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Theragun Pro vs Elite vs Prime: Which is Best? (2023)

Are Theragun massage guns truly worth the price? We compare Theragun Pro vs Elite, and Theragun Elite vs Prime, to help you decide which percussion device is worth your hard-earned money.

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Our Take:
Theragun Pro Logo
Theragun Pro Product Image



  • check Adjustable arm
  • close Most expensive
  • check Interchangeable battery
  • close Heaviest device
  • check 5 hours of total battery life
  • check 60 lbs of no-stall force
  • check 2-year limited warranty
  • check 6 included attachments
The Bottom Line:The Theragun Pro is truly a professional-grade massage gun, with a one-of-a-kind adjustable arm, and interchangeable batteries lasting up to 5 hours in total. Combined with a stall force of 60 lbs, this device gets the job done at home or at the clinic
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Theragun Elite Logo
Theragun Elite Product Image



  • check Quietest device
  • close No adjustable arm
  • check OLED screen with force meter
  • close Built-in battery
  • check Wireless Charging Enabled
  • check Bluetooth connected app
  • check 5 attachmentments available
The Bottom Line: The Theragun Elite is the quietest device that the brand has to offer, yet still packs a punch. It has stall force of 40 lbs, and an OLED screen displaying a force meter, so you know exactly how much pressure to apply.
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Theragun Prime Logo
Theragun Prime Product Image



  • check Most Affordable device
  • close No adjustable arm
  • check 16 mm amplitude
  • close No Wireless Charging
  • check Wireless Charging Enabled
  • close No force meter
  • check Bluetooth connected app
  • check 5 attachmentments available
The Bottom Line: If you trust the Theragun name more than the competition, but don’t have the money to spend on one of the premium devices, the Theragun Prime provides the same quality and deep massage depth, but in a more basic form.
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Full Review:
Theragun Pro vs Elite vs Prime

We all deal with sore muscles every now and then, but few of us have the money or time to go to a massage therapist every week. And those of you struggling with chronic pain are likely looking for pain relief in between your visits to the physical therapist. No device will replace the deep tissue massages provided by an experienced massage therapist, but Theragun comes as close as any massage gun we've reviewed.

Still, it might be overwhelming to decide which percussion device is right for you. We get that, and we are here to help. We will highlight all of the various features, and help you understand the impact of variables such as speed settings and swappable batteries. So, let's dive in.

Theragun Pro vs Elite

In comparing the Theragun Pro vs Elite, you have to start by understanding what sets the Theragun Pro apart from most massage guns. The Pro model is truly a professional-grade model, and there are several features that make that very clear.

The first thing you may notice is that the Theragun Pro comes with 2 interchangeable batteries, providing up to 150 minutes of battery life from each battery. 5 hours of battery life is impressive, but it is necessary for professional physical therapists that may be using their device for the entire day. And since the Pro model has interchangeable batteries, the device can essentially make it through the entire day. The Pro model also comes with an industry-leading 2-year warranty.

The other feature that stands out straight-away is that the Theragun Pro features an adjustable arm, which makes it unique among almost the entire industry of massage guns. There are four unique arm positions that enable the user to comfortably reach almost any area of the body to apply the appropriate amount of pressure. Combined with the triangular handle, you can hold the massage gun in countless ways. The result is a more comfortable overall experience that places less strain on your hands, wrists, and arms.

Interestingly, while the adjustable arm is a professional-grade feature, it is also the feature most likely to make you consider choosing the

Theragun Pro over the Elite for personal usage. When you consider that the entire point of purchasing a massage gun is to be able to apply self-massage, without the need of a professional or significant other, then it would make sense that you consider a device with an adjustable arm. After all, the adjustable arm is intended to make it easier to apply the appropriate levels of pressure in hard-to-reach areas.

The Theragun Pro can be controlled via the app to adjust to any speed in a scientifically calibrated range of 1750-2400 percussions per minute. If the muscle tissue is a little sore, then simply adjust the speed down, and when you are ready to dig deep into the less-sensitive large muscle fibers, turn the speed up. There are also 5 built-in speeds, which you can use if you don't want to take the time to precisely adjust the device via the app.

Theragun Pro vs Elite

Is Theragun Elite As Good as the Pro?

The Theragun Elite is not on the same level as the Pro, but that's ok, because you may not need a professional-grade device for personal use. If you can afford the Theragun Pro, then it is an excellent device. If you aren't ready to spring for the Pro model, which might be at the top end of your price range, then the Theragun Elite is a formidable alternative.

So, what exactly is different about the Theragun Elite? The two most significant differences are related to the unique attributes noted above regarding the Theragun Pro model. While Theragun Elite features Therabody's patented multi-grip handle, it doesn't have the adjustable arm like the Pro model. Few other percussion devices feature an adjustable arm either though, so you should think of this as an advanced feature on the professional-grade model, rather than a lacking feature on the Elite model.

And while the Theragun Pro features interchangeable batteries providing up to 5 hours of battery life, the Theragun Elite isn't as generous. The Theragun Elite features 120-minutes of total battery life. Since it probably doesn't make sense to compare the battery on the Elite to the professional-grade model, it might make more sense to compare the battery life to other consumer-focused devices.

Similar products from the Hyperice Hypervolt line of massage guns have 150 minutes of battery life. So, the best thing to do here is to think about how you practically plan to use your massage gun. Theragun recommends that you spend 15 to 30 seconds massaging most muscle groups, and no more than two minutes on trouble areas. In total, they recommend that a full body massage might take 10 to 15 minutes.

Let's extrapolate that out. If you use your massage gun for 15 minutes three times a day, then that is 45 minutes of usage. If you are fully utilizing our massage device, you would only need to charge it every two or three days, and most people won't practically use it that frequently. While we would like for the Elite model to have a longer-lasting battery, this isn't a deal-breaker in the least.

So what does the Elite model have? The Elite model still features smart app integration, an OLED screen that has a Force Meter, and customizable speed ranges. Plus, the QX65 motor provides up to 40 lbs of no-stall force, which should be plenty of power to provide you with the relief you need. The Theragun Elite is truly a premium device that is available at a more accessible price point than the Theragun Pro.

Is Theragun Pro Too Powerful?

The Theragun Pro is a powerful, professional-grade device, but the Theragun Pro is not overwhelmingly powerful. The QX150 motor featured on the Pro model provides up to 60 lbs of no-stall force pressure. The device is also built with torque controls that enable pressure to be delivered without minimizing the treatment quality, or the speed of the device. Still, the device features a customizable speed range and dampener attachments that enable you to perfectly manage the amount of power provided during treatment.

The other thing to keep in mind is that the Theragun Pro has a built-in OLED screen with a force meter. The screen may be difficult for you to see if you are self-applying treatment to your back, but it certainly provides helpful insight to any physical therapist or significant other using the Theragun Pro to help alleviate your pain or reduce tension.

Keep in mind that the Theragun Pro also integrates with the Therabody app via Bluetooth, which will provide additional insight regarding the proper use of your percussion device. You can utilize the smartphone app to create personalized routines that target your specific needs.

So, yes, Theragun Pro's proprietary brushless motor is a powerful motor, but the treatment is adjustable based on the speed level and your chosen massage head. Even if applying self-treatment, you should be able to work around any sensitive areas. The pressure may be more significant than what you might experience with a foam roller, but that's also kind of the point.

Theragun Pro Adjustable Arm

Other Customer Reviews

We always try to be objective and thorough, but we still understand why some of you may appreciate the perspective of other customers. We are here to help and have picked some of the most insightful feedback for your consideration.

Jonie noted that she struggled with hip pain that was so severe that she tried a long list of treatments, including stretches, medications, creams, heating and ice pads, etc. She even tried buying more supportive furniture. Out of desperation,

Jonie decided to purchase the Theragun Pro to see if it would help, and on the first use she broke down into tears. It wasn't pain that caused her to cry, but relief. As you might imagine, Jone is glad to recommend the device to anyone struggling with chronic pain or sore muscles.

Ted noted that he loved how easy-to-use and helpful the Therabody app is for those using massage devices. He still turns to YouTube in search of new routines but appreciates that you can precisely control the device's speed from your phone. Beyond the app, Ted says he now realizes how much his fitness routines needed better stretching and massage care. He now uses his Theragun Pro to warm up before workouts, to recover after workouts, and in the occasional injury therapy.

Ed is an avid golfer that walks two to four rounds each and every week. As you might imagine, Ed gets sore in the legs and back, but his Theragun Elite has provided him significant relief. If you are looking for a great massager to help with muscle recovery, the Elite model is for everyone, not just the fitness enthusiast or personal trainer. Ed also mentioned that after he let his brother borrow the device that he decided to get one as well.

Percussive Therapy At Its Best?

While we have taken the time to compare Theragun vs Hypervolt, it is hard to argue the fact that Theragun makes some of the most innovative massage guns on the market. The original massager device may have simply been a converted jigsaw with a rudimentary attachment head, but the company has continued to pioneer research and development focused on improving your daily routine and improving your overall health and well-being.

If you think that is hyperbole or overstatement, remember that the company rebranded as Therabody so they could expand beyond their previous generation massage guns to also sell topical ointments, ingestible tinctures, vibrating rollers, compression systems, and muscle stimulators. And still, they continue to improve the massage gun with each new model. Consider the new and improved motor, which is as quiet as an electric toothbrush, or the patented ergonomic handle, that makes it more comfortable to hold one of Therabody's massage devices.

This is percussion therapy at its best, so you just need to decide which model is right for you. If you are interested in a device with additional batteries available, a rotating arm, and industry-leading stroke depth and power, then the Theragun Pro is a no-brainer choice. On the other hand, if you want an innovative device with most bells and whistles, but which is available at a lower price point, then the Theragun Elite is the massage device for you.

Theragun Elite vs Pro

Theragun Prime vs Elite

The reality is that top-end massage guns are an investment in your wellness routines. You may not want to spend $500 on a device that some professional sports teams use, but you don't want to settle for a cheap product that will fall to pieces. The Prime model may be an ideal option for you, but let's compare the models so you can make an informed decision.

Is Theragun Prime As Good As The Elite?

The Theragun Prime is not as advanced as the Theragun Elite model, but if you are willing to sacrifice a few features in order to get a more affordable massage gun, it may still be a good option. Like all of the Therabody products, it is well built, so the more affordable price isn't a result of lower quality; rather, the lower price is reflective of the more basic functions.

Another way of thinking about it is that the Prime model is a simplified version of a massage gun, while some percussive devices have advanced features that you may simply not need. If you're not worried about the bells and whistles, but want a device that will relieve discomfort, workout lactic acid, help you recover faster, and ease tension, then you will be pleased with the Prime.

The Prime is still a powerful massage gun featuring the QX65 motor with QuietForce technology. The battery is also the same as the Elite model and will last for 2 hours of use. So if all of that is the same, and the Prime features the same 16 mm amplitude as the Pro model or the Elite model, then what are the major differences you need to look for comparing the Theragun Prime vs Elite? Well, there really aren't that many.

Therabody offers up to six attachments with the Theragun Pro, and five attachments with the Elite model. The Prime model only comes with 4 attachments, but more on that later. Obviously, the difference of one attachment isn't where the price difference lies.

The prime has a lower stall force, as it will stall at 30 lbs of pressure, compared to Elite (40 lbs of pressure) and Pro (60 lbs of pressure) which are a little bit more heavy-duty. For the average user, 30 lbs of pressure should be sufficient to deal with normal aches and pains. If you are an aspiring athlete or deal with more acute pain, then you may prefer a model with a higher stall force.

The other noticeable difference is that the Theragun Prime features LED indicators that showcase the device's 5 built-in speeds, whereas the Elite model features an OLED screen that also showcases the amount of force being applied during the massage. So with the Elite model, you have more customizable control of your routine, but this isn't a deal-breaker either.

So, the Prime isn't as advanced as the more expensive models, but if you are looking for a mostly basic device to help with recovery times and relieving soreness, the Prime is a viable option for anyone that might be on a tight budget.

Theragun Elite vs Prime

Other Customer Reviews

If you are interested in more Theragun Prime reviews, and understanding multiple perspectives, here are a few perspectives that we found insightful.

When Rho and his family recently moved to a new state, he was quite sore when the move was over. As you can imagine, moving all of that furniture on your own, plus the 1000 mile drive in a moving truck, was enough to cause some aches and pains. While Rho noted that he likes some of the massage heads more than others, he confidently shares that the Prime worked wonders for him. Comparatively, Rho also has electrical muscle stimulators which he uses from time to time. He notes that he like the electrical stimulation, but that the sticky pads were hard to deal with. All in all, he prefers the percussion massager and plans regular use of the device.

Heather mentions that before COVID and frequent quarantines, she would get regular massages to relieve muscle tension. She also mentions that she struggles with migraines, but that massages seemed to relieve some of that stress in the body that would lead to migraines. When social distancing became so important, it presented a problem because she could no longer visit the massage therapist. In many ways, Heather looks at the Prime as a lifeline of help she received to get through a difficult time. While the Prime is 70% quieter than the previous generation device, one of her few complaints is that she felt like the device was still too loud. Of course, on the positive side, Heather likes that the Therabody app recommends attachments, grips, and motions as part of preset routines.

Which Percussive Therapy Device is Better?

While the Theragun Pro and Elite both have advanced functionality, a detailed Theragun Prime review reveals that the Prime model boasts the same motor, amplitude, and ergonomic handle design as the Elite model. This percussion massage device packs a lot of punch for the value. If you are on a tight budget, then Prime is a worthwhile investment.

At-home percussive massage treatment can be a game-changer, so if you can afford the advanced functionality available with the Elite or Pro models, the functionality is worth paying for. In comparing the Theragun Pro vs Elite models, the big differences are that the Pro model features an adjustable arm, interchangeable batteries, and a more powerful motor. Then, when you take a step down to consider Theragun Elite vs Prime models, the big differences are that the Elite model has a higher stall force, a display showing how much force is being applied during massage, and an additional attachment head.

So, while the professional-grade model is clearly the "best," the other models carry a rightful place in the product line-up and maybe just what you need.

Theragun Pro vs Elite vs Prime
Comparison Table
Therabody’s Full-Size Massage Guns
Pro Logo
Elite Logo
Prime Logo
Biggest Selling PointaddProAdjustable arm, interchangeable batteryEliteQuietest device, force meterPrimeMost affordable
Bluetooth ConnectivityaddProElitePrime
Stall ForceaddPro5 hours totalElite2 hours totalPrime2 hours total
Battery LifeaddPro16 mmElite16 mmPrime16 mm
Included AttachmentsaddProElitePrime

Is A Massage Gun Worth It?

A massage gun is a useful tool, worthy of your investment. Massage guns are designed to provide a deep tissue massage when you need it. Life happens, and you can't always fit a massage therapist into your schedule. You may not be able to afford a physical therapist or professional masseuse as often as you would like either. Percussion massage guns solve these problems.

Theragun's founder, Dr. Jason Wersland, originally designed a percussion therapy gun out of pure desperation and necessity. He was in an accident that later resulted in chronic pain. When traditional massage techniques were insufficient in between massage therapist treatments, Jason then turned to his garage. He found a jigsaw and created makeshift head attachments. The first massage gun was born.

As a chiropractor, Therabody's founder knew well what he needed, but there was nothing on the market that could help him knead deep into the muscles to provide relief. The point here is that he was a professional that created exactly what he needed based on his learned science, and now that same technology and tool is available for you.

If you struggle with chronic pain, or if you are a weekend warrior looking to speed your recovery times, then a massage gun is absolutely worth it. In the long term, it may even help you save money if you are able to frequent a professional massage therapist less often. When you consider your improved well-being on top of the enhanced convenience, then you may very well start to realize that investing in a massage gun is somewhere in the realm of a win-win-win, so long as you commit to using the device after making the investment.

Is Theragun Powerful?

Thergun massage guns are powerful devices, not only because of the motors but because of Therabody's focus on amplitude. Most of the QX series motors feature Active Torque Control, which enables the user to deliver pressure up to the stated stall force, without muffling the percussions per minute or treatment quality.

As a reminder, the Pro model is the most powerful device, featuring the QX150 motor, and allows for up to 60 lbs of no-stall force. The Elite model facilitates 40 lbs of no-stall force and the Prime model 30 lbs of no-stall force. What is stall force? You are probably guessing correctly. Stall force refers to the amount of pressure you can apply on your percussion device before it stalls out and stops working.

But let's circle back to amplitude. Many professionals note that Therabody devices are calibrated to massage 60% deeper into muscles than many competitors. While many devices provide more vibration therapy than massage therapy, Therabody devices are designed to focus on the depth of each stroke, rather than merely on speed. Sure, there are speed options, which will adjust the workout experience, but Therabody realizes that the quest for ever-higher strokes per minute is largely meaningless when it comes to the quality of treatment.

The Theragun Pro, for instance, delivers a deeper massage because the stroke measures 16 mm amplitude, compared to some competitors that have amplitude only measuring 10 mm to 12 mm. It is easier to get ridiculously high percussions per minute when your device's stroke isn't as deep. So, yes, the Theragun is a very powerful device, in large part because of the quality focus on stroke depth, and supported by strong motors.

Is Theragun Quiet?

The newest generation of Theraguns is as much as 70% quieter than previous-generation devices. While the brand was a first mover in the massage gun industry, other brands such as Hyperice Hypervolt started to gain market share. One of the major reasons for this was that the Therabody devices were known for being loud, and even disruptive.

There may have been good reasons for this to a certain extent. For instance, the Pro model has significantly more power and higher stall force than some competitors, and much more depth in its stroke as well. The early focus on performance may have come at the expense of noise level; however, the newest generation of Therabody devices almost directly takes aim at this concern.

The fourth-generation Pro model is now 55% quieter than its predecessor, and the lower-powered Prime is as much as 70% quieter than the preceding generation. Notably, none of these improvements hinder performance. The brand claims that the new generation of devices is as quiet as an electric toothbrush, while still providing a much higher focus on treatment quality than most competitors.

Is The Battery Life Sufficient?

While this probably goes without saying, the Pro model's interchangeable battery enables nearly indefinite use of the device. While this sounds like an exaggeration, there are very few environments (even professional environments) in which the device would be charged at all times, with no rest between treatments, etc. Since, each removable battery lasts for up to 150 minutes while in use (and remember, it won't be in use for 150 straight minutes) the second battery can recharge as the first battery is used.

Outside of a professional setting, two hours of charge time should be plenty. While several competitors have batteries that last longer, for personal use the additional battery time may be unnecessary, even in a family setting. As a reminder, Therabody recommends that you only use the device for 15 to 30 seconds on each muscle group, and no longer than 2 minutes at a time on any one muscle group. A full body massage may only take 10 to 15 minutes, and Therabody recommends that you use the massage gun two or three times per day.

Once you do the quick math there, you will start to see very quickly that the device would last multiple days between a charge, even when utilized at the max recommendation. The one caveat we would add is that this might be slightly more annoying if you purchase a portable device such as the Mini, with the express intent to leave it in your gym bag or in the office. Even there, the only real inconvenience is that you would have to charge the device every few days.

Theragun Prime vs Elite

Alternative Percussive Massagers

While a reasonable case could be made that you should compare the 3rd generation Theragun Pro vs Hypervolt Plus, this no longer is as much of an imperative since the 4th generation models have been released. Why? As noted above, the big knock against the 3rd generation devices is that they were too loud, but 4th generation devices are much quieter.

When you really consider a review of Theragun Pro, you start to realize how many advantages the device has over competitor models, and even previous models of the same device. This flagship device features a one-of-a-kind adjustable arm, a patented ergonomic handle that makes the device more comfortable to grip, interchangeable batteries with 5 hours of total battery life, and is now as quiet as an electric toothbrush when properly used.

There is simply no other device like it on the market. Now, if the price is a concern, you might consider the Elite or Prime models, but at their price points, they too are ahead of the competition, and for some of the same reasons (such as the patented ergonomic handle and companion app).

Still, if you do plan to look at other options, Hyperice (makers of the Hypervolt massage gun) is Therabody's fiercest competition, and you would be satisfied with most of their devices.

Portable Therapy Devices

While this review focused on Therabody's full-sized massage guns, it is also worth noting that they also have a mini massage gun, called, well, the Theragun Mini. The Mini is the most affordable device in the Therabody line-up, but it is purchased for its intended use as a portable massage gun, rather than just because it is the cheapest option.

In our review comparing Hypervolt Go vs Theragun Mini, that if you are looking for a full-powered device, but the cost is a concern, you would be better off spending a few extra dollars to invest in the Prime model. Still, that isn't intended to completely disparage the Mini model or the Hypervolt Go.

A portable massage gun is a great option to keep in your office or in your gym bag. Portable massage guns are also very useful if you travel often for work. They are physically smaller and weigh less, so they are less cumbersome to handle on the go. The trade-off is that the portable percussion devices are less powerful, and feature fewer technology add-ons such as Bluetooth connectivity to an app, or OLED screens showing how much force you are using.

In our minds, the portable devices make great sense as a supplemental device if you already have a full-size device, but if you are making your first massage gun purchase, we recommend spending a few extra dollars for a full-size version, unless you specifically are looking for a device to take to the gym and office.

Theragun Prime vs Mini

What Makes Theragun Different?

Theragun is different from its competitors due to its pioneering research and development, including the first-ever massage gun, a device with an adjustable arm, indicators monitoring applied force, a patented ergonomic handle, and now a quieter motor.

There are plenty of knock-offs available on Amazon at a cheaper price, but many of those devices are also made with lower quality materials and less applied science. Case in point: many devices on Amazon brag about their high speed (percussions per minute), without realizing that they are sacrificing some level of stroke depth (and treatment quality) for speed.

Instead, Therabody focuses on applied science and developing the best product to meet your various needs. And by the way, while we have mentioned the app, we didn't place extended focus on it. It is worth noting that the app integrates with Apple Health and Samsung Health, allowing for percussion massage to be an even more integral part of your health routine.

Standard 4th Generation Attachments

Theragun has developed six standard 4th generation attachments, each designed with a specific use case in mind. The Pro model is sold with all six attachments, while the Elite and Prime models may only include more essential attachments.

Supersoft Attachment - The supersoft attachment is the only attachment made from a porous foam, as developing the attachment from foam makes it ultra-gentle in sensitive areas. If you previously used a massage gun drive by someone careless, you've probably felt a more dense attachment dance across your spine. it may not have felt great, but the supersoft attachment is the perfect remedy for this mishap. It works well on sore areas, and around joints and bones. The supersoft attachment is only a standard inclusion with the professional-grade device.

Dampener Attachment - The dampener attachment still provides for a reduced impact, even if not as soft as the supersoft attachment. Notably, the dampener is made from a non-porous closed cell phone (like the next four attachments), which is easy to clean off. In a post-pandemic world, we are grateful for such thoughtful consideration. The dampener is included with the Pro model, Elite model, and Prime model.

Standard Ball Attachment - The standard ball attachment may be the most versatile head and is likely the most frequently used. It is made with a mid-level density that provides enough oomph on your large muscle groups, without too much oomph on the smaller and more sensitive muscle groups. Plus, the round shape is the most versatile attachment to work for all muscle groups. The standard ball attachment is available with all three models and is the only attachment that comes standard with the Mini.

Thumb Attachment - The thumb attachment is more pointed than the ball attachment, which makes it great for using on trigger points and the lower back, both of which require more pointed pressure for some. The Thumb attachment is included with the Pro model, Elite model, and Prime model.

Cone Attachment - The cone attachment is the most pointed attachment, and also provides the densest impact, so some people may find it uncomfortable. On the other hand, for individuals such as my wife that prefer very deep massages my hands can't handle, the cone attachment is a God-send. The Cone attachment is included with the Pro model, Elite model, and Prime model.

Wedge Attachment - Lastly, the wedge attachment is for targeted usage near shoulder blades, IT bands, and in areas where your physical therapist may recommend a "scraping" movement. Since it is a more specialized attachment, it is available with the Pro model and the Elite model, but not with the Prime model.

Advanced Ergonomics

We've referenced advanced ergonomics a few times, but we haven't really stopped to consider the implications. it might be useful to consider the shape of most competitor devices first. Most percussion guns are shaped like a power drill, which can be quite awkward if you need to reach the middle or lower portions of your back. It's actually a fairly awkward reach to work on your hamstrings with a power-drill-like device as well.

In place of the dominant power drill form, the Therabody team has patented a triangular handle that makes it significantly easier to grip the device as you try to work out those hard-to-reach areas such as the lower back or your hamstrings. Additionally, the Therabody app provides recommendations on how to properly hold the massage gun as you work on various muscle groups.

The result is a superior design that reduces strain on your hand, wrist, and arm as you use your device. After all, there is no sense in creating a new pain as you seek to rid an existing pain. When you compare their devices to the competition, the ergonomic handle design almost always needs to be considered as a deciding factor.

Deeper Massage

We've also touched on this topic throughout, but it is worth reiterating here. While Amazon wannabe brands boast about ever-increasing percussions per minute speed, Theragun's maximum speed is scientifically calibrated 2400 strokes per minute. While some competitors are approaching 3500 strokes per minute, why is it that the Therabody massage gun seems resolute on sticking to 2400?

The answer is amplitude. Theragun massage guns feature strokes as deep as 16 mm, which is up to 60% deeper than competitors, and this allows for a much deeper and more permeating massage. Many of the competitor devices don't go deep at all, focusing instead on surface-level vibration, but in these cases, the devices might be better classified as vibration massagers, rather than percussion massagers. There is a difference in both style and treatment quality. The deeper massage is more effective and more efficient, even though it occurs at lower speeds.

Our Massage Gun Recommendations

So which massage gun do we recommend? The truth is that all of the Theragun products lead the competition. While the Prime model still provides much of the same quality massage as the Elite model, we recommend the

Theragun for most people, because it is the best combination of affordability and technological features. The biggest differences between the Elite model and the Pro model are the adjustable arm and extended battery life that the Pro model features, which makes the Elite model a bargain at a lower price.

For those that can afford the Pro model, it truly is the best of the best, and the adjustable arm is worth the additional money, simply because it enables you to better apply pressure where you need it. On the other hand, if you scale down to the Elite model, you might be able to combine the Elite and the Mini, so that you can have portable relief on the go.

The choice is yours, but we expect you will be happy with your decision regardless of what you decide.

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