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Best Smokeless Fire Pits:
Solo Stove vs. Breeo vs. Blue Sky
(2021 Review)

What is the best smokeless fire pit? We reviewed Solo Stove, Breeo, and Blue Sky to identify which fire pit is most worth the investment.

Solo Stove vs. Breeo vs. Blue Sky - Cover Image

If you are looking to upgrade your backyard experience, adding a smokeless fire pit is an excellent decision. Breeo, Solo Stove, and Blue Sky make the best fire pits money can buy and are packed with surprising innovation.

Modern life is frequently stressful and has many of us stuck inside most of the day. Throw in an unfortunate pandemic, and it’s almost too much to handle. It might be time to create your own urban oasis and enjoy some fresh air. A smokeless fire pit is the perfect backyard centerpiece to encourage kicking back and relaxing.

Breeo, Solo Stove, or Blue Sky?

But which brand should you choose? The brands have their distinct styling and specific strengths and weaknesses too. Check out our side-by-side comparison table, or read our detailed reviews below.

Solo Stove vs. Breeo vs. Blue Sky
Comparison Table
Best Smokeless Fire PitSolo Stove LogoBreeo LogoBlue Sky Logo
PriceaddSolo Stove💰💰Breeo💰💰💰Blue Sky💰💰
Biggest Selling PointaddSolo StoveQuality construction intended to last a lifetimeBreeoAttached sear plate ring on most modelsBlue SkySports licensing agreements
Fun FactsaddSolo StoveAlso sell smaller stove sizes for portable campfire cookingBreeoThe Outpost accessory can be attached for open-fire cookingBlue SkyAshtray detaches to make clean up a breeze
MaterialaddSolo StoveStainless SteelBreeoCOR-TEN Steel & Stainless SteelBlue SkyOriginal Steel
Biggest SizeaddSolo Stove27 inchesBreeo33 inchesBlue Sky24 inches
Spark Screen AvailableaddSolo StoveBreeoBlue Sky
Intended FueladdSolo StoveWood logsBreeoWood logsBlue SkyWood pellets
Portable OptionsaddSolo StoveBreeoBlue Sky

Which is Best? Breeo vs. Solo Stove

Breeo and Solo Stove make the best smokeless fire pits money can buy. The two brands stand head-and-shoulders above Blue Sky and any other competitors. Solo Stove’s products tend to be lighter and more portable, while Breeo’s products are better for open-fire cooking. Solo Stove is a leading innovator, featuring technology like the 360 degrees airflow technology. Still, Breeo has its X Airflow technology, sear plate ring, and Outpost cooking accessory, all of which are innovative also.

We love a good backyard fire, roasting marshmallows with family and friends, and after countless hours of research and use, we are happy to recommend the following products, which we have explained in detail in this post.

Do Smokeless Fire Pits Work?

Smokeless fire pits use advanced technology to eliminate most smoke coming from your fire. That means you can chill in the backyard or at the campgrounds without your clothes smelling like smoke and without bothering neighbors. An added benefit is that smokeless fire pits generally leave behind less ash. Smokeless fire pits may not be completely smoke-free, but newer technologies enable them to get pretty darn close.

So, how do smokeless fire pits work? Smokeless fire pits have a double-walled construction. Air is pulled between the walls at the bottom of the fire pit and heated from the fire. Hot air naturally rises, so the heated air then escapes through vents at the top of the pit, where it mixes with smoke from the fire. As the heated air mixes with smoke, it re-burns the smoke, virtually eliminating smoke from escaping your fire pit. Low airflow worsens smoke, so smokeless pits are designed with clever airflow systems to increase heat and facilitate the secondary burn at the top of the flame.

There might be smoke as you get your fire going because it will take a few minutes to heat the walls and the air traveling between them. Keep in mind that your fire pit will produce less smoke as your fire gets bigger and hotter, and as the heat spreads to the outer walls. The higher the temperature gets, the more efficient and smokeless the fire pit gets. Also, consider that some materials create more smoke than others. Paper tends to generate more smoke than natural wood kindling as the fire gets going. For these reasons, the smokeless features may not work as well if you try a one or two log fire.

What Fuel Is Best For A Fire Pit?

Some fire pits are built to run on gas, but we recommend utilizing a wood-burning fire pit. Small logs and branches provide a more traditional campfire experience than gas, but you also need to think through what you plan to use as kindling. Some outdoor fire pits also work with wood pellets where kindling isn’t as much of an issue, but for log fires, we recommend using real-wood starter kindling. Compared to paper products, real-wood starter kindling produces less smoke, ash, and fly-away embers. Propane fire pits work fine, but wood fire pits are more authentic and provide a more natural experience under the stars.

The bottom line is that firewood logs or firewood chunks are the best fuel for most situations.

Solo Stove Fire Pit Reviews

Solo Stove’s entire line-up is impressive, but the smokeless fire pits are quite the highlight. The 360 Airflow Design provides oxygen throughout the fire, making the fire pit very efficient. Not only does this make the fire hotter, which also reduces smoke, but it also creates a beautiful fire that is unforgettable to sit around.

The company offers products in multiple sizes and for various uses. These products are exceedingly durable since they are built from stainless steel, and all feature the signature airflow design. Any of the products would be an excellent addition to your lifestyle, so let’s determine which best fits your needs. If you are interested in more portable fire pits, there is simply no better option; and their standard fire pits are just as high of quality, even if they have more competitors.

If you plan on considering a couple of accessories, we recommend the stand (which protects ground surfaces from the fire) and the shield (which is like a mesh lid). The mesh cover helps prevent embers from flying out. I have a pair of pants with a hole in them because of this happening, so I wish I had been using the shield then. Of course, if you are willing to add on a few accessories, you might consider one of the bundles, which provide discounted pricing.

Solo Stove vs. Breeo vs. Blue Sky Review - Solo Stove Learn More

Ranger Fire Pit (Small)

The Ranger is the smallest fire pit, weighing only 15 lbs. This also means it is the most compact design if you are looking for something to take to a campsite. The Ranger is only 15 inches in diameter, and despite its small size, it still packs the signature 360-degree airflow design intended to reduce smoke.

The Solo Stove RangerSolo Stove Ranger truly is the ultimate portable fire pit, so if adventures call your name every weekend, the Ranger might soon be your favorite piece of gear. Because of the ultra-compact design, traditional fire logs won’t work here, so you will need to plan before heading to your fire site. Chunk wood works best.

All of Solo Stove’s products can be purchased with a stand and a shield, which we highly recommend. The stand lifts the fire pit off ground surfaces, increasing its versatility and enabling the use of your fire pit on decks and grass alike, without fear of damaging the surface. The shields are equally as useful since it catches most sparks and embers. In all seriousness, a floating ember recently burned through a favorite pair of pants, so I wish I had a shield on then.

Honestly, I am excited about some beachside hot dogs and s’mores just thinking about the Ranger.

Bonfire Fire Pit (Medium)

Solo Stove’s Bonfire is the brand’s top-selling smokeless fire pit. It’s the perfect size for small backyard gatherings, yet still lite enough and portable enough to take on the go. If your family takes an annual trip to a mountainside cabin or beach house, this is a great fire pit. While lite and portable, it is still big enough for a few people to hang out around it, yet the model still fits in a carry-bag when it’s time to head back home.

It weighs 20 lbs and is 19.5 inches in diameter, making it a little easier to burn small logs than the Ranger model. Chunk wood can still be used, though logs might last a bit longer. Like all of the brand’s fire pit models, we recommend getting the stand and shield accessories, too, because they legitimately increase the fire pit’s versatility and safety.

The Solo Stove BonfireSolo Stove Bonfire is an excellent, do-it-all, fire pit. It’s great for almost any situation. And while it is a little more compact than the Yukon, the Bonfire model still puts off plenty of heat.

Yukon Fire Pit (Large)

If you are looking for a fire pit to leave in your backyard, the Yukon is for you. The durable stainless steel construction is fine to leave in the elements and enjoy year-round. At 38 lbs and 27 inches in diameter, the Yukon is substantially larger than the Bonfire, which also means you can build your fires bigger and hotter if you want to start a fire to burn late into the evening.

The larger size also makes it easier to use firewood logs found at any hardware store. The smaller models are great for portability, and the Bonfire model fits logs too, but the Yukon’s size makes it much more versatile for any kind of fire log, and it is big enough to accommodate full-size firewood logs.

Since the Solo Stove YukonSolo Stove Yukon is the brand’s largest product, it is also its most expensive. With that in mind, it is worth noting that the company offers free shipping and returns (within 30 days), as well as a lifetime warranty. We honestly expect you to love the fire pit, as does Solo Stove, but if you have any doubts, it is reassuring to know the company backs their superior product with superior customer service as well.

The Yukon is designed to be the centerpiece of your backyard, and it will serve as a great excuse to have family and friends over or just to enjoy the fresh air and a warm fire by yourself.

Solo Stove vs. Breeo vs. Blue Sky Review - Solo Stove Products

Camp Stoves & Grill

We would be remiss to completely ignore the brand’s camp stoves since that is where everything started. The camp stoves were designed to boil water in under 10 minutes using sticks and twigs as fuel, which is impressive and entirely functional for backpackers looking for a hot meal.

The smallest version of the camp stove, the Solo Stove Lite, is the original Solo Stove product designed for serious hiking and backpacking. It’s the ultimate portable unit. The Solo Stove Titan is the slightly larger version, useful if you are cooking for two.

For overnight camping and groups of more than two, the Solo Stove CampfireSolo Stove Campfire will be the best option for most people. Like the smaller versions, it starts up quickly using only sticks and twigs, though if you are at a campsite and can afford the room to bring pre-cut kindling wood, that will work too.

To ensure the best campfire possible, the brand also sells stove accessories such as camp-size pot sets and a tripod, which can be used to suspend chili or soup above the fire. For the smaller stoves, you might also consider the windscreen to protect your flames out on the trail.

The brand owns outdoor fires, so it makes sense they would build a grill too. The grill is portable so that it can be used for tailgating or a day at the park, but a taller stand can be added on if you want to use it more permanently in your backyard.

The grill works with either charcoal briquettes or kiln-dried chuck wood and weighs less than 40 lbs. The grill features the double-wall construction with holes around the bottom that enables airflow and a hot burning grill, plus a removable ash pan below the cooking grate and charcoal grate. The company-branded charcoal heats up in 10-15 minutes and lasts up to 45 minutes, which is plenty of time to grill up food for everyone.

The grillgrill comes with a shelter to protect the grill from the elements, a carry case that makes it easier to take the grill with you, and grill tools (spatial, tongs, and meat fork). With all of that included and more, the grill honestly seems like a pretty good value.

Is a Solo Stove Fire Pit Worth It?

Sure, you could build a fire pit in your backyard, but that has some significant disadvantages compared to a Solo Stove fire pit. Namely, the Solo StoveSolo Stove fire pits are portable and eliminate most smoke, so choosing the Solo Stove is a way better option for most people. Solo Stove fire pits are designed to last a lifetime, so while they might be a little more expensive than a bare-bones fire pit, you can take pride in your purchase.

thumb_down CONS
  • checkDurable 304 stainless steel construction
  • closeEfficient burn requires more wood than some fire pits
  • checkOptions for multiple price points and preferences
  • checkPortable enough to join the family camping trip
  • checkUnique design reduces smoke substantially
  • checkLess ash to clean up than traditional fire pits

Solo Stove vs. Breeo vs. Blue Sky Review - Solo Stove Explore Now

Breeo Fire Pit Reviews

There is something that feels very American about fire pits. We can only imagine gathering around a fire to watch fireworks on the Fourth of July, so perhaps that is why it just feels right that Breeo is American made. Breeo fire pits are made right here in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Not only are Breeo fire pitsBreeo fire pits made in the good ole’ USA, but Breeo is the original smokeless fire pit. They were pioneers in designing smokeless fire pits back in 2011 and continue to innovate with expanded product lines and updates to the original products.

In addition to their innovative, smokeless fire pit insert, The company sells three separate lines of fire pits in a variety of sizes.

One thing worth noting: the X airflow design in some of the fire pits makes ash removal slightly more challenging, so if you are considering a couple of accessories, consider the ash removal tool in addition to the stainless steel lid and outpost grill grate.

Breeo vs. Solo Stove vs. Blue Sky Review - Breeo Learn More

Double Flame Fire Pits

The Breeo Double Flame is an American original, built from durable 304 stainless steel like Solo Stove’s products. It is innovative and handsome, adding a cool factor (or should we say heat factor) to your backyard or beach trip. It was recently updated to include some of the newer technology developed for the Breeo X Series. If you want to know more, read our in-depth reviewreview comparing the Breeo Double Flame to the Breeo X Series.

X Series Fire Pits

The Breeo X Series also comes in two sizes and might be the most advanced, most beautiful backyard fire pit on the market. The Breeo X Series with OutpostBreeo X Series with Outpost includes smokeless technology similar to Breeo’s other products but was upgraded to include the patent-pending X airflow technology that provides advanced airflow through the fire pit.

The X Series is also made in a signature CORE-TEN Steel that develops a one-of-a-kind patina that makes your fire pit more beautiful and interesting over time. With its heavy-duty steel, the fire pit body is meant to withstand the elements; but you can purchase a handy rain cover to make it last even longer.

While the CORE-TEN Steel is visually different than most of the other featured fire pits, the most functional difference might be the sear plate ring. The sear plate ring is wide enough for cooking burgers and steaks, and veggies. As the fire heats up, the sear plate curls in toward the fire so no drippings fall out of the fire pit. If you add on Breeo’s Outpost attachment, it’s near perfect for open fire cooking. Throw some burgers on the sear plate while you cook veggies and steaks on the Outpost’s grill grate. More on this shortly.

Breeo Luxeve Fire Pits

While the Double Flame and X series provides a more traditional and rustic fire pit experience, the Breeo Luxeve fire pits will add a little style and sophistication to your backyard. These premium fire pits include the same patent-pending X airflow technology found in the X series but also have a few design twists. Rather than the sear plate, the Luxeve is sold with fire pit glass to surround the pit. And while the stainless steel look is available, the Luxeve is also available in Red, White, Bronze, and Earth Rust if you are looking for a pop of color. The heavy steel construction means these are as sturdy as they are luxurious. The Luxeve is a quality fire pit intended to wow guests and serve for years as an outdoor gathering spot.

Breeo vs. Solo Stove vs. Blue Sky Review - Breeo Products

Grilling With a Breeo Fire Pit

And what would a good bonfire be without good food to go along with it? The brand is all about the overall outdoor experience and sells fire pit accessories for grilling. The ‘Outpost’ is an accessory grill grate attached to a rod, which can be driven in the ground right next to Breeo’s fire pit. The outpost works with or without the firepit, so if you purchase to use with the fire pit, you could choose to take just Breeo’s OutpostBreeo’s Outpost grill grate with you when you head to your favorite campfire location.

If you don’t have the outpost, you can still use Breeo’s X Series for grilling on the sear-plate ring. Put down some hot dogs and hamburgers, or even a steak for easy dinner preparation while enjoying your backyard fire. The sear plate circles the entire fire pit, creating plenty of room to grill up vegetables too. Grill up a whole meal while never leaving your bonfire.

Whether you try fire searing pineapple or broccoli, the results will be delicious, and there is a good chance you will prefer cooking outside going forward. Some competitors have a similar ring, but Breeo’s sear plate is extra wide to accommodate fireside grilling. The sear plate is one of the unique features in Breeo’s fire pit design and is an excellent reason to consider adding a BreeoBreeo to your backyard ASAP.

And by the way, once the flames have stopped, you can use the optional stainless steel lid to keep your backyard safe. It’s nice to have a little extra peace of mind that no rogue embers will be hopping out. The top also keeps must rain out of your pit, which can turn ash into sludge. The stainless steel lid is must-have addition in our minds.

Is A Breeo Fire Pit Worth It?

The 27-inch diameter Double Flame weighs 57 lbs, so while it is durably made, it is also a little heavy to drag around with you. By comparison, the similarly sized Solo Stove Yukon only weighs 38 lbs. The biggest downside to Breeo is their fire pits are heavy, but if you plan to leave in one spot or like the idea of open flame cooking, then the Breeo is an excellent option. Keep in mind that if you are looking for portability, the Outpost can be driven in the ground to work over any campfire flame.

Why is the Breeo so heavy? Breeo is built solid with American-made quality and intended to last a lifetime. Not only is BreeoBreeo well made, but also handsomely designed, so this might turn into your neighborhood’s envy. The technology allows for the feel of an authentic campfire in the smokeless convenience of your backyard.

If you are looking for a Solo Stove alternative, Breeo is by far the best option. In fact, the stainless steel sear plate on the X Series makes it one of our favorite fire pits, and the Outpost is the perfect option for cooking.

thumb_down CONS
  • checkCORE-TEN exterior on X Series develops handsome patina
  • closeHeavier than its competitors
  • checkPatent-pending X Airflow technology supports stronger fire
  • closeMore expensive than alternatives
  • checkOutpost accessory available for open-fire cooking
  • checkSear plate can be used to cook while you enjoy fire
  • check100% USA manufactured

Breeo vs. Solo Stove vs. Blue Sky Review - Breeo Explore Now

Blue Sky Fire Pit Reviews

These fire pits are unique from the others we reviewed in a few different ways. The steel construction is durable but a little more affordable than stainless steel construction available from Solo Stove and Breeo. You can get a Blue Sky fire pit for under $300, a bargain compared to some fire pits on the market.

Our favorite difference between Blue Sky and its competitors is that it has sports licensing agreements with the NCAA, NFL, and NHL. Enjoy a fire with your favorite team’s logo proudly emblazoned on the fire pit’s side while watching the big game under the stars.

The sports logos are available on both the patio and portable-sized fire pits made by Blue Sky. Here is a little additional information about the two models to help you decide which is right for you:

Patio Fire Pit - The Patio Pellet Fire Pit is the largest fire pit the company makes and makes the ideal backyard fire pit. It is a little smaller than the backyard fire pits made by Solo Stove and Breeo, at 24 inches wide. At 46 lbs, the weight lands in between Solo Stove and Breeo.

Ridge Portable Fire Pit - The Ridge Portable Fire Pit model works with wood pellets and is a little more manageable if you want to pack in the car. The Ridge is 16 inches wide and 12.5 inches tall while in use but collapses to only 7 inches tall when cooled and not in use. It weighs only 15 lbs and comes with a carrying bag, making it the most portable of the fire pits we reviewed.

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Is A Blue Sky Fire Pit Worth It?

While the Blue Sky fire pits may not last a lifetime (because they are made from steel instead of stainless steel), we are still talking about a multi-year life (Blue Sky has a three-year limited warranty), making the Blue Sky fire pits an appealing option if you are on a budget. Blue Sky fire pits produce a virtually smoke-free environment, with a fire that burns brighter and hotter than old school fire pits.

And if you are any kind of sports fan at all, these are the only fire pits available on the market with your favorite team’s logos. The patio fire pit is perfect for some backyard tailgating, while the portable fire pit is perfect for on-site gameday tailgating.

thumb_down CONS
  • checkA cheaper option, partially because of steel construction
  • closeSteel construction might not last as long as stainless steel options
  • checkA collapsible model that makes it easy to pack in the car
  • closeIntended for wood pellets instead of logs, which might not feel as authentic
  • checkSports licensing agreements, so available with the logo of a favorite team

Solo Stove  vs. Blue Sky Review - Blue Sky Products

How To Clean Your Fire Pit

Since the fire pit models are built a little differently, it is worth understanding you may have to take different approaches to clean them out. Obviously, you need to make sure your fire pit is completely cooled off and remove any unconsumed firewood, and what you’re left with is the ash. Like I noted above, it will be easier to clean out the ash if you use a lid or protective covers to keep the elements out of your fire pit. Water mixed with ash creates a nasty sludge, which makes cleaning much more difficult.

Some of the Solo Stove models have a built-in ashtray at the bottom of the fire pit. To truly get all of the ash out of the fire pit, you will need to clean out any large chunks and dump out the remaining ash. The Blue Sky fire pits also need to be dumped upside down. Don’t worry about rinsing it out unless you need to transport it in your car. If you choose to rinse out any of the fire pits, be sure to ensure they are dry to avoid advanced weathering.

For the Breeo fire pits, the raised X shape allowing advanced airflow does make cleaning out the fire pit a little more of a unique challenge. Fortunately, Breeo sells an ash removal tool to help you clean out the corners of the “X.” Once any big chunks are removed, you can vacuum out the rest with a shop vac or turn it over, similar to the other models. In some ways, the Breeo models are a bit easier to clean because you can use that shop vac, where the built-in ashtray makes doing so more difficult.

While cleaning your fire pit might be a pain, just remember that removing any ash will increase airflow, enabling hotter temperatures, a more efficient fire, and better smokeless performance.

What is the Best Smokeless Fire Pit?

If you are spending your time relaxing around a fire pit, it is hard to go wrong, but Breeo and Solo Stove stand tall above any other alternatives. The BreeoBreeo Luxeve fire pit is the best luxury fire pit option, and the X Series is best for open fire cooking.

On the other hand, the Solo StoveSolo Stove Yukon is the best nightly-use fire pit, perfect for frequently chilling, and of course, Solo Stove’s Bonfire is impressive too if you want something slightly smaller than the Yukon.

Regardless of which brand you choose, enjoying a backyard fire pit is a great way to enjoy the small moments in life while relaxing.

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