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Theragun Pro Vs Hypervolt Plus: Which Is Best? (2023)

Percussion guns have become increasingly popular, but because of this, knock-off brands are available around every turn in Amazon. Have you compared Theragun Pro vs Hypervolt Plus? If not, we recommend you start here.

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Our Take:
Theragun Logo
Theragun Product Image



  • check Ergonomic handle design
  • close Louder than some competitor devices
  • check Premium materials
  • check Therabody app provides suggested routines
  • check Bluetooth connected app
  • check Multiple price points
  • check Deep-kneading massage
The Bottom Line:Theragun by Therabody is the original massage gun that sets the standard for the rest of the industry. The triangular, ergonomic handle helps you get to all of those hard-to-reach areas, and the deep pulse helps drive out tension.
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Hypervolt Logo
Hypervolt Product Image



  • check Patented QuietGlide technology
  • close No ergonomic handle
  • check Industry leading percussions per minute
  • close Some find the massage isn't as deep as competition
  • check TSA approved for carry-on
The Bottom Line: Hypervolt massage guns are known for their quiet operation, but Theragun's patented handle is unparalleled. Hyperice has done a great job of partnering with organizations such as the NBA, but their heightened profile shouldn't be your deciding factor.
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Full Review:
Theragun Pro Vs Hypervolt Plus

When you're adding a massage gun to your regiment, it's critical that you take the time to find the perfect fit for your needs. Otherwise, you risk ending up with a device that isn't as effective as it could be, leaving you with pains and aches. Certainly, if you're someone who thinks they'd benefit from massage therapy and percussive therapy, you're not alone. Though we may certainly benefit from a massage therapist or a chiropractor, our health care plans or the out-of-pocket costs might preclude us from spending additional money for regular treatments. That's why massage guns are such valuable tools. Luckily, the Theragun Pro and Hypervolt Plus both make a great case.

With a

Theragun Pro, you can start to improve your overall recovery times, improve blood flow, reduce aches and soreness, and achieve more productive exercising. When you're ready for a heavy-duty massage gun that offers more comprehensive features and tools than the competition, the Theragun Pro is the top choice. For starters, the Theragun Pro offers adjustable arms and movement options that other brands don't. This makes it easier to address your aches and pains without asking for assistance. That way, you can more regularly address your muscles and your body's needs. Combine the adjustable arm with the ergonomic handle, and the Theragun Pro offers one-of-a-kind design versatility.

The Theragun and Hypervolt make it fairly easy to swap out attachments and different massage heads as you need. It's also simple to tweak the vibration settings and get a more precise massage experience. The Therabody product has a lithium-ion battery and is rechargeable for quick activity on the go. You can get an extra battery for each device, but coming by replacement parts might be harder. In terms of power, the Pro definitely has a bit more to offer than the Hypervolt Plus. Theragun also uses proprietary comfort technology along with the Supersoft head and ergonomic handle. That way, you can easily get a gentler massage when you don't require as much force.

Don't get us wrong: the Hypervolt Plus has plenty of fans, and Hyperice has deals with several professional sports leagues, so even professionals use Hypervolt. But you don't have to be a professional athlete to need or use one of these professional-grade devices. Whether you are dealing with chronic pain or looking to speed your recovery by pounding out that lactic acid, there's a case to be made that the Theragun Pro or Hypervolt Plus is the right choice for you.

Theragun Pro Vs Hypervolt Plus

If you want to create a complete workout kit that cares for your body long after you've left the gym, you've probably considered a massage gun before. What's good is that Therabody and Hyperice offer products with different speed adjustments, pressure levels, and attachment heads for your recovery and comfort needs.

The Theragun Pro and Hypervolt Plus can help you cool down after a workout, targeting hamstrings, glutes, forearms, or another area. Percussion helps you tackle knots in your muscles with as many pounds of force as you need to thrive and feel better. While both massage guns are popular, many professional athletes and massage therapists use Theragun products in their day-to-day lives, so you know it is good enough for your house, as well.

Several Theragun and Hypervolt models, like the

Theragun Mini and Hypervolt Go, are designed for greater portability. The Theragun Pro, of course, is on the higher end as far as a percussive massage gun is considered. The Hyperice product is still on the pricier end, though with sales and discounts, both massage guns have comparable purchase prices.

Here is one more thing worth noting: Compared to the prior generation (the Theragun G3Pro), the 4th Generation Theragun Pro is much quieter (up to 55% quieter in comparison to the third generation). This is notable because the one knock on Theragun has always been that their percussion devices are too loud. Hypervolt percussion massage guns may still be a little bit quieter, but the difference is now negligible.

Both massage tools have access to connected apps, though the reviews for the two vary. While some users note that the Therabody app has connectivity issues, the Hyperice app has lower scores in several app stores.

Theragun Pro vs Hypervolt Plus

What Does A Massage Gun Do?

If you're ready to pick out a percussive massage gun and you're comparing Hypervolt vs Theragun, you should weigh the pros and cons of each device and determine how you'd most likely use it. For instance, think about the past few weeks: Do you primarily deal with tightness? Are you struggling with inflammation from sitting while you work? Do you have difficulty relaxing after you exercise or getting over that general muscle soreness? A Theragun Pro or Hypervolt Plus smart percussive therapy device is the ideal solution for casual users and fitness enthusiasts alike.

The Pro and Hypervolt Plus devices can help you recover after exercise, though the different features and attachment heads can greatly impact your device selection. For example, the mini is portable and handy, but it lacks some of the bells and whistles of the Plus and the Pro. If you have greater massage and wellness needs, it may very well be worth it for you to purchase the Pro model or a Hypervolt Plus to get the benefits of the different attachment heads and adjustments.

Before buying a Pro, or a Hypervolt Plus, it's a good idea to ask, "What do massage devices do?" Theragun and Hyperice products are designed to improve overall recovery times, help with warmups, and make it easier to recover after your workout. The Pro model also includes plenty of features and attachments that help the price tag feel like a steal. Beyond initial thoughts, it's obvious that both devices have long-term use potential, which is comforting, especially since an initial purchase is a larger investment for many households.

The benefits that come from increased blood flow, released lactic acid, and relaxed muscles are far-reaching. Massage guns are used to alleviate plantar fasciitis, to relieve pain from sciatica, and some even use their massage gun to reduce cellulite. Handheld massage guns are great for professional athletes, but the benefits are available to all of us everyday warriors, trying to make it from day to day and enjoy life the best we can.

Many massage therapists and health care providers recommend percussive therapy and help their patients pick out massage devices like Theragun Pro and Hypervolt Plus. While it's easy to give a thumbs up to each device, the Therabody brand still edges out the competition in terms of customer satisfaction, overall reviews, and device quality. If you want to soothe muscle tissue, get in a good warmup, and promote blood flow, a percussive massage device can help. The Theragun Pro and Hypervolt Plus models of their respective brands have additional attachment heads that average massagers can't stack up to in terms of variety and quality. Plus, the customizable speed range and adjustable angles help you target your muscle groups more precisely to get the ideal massage.

Theragun Pro & Hypervolt Plus First Impressions

If you want the best recovery after a workout or you're interested in a massage tool that can help you get a better deep tissue massage than your average massagers can provide, you've likely looked into the Theragun range of products. The Theragun range includes the high-quality Theragun Pro, produced by Therabody, as well as more affordable models like the Theragun Elite or Theragun Prime.

Similarly, the Hypervolt Plus is a Hyperice product. The Hypervolt Pro and Hypervolt Plus are powerful percussion massagers, though each lies in a higher price range. Still, anecdotally, the Theragun Pro seems to be most popular with physical therapists and massage therapists. However, both the Theragun and the Hypervolt Plus are beginner-friendly, even if you aren't a professional therapist, so it's intuitive to pick up the devices and learn how to use them without prior instruction. Each device offers customized speed levels and different ways to target your muscles and apply pressure.

Both the Theragun and the Hypervolt are durable and portable, and the Therabody line now uses QuietForce technology, which means that not only do you get a quieter massage experience but still have access to the ergonomic handle design that Theragun is so known for. For years, the knock against Theragun was that it was too loud, especially in comparison to Hypervolt, but now the noise levels are much more comparable, so you could even take to the office without making too much of a ruckus with the noise level.

Though if you do think you might need a device in the office, it is probably best to go with the Theragun Mini or Hypervolt Go, as they are much more compact and portable.

Compared to some percussive massage devices, both the Theragun and Hypervolt products are widely enjoyed because they're intuitive and effective. While you might have to take the time to find massage heads and attachments for your specific needs, both devices enable you to change the settings for speed and force. Luckily, this doesn't take much time at all. Both the Hypervolt and Therabody products enable you to get the stall force and amplitude you want to improve your recovery times.

One other difference worth noting is that Hypervolt has historically run at faster percussions per minute. In the massage gun world, brands are known to boast about these strokes per minute metric as a standard of effectiveness. On the other hand, Therabody massage devices take a deeper stroker, which is one of the reasons there aren't as many strokes per minute. That deep stroke is intentional, as it kneads deeper into tight muscles, and releases tension.

Theragun vs Hypervolt
Comparison Table
Best Massage Guns Reviewed
Theragun Logo
Hypervolt Logo
Biggest Selling PointaddTheragunDeep massaging powerHypervoltQuiet operation
Different Price PointsaddTheragunFourHypervoltThree
Ergonomic-Focused DesignaddTheragunHypervolt
Professional PartnershipsaddTheragunHypervolt

What Are Customers Saying About The Theragun & Hypervolt Devices

Comparatively, both Theragun Pro and Hypervolt Plus enjoy positive customer feedback, though Theragun Pro reviews are generally more positive. Also, the Hyperice site doesn't make it as easy to find reviews for specific products, so you end up digging to find critical information. Some users highlighted concerns over the hefty price tag of the Plus and Pro devices, but once they started using the devices on their hips, muscles, and aches, many agreed that the cost was more than worth it.

For Hypervolt Plus, one user specifically noted how difficult it was to get a replacement for a defective product, and they felt that the warranty wasn't clearly laid out in a consumer-friendly way. Another user stated that they had recurring issues with the battery overheating and becoming too hot for the device—or the user—to handle.

On the Therabody website, Joan noted that she didn't think the Theragun Pro was for beginners or casual users, especially with its higher price point and general popularity. The power of the Theragun Pro convinced Joan otherwise. She noted that having the Theragun around helped her address muscle aches, manage pain, and release stress and tension. Joan states that, since the Pro is a high-end product, it's worth the higher price tag it carries over other percussive devices. And on the practical side, combining the adjustable arm and ergonomic handle is a combination facilitating ease-of-use that literally no other massage gun has.

Ronnie specifically mentioned how he used to order massage guns from a different brand until they both failed on him. Plus, that other brand didn't always include the right attachment, swappable batteries, or a lithium-ion battery charger. Ronnie highly recommends the Theragun Pro to everyone and says it's a powerful massage therapy gun. With these positive reviews, it's clear to see that many users love what the Pro model has to offer over the Hypervolt Plus.

Hypervolt Plus vs Theragun Pro

More Theragun & Hypervolt Device Options

Naturally, both brands have other competing models to capture the market. At the price point, the only direct competitors to Theragun and Hypervolt are brands like TaoTronics, which offer solid products but sometimes lack durability, attachment heads, higher speeds, or added quality-of-life features. With this in mind, it's useful to see how the Therabody and Hyperice products stack up so you can have a complete picture before you're ready to make your final decision.

Theragun Pro vs Hypervolt 2 Pro Massage Gun

The Hypervolt 2 Pro Massage Gun provides a high-quality massage experience and general Bluetooth connectivity, but it can't match Theragun's feature set and attachment head options. The Hypervolt 2 Pro has a number of users highlighting issues with replacement parts, which might be a deal-breaker, especially if you need more force or if you're sharing the device with your family and loved ones. Theragun may be the better option, as it offers a more adjustable range and better ergonomics.

Theragun Pro vs Original Hypervolt Percussion Device

There's definitely a noticeable difference between the Theragun Pro and the Original Hypervolt. This is because the original Hypervolt is a more entry-level to mid-level model that doesn't offer the same features that Theragun's Pro model does. For starters, the original Hypervolt model has comparatively limited settings much like the three-setting Hypervolt Go, so you can't quite tinker with it or increase range of motion as effectively. The original Hypervolt still helps you recover after a workout, though you may not necessarily get the exact comfort of massage strength that you're looking for. If you want a device that provides cutting-edge features without sacrificing usability or massage customization, you definitely want to consider the Theragun Pro over Hypervolt's original design model.

Is The Theragun Pro or Hypervolt Plus Worth It?

Ultimately, when you're buying a piece of post-workout equipment or you're interested in percussive massage devices to help relieve muscle tension, you want to ensure that you get a good balance of cost and value, especially when you're shopping leading brands. The Theragun Pro offers plenty of new features, a number of attachments, and the long battery life you crave. In some ways, it's the next best thing to a professional massage therapy treatment.

For starters, the Theragun Pro offers different head attachments and different speeds so you can get the right pressure and speed for your own back, shoulder blades, calves, thighs, and other muscles. Target specific areas with a cone attachment or hit your sore spots with a Theragun Pro standard ball attachment.

While the Hypervolt Plus offers similar features to the Theragun line, and many professional athletes use the Hypervolt Plus and Hypervolt Pro, the Theragun Pro offers unmatched ergonomics and ease of use. Plus, the hours of battery life offer a significant improvement, making this great tool more than just a good massage gun but the best choice in premium-quality recovery devices. Knock-off manufacturers often use lower-quality materials and attachments. The Theragun Pro instead includes attachments and speed range options that work with each part of your body.

The percussion device offers powerful massage options that can provide instant relief. Choose between power settings, enjoy features like interchangeable batteries, and relish in the QuietForce technology that keeps the device hushed. When you view the differences between the Theragun Pro and the Hypervolt Plus, it's easier to see how the Pro comes out on top with a deluxe massage experience. You can also spot how this device goes beyond the basics and provides a deep percussive massage to different areas of the body.

For recreational exercisers, athletes, and casual users who are looking to improve muscle health, circulation, and workout recovery routines, either gun would be an easy recommendation, but the Pro is definitely worth the higher price tag.

We love that this massage gun has different options and attachments to fit your lifestyle and reach spots you have trouble with. The strong motor and rotating arm mean the device is a touch on the heavy side. However, compared to Hypervolt Plus, it still gets full marks for its effectiveness.

Therabody Theragun vs Hyperice Hypervolt

Does Theragun Pro or Hypervolt Plus Belong In Your Exercise Kit?

When you're trying to develop your own recovery routine, you want to pick the right massage gun. Between the Hyperice Hypervolt and the Theragun, many customers prefer the percussions and accessories of the Theragun Pro. Since there are plenty of knockoff products on the market, customers have to be more discerning than ever if they're going to find the best purchases and investments. While you could spend tons of money on visits to the chiropractor or a massage therapist after an intense workout, you could also consider incorporating a Theragun or Hypervolt into your exercise pack or gym bag.

Plus, along with topicals and massage gels, a massage gun can help you create a complete muscle health kit. The Theragun or Hypervolt is an excellent choice for beginners and athletes alike, thanks to the different grips, pressure sensors, and attachments. The Pro, in particular, is an elite model of percussive massage that you can leverage to tackle stiff muscles and tension in a more robust way than the Hypervolt Plus.

Whether you're using a massage gun to comply with medical advice or you want to try one out to alleviate pain in your calves, or lower back, the Pro and Plus can help you increase your range of motion and get those commonly hard-to-reach spots, though the Pro makes it more intuitive. Pair the Pro or Plus massage gun with a travel case or travel pouch so you can take your tools on the go and use them right after your repetitions. The Hypervolt is also portable but doesn't offer the ergonomic triangular handle that makes the Therabody brand so popular.

If you enjoy going all out when you're exercising or you want to stick to your favorite routine without paying for a sports massage afterward, you should consider something like a massage gun such as a Theragun or a Hypervolt Plus. The appropriate massage gun can help you massage those sore muscles and improve your workout recovery dramatically.

Can A Massage Gun Help You Recover Faster?

Before you rush out to buy a new piece of equipment or a personal massage tool like a Theragun or Hypervolt Plus, you need to consider whether it's going to help you with your sore muscles and physical therapy needs. After all, if you're experiencing a great deal of stiffness, tightness, or irritation, you might be looking for deep muscle treatment and quick relief, but you don't want that to lead you to make a quick purchase that you'll regret. Instead, spend your money on something that's built to last and consider a quality product like a Theragun Pro model. That way, you can get the biggest return on your investment.

The Theragun and Hypervolt are so popular because they empower your wellness routine and help you customize your recovery. Since many people stop exercising because they go too hard or too quickly or struggle to exercise often enough thanks to extended recovery times, massage guns can help combat chronic pain and stiffness with percussions. Of course, if you have a medical condition, talk to a qualified health provider for informational purposes and to learn if there's any reason you wouldn't be a good candidate for a percussive device, though this likely isn't the case.

The Theragun Pro and Hypervolt Plus are also helpful for individuals who are simply experiencing discomfort and want to shorten workout cool-down periods. Expensive models and extra head attachments aren't the only options available, and both Therabody and Hyperice offer different models and budget brands for any buyer, no matter how many years of age they are. Thanks to legitimate percussive therapy, handheld massager tools are a popular way to soothe your quads, glutes, lower back, and other areas of the body to remedy pains and aches. Plus, with the Theragun or Hyperice app experience, you can track activity data, which is a nice touch even if it isn't completely necessary. Keep in mind that the Hyperice app has particularly mixed reviews that could impact your buying decision; you may have to visit Best Buy or Amazon shopping pages to find review content.

Though the list price might seem daunting, Therabody and Hyperice each regularly run promotions, specials, and major Black Friday deals. The Pro, in particular, is one that reviews say you won't have to replace or refund. Compared to the Hypervolt Plus, the Pro is an especially durable product and has a rechargeable battery along with a deep reach of 16mm.

Hypervolt Plus vs Theragun Massage Guns

Theragun Pro vs Hypervolt Plus Final Verdict

In comparing Theragun Pro vs Hypervolt Plus, the Theragun is the preferred percussive massager, though either would be a good addition to your household or your gym bag or workout kit. You may think the price point for a handheld massager precludes you from reaping the benefits, but the Pro offers an excellent blend of performance and durability that more than justifies the price tag. Plus, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs help guarantee reliability for hours of use, which is a good thing for the average joe. When you're investing in a massage gun that can help you improve your recovery routine, it puts you on the path to a better exercise routine that helps you hit your overall health objectives.

The devices have OLED screen displays, a responsive force meter, and adjustable heads. This makes it easy to see your preferred settings, make quick adjustments to the amount of pressure, and target different areas of the body. The indicators are intuitive, and you can get hours of use from either percussion massage device. While the Pro is the gold standard of massage guns, the Hypervolt Plus provides enough feature richness to keep up. With this in mind, while both the Hypervolt percussive device and the Theragun Pro are great additions to any workout kit, the Theragun is often the preferred choice, and it can make a perfect present, too.

Whether you're shopping for the 4th generation Theragun Pro or a new Hypervolt Plus, you can rest easy knowing each brand is generally respected for its quality and effectiveness. Theragun and Hypervolt products are a great way to improve your recovery times, though the Therabody line is for those who want to invest in higher quality. They're also incredibly useful for addressing pain and stiffness, and the added features are a nice touch for beginners and advanced users alike.

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