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Best Massage Guns Reviewed:
Theragun vs. Hypervolt
(2021 Review)

Which massage gun works best? We compared Theragun vs. Hypervolt to help you pick the best massage gun to keep you going.

Theragun vs. Hypervolt - Cover Image

Aches and pains are seemingly part of life for all of us, but don’t let that get you down. Massage guns such as the Theragun and Hypervolt have become increasingly popular in homes and therapist offices alike because they are practical and easy to use.

Theragun vs. Hypervolt Comparison

But which should you choose? A high-quality percussion massager is a significant investment, but we want to help you make the best decision possible. Check out the side-by-side comparison table, or read the detailed reviews below.

Theragun vs. Hypervolt
Comparison Table
Best Massage Guns ReviewedTheragunHypervoltAlternative: Hydragun
PriceaddTheragun💲💲💲Hypervolt💲💲💲Alternative: Hydragun💲💲
Biggest Selling PointaddTheragunDeep massaging powerHypervoltQuiet operationAlternative: HydragunPremium Materials
Ergonomic-Focused DesignaddTheragunHypervoltAlternative: Hydragun
NBA PartnershipaddTheragunHypervoltAlternative: Hydragun
Top SpeedaddTheragun2400 PPMHypervolt3200 PPMAlternative: Hydragun3200 PPM
WebsiteaddTheragunHypervoltAlternative: Hydragun

Which Is Better: Theragun or Hypervolt?

While Hyperice increased their street credibility with an NBA deal, we prefer the Theragun to the Hypervolt. The Hypervolt is quiet, but the overall ergonomics, power, and adaptability of the Theragun are better, in our opinion. If you prefer Hypervolt’s single-handle design over Theragun’s triangular handle design, then you might consider the Hydragun, which is similar in form to the Hypervolt but built with premium touch materials.

Is A Percussion Massager Worth It?

Whether you were involved in a physical accident that causes chronic pain, are an athlete trying to reach top performance, or are just getting a little older, a deep tissue massage is often one of the most effective ways to feel rejuvenated.

The reality is that most of us don’t have the time or the money to visit a therapist every day, and a high-quality percussion massager is the best solution for this dilemma. When you consider the time and money you can save, as well as the pain relief and renewed spirit you may experience, a massage gun is definitely worth the investment.

Theragun Review

The hallmark of the Theragun design is the ergonomic design. Percussion massage guns are most effective when they are held perpendicular to your body, but that’s easier said than done if you are trying to reach a problem spot on your own back.

Percussion therapy works when pressure is kneaded into the muscle, rather than along or near the muscle, and Theragun’s patented ergonomic handle allows for the massage gun to be held in multiple ways to maintain perpendicular alignment to the muscle.

The Theragun comes with a convenient, protective carrying case, which is perfect if you live life on the go or do much traveling. Most of their percussive therapy device packages are equipped with five different massage head attachments that provide personalized pressure right where you need it. You can also buy an attachment that facilitates two heads being used at once, which doubles the massage surface area when working on large muscle areas like the legs or back.

Perhaps our favorite massage head attachment is the Supersoft attachment, which might be worth investing in if you are particularly tender or sensitive to massages.

Theragun vs. Hypervolt Review Article

Product Options and Performance

Therabody now sells a range of percussion massage guns intended to meet a variety of needs. Before reviewing the individual models, it is worth noting that these massage tools have a more premium feel and design than the competitors.

They look and feel like they belong in a therapist’s office, which is reassuring since they are designed to be used by anyone, physical therapist or not. While there are options affordable for almost anyone, the devices aren’t value engineered. Instead, they are built to last and enable a deep tissue, vibration massage in the comfort of your own home.

These handheld massage guns increase blood flow to trouble areas, which will flush out the lactic acid to improve your range of motion and reduce rigidity.

Theragun Mini

The most portable version is called the Theragun mini. The mini doesn’t sport the other models’ signature handle, but it’s designed to be the brand’s go-anywhere-and-do-anything device.

While massage devices are frequently touted for insanely fast speeds, usually measured in percussions per minute, there is a point at which incrementally excessive strokes per minute have negligible benefits. The mini is equipped with three-speed settings (1750, 2100, and 2400 percussions per minute) to provide the best possible therapeutic benefit. The mini is an excellent option if you are looking for an ultra-portable handheld massager, and the rechargeable battery lasts up to 150 minutes on a single charge.

If you are interested in quickly loosening up tight muscles before a trip to a gym or after a long flight, the mini is an impressive little device that is simple and simply gets the job done. The mini comes at an affordable price too, which is an excellent option if you prefer the Theragun brand but don’t want to invest in the more expensive models.

Theragun Elite

Our favorite product is the Theragun Elite, which is designed to provide elite performance at a price point more accessible than the Theragun Pro model. The Elite model’s most notable feature is that it is designed to provide the brand’s quietest treatment yet, but its overall performance is impressive.

If there is one knock on the brand, their massage guns were historically louder than the competition. The Elite model was designed to address this issue and is much quieter now than in preceding model generations. If you are familiar with the G3Pro model, the Elite would most likely be considered a replacement to the G3Pro, but the Elite offers noise reduction over the preceding model.

The Elite device also features 120-minute total battery life, Bluetooth integration to the company’s signature phone app, and adjustable speed ranges up to 2400 strokes per minute. The Elite also provides up to 40 lbs of force without stalling, which is plenty powerful enough to work on all of your major muscles.

Theragun mini & Elite vs. Hypervolt

Theragun Pro

It’s probably not a surprise that the Theragun Pro is the most professional model, most likely found in a medical office. This is the Cadillac of percussion massage guns, with 300 minutes of total battery life, Bluetooth integration to the company’s phone app, customizable speed ranges up to 2400 strokes per minute, and perhaps most notably, a rotating arm. The rotating arm provides advanced ergonomics in the professional’s office or at home.

Another upgrade from the Elite model is that the Pro model can provide up to 60 lbs of force without stalling, compared to the Elite models 40 lbs. While the Elite provides plenty of force for the average user, extra power might be a tipping point if you choose between the two models.

Regarding the 300 minutes of total battery life, the Pro actually comes with two rechargeable batteries, lasting up to 150 minutes each. If you plan on using your handheld massage gun all day, this is great because one battery can recharge while the other is in use.

There is also this: The Pro model is calibrated to reach 60% deeper into the muscle than the average massager, providing maximum therapeutic benefit.

Other Therabody Products

By the way, while the Theragun was their original namesake product, the company changed its name to Therabody. They still sell the best massage guns on the market, but they also now sell a series of CBD products under the name TheraOne. TheraOne is available in topical oils, lotions, and balms, as well as in an ingestible form.

They also sell a smart foam roller they call the Wave Roller. It’s one of the smartest foam rollers available since it is equipped with five intensity settings that can be controlled via Bluetooth from the brand-labeled app.

Theragun Pro and Therabody

Is Theragun Worth The Money?

Whether you consider yourself an athlete or have chronic aches and pains, a Theragun is a worthy investment that will enable you to self-massage in an ergonomic way. The ergonomic design provides more effective massages by allowing perpendicular percussion. It prevents new aches in the wrists and hands, which can pop up if you are continually reaching in awkward positions.

Their massage guns are all built with premium materials, design, and functionality, and they provide a range of products so you can find something in your budget. The Pro model is the gold standard of handheld massage guns, but we are partial to the Elite model. We also like that the company’s app connects to most of the devices via Bluetooth.

  • check Ergonomic handle design
  • close Louder than some competitor devices
  • check Premium materials
  • check Therabody app provides suggested routines
  • check App connects to device via bluetooth
  • check Models available for any need or price point
  • check Known for providing deeper massage than competition

Theragun or Hypervolt Review Article

Hypervolt Review

Hyperice is the company’s name that makes Hypervolt devices, and they recently hit it big with an NBA sponsorship. The NBA now has Hyperice devices available courtside for the players to maximize their performance and recovery. While we understand this is a promotional relationship, it is still no small endorsement and speaks to its reputation.

Still, the design of Hypervolt massage guns is less unique than Theragun’s patented ergonomic handle, and perhaps because of this, there are seemingly countless knockoffs on Amazon. We would add that, anecdotally, the Hypervolt looks and feels more plasticky and less professional than the Theragun products.

On the other hand, Hypervolt devices are known for their whisper-quiet performance, so if you are looking for a discreet product, then these handheld devices are still worthy of your consideration.

Hypervolt vs. Theragun Review Article

Product Options and Performance

Hypervolt offers its handheld massagers in a few different formats to provide functionality options at various price ranges. Each device works well with a series of changeable heads designed to give the precision pressure you need.

Hypervolt GO

While this massager looks exactly like its older brother from afar, there are a few significant differences. Namely, the Hypervolt GO weighs only 1.5 pounds and is 30% smaller than its bigger brother. The GO is designed for simplicity and for life on the move.

The GO comes with three-speed settings and two interchangeable head attachments. The TSA also approves it for flight carry-on. Additional massage head attachments can be purchased if you want different options.

Hypervolt (Original)

The original Hyperice Hypervolt is more significant than the GO at 3 pounds and also comes in three speeds. Not only is the brand known for being quieter than its main rival, but it also is faster, at up to 3200 percussions per minute. At such high speeds, the strokes per minute don’t necessarily lead to a deeper massage. Many users note that the Theragun seems to provide a better deep tissue massage.

The original model is sold with five interchangeable head attachments and notably connects to the company-labeled app via Bluetooth, which the GO model does not. The app provides examples of how to use the device correctly in different body areas and for various ailments.

Hypervolt vs. Theragun Elite Review Article

Hypervolt Plus

The Plus model is essentially an amplified version of the original model. While the original and the Plus models have about 3200 strokes per minute, the Plus model is about 30% more powerful. If you are in the market for a professional massage device or tend to need deep tissue massages, then the Hypervolt Plus might be the right option for you.

Like the original model, the Plus model comes with five massage attachments and connects to the brand app via Bluetooth. The Plus sports a 24 V rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and you can also buy a spare battery if you anticipate frequent or extended usage.

Other Hyperice Products

The Hyperice team has several other impressive recovery products that might be worth checking out. If you are interested in professional athlete level recovery, you might be interested in checking on the brand’s NormaTec PULSE technology, which provides superior compression recovery technology.

NormaTec isn’t for the average consumer since it retails north of $1,000, but it is interesting to research at the very least. The Venom series products are more approachable for everyday athletes.

The Venom series products provide hands-free vibration and heat in targeted wearables. For instance, if you are a pitcher or tennis player at any level, you might be interested in the Venom Shoulder. On the other hand, athletes or not, we could all benefit from the Venom Back as we age, which provides relief and recovery technology to the back and core.

While vibration and heat therapy does wonders for loosening up stiff muscles, everyday athletes might get the most benefits from the Hypersphere vibrating massage ball or the Vyper vibrating foam roller, perfect for advanced foam rolling.

Hypervolt Plus vs. Theragun Pro Article

Is Hypervolt Worth The Money?

If it is good enough for the NBA, we are hard-pressed to say it isn’t good enough for you. It is a fine device that provides top-notch performance, but some find the devices feel cheaper nonetheless. If you like the form more than Theragun’s triangular design, but the Hypervolt seems a little plasticky, you might try a Hydragun instead (more on that below). Still, if quiet performance is your top consideration, we think you will be proud to own any of the Hyperice Hypervolt products.

  • check Patented QuietGlide technology
  • close No ergonomic handle
  • check Industry leading percussions per minute
  • close Some find the massage isn't as deep as competition
  • check TSA approved for carry-on

Hypervolt or Theragun Review Article

Best Hypervolt and Theragun Alternative: Hydragun

Theragun and Hypervolt are the big players in the massage gun industry, but your might be wondering if there are any competitors worth considering. In our estimation, Hydragun is one of the best alternatives to Theragun and Hypervolt. If you start looking for a percussive massage gun on Amazon or elsewhere, you will soon find that knockoffs are a dime a dozen, but Hydragun stands much taller than other alternatives.

This is a quality-built massage gun. If you are looking for an alternative to Theragun and Hypervolt, we prefer the Hydragun over the TimTam power massager or any other competitors. It checks all of the boxes with up to six hours of battery life and six interchangeable massage heads.

Some brands try to sell you on the availability of extra batteries, and perhaps if you are a professional, you might need multiple battery packs. Still, the Hydragun is intended to be used for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. For most people, this means you may only need to charge it once or twice a month.

Theragun vs. Hydragun vs. Hypervolt - Hydragun Images

Compared to the more popular massage guns, we actually prefer Hydragun over the Hyperice Hypervolt. The Hydragun is made with an aerospace-grade aluminum body. The obvious benefit here is that it is extremely durable, but it also has a higher quality feel in hand and looks more premium than plastic. Plus, the handle itself is wrapped with nanoscale silicone, which further enhances the premium feel while also providing a better grip, shock absorption, and durability.

And for people bothered by the loud noises some massage guns make, the Hydragun operates at 50dB. For comparison, a whisper is only 25dB, so it might not be quiet as a whisper, but it is pretty darn close. And by the way, the Hyrdragun reaches 50dB at the higher intensity levels. At the lower intensity levels, the Hydragun is as quiet as 30dB.

If you are collecting Theraguns because of the patented ergonomic handle, we understand why. It is hard to beat the comfort of the Theragun handle, but Hydragun sports a 99-degree ergonomic handle itself, and we found it comfortably reaches most areas of the body.

Hydragun doesn’t currently offer the range of options and prices like some of the competitors (They only have one product right now), but they come in more affordable than the most comparable models.

If you are comparing the most popular percussion devices and looking for a better overall value than Theragun or Hypervolt, we are glad to recommend Hydragun as a worthy competitor.

Hypervolt vs. Hydragun vs. Theragun - Hydragun Learn More

How To Use a Massage Gun

Massage guns are thought to quicken muscle recovery after an intense workout because the attachment heads loosen the tight muscle tissue and increase blood flow through targeted muscle groups. Personally, my larger muscles seem to stay tight as I get older, so I particularly enjoy using a massage gun before a challenging workout. It helps me loosen up and slide into my workout routine with less discomfort.

Depending on your workout location and the type of exercise you choose, you might consider using a percussive device before, during, and after your workout routine. Before each workout, use your device to target tight muscles to loosen them up and wake up your body. Between sets, during your training, float over targeted muscle groups for 15 seconds or so to reinvigorate the muscles and reduce fatigue. Then, once your exercise routine is completed, spend two minutes working through each muscle group to increase the blood flow and speed recovery.

Naturally, on an ad hoc basis, you can also utilize your percussive massager to knead out muscle knots and generally to relieve tension. Purchasing a percussive massager with multiple attachment heads is a must.

Consider using the dampener attachment on the neck and feet, where your body might be a little more tender. I use the fork attachment on the calves and around my achilles. For a deep massage or to work out extreme muscle tightness, you might want to use one of the more rigid attachments. Most of the percussive massagers come with excellent options, with massage heads perfect for multiple needs. With a little trial and error, you will find the right combination for you.

Theragun Better Than Hypervolt? Article

What Is The Best Massage Gun?

While the Hypervolt is generally quieter than Theragun devices, we recommend

Theragun because of the deep massage capability, patented ergonomic handle, premium materials, and expanded line-up of massage gun options.

The founder developed the prototype because there wasn’t anything on the market that met his personal needs. This need-driven research and development is the edge that helps Theragun maintain its pioneering industry status.

Theragun devices are good enough for physical therapist offices and convenient enough to provide rejuvenating at-home massages in-between professional visits. Whether you are an aspiring athlete or dealing with chronic pain and sore muscles, we recommend the Theragun as the best personal massage tool money can buy.

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