, Pillow Talk, Cabin No. 5, and Open Air. To give you an idea of what the scent profiles are like, Solar Flare is a combination of orange, juniper, and sunflower. If you prefer to let your personality do the talking, Open Air is unscented and fragrance free.

Myro allows for you to choose from one-time purchase pricing or the subscribe and save pricing. The one-time purchase is $5 more expensive. Refills can be sent every 3, 4, or 6 months, and if you decide to change up your scent you can manage that through your Myro profile. Need to skip or shipment or change your shipment frequency? You can do that too.

Myro is a little different than its competitors, because it is also available through Amazon. This offers an intriguing option if you aren’t quite ready to set up another profile and subscription. The customization obviously isn’t available, but there three most popular scents are available in cases matching the scent profile.

Myro Refillable Deodorant: The Verdict

Myro is a great option if you prefer a natural, plant-based lifestyle. The vegan deodorant has no aluminum or parabens, and also avoids irritants like baking soda and artificial colors. Myro makes solid deodorant, with unique styling, and is the perfect deodorant for you if you fall into either of these categories.

Noniko Refillable Deodorant Review

As a company, Noniko’s driving focus is reducing plastic waste. Unlike its competitors, Noniko’s packaging uses no plastic at all when purchased directly from the company website. If your not sure about stainless steel cases and refillable inserts, the company does interestingly have a presence on Amazon, where you could try the deodorant out before making a lifetime commitment to the stainless steel case.

Noniko’s minimal approach is straightforward and evident. They don’t try to be everything to everyone. Noniko offers three scents targeted for women. To be clear, the company’s marketing materials say the deodorant is for men and women, but one of their primary products outside of the deodorant is a boob balm using similar branding and colors. If you're a male looking for plastic-free deodorant, the product will work great for you too, even if the branding doesn’t make that quickly evident.

The brand further differentiates themselves from the competition by offering products other than deodorant, such as balms and salt scrubs. Helmm, Myro, and Wild all focus exclusively on refillable deodorants, leaving By Humankind and Noniko as the only players in our review with an expanded line-up.

Noniko Image

Noniko Refillable Deodorants: How It Works

The cases and inserts are made from stainless steel, so Noniko looks and feels a little different than most refillable deodorants. The case is intended to last a lifetime, and the inserts are made to be returned and reused. Reflecting the quality stainless steel packaging, Noniko is a little pricier than the competition.

Once you are ready to join the Noniko club and buy the stainless steel casing, you will choose your favorite scent. The three scents available are Sundaze (bergamot + grapefruit), Drift (green mandarin) and Unwind (lavender + mint). Noniko doesn’t currently have an unscented version.

Noniko named their subscription plan the “Conscious Subscription” because it is only available as a 3 month delivery service. The idea is that by making 4 deliveries a year, instead of 12, they will save you money (shipping and processing) and reduce the associated carbon footprint. Most of the competitors on the list offer more flexible subscription options to meet your needs, whereas this is the only option from Noniko.

Noniko Refillable Deodorant: The Verdict

While the refill is an affordable price, the container is expensive compared to competitors sticking with a more permanent plastic container. We recommend buying Noniko from Amazon first, so that you can try it out and ensure the deodorant meets your needs. The stainles steel case is a much more durable casing long term, and for those set on eliminating plastic from their lives, this is the only refillable deodorant offering that as an alternative. After verifying you like the deodorant, Noniko could be the deodorant you stick with for a lifetime.

Wild Refillable Deodorant Review

The most obvious, and perhaps the biggest difference between Wild and the other brands is that Wild is based in the United Kingdom. While most of the companies we feature offer free shipping in the United States, Wild offers free shipping in the United Kingdom. That's great if you live in the UK, but less than ideal if you live on my side of the pond. We are big fans of Wild’s deodorant though, so not to worry, they do ship to the United States as well.

The branding for Wild is perhaps the most appealing of any of the refillable deodorant brands, but that wouldn’t mean much if the deodorant wasn’t impressive as well. Fortunately, Wild is natural, sustainable, and effective. Customers love that the case is sturdy, that the product is eco-friendly and that the deodorant is long-lasting.

Wild Image

Wild Refillable Deodorants: How It Works

The container itself is made from anodized aluminum and recycled plastic, and is quite frankly, very sleek. The color palette has a bit of a pastel flare, but in a subtle way that is both modern and sophisticated. Currently, you can choose from Aqua, Coral, Purple, and Silver containers.

As a side note, since Wild is based in the UK, you will notice spelling like “colour” and “flavour” rather than “color” and “flavor”, which makes the product feel even cooler to this American purchaser.

Wild’s refill plan is flexible and affordable. Subscribers can choose to receive refills every 2, 3 or 4 months. Wild sets itself apart by providing 100% plastic-free refills, which is an improvement over all of the competition, save Noniko. Wild’s mission is to be sustainable and promote sustainability to others, so in the name of offsetting, they make a contribution to a climate-focused charity for every deodorant they sell.

Wild has 5 natural scents including Coconut Dreams, Orange Zest, Bergamot Rituals, Mint Fresh, and Rose Blush. The company doesn’t currently offer an unscented deodorant, but their scents are mostly mild, so they should work great for most customers.

Their website is one of the easiest to use, and helpfully walks you through the process of selecting a case, a subscription plan, and a favorite scent (or should we say, favourite scent). Wild may be a newer company, but they hit the market with a bang, and have racked up over 1,000 five-star reviews through Trustpilot.

Wild Refillable Deodorant: The Verdict

If you live in the United Kingdom, Wild is easily the best option, though it is a good option wherever you live. The natural deodorant has been widely praised and the sleek case will look good on your counter or in your gym bag. When you purchase Wild, you are making a decision you can be proud of, and when you set up the subscription, that decision will continue for months and years to come. Go wild, and live free.

Which Refillable Deodorant Do We Recommend?

The refillable deodorant market has exploded in the last few years, and obviously there is a little something for everyone. After countless hours of research, we are proud to recommend By Humankind as our favorite refillable deodorant. Not only is it all natural, but still eliminates bacteria causing body odor faster than other natural deodorants. While other refillable deodorants seem to be hyper-focused on a certain demographic, By Humankind offers a deodorant that should work for just about anyone. Subscribe today, and don’t look back. You will feel fresher, smell better, and reduce your plastic footprint too.

BONUS: For more information on reducing your plastic footprint, check out our article on solving the plastic problem.

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