backyard basics Char-Broil vs. Weber Which Grill Is Best? (2023)
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Char-Broil vs. Weber: Which Grill Is Best? (2023)

Weber and Char-Broil are two of the best-known brands in the battle for backyards across America. And this is for good reason since they make grills fit for any occasion and at affordable prices. Still, you might be wondering which grill is best. Rest assured that comparing Char-Broil vs. Weber is the right place to start.

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Weber vs. Char-Broil Comparison

Weber and Char-Broil are two of the best-known brands in the battle for backyards across America. And this is for good reason since they make grills fit for any occasion and at affordable prices. Still, you might be wondering which grill is best. Rest assured that comparing Char-Broil vs. Weber is the right place to start.

Char-Broil vs. Weber: Which is Better?

There are a few things to consider when deciding whether to buy a Char-Broil or a Weber. Char-Broil grills are often a little more affordable to their credit, though not by much; however, Weber is an industry pioneer and renowned for quality and durability.

Char-Broil has a few exciting products, such as the gas/charcoal hybrid grill, that some might consider, but we recommend Weber in most situations.

Weber Grill Review

Here is a fun fact for you: The man that invented the original Weber kettle worked for a metal-working company in Chicago and was inspired by the shape of a buoy the company was making. The bowl-shaped bottom seemed like it would be perfect for holding hot coals, so he cut a buoy in half before adding legs and a lid.

While it seems obvious now, George Stephen (the creator) knew that cooking with a lid over the fire would retain heat and improve the overall cooking experience, so he added a lid too. Soon after, "covered barbecuing" would be here to stay.

Sometimes it takes someone just crazy enough to try something new to change how we look at the world around us, and this same spirit of innovation fuels Weber's success today. Weber's grills are still designed and engineered in their Chicago headquarters and manufactured in their Chicago-suburb facility.

Weber represents pure American ingenuity, and while the brand started the kettle grill craze, they still are an industry leader in innovation and quality.


Gas Grills

While traditionalists might not like gas grills, it is hard to deny their convenience. And Weber makes a few different types to find the perfect size and feature level for your needs.


Weber Spirit Series is the entry-level grill that is perfect for smaller crowds and family meals. The Spirit Series features built-in thermometers for convenience, as well as porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates and always-safe-to-touch lid handles.

The Spirit E-210 is the smallest model, with 360 square inches of cooking surface, which is decent by two-burner grill standards. The E-210 is perfect for a small family and perhaps even apartment living.

The Weber Spirit SP-335 features stainless steel and 424 square inches of grill space at the other end of the spectrum. With three burners on the SP-335, you can grill in a hot zone over two burners while simmering sauce or cooking up veggies over the third burner.

A model like the Spirit II E-310, with three stainless steel burners, is a great option for most families. Users will appreciate that the unit has enough space to cook for the entire family without breaking the bank.


What Is The Difference Between Weber Genesis and Summit?

The Weber Genesis Series grill is a mid-tier grill that balances affordability and functionality. Comparatively, The Weber Summit Series grills are among the best backyard grills available on the market. Summit grills are more expensive than Genesis Series grills but have the most advanced features.

The Weber Genesis Series is one step up from the Spirit Series. The smaller Genesis Series is about the same size as the larger Spirit grills. Still, they have more durable stainless steel components and notably have a sear station and side burner, so these bad boys are more advanced than the Spirit Series. At the top end, the Genesis II E-435 and S-435 are behemoth grills fit for any occasion.

Of course, if you are serious about your grilling, the Weber Summit Series is a top-of-the-line grill that will get the job done and impress you and others. The Summit Series ranges from four to six burners, allowing you to use your expertise to cook different foods at different temperatures.

The six-burner, granddaddy of all Weber gas grills, has an impressive 624 square inches of cooking area, a sear station, warming rack, side burner, built-in lid thermometer, and tuck-away rotisserie system with spit and fork storage. With all of the extra features, gas grilling has never been this good.

If you are ready to invest in your backyard grilling game but prefer the ease of gas, Weber makes the best grills available.

Charcoal Grills

The kettle charcoal grills started it all, and for purists, these might be the best of the bunch. Cooking with charcoal provides an element of flavor and aroma that gas grills do not, and the Kettle Premium Series features updates to make the experience a little more enjoyable. Namely, the Kettle Premium Series has an upgraded cleaning system that eases the difficulty some dread in cleaning up charcoal ashes.

Our favorite feature of the Weber Kettle Premium Series is the smoker, low-and-slow setting, allowing you to smoke up your favorite barbecue in an affordable way. Of course, smoking on a kettle grill requires much more time and attention than using something more advanced like a Traeger, but there is something raw and pure about grilling up some barbecue in an old-school way.

The Kettle is what got it all started for Weber, and they are still a top seller, even today. Still, they have several other kettle types to consider.

The Master Touch Series, Performer Series, and Summit Charcoal Grill Series offer progressively more advanced features to elevate the charcoal grill experience above its rudimentary past.

The Master Touch Series units aren't too different from the primary line-up of kettle grills. Still, they do come in several different colors, so if you are interested in something other than red or black, these grills are handsome and will add a little pop to your backyard.

The Weber Performer Series comes with a cart to hold the kettle grill higher and provides space to set sauces or dishes. Most gas grills have pull-out shelves, which is an advantage over most kettle grills; however, the carts that come with the Performer Series partially solve this problem. Having a little side table makes a huge difference.

The Summit Charcoal Series, for instance, is explicitly designed to merge the best charcoal grilling with the benefits of low-and-slow barbecuing. And it is versatile enough to be used for smoking, grilling, and more. One unique feature of this series is that a gas ignition switch is available, making firing up your charcoal super easy. There is also a Summit Kamado version with steel-insulated temperature control for maximum heat retention.

The largest charcoal grills have as much as 452 square inches of cooking space, enough to serve six to eight people’s mouth-watering goodness. Of course, the charcoal grills are generally backed by Weber's ten-year warranty. For charcoal enthusiasts, the choice is clear Weber is a cut above the rest.


Learning how to properly light a charcoal grill can be tricky, but the flavor reward is undeniable. Charcoal grills simply provide better flavor than gas grills. Of course, wood pellet grills take flavor to the next level.

Starting with the best lump charcoal is a good place to start. Start with bad charcoal, and you will face an uphill climb.

Wood Pellet Grills

Weber's new SmokeFire Series offers two wood-fired pellet grills to go head-to-head with newer brands such as Traeger and Pit Boss. Honestly, we recommend Traeger for wood pellet grills, but Weber holds its own at a potentially lower price point.

The second-generation Weber SmokeFire has a temperature range of 200 to 600 degrees and over 1,000 square inches of dual grilling space. Quite frankly, for the average Joe, that is more grill space than you will ever need, but it is still pretty nice to have.

The porcelain-enamel finish helps prevent rust, and the stainless steel grill grates are a little easier to manage than the cast-iron grills.

Best yet, the Weber Connect smart grilling technology and the high-capacity hopper make it much easier to set it and forget it. This is a grilling style different from charcoal, which tends to be more high maintenance.

If you want to invest in the future of grilling technology, but want an alternative to Traeger and Pit Boss, then the Weber SmokeFire Series makes a lot of sense. We recommend that you compare Z Grills vs. Traeger if you are on a tight budget, but are interested in a pellet grill instead of a charcoal grill.

Other Weber Options

Since Weber is an industry leader in grilling, it's no surprise they are taking the wood pellet segment head-on with the SmokeFire Series, but their innovation and product line-up don't end there.

Consider the Smokey Mountain Cooker Series, which is a semi-portable smoker you can take camping and other excursions. It works great in the backyard if you want to throw down some ribs for your friends and family, but it is portable enough to take to the lake house to smoke up your fresh catch.

The company also makes portable grills and electric grills. The portable grills are great for a beach or the mountains trip, while the electric grill perfectly fits an apartment patio or balcony. Outdoor grilling can be as therapeutic as it is tasty, so regardless of your living situation or cooking preference, Weber has a grill that will work for your lifestyle.

You might also want to consider a Weber IGrill, which enables you to monitor the meat’s internal temperature while stepping away for a period of time while you are grilling low-and-slow.

The IGrill Mini has a single probe capacity and can communicate via Bluetooth to the Weber Grill app. The IGrill 2 facilitates as many as four temperature probes. Both have a magnetic base, making them easier to manage near the grill.

Whether you just want to be able to step away for a few minutes or you want to dial in your temperature management perfectly, these are great little tools.


More About Weber Grills

The brand that preceded Weber made its first cast iron grill in 1949, and Weber has continued to grow and evolve into one of the leading outdoor cooking brands. The logo is iconic among grillmasters, and there are some people that will only cook on a Weber. Here is more information to consider.

Does Weber Sell Replacement Parts?

Weber sells various replacement parts on its website, including grates, Flavorizer bars, and igniter kits. These parts might go bad after high usage, which means your Weber is well-loved. Replacement parts may extend the life of your Weber for years to come.

You may not be able to completely rebuild your grill. Still, grates, Flavorizer bars, and components exposed to heat and flames are the most likely parts you might need to replace. If you are having trouble cleaning the grate, we recommend replacing sooner than later since it is naturally the primary cooking area.

Weber Grill Discounts & Sales

You may find Weber grills on sale during the winter season, as sales tend to spike around the 4th of July and will trail off through the end of the year. Retailers may also discount older Weber models when they roll out new grills in the spring.

While grills can be a big investment, Weber makes some of the highest quality products in the grilling industry.


Are Weber Grills Guaranteed For Life?

No, Weber does not guarantee its grills for life, but they still offer some of the best warranties in the industry. Some gas grills have 10-year warranties on all parts, but you should look up your specific warranty, as they can vary from grill to grill.

Do Weber Grills Need a Cover?

Covering your Weber grill with a cover will protect it from dirt, debris, and moisture. Weber builds its grills to be durable, but the elements can still reduce the lifecycle of your grill with extended exposure. Dirt and moisture may eventually contribute to cracks and rust.

Your grill won't immediatiately decy if you avoid utilizing a cover. Still, over time the elements will take their toll.

The Best Way To Clean A Weber Grill

Heat the grill for 15 minutes, and use a stainless steel grill brush for the grill grates. Using the stainless steel brush can also clean the grease build-up under the lid. Warm water and mild soap are almost always the best way to clean your Weber grill's non-cooking surfaces.

Maintaining a clean grill will help with sanitation, but also promote safety and a long-lasting lifecycle. Ensure you properly clean your grilling tools, as well. Keep in mind your grilling tools frequently touch raw meat.

Best Tools To Clean Weber Grill Grates

Weber sells a stainless steel brush that works well for grill grates and cleaning grease build-up under the lid. Some people don't like using stainless steel brushes because the bristles could fall off. The Grill Rescue grill brush utilizes steam to clean and has a replaceable head.

The Grill Rescue brush was created by a firefighter, and just might be the world's safest grill brush.

Who Owns Weber Grills?

Weber Inc. is a publically traded company headquartered in Palantine, Illinois, and the maker of Weber grills. The company was family-owned until 2010 when it sold a majority stake to a capital investment firm named BDT Capital Partners. Weber went public in 2021.

The company is best known for its charcoal, gas, and electric outdoor grills. You might be surprised to learn that the company also owns restaurants and publishes cookbooks.

Where Are Weber Grills Made?

Weber manufactures grills in Illinois, not far from its Palatine headquarters. While the grills are proudly manufactured in the USA, some parts may be sourced globally. The company designs its grills to meet a standard they would expect in their own backyard. The grills are made from tough steel.

Is The Weber Pizza Stone Any Good?

The Weber Pizza Stone allows you to cook gourmet pizzas with your existing grill. Pizza stones nicely complement grills, because they retain heat at the cooking surface and absorb moisture away from the dough. The result is a perfectly crispy crust.

If you really love pizza, we recommend that you check out an Ooni pizza oven or Solo Stove Pi. These backyard pizza ovens enable you to cook with small wood logs or wood chips for authenticity, or gas if you prefer convenience.

Is a Weber Grill Worth It?

A Weber charcoal or gas grill is worth the investment because of the attention to quality and innovation. The brand also offers a 10-Year Warranty for most of its grills, which is worth considering as you decide which grill will work best for you.

The company designed the first-ever kettle grills, after all, so you can expect that its grills are designed and made by people that love to grill. The

Weber brand is also known for excellent customer service.

  • check Pioneering Kettle Grill Technology
  • close Few Wood Pellet Options
  • check Large Variety of Grills
  • check Available at Multiple Price Points
  • check Renowned Quality and Durability

Char-Broil Grill Review

You won't find many kettle-shaped grills in Char-Broil's line-up, but most of their grills are worth considering just the same. Even the Char-Broil grills targeted toward those with a limited budget still have reliable performance, so get ready to grab your favorite cooking tools and show all of your family and friends you are a seasoned griller.

Compared to Char-Broil, it may seem that Weber stays close to their bread-and-butter. Char-Broil, on the other hand, does a little bit of everything. They have cheap entry-level grills and very nice high-end grills, and they have grills with basic technology alongside grills with innovative TRU-Infrared technology. Some of the grills at the bottom end are bargain prices, and these versions may not have standard features such as built-in temperature gauges.

Still, if you want to add flame-broiled quality to your home menu, even the most basic units have all of the features that matter, and the Char-Broil appliances that slide into the high-end category are quite nice. Fancy even. If you are looking for something other than Weber's tried-and-true approach, then Char-Broil has something for you.


Gas Grills

The Char-Broil Classic Series is an entry-level grill designed at a bare minimum to avoid breaking the bank. If money is tight, it is worth considering; however, the build isn't as sturdy, the materials are plasticky, and there aren't as many features. The cart design isn't awe-inspiring, but it will help beginners start their grill-life journey. They are big enough for singles and most couples, but you may need something bigger down the road.

For most people, we recommend looking at the Char-Broil Performance Series. Compared to the Classic Series, the Char-Broil Performance Series has a more sturdy and attractive design, larger cooking areas, and more advanced features. There is a reason why they call it the Performance Series.

What Is TRU-Infrared Technology?

Some of Char-Broil's grills are built with TRU-Infrared technology, which helps prevent flare-ups, and delivers even heat that makes cooking easier. Grease never drips down, causing problems because there is a barrier between food and flame. The TRU-Infrared technology evenly heats your food.

Say goodbye to hot and cold spots.

Among the Performance Series Grills, we recommend the TRU-Infrared 3 Burner Cabinet grill with 450 square inches of primary cooking space and a 150 square inches warming rack.

This model is available as a propane gas grill and features the brand's Surefire electronic ignition system, which provides a reliable spark at every burner. Just make sure you clean your grease tray, so you don't get more spark than you bargained for 😉.

The electric ignition systems make starting up a gas grill much simpler than getting the fire going on a charcoal grill.


What Is The Difference Between Char-Broil Infrared Grills?

Char-Broil designed its infrared grills even out the heat output across the cooking surface. As a result, TRU-infrared grills mostly eliminate cold spots and flare-ups. Multiple Char-Broil grill models feature TRU-infrared technology. When combined with other Performance Series features, Char-Broil gives Weber a run for its money.

The Signature Series Grills sit a level higher than the Performance Series and offer additional features. Char-Broil's most impressive grill might be the Char-Broil Signature TRU-Infrared 4-Burner Cabinet grill, with a whopping 525 square inches of primary cooking space.

The main cooking area includes porcelain-coated cast-iron grates, and the grill is equipped with four stainless steel tube burners to keep your fire going. The grill also has a 200-square-inch warming rack and can be purchased with a side burner.

Perhaps the feature most worth mentioning is that the Signature Series grill adapts from liquid propane to natural gas as long as you purchase and install the correct conversion kit. The Signature TRU-Infrared 4-Burner Grill is exceedingly versatile and big enough to cook dinner for the neighborhood block party.

The Difference Between Char-Broil Signature and Commercial Grills

Char-Broil also has a Commercial Series, with all of the bells and whistles you could dream of, but for most people, the Performance Series or Signature Series should work just fine. In terms of ability, they all fire up plenty of heat for the average user.

Of course, if you mean serious business, the Commercial Series should be top of mind as you weigh your options.


Charcoal Grills

As if to admit that charcoal grills are Weber's thing, Char-Broil only has a few charcoal grills in its portfolio, which is honestly a little surprising given the brand name. The most direct competitor to Weber's kettle grills is the Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Kettleman Charcoal Grill. We prefer the authenticity and some of the functionality of Weber's kettle grills; however, the TRU-Infrared technology is enough to make you think twice.

Char-Broil's Kettleman has 360 square inches of cooking space, with a slide-out ashtray for easy cleanup. It also features a large air damper, making it easier to control the temperature, and a built-in thermometer. And the TRU-Infrared technology maximizes heat distribution. Like Weber models, it also has wheels for easy portability.

Other charcoal grills, such as the American Gourmet Series, have a more cylindrical shape so that it looks a little bit like a smoker. The most significant benefit to the American Gourmet series is that, like wood pellet grills, they have substantially large grilling surfaces.

The American Gourmet 800, for instance, sports 568 square inches of primary cooking space and an additional 272 square inches of secondary cooking space.

That's enough for 20 burgers and big enough to host your neighborhood block party.

The most significant difference in performance between the American Gourmet and Kettleman is that the latter includes the TRU-Infrared tech, while the American Gourmet Series is a little more traditional.

Other Char-Broil Options

Of course, if you are looking for grill covers or a grill brush, Char-Broil sells every tool you might need. Beyond that, the brand has pretty much any kind of smoker and fryer you could ever want, including gas, charcoal, and electric smokers.

The largest electric smoker includes 1000 square inches of cooking space, but it is a pricier model, so some might prefer to consider wood-pellet grills, which are a little more authentic. The cooking process might be a little easier with the electric smoker, but most enthusiasts aren't big fans of electric smokers. The electric smoker has a 1-year warranty on parts.

The Big Easy is an oil-less Turkey fryer, perfect for the holiday season. It will fit a turkey, chicken, or roast of up to 16 pounds.

More About Char-Broil

Both Weber and Char-Broil make fine grills. Still, like any other category, each brand has its loyalists, and is easy to understand why some people prefer the Char-Broil brand to Weber.

Are Char-Broil Grills Good Quality?

Char-Broil makes quality grills on par with other gas grills on the market, but grills with TRU-Infrared offer a distinct advantage. Still, Char-Broil Gas Grills are prone to rust issues, so you must cover the grill when it is not in use and prioritize maintenance.

Is Char-Broil Better Than Weber?

Weber may offer higher overall quality and reputation, but Char-Broil gas grills featuring the TRU-Infrared technology are worth considering. In comparing Weber vs. Char-Broil, the TRU-Infrared tech is the biggest differentiator. Still, some prefer the authenticity of Weber's charcoal kettle grills.


Char-Broil Replacement Parts

Char-Broil's website features a helpful product model search bar. Enter your model number, and the search returns replacement parts, warranty information, manuals, and diagrams. We recommend registering your grill with the company and purchasing any replacement parts directly from its website.

You can register your Char-Broil through the same section of the website.

Who Owns Char-Broil Grills?

The privately owned W.C. Bradley Co., based in Columbus, Georgia, manages the Char-Broil brand. Interestingly, the W.C. Bradley Co. also owns the Lamplight and TIKI brands and a separate real estate company focused on real estate development in Columbus.

Did Char-Broil Buy Oklahoma Joe's?

Char-Broil purchased Oklahoma Joe's in 1998. Oklahoma Joes's is known for its high-end smokers and accessories, which complement Char-Broil's line-up of charcoal, gas, and electric grills. The same company that owns the Char-Broil and Oklahoma Joe's brand names also own Dancook and Saber Grills.

Is a Char-Broil Grill Worth It?

We recommend avoiding the cheapest grills, but Char-Broil offers TRU-Infrared technology which eliminates cold spots. Char-Broil also offers grills with zonal cooking, which is a nice feature to have. In comparing Weber vs. Char-Broil, also remember that Weber makes many of its grills in the USA.

  • check Charcoal/Gas Hybrid Available
  • close No Wood Pellet Options
  • check Lower Bottom End Price Points
  • close Few Charcoal Grill Options
  • check TRU-Infrared Tech reduces flare-ups

Weber & Char-Broil Alternatives

For the most part, if you want to invest in or upgrade your backyard grill, Weber & Char-Broil are great options. Of course, there are brands out there with more expensive models and advanced functionality. For a long time, grilling purists preferred charcoal grills, while those looking for convenience preferred gas grills. In many ways, wood pellet grills offer some combination of the two.

Wood pellet grills allow for that smokey flavor so many love while also offering unparalleled convenience, such as smartphone apps that show you what your grill's temperature is and how full the pellet hopper is. For advanced wood pellet grills, we recommend you consider Traeger or Pit Boss Grills, but Traeger is the best of the best.

That said, wood pellet grills work great for low-and-slow cooking. While Traeger is an excellent alternative to Weber and Char-Broil for true barbecuing, if you mainly plan to grill up some burgers, steaks, and hot dogs, then Weber and Char-Broil make a perfect choice.

Another alternative for backyard cooking is considering a pizza oven, and comparing Ooni vs. Roccbox is a good place to start. You can cook meats and vegetables in a pizza oven too, so they aren’t just used for pizza. Still, an Ooni pizza oven might be a better complement to a weber, rather than a replacement.

Are Weber Grills Really That Much Better?

Weber grills are made in the USA, incorporate durable steel, and even stress testing on the paint coating. This attention to detail sets Weber's quality apart from other grill brands. They made the original kettle grill, and are a dominant player in the gas grill realm too.

Whether you are considering small details like the porcelain-enameled flavorizer bars, or the 10-Year Warranty for many of the grill components, Weber stands tall above the competition. Plus, Weber grills are versatile. Get a good sear with direct heat, dampen the air supply, and cook low-and-slow with indirect heat.

In comparing Char-Broil vs. Weber, Char-Broil might be better for individuals on a tight budget, the price difference isn't that substantial. With premium features, industry-lauded innovation, a reliable track record, and more options than most of the competition, there is no question that Weber grills are an excellent investment. A Weber will give you years of happy grilling. 🔥

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