home sweet home Saatva vs. WinkBed Which Mattress Is Right For You? (2022)
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Saatva vs. WinkBed: Which Mattress Is Right For You? (2022)

Buying a new mattress is a big deal that you will appreciate or regret for years (even decades!) to come. In considering WinkBed vs. Saatva, there are a few key things you need to know.

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Our Take:
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thumb_up PROS

thumb_down CONS

  • check American-made
  • close Some delivery delays due to high demand
  • check Premium materials and construction
  • check Mattress removal service
  • check White glove delivery service
  • check More options than competition
  • check 180-night sleep trial
The Bottom Line:Saatva sells premium mattresses online, without the markup that comes with retail middlemen. Unlike most bed-in-a-box companies, Saatva offers white-glove delivery and free mattress removal.
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  • check American-made
  • close Fewer mattress choices than competition
  • check High-quality construction
  • close No mattress removal service
  • check Eco-friendly delivery
  • close No white glove delivery service
  • check Organic latex option
  • check 120-night sleep trial
The Bottom Line: WinkBeds mattresses are high-quality and American-made in small town Wisconsin. They don't have as many options as Saatva, but the beds they do have are the highest quality.
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Full Review:
Winkbed vs. Saatva - Cover Image

Deciding on a mattress is a big deal that can have ramifications for years to come. There are so many mattresses out there, and so many different considerations to think over. Do you and your sleep partner have the same preferences? Does your chosen mattress feature enough motion isolation to avoid waking your partner as you turn throughout the night? Can stomach sleepers and side sleepers sleep on the same type of mattress?

The questions are nearly endless. Fortunately, WinkBeds and Saatva both make mattresses that solve most of these dilemmas. With multiple types of mattresses and various firmness options, choosing between Winkbed vs. Saatva doesn’t have to be a painful experience.

Saatva vs. WinkBeds Comparison

The WinkBeds and Saatva mattresses are very similar, but there are subtle differences. The WinkBed cover is made from Tencel, a eucalyptus-based fabric that is hypoallergenic and sustainable, while the Saatva cover is made from organic cotton. The WinkBed features technology such as a proprietary LumbarLayer, while Saatva features a similar patented spinal zone technology.

In comparing the WinkBed vs Saatva, you will two American-made mattresses that offer great value. If you are deciding between the two, rest assured that both mattresses represent great options. Still, we unpack the subtle differences to help you make a decision.

One thing worth noting out of the gates is that WinkBed mattresses are delivered in a box, while Saatva mattresses come with white glove delivery. Some people may not mind too much, but we understand why others might hesitate toward the idea of their big and bulky mattress being stuffed in a box. All-foam mattresses are one thing, but this hesitancy seems to grow for a hybrid bed that also features coil construction.

This might be with good reason. Innerspring mattresses are made with steel coils. One of the many reasons that Saatva choices to deliver their mattresses with white gloves instead of in a box is that their innerspring mattresses have strong and durable steel coils, which don’t compress well due to their natural resiliency. Generally speaking, some competitors may use inferior coils that are easier to compress.

Saatva vs. WinkBeds
Comparison Table
Battle of Online Mattresses
Saatva Logo
WinkBeds Logo
Biggest Selling PointaddSaatvaSmalltown companyWinkBedsPremium quality
Bed-In-A-Box DeliveryaddSaatvaWinkBeds
White-Glove DeliveryaddSaatvaWinkBeds
Mattress RemovaladdSaatvaWinkBeds

Saatva Mattress Review

Saatva and WinkBeds are often compared because they are both online mattress companies that sell luxury beds at reasonable prices. Still, Saatva has grown to the point at which they offer more mattress options than does WinkBeds. And in our anecdotal opinion, Saatva had a more luxurious look at feel than does WinkBeds. Both companies make mattresses of high-end quality, but Saatva is a little more refined. The white glove delivery service nods to this point as well.

So what do we think of Saatva? Well, let me say this: My wife and I chose a Saatva mattress for our bedroom, and we couldn’t be happier. Saatva handcrafts each of their mattresses in the U.S. In fact, Saatva has grown large enough that they have nearly 20 independent factories, and 145 fulfillment centers across the country. The brand is so popular and pervasive across the fabric of our country, that the average mattress travels less than 100 miles from their factories to user homes.

A mattress doesn’t grow to this level of ubiquity in American society accidentally. They make luxury mattresses and sell them at an affordable price. As a result, customers take notice.

Saatva vs WinkBed - Learn More - Reviews

Saatva Durability

Saatva warranties vary by specific mattress but suffice it to say that Saatva makes quality mattresses, believes in the quality of their product and has designed policies to support those beliefs. The Saatva Classic mattress, for instance, has a 15-year warranty that is non-prorated. If there is a mattress defect, the company will repair or replace it, depending on their specific terms.

We mentioned previously that many of the leading mattress companies are pushing for their beds to be replaced every 6 to 8 years, but Saatva obviously plans for their products to last much longer than that. Indeed, most mattresses have warranties longer than 15 years. Two of the mattresses feature a 20-year warranty, and the Solaire features a whopping 25-year warranty. There’s not much need to worry about a defective mattress because Saatva will take care of you, just the same as WinkBeds.

Saatva also offers a very unique “Fairness Replacement Option” on defective mattresses. If you choose the fairness replacement option, you get to keep your original mattress, and they will offer you a discount to replace your bed with a new one. Over the period of 15 to 20 years the discount declines, but this is a very reasonable option. As an example, if you choose the fairness replacement option and your mattress is 3 to 5 years old, Saatva will deliver and set up a new bed for 40% of the original purchase price of your mattress. Pretty cool.

Saatva Sustainability

Showing respect for the environment is one of Saatva’s core principles. As an example of this Saatva mattress feature an organic cotton cover

The company has also designed its operating model in consideration of the environment. While they don’t ship beds in boxes like the competition, which theoretically can cut down on emissions associated with delivery, the average mattress only has to travel 100 miles from factory to customer.

Beyond this, Saatva features two mattresses in their Green Collection. The Saatva Latex Hybrid mattress and Zenhaven Latex mattress are specifically designed with sustainability in mind. The Latex products are healthier for you and the planet and are naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.

Every detail is paid extra-special attention by the Saatva team, but here is one we found particularly interesting: the flame retardant barrier is derived from premium New Zealand wool instead of chemical sprays. Kind of cool.

Saatva Beds - Explore

Saatva Mattress Options

Saatva has grown into a larger company than what WinkBeds currently is. That doesn’t necessarily mean their product is better, in fact, WinkBeds takes pride in making their beds in their hometown, but Saatva does have a wider selection. We will cover the major options here, but there are additional beds we won’t cover in detail. Just know that the brand also has quality crib mattresses, dual-sided youth mattresses, and the Saatva HD mattress, which is specifically designed for bigger bodies. Basically, Saatva has every option you can think of besides maybe water beds, and we’re ok with that. 😎

Saatva Classic

The Saatva Classic is the brand’s most popular mattress, and the bed I sleep on every night. The company designed the bed to compete with the most premium beds you might find at a local mattress store. The Saatva Classic combines the responsiveness and durability that only an innerspring mattress can provide, with comfort layers designed from planet-friendly foams. All of this is then topped with an extra comfortable Euro pillow top.

The result is a premium mattress at an incredible value. In fact, the Saatva mattresses are such a great value, that they are sold at nearly 50% of some mattress store prices for similar beds. Given the 180-night home trial period, the 15-year warranty, the free mattress & foundation removal service, and the white glove delivery service, it’s hard to argue that it makes any sense to buy a bed from a store when you can just buy a mattress from Saatva online.

Every component of the Saatva Classic is built with thought and care. The pillow-top cushions and contours to your body in a manner that provides pressure relief. This reduces any back or joint pain you may be experiencing. And the patented spinal zone technology is designed as a memory foam layer to promote proper spinal alignment. This further reduces pressure on your lower back. With all of this considered, it’s no wonder the Saatva Classic was awarded a seal of approval by the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations.

The bed is actually designed with multiple coil layers. The tempered support coil base creates a strong, anti-sag foundation, that should keep its shape for years to come. The top spring layer includes individually pocketed coils, which are designed to be responsive while minimizing motion transfer. The bed is built with high-quality materials, too, such as 14.5-gauge recycle steel that is strong and durable, while being responsive with minimal sinkage. The contouring effect comes from the premium foams and comfort coil system more so than the coil base.

The mattress is then wrapped with durable edge support that prevents you from ever feeling like you might roll off the edge of the bed. The durable edge support is made from high-density foam that encases the spring and foam layers.

We recommend a hybrid innerspring mattress for most people because it will work well regardless of your sleep preferences. Heavy sleepers, light sleepers, side sleepers, and combination sleepers will all do well on a well-made hybrid innerspring mattress.

Solaire Customizable

For those of you that have tried multiple mattresses, and never found one with the “just right” combination of firmness and plushness, it’s time to pay attention. The Solaire bed is Saatva’s most expensive mattress because it is one of the most advanced beds sold anywhere online. But here is the thing: even though the Solaire is Saatva’s most expensive bed, it is still an incredible value. Competitors offer similar beds that are nearly 70% more expensive than the Saatva Solaire.

That’s craziness, and let us give you something to think of over. When those competitors run summer holiday sales that are 50% off, what kind of absurd margins are these competitors adding when they can still make a profit after a 50% markdown? Saatva offers much more straightforward pricing and eliminates the need to deal with pushy retail middlemen.

Not only does the Saatva Solaire bed feature fifty firmness settings, on beds that are queen size or larger, but there are also 50 firmness settings on either side of the bed. This is the perfect bed for couples because both sleepers can set the exact firmness level they need, and the bed is designed to virtually eliminate any and all motion transfer. With luxurious cooling comfort layers, this just might be the perfect mattress.

Those with a lighter weight or that prefer super-plush comfort might choose one of the lowest firmness levels, while heavy people and those with achy joints and backs might choose one of the higher firmness levels. The precise customization enables every sleeper, including combo sleepers to dial in the perfect level of comfort.

And by the way, while the Saatva Solaire might be the most expensive bed that the brand sells, it also has the longest warranty period. The Solaire comes with a 25-year warranty, so anticipate your bed lasting


Saatva vs WinkBeds - Sleeping 1

Solaire Standard or Upper Flex

One feature unique in Saatva’s lineup that is unique to the Solaire is the option for dual-sided upper flex. The upper flex mattress enables either side of the bed to be lifted up, which is great for watching TV on a lazy weekend, or for reading a book before bedtime. And with perfectly customized firmness, cooling comfort, and other luxury features, who would blame you for staying in bed?

The only downside to the Solaire Upper Flex bed is that it requires Saatva’s lineal upper flex adjustable bed frame. And I only say this is a downside because it limits your options, but if you go with the Solaire upper-flex, it makes sense that you would pair it with a custom-designed bed frame.

Saatva Latex Hybrid

If you like everything you heard about the Saatva Classic but would prefer a bed that is natural and organic, then we’ve got great news for you. Saatva’s second entrant into the hybrid bed category is made from latex, and of hand-tufted-level quality. While the Saatva Classic is what I sleep on and night and I have no concerns, in some circles, polyfoam gets a bad rap.

The Saatva Latex Hybrid completely circumvents this polyfoam stigma so that its owner can sleep sound in more ways than one. Latex has natural properties that repel dust mites and other frequent indoor allergens, so beds made with latex are naturally hypoallergenic. Honestly, though, the hypoallergenic nature of latex is just a side benefit.


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Saatva Beds - Loom & Leaf

Loom & Leaf

in recent years, memory foam mattresses have started to pick up a bad reputation for low-quality and less than anticipated durability. Not all beds are created equally, though, and the Loom & Leaf bed is an ultra-premium memory foam designed to provide all of the pressure relief your body needs. Still, this high-density foam provides extra support for your lower back, so you won’t sink in discomfort.

Here is the kicker: most foam mattresses have the air vacuumed out of them to be delivered in a box, but not Loom & Leaf. The bed is hand-crafted in the U.S., using only the most premium and eco-friendly materials. Then the mattress is delivered straight to the room where you want it to go, and it’s never stuffed awkwardly in a box.

The premium foam is gel-infused and breathable. The combination of these features helps to keep you cool as you sleep. As someone who sometimes sweats while he sleeps, this is very much appreciated.

When memory foam beds get in trouble, it’s because they are too soft, resulting in people sinking too much. When this happens, it throws off the spinal alignment and indentations start to form in the bed. With this in mind, the Saatva Loom & Leaf is available in two comfort levels, firm and relaxed firm, with relaxed firm fitting into a medium-firm category on the firmness scale.

Zenhaven Latex

If you’re partial to the idea of an all-foam bed, but shy away because all-foam beds usually have lots of chemicals and lack eco-friendly features, well, then the Zenhaven Latex bed is perfect for you. The bed features two primary latex layers. The bottom and thicker layer is a natural latex support core, which provides your body with just the push-back it needs.

Above the support layer sits a sophisticated, 5-zone natural latex layer. Your hips and lumbar don’t require the same types of support that your head, shoulders, and knees might need. If this is the case, why do so many beds feature only one type of technology across the entire mattress? The best answer might be a lack of innovation. This all-natural and hypoallergenic latex layer features 5 separate zones because that is exactly what your body needs to settle into ultimate comfort while sleeping. Cheers to the Zenhaven.

While latex works fantastically for advanced bed construction, most people won’t want to sleep directly on a layer of latex. To provide a cozy sleep surface, a layer of organic New Zealand wool offers breathability, moisture-wicking, and temperature regulation. The overall bed is wrapped with a quilted organic cotton cover.

Latex vs. Polyfoam Beds

In the search for chemically derived polyfoam beds, latex has started to make a rise. Polyfoam is super cheap, while latex is a more premium material. Latex is actually more durable than polyfoam and will have a longer lifespan. Latex also has natural buoyant properties, which provide the support you need while also providing pressure point relief that will enable you to sleep comfortably. The last thing worth mentioning is that polyfoams aren’t as breathable as latex beds.

Saatva Firmness Options

Saatva has quite a few more beds to choose from than does WinkBeds, so it stands to reason that the firmness levels aren’t quite as streamlined. Heck, the Solaire has 50 unique firmness settings after all. Still, it is worthwhile providing a brief refresher on the primary firmness options.

The Saatva Classic, for instance, is most frequently sold in the Luxury Firm variety. It leans a little firmer than it does soft, which is what most people need properly align the spine. For individuals that are heavier or that have specific back problems, the Saatva Classic is sold at a Firm-level too. On the other end of the spectrum, the Plush Soft model is available for those that want to feel like they are sleeping inside a cloud.

The Loom & Leaf beds are sold in two firmness levels, while the Latex Hybrid is sold in one standard firmness level. For the Loom & Leaf beds, most people will choose the Relaxed Firm option, while a firmer option is available for those that need that rock-solid feel.

Saatva Mattress Sizes

We’ve mentioned before that Saatva offers crib mattresses and youth side beds, so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that they offer a full line-up of adult size beds as well. Ranging from twin size beds to twin XL beds, to California king mattresses, Saatva sells any size bed you might desire. They even sell split king and split California king beds.

What Customers Are Saying

But don’t take our word for it. Since Saatva is an online-based company, there are plenty of online reviews to scour through, but we will tell you this: With more than 2,000 reviews, the Saatva Classic is rated at 4.9 Stars out of 5 stars by customers, and there are far more favorable reviews than negative reviews. That’s a very reassuring thing to know when buying something like luxury beds online. Below is a sample of what some customers had to say.

Andy said that when he received his Luxury Firm Saatva Classic, it was the first time he was able to sleep through the night in more than 5 years. That’s incredible, and we are happy for Andy. Andy said the mattress is soft, while still having enough underlying firmness where you don’t sink.

Mark shared that he has bought a number of beds over the years, but often found himself sleeping on the floor within 6 months of purchase, because his back hurt so bad. Talk about disappointing. That’s worse than disappointing. The Saatva Classic solved this problem for Mark. He chose the Relaxed Firm option and has been able to sleep on his mattress for over a year. It’s not an overstatement for Mark to call the Classic the “best mattress ever” since other beds caused him to sleep on the floor.

Valentina is 70 years old and struggles with herniated disks and fibromyalgia. This is obviously a great option for sleepers of all kinds. When the time came to try a new mattress, Valentina tried a much more expensive Sealy Posturpedic first. Her experience was so bad she tried to return the bed even though they wouldn’t let her, so she doubled down on her research before picking another bed. She finally took the plunge to try a Saatva, and she reports that she hasn’t woken up with back pain or leg numbness in weeks, which was a constant problem for her before switching to Saatva. The Saatva has enough pressure point relief while maintaining sufficient support.

Perhaps the most interesting review was from Sarah, who posted twice to review the same mattress. The first time around, Sarah left a fairly harsh review, because the entire mattress was too firm in her eyes, even though she had ordered a push soft option The second time around, Sarah admitted that her first review was premature to leave. She mentioned that the Saatva bed panned out to be exactly what she needed, even though it wasn’t what she originally wanted. Even though she chose the plush soft instead of one of the firmer options, the bed is supportive enough that it keeps her body aligned correctly, and she doesn’t notice the neck and back pain she struggled with while sleeping on her previous bed.

Saatva Pros and Cons

If you have been looking for a new bed and hoping to avoid a mattress store, then you should be very happy about Saatva. Avoiding retailers’ markup is a big deal. Avoiding retailers’ markup while also finding a better mattress is a no-brainer. Plus, the free mattress removal service and white glove delivery are nice touches.

Also, keep in mind that Saatva has stronger, more durable steel coils than many of its competitors because Saatva doesn’t need to compress its beds into a box. Strong coils are the enemy of compression, but Saatva doesn’t compromise. They built a durable mattress and deliver it to your door rather than compress it.

Still, the proof is in the pudding, or in this case the sleep quality. If your first priority is simply finding an inexpensive mattress, then

Saatva might not be for you. On the other hand, if you are searching for the perfect bed for your sleep style, and desire a high-quality and durable bed that will last for years to come, then Saatva has a mattress for you.

thumb_down CONS
  • check American-made
  • close Some delivery delays due to high demand
  • check Premium materials and construction
  • check Mattress removal service
  • check White glove delivery service
  • check More options than competition
  • check 180-night sleep trial

Saatva vs WinkBed - Try Now

WinkBed Mattress Review

If you like to root for small, family-owned businesses that invest in small-town America, then Winkbeds is the company and mattress maker for you. The company put down roots in Watertown, Wisconsin, where they handcraft their luxury mattresses. Some of the major competitors like DreamCloud source their mattress overseas, but the WinkBeds team take great pride in producing high-quality beds in hometown America.

They take very seriously the responsibility to stand behind their products, which is why they offer a Lifetime guarantee and 120-night risk-free trial. Plus, if you need to call customer service, they ensure that knowledgeable, domestic-based staff are available to help you sort through your questions and needs. No outsourced customer service specialists that you don’t understand, and no robots that take you through endless menus.

After you place your order, it generally takes a business week or so to manufacture your bed, and then another week or so to deliver. Easy process. We completed a full, standalone review on WinkBeds, but we think you may find a comparison to a similar brand more helpful. It’s a great brand and maybe just what you are looking for.

WinkBed Reviews - Learn More

WinkBed Durability

Mattresses are a source of frustration for thousands of people because the beds constantly have to be flipped and turned to avoid developing awkward body impressions. I once had an all-foam mattress that developed body indentations so bad that as I tried to straighten my body throughout the night I would roll back into the impression. The result was a sore back and a bed that needs to be replaced quicker than I had planned.

Fortunately for you, WinkBed features their signature DuraTech technology which was developed to help their mattresses last for decades. If you drive down to your local mattress store, you will see advertisements suggesting you need to replace your bed every six to eight years. The WinkBeds team gets it and goes in the completely opposite direction. They offer a lifetime warranty on their product because they are designed and crafted with pride.

Rather than design their mattresses with low-quality materials that will require replacing in a few years, WinkBeds uses high-density foam that is sag resistant, and triple tempered springs built for durability. Of course, actions speak louder than words, and to ensure that their bed was as durable as they designed it to be, Winkbeds submitted their mattress to independent testing. After 80,000 burdensome compressions, which simulated over 20 years of sleeping, the bed proved to be just as durable as they designed it to be.

WinkBed Sustainability

We mentioned earlier that the WinkBeds cover is made from a sustainable Tencel fabric, but that might not mean much without a little extra explanation. Eucalyptus trees take much less water to grow than cotton and far fewer pesticides too. As a result, eucalyptus-derived Tencel fabric is considered a much more sustainable choice than traditional cotton alternatives.

In fact, we love eucalyptus so much, we devoted an entire article to highlighting eucalyptus sheets made by Buffy and Sheets & Giggles.

For WinkBeds, the eucalyptus materials are sourced from a forest certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which guarantees the trees come from responsibly managed forests. The cover is also OEKO-TEX certified, so you can rest assured it is safe for children.

Under the cover, the coils are made from recycled steel, and the foams are CertiPure certified, which means they don’t have any ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, formaldehyde, or other crazy chemicals. This makes the bed both safe for the planet and safe for you.

WinkBed Reviews - WinkBed vs. Saatva

WinkBeds Mattress Options

No two people are created equal, so it stands to reason that people might have different mattress preferences. Some people need pressure relief to help with achy backs, while others are hot sleepers that need a bed that cools. The WinkBeds team offers three mattresses, which provide enough options to satisfy nearly any sleeper.

The Original WinkBed Mattress

Everybody loves an original, and so it is with the Original WinkBed mattress. What makes the Original WinkBed so special? There are two many features to point out just one feature, but let’s start with the Hybrid design. As all-foam mattresses came into vogue, innerspring mattresses started to get a bad wrap for being squeaky and stiff.

The trouble is that all-foam mattresses were often too soft and unsupportive, so as sleepers sunk into their beds in misaligned positions, it became unnatural to adjust throughout the night. As a result, many users started to experience back pain. This happened to me.

The Original WinkBed offers a hybrid mattress design that combines the supportiveness of steel coils with the responsiveness of foam. The Original Winkbed is an innerspring mattress that features a gel-infused foam topper.

If you’ve ever felt like you might roll off your bed, you will appreciate the Extra-Edge support system that provides reinforced firmness all the way to the side of the bed. Combined with the Proprietary LumbarLayer foam enhancement that gives you extra support where you need it, and every square inch of this bed features a thoughtful design.

As previously noted, all WinkBeds feature a sustainable and cooling Tencel cover. The Original Winkbed is available in all four different firmness levels explained below.

The GravityLux by WinkBeds

While everyone loves an original, some people have a more nuanced taste. Memory foam beds gained popularity for a reason, that being they contour to your body like a cloud cradling your weight. The concept is alluring, even it does result in backaches for some. The resolution to this problem is WinkBed’s proprietary GravityLux memory foam bed, with patented AirCell foam.

The layered support system designed into the bed provides firmer support in the back and midsection, where earlier generations of memory foam beds might sink. Still, your shoulders and hips will meet the sweet relief that only memory foam can provide. The foam layers cradle your form without sinking too much, which provides the discomfort so many of us have experienced with other memory foam beds.

The GravityLux bed is also designed to help you sleep cool. Whereas competitor Visco foam retains heat, WinkBeds’ AirCell foam retains no heat.

The GravityLux bed provides a balance of comfort, pressure relief, and motion isolation with enough support and bounce to keep you comfortable in any sleep position. The WinkBed GravityLux is available in three of WinkBeds’ four firmness levels, so those sleeper types needing a supportive mattress will find such in the firmer mattress option. Those seeking a true cloud-like feel will find that available as well.

Saatva vs WinkBeds - Sleeping 2

The EcoCloud by WinkBeds

The EcoCloud Hybrid is a sister mattress to the Original WinkBed mattress. Rather than layers of foam, the EcoCloud is crafted with 100% natural Talalay, which is an all-natural latex material. Similar to the original mattress, the Eco-Cloud features a micro coil design combined with the soft comfort of Talalay, which incidentally is as comfortable as it is proficient at reducing motion transfer.

Talalay latex is a material derived from tropical rubber trees and is sourced through sustainable tapping methods, so it’s much easier on the planet than many of the alternatives. Plus, Talalay is a naturally breathable material, that also happens to be hypoallergenic. If the thought of sleeping on synthetic foams, gives you pause, then EcoCloud is the option for you.

One small difference between the WinkBed EcoCloud and the original mattress is that the former features an organic cotton cover and New Zealand wool, while the latter proudly boasts a sustainable Tencel cover.


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WinkBeds Firmness Options

Each of the three WinkBeds is available in different firmness levels. The most popular firmness level is called Luxury Firm. If you have ever stayed in a hotel and fell in love with the bed, you are in luck, because the Luxury Firm bed is designed to exceed the specifications of the most popular hotel beds. This bed is particularly popular for those with sleep partners because the bed is designed to be the most universally comfortable.

The Luxury Firm mattress offers a nice balance of pushback so that your body feels fully supported, while also allowing enough give for the bed to contour to your body. The medium-feel Euro-pillow top brings it all together. The individually wrapped pocketed coils offer targeted support in a multi-zone approach.

So what is the takeaway for the Luxury Firm mattress? Simple. Stomach sleepers, side sleepers, and back sleepers will all find the comfort they are looking for.

While most side sleepers are comfortable on a WinkBeds Luxury Firm model, the Soft mattress model is purpose-designed for side sleepers and others that love good pillowy comfort. The bed achieves a cloud-like feel as a result of a plush pillow top and a special gel foam designed to maximize pressure relief.

That leaves the Firm bed and the Plus bed. A “Firm” mattress sits just one step above the “Luxury Firm” on the firmness level spectrum. What does that mean exactly? Well, some sleepers prefer to sleep above their bed instead of sunken into their mattress, and the Firm mattress achieves this without being too hard. The “Plus” mattress is specifically designed for heavier people that need a little extra density and support, which enhances durability for those that have struggled to find a supportive quality mattress elsewhere.

WinkBeds Mattress Sizes

While the Queen size might be the most popular bed ordered, WinkBeds sells nearly every size bed you can think of including Twin XL and California King size beds. Larger sleepers will appreciate the extra options.

What’s the difference between a Twin and Twin XL, you ask? The Twin XL is 5 inches longer than the traditional Twin-size mattress. Individuals over 6 feet tall will appreciate the extra length. The Twin XL is the same length as a standard Queen size bed.

What Customers Are Saying

Betty mentions she is 64 years old and says the WinkBed is the best mattress she has ever owned! In her long life, she’s had many. And Betty specifically noted she has paid for beds in a much higher price range, that was not as comfortable as the WinkBed.

Nancy notes that she has fibromyalgia and back issues. She tried mattress after mattress from various competitors, before finally turning to WinkBeds for sweet relief. The first model was a little too firm, but the customer service team worked with her to get her the softer version, and for the first time in a long time, Nancy is now comfortable while she sleeps.

Darren says that he is a heavy-bodied weightlifter that has had back surgery in the past. He made the switch from an all-foam memory mattress, and estimates Darren now sleeps two hours longer every night and doesn’t have as much back pain as he previously had. Heavier persons take notice.

Tammie initially thought the topper could be a little plusher, but her body adjusted within less than a week, and now Tammie. doesn’t wake up with the same aches and pains she once woke up experiencing. She says the bed quality is surprising. It exceeded her expectations.

A few users mention that the mattress is exceedingly heavy when it arrives at its end location. One reviewer specifically mentions that it might be too heavy for most women to pick up or move on their own. Most of the same users mention that they love their WinkBed once it is set up, but it is worth mentioning that the box the mattress comes in is very dense, and can be difficult for some to move.

Harold notes that he is a heavier person and his last mattress collapsed. He ordered a Plus firmness mattress, even though he was worried it might be too stiff. Instead, Harold found that the bed was just right, and would recommend it to heavier persons. Harold loves the cooling surface during the summer and says he no longer has back pains like he used to. For heavier sleepers, he says the WinkBed Plus is “beyond awesome.” And for hot sleepers, the cooling technology is a major reason to consider WinkBeds.

WinkBeds Pros And Cons

If you care about the story behind the products you buy, then any of WinkBeds’ products should make you feel good. It’s a family-owned business that invested in small-town America to produce the highest quality American-made beds.

thumb_down CONS
  • check American-made
  • close Fewer mattress choices than competition
  • check High-quality construction
  • close No mattress removal service
  • check Eco-friendly delivery
  • close No white glove delivery service
  • check Organic latex option
  • check 120-night sleep trial

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Differences Between WinkBed And Saatva

In comparing Saatva vs WinkBeds, there are a few differences that stand out. The first subtle difference is that WinkBeds features a Tencel cover derived from eucalyptus fibers, while the Saatva beds feature an organic cotton cover. Other subtle differences include the type of foam lumbar support used to promote spinal alignment.

For some people, the tie-breaking difference might be as simple as the delivery method. WinkBeds are delivered as a bed-in-a-box, which presents a few challenges. For one, once the bed is delivered, it can be awkward and heavy to maneuver around, especially on your own. The second disadvantage is simply that some people don’t like the thought of their bed vacuumed into a box and delivered as such.

Saatva goes to the completely opposite end of the spectrum and offers white glove delivery. Free mattress removal is also available if you set it up when ordering a new Saatva mattress, which obviously isn’t available if your bed is delivered by FedEx in a box. The mattress removal service alone might be a deal-breaker for some, but when combined with the white glove delivery that includes free in-room set-up, and this is a very convenient service.

Saatva also has more options than WinkBeds, including crib mattresses and flippable youth beds, in addition to more adult-sized options such as the customizable Solaire series.

WinkBed And Saatva Pricing

The mattress industry throws lots of sales promotions around the holidays. Memorial Day and Labor Day are both holiday seasons during which you noticed more than your fair share of mattress commercials and mail flyers. And because each company chooses to manage promotional sales differently, our advice is to watch for sales during the holiday season.

WinkBeds and Saatva are similarly priced. Saatva might be a little more affordable for the flagship hybrid innerspring bed, but the prices will go up and down frequently. In comparing Saatva vs WinkBeds, our advice is to pick the mattress you prefer, then make the purchase, since there aren’t crazy price differences between the two brands.

Consider whether you prefer the eco-friendly delivery method WinkBeds offers, or the luxurious and coil-saving personal delivery Saatva offers. Decide which company and mattress you think your body needs, and rely on the sleep trials if you are losing sleep about making a purchase. After all, losing sleep is the last thing you want to do when buying a new mattress. Your body will thank you.

Saatva vs WinkBeds - Sleeping 4

Decision Time: WinkBed or Saatva?

In the battle of Saatva vs WinkBed, there are a few things that you need to consider. All of the mattresses are made with fantastic quality, and in the age of all-foam beds, both brands offer hybrid innerspring mattresses with durable coil support core features. Combining the old-school and durable support of coils with the advanced cushioning foams provide is a great combination. So we are big fans of hybrid beds because they work so well for so many types of sleepers.

While both brands feature all-foam beds, they are most commonly compared because of the similarities between their hybrid innerspring beds. While both brands are made with premium materials and construction, WinkBeds offer more a more relaxed vibe (with polka dots on their bed covers), compared to Saatva that offers a more classic and luxurious vibe.

Customer reviews suggest that Saatva beds might run slightly firmer than WinkBed alternatives; however, most customers appreciate the added support.

Beyond this, the biggest difference between the two brands boils down to delivery preferences, if you can believe it. In our opinion, WinkBeds is the best bed-in-a-box money can buy. This is nice if you don’t want people coming into your house to deliver a bed, and there are also some eco-friendly benefits to shipping a bed in such a compact package. More beds can be fit into much smaller spaces, which results in lower transport impacts.

At the complete opposite end of options, all of Saatva’s mattresses are delivered with white-glove service. Why does that matter? Well, if you don’t like the idea of your mattress being vacuumed into a box, Saatva’s beds are never put in a box. Aside from this, Saatva’s delivery service will take the bed right to the room where you plan to keep it.

If you’ve never purchased a bed-in-a-box, let me just tell you that boxes are awkwardly heavy and difficult to move around. This is especially true if you need to get your new bed upstairs. Having a delivery team take the bed where it needs to go is a bigger deal than you might realize. Plus, if you have a bed that you need to get rid of, then Saatva will take care of mattress removal for you.

Which Mattress Is Right For You?

If you have back problems or arthritis, it’s important to find out if there is any way of improving comfort in those areas. For example, some memory foam mattresses use gel infused with special chemicals which help relieve pressure and pain from sore joints.


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Saatva vs WinkBeds - Sleeping 3

The Perfect Bedroom

If you are looking to upgrade more than just your bed, and upgrade your entire bedroom, we are here for it. The mattress is the most important contributor to getting a good night’s sleep. With that said, creating a space that looks good and feels cozy can contribute to mental peace that will help you rest easy.

Personally, we think the Saatva Classic is one of the best mattress values anywhere, and it’s our bed of choice, but we put just as much thought into the rest of the bedroom too. Beyond the Saatva Classic, we recommend the Thuma bed frame, a customized Pluto Pillow, and Sheets & Giggles sheets.

The Thuma bed is an all-wooden bed frame with minimalist styling and Japanese joinery. It is beautiful, timeless, and strong. It is also eco-friendly since it is made from repurposed wood.

The Pluto Pillow is a nice compliment to Saatva’s comfort. Pluto utilizes an algorithmic quiz to determine which of the 35 pillow variations are perfect for you. If you spend hours researching a mattress, and thousands of dollars, your pillow should be more than an afterthought.

And sheets… Well, your sheets know you more intimately than anything else you own. We absolutely love Sheets & Giggles, whose sheets are made with eucalyptus fibers that are hypoallergenic, breathable, and cool to the touch. Plus, if you are looking for a way to spice up the vibe in your bedroom, Sheets & Giggles offers sassy styling.

In considering WinkBeds vs Saatva, there really isn’t a bad decision. Both brands make a quality mattress that will help you get a good night’s sleep. We prefer classic styling, premium materials and construction, and white glove delivery from Saatva. Pair with a Thuma bed, Pluto Pillow, and Sheets & Giggle sheets, and you will have the dream bedroom!!

Regardless, make the decision that will help you get a good night’s sleep. You are worth it. 💤💤

Frequently Asked Questions



Latex is often used as an alternative to polyfoam because it is a natural substance. Latex is not the same thing as rubber, exactly, even though they are often used as synonyms. Latex does come from a rubber tree, though. Rubber trees release a milky white sap. It can be chemically produced, but in the case of Saatva vs WinkBeds, organic latex is utilized. One thing that is nice about latex is that it doesn't fight the eventual sinkage some polyfoams will deal with.



Polyfoam is a nice name companies use to describe polyurethane foam. Polyurethane is derived from crude oil, so it gets a bad reputation for a few reasons. First of all, it helps prop up the oil and gas industry, which impacts the environment. And there is also the whole thing about sleeping on a chemically derived product. On the other hand, it can be made into many different forms and is a cheap way to make comfortable beds. Even beds made with micro - coils often have foam encasement.



Can you put an innerspring mattress in a box? Well, yes you can, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is a good idea. To make it happen, you have to suck or push air out of a mattress, compress it down to something about the size of a yoga mat, fold it over and shove it into a box. It can happen, but it doesn't seem very luxurious, but there is something else worth mentioning. Durable springs are hard to compress, which makes you question beds that do go in a box. To each person their own, but if you want to avoid sinkage in the future, it is something to think about.



Each owner will have to decide whether or not they are comfortable buying a bed online, but avoiding markups that retailers add on, while also buying a higher quality mattress, we recommend that you seriously consider.

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