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WinkBed Reviews: Affordable Luxury & Quality? (2023)

Buying a mattress is a BIG deal! Based on our WinkBed reviews, WinkBed offers quality American craftsmanship at an affordable price. Keep reading to see if there is anything else you should consider.

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WinkBed Reviews

Getting a good night's sleep can make or break your day. Based on our WinkBeds mattress review, this brand might just be the solution. Waking up with body aches is an awful feeling, but some of the leading mattress brands charge prices quickly approaching ten grand. Call us crazy, but we don't think you should have to sell your firstborn child to afford a good night's sleep.

WinkBed Reviews In Detail

WinkBed is a great value compared to the often-overpriced competition, but this is even more evident when you consider that their mattresses are

handmade in the U.S.A. While financing is available, theWinkBeds team can sell their mattresses at a lower cost because they avoid supply-chain mark-ups introduced by outsourced manufacturing and retail-based sales commissions.

The WinkBed - Design Features

WinkBed mattresses are designed and made in the United States so that the brand can sell you a premium-quality bed at a reasonable price. But why are we so impressed with WinkBed? Well, we are glad you asked.

The folks up in Watertown, Wisconsin handcraft an impressive mattress. Affordability shouldn't be a trade-off for comfort, and we are believers that WinkBeds offers incredible value. The WinkBeds team sells premium mattresses directly to you, avoiding the middleman mark-up. And we love it.

WinkBed Reviews - Learn More

Hybrid Design - Coils & Foam

Foam mattresses are popular because of the way they conform to your body. Popular marketing suggests that these foam mattresses will hug you like a cloud, but what you don't hear is that many sleepers feel unsupported. Unfortunately, that unsupported feeling results in minor aches and pains.

WinkBed solved this problem by developing a hybrid mattress that includes both foam and coils. This coil support system better supports sleepers and is a significant reason many sleepers with back pain report relief after several nights of sleep on the WinkBed. The individually wrapped pocketed coil system is responsive in that it yields in places with lighter pressure while providing more rigid support in areas where there is more significant pressure.

Of course, as much as we appreciate the extra support that the coil system provides, there is a reason the population shifted from coil systems to foam systems over time. For some people, a standard coil system is too rigid, and in a low-quality mattress, you might even be able to feel the coils while you sleep. Not so with a WinkBeds mattress.

The hybrid design featuring foam provides that luxury comfort feeling, but because it is combined with a coil system, you won't wake up feeling like your different pressure points sank in misaligned ways while you slept. I've struggled with this feeling on an all-foam mattress. I would wake up feeling like my shoulders are entirely misaligned from my hips, and every part of my back aches in between my hips and shoulders.

The hybrid WinkBed design solves this issue for me. The Euro-pillow top consists of a gel-infused foam that relieves pressure for your back, hips, and shoulders. You will experience that luxurious cushioning that feels like a cloud and reduces muscle tension while still feeling supported by the pocketed coil system.

Medium-density polyfoam is combined with a layer of gel polyfoam to give your body all of the cushioning it needs without masking the mattress's coil support system.

The mattress also features Extra-Edge anti-sag support, which extends the supportive design all of the way to the edges of your mattress. You may have noticed your current mattress sags near the edges or that you feel like you may roll off the edges, but the Extra-Edge systems help address these common concerns. The strong edge results in an even more durable mattress than you would otherwise have.

WinkBed Reviews - DreamCloud vs. WinkBed vs. Saatva

Firmness Options, Sizing, & Features

WinkBeds mattresses come in six different sizes, including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. While WinkBeds doesn't make custom mattress sizes, they have less common options, including the Twin XL, so there is an option for every room in your home. Perhaps more importantly, each size is available in four different firmness options.

Option 1: Soft Mattress - If you consider yourself a side-sleeper, then the soft mattress option is for you. It's designed so that the plush pillow top is truly like sleeping on a cloud. The responsive zoned coil system still aligns your spine, which is the weakness of foam-only beds. The WinkBeds team estimates that on a scale of 1 to 10, the softness stands at about 4.5 of 10.

Option 2: Luxury Firm Mattress - For many people, the soft mattress might be too soft. The Luxury Firm mattress is the most popular option WinkBeds offers, and it's the option that we recommend for most sleepers. The comfort layers will match that of the best beds you have ever slept on, luxury hotels, or otherwise. The Luxury Firm option still cradles your body in an incredibly comfortable way, but it provides enough support to keep your body well connected and aligned. The WinkBeds team estimates that on a scale of 1 to 10, the softness stands at about 6.5 of 10.

Option 3: Firm Mattress - Of course, a Firm mattress is a great option if you need a little extra support. Few people want to sleep on an overly hard bed, but some people either prefer firmness or have been directed to sleep on a firm surface to alleviate back or other pains. Keep in mind even the firm options are still hybrid mattresses, so while supportive, you won't feel any uncomfortable coil layers underneath your body with the firmer option mattress. The WinkBeds team estimates that on a scale of 1 to 10, the firmness stands at about 7.5 of 10.

Option 4: Plus Mattress - If that's not enough options, there is still one level of firmness labeled the Plus option. The Plus option mattress is intended for heavier people and is an even firmer model. With zoned latex support layers and patented extra support. Not only will it provide sufficient support, but the extra features will also provide resilient longevity. If you are a heavy sleeper, your never-ending search for a mattress has finally ended. The Plus mattress will support your body weight, regardless of your body type. The WinkBeds team estimates that on a scale of 1 to 10, the firmness stands at about 8 of 10.

Most customers will prefer the Luxury Firm option. The Luxury Firm option is great for combination sleepers like me or couples that prefer different sleeping positions. You may not toss and turn as much as you are used to once you try out a

WinkBeds mattress, but as you transition from your back to your side, the hybrid pushback adjusts well to whatever sleeper position you are in throughout the night.

Motion Isolation

One of the hallmarks of a quality product is its subtle features that work together to serve more than one purpose. The stabilizing foam that sits atop the coil system in the WinkBed mattress fits this bill. The micro-coils themselves are individually wrapped and designed to move independently of each other, and they are built from high-grade steel pocket springs. In a traditional mattress, this might mean motion transfer across the bed. This coil support core system might be the perfect coil structure.

The stabilizing gel foam absorbs any motion transfer introduced by the steel-spring coils. The result is that motion is isolated to specific pressure points rather than reverberating across the bed. This Sleepcalm Motion Isolation Technology is an attractive option if your significant other tends to toss and turn.

What about heavier sleepers? We are glad you asked. The WinkBed is crafted with a 2.5 layer of latex, which provides responsive support to heavier sleepers, promoting better body alignment and offering an extra layer of motion control, contributing to the overall motion isolation system.

Temperature Control

No one likes to wake up feeling hot and stuffy, or worse, wake up lying in a pool of sweat, but unfortunately, this is an all too common problem. To help with this, the WinkBeds team introduced Triple Layer Heat Disperse Tech, which pulls heat away from the body. This is perfect for hot sleepers but will keep an entire range of sleepers peaceful throughout the evening.

Better yet, the mattress cover is made from a Eucalyptus-derived Tencel cover, which is known for its cool-to-touch feeling that wicks heat much better than traditional cotton. We’ve done a lot of homework on the benefits of Tencel over cotton, so if you are interested in pairing eucalyptus sheets (which we recommend!) with your new WinkBed mattress, check out our review comparing Sheets & Giggles to Buffy sheets. Products derived from Eucalyptus trees are perfect for natural temperature regulation.

Hot sleepers rejoice! The temperature regulation provided by combining a WinkBed with eucalyptus sheets is second to none.

WinkBed Reviews - Explore Now

Premium Quality & Materials

Let's be honest: mattresses aren't cheap. So, when you buy a mattress, you want to invest in something comfortable and built to last a long time. WinkBed uses quality materials and components to provide the best sleep experience possible. For instance, an enhanced foam offers the perfect amount of reinforcement to the lumbar in what WinkBeds refers to as the LumbarLayer.

Features such as the hybrid design, the gel-infused foams, the Eucalyptus-made cover, the Extra-Edge anti-sag support, and the back-relief system are all included to provide a luxury experience. And as far as quality, sleep easy knowing that WinkBed offers a lifetime warranty.

Keep in mind that each mattress is handmade to order in the U.S.A. The WinkBed team has one factory in Watertown, Wisconsin, where the company is based, and a new state-of-the-art facility in Orlando, Florida. It is evident that the company takes pride in its American craftsmanship and overall quality, and they intend for their mattresses to last for years to come.

And here is another thing: Some steel spring coil systems create too much noise, but the WinkBed mattress coils are individually wrapped and topped with foam layers. Another advantage to the hybrid category is that the mattresses don't generate as much noise for sleepers.

We're big fans of the hybrid mattress model. All-foam mattresses are dreamy to lay down on, but too many times after sleeping on a foam mattress, I woke up the next morning with my body feeling misaligned because I had awkwardly sunk into the mattress. Hybrid models are generally more supportive and enhance spinal alignment.

The WinkBed is an innerspring mattress, but it is also a hybrid mattress because of the thoughtfully added layers of foam cushioning.

WinkBed Reviews - Sleep Well

WinkBeds Sustainability

But what about sustainability? Mattresses have an awful reputation for not being planet-friendly. If this is a concern for you, then the first thing we would say is that you should read about the EcoCloud bed below.

That said, WinkBeds uses a Tencel cover on the primary hybrid innerspring bed, and Tencel is well-known for its sustainable qualities. Tencel is derived from Eucalyptus, as mentioned elsewhere in the article, and it takes less water to grow Eucalyptus trees than it does cotton and usually requires less water during the production process as well.

WinkBeds employs highly talented bedsmiths that make beds in state-of-the-art American facilities, using eco-friendly materials. Each bed is handmade in this manner and then delivered in the most sustainable way possible. While some may not like their bed arriving in a box, the reality is that compressing a bed makes it much more economical to ship, which means less gas-guzzling.

Considering all of the thought and care that goes into each WinkBed, it is incredible that cutting out the middlemen enables the brand to sell their luxury mattresses at a price that is sometimes twice as more affordable than in-store brands.

Other Mattress By WinkBeds

WinkBeds offers three mattresses, including The WinkBed, which we have profiled and fits into the hybrid category. While the hybrid model is the flagship model, and this WinkBed mattress review focuses on the Original WinkBed, many of the brand-focused qualitative factors remain the same from model to model. In addition to The WinkBed by WinkBeds, which this review focuses on, the brand also offers the GravityLux and the EcoCloud mattresses. The WinkBed team offers mattresses for all types of sleepers.

The WinkBed GravityLux

If you look for a softer mattress, you might consider the GravityLux, which is a luxury memory foam bed. And before you make the assumption that all memory foam mattresses are created equal, take note that the GravityLux is designed with a patented AirCell foam, which provides the perfect combination of contour cushioning and push-back support.

Most foams have natural qualities that retain heat, but not so with AirCell foam. It retains no heat at all, which means the average sleeper will maintain better temperature regulation as they sleep. It's the small things that matter, after all, and avoiding waking up in a pool of sweat is no small thing. It's a major thing, and it matters. When combined with the Tencel cover, which is about 30% cooler than linen, and a tufted gel foam quilt that pulls heat away from your body, the cooling technology starts to add up.

To suggest that the GravityLux is just another memory foam would be to do the bed injustice. The bed is built with proprietary foam layering that promotes natural body alignment and pressure relief where you need it most. How? Well, the AirCell technology is made of billions (that's billions with a b) of minuscule cushions that provide contouring relief.

And while some foam bedding tends to sag over time, you don't have to worry about that with the GravityLux. Over the course of 20 long years, your GravityLux will sag less than 2%. That's incredible.

While we prefer the benefits provided by a hybrid mattress, but we understand why some people prefer memory foam that you can sink into deeply. This memory foam bed has zero heat retention and works well for side and back sleepers. On our scale of 1 to 10, the softest GravityLux comes in at 4 out of 10, which is plusher than the standard WinkBed. The firmest GravityLux comes in at a firmness of 7 out of 10, so if you prefer a firmer foam, the GravityLux may still work well for you.

While the mattress will work for all sleeper types, it works especially well for side sleepers that need extra cushioning to contour their body. Yet regardless, lightweight side sleepers and heavyweight sleepers alike will find responsive materials that absorb your body heat and provide all-night comfort.

Some cheap mattresses feel like they were minimally designed to be a flat surface to sleep on, but a bed is much more intimate and important than that, and you should buy a mattress from a company that understands this fact. WinkBeds is a family-owned company whose sole purpose is hand-making quality beds that will give you the best night's sleep possible. That's something.

The WinkBed EcoCloud

If you consider yourself an environmentally-conscious consumer, you will prefer the EcoCloud to the other mattresses because it is made with all-natural and organic materials. How? The WinkBed EcoCloud is made with a 4" Talalay Latex comfort layer in place of the gel-infused foam. Like the flagship WinkBed, the EcoCloud is a hybrid mattress featuring zoned innerspring for support micro - coils along the edge of the bed for anti-sag support.

But is the EcoCloud Hybrid merely a bed focused on eco-conscious materials, or is there more to it than that? No, this is still a great mattress worth considering, even if environmental consciousness isn't your first concern. Each pocketed coil unit provides just enough push-back to keep your body in alignment, while the Extra Edge Anti-Sag support encases the coil support base in a manner that prevents unnecessary rounding at the edge of your bed.

The EcoCloud mattress comes in one firmness level, so while it doesn't have firmness options, The EcoCloud still lands right in the sweet spot for most people. Heavy people may prefer the firm option on the WinkBed, while those looking for softer models may consider the GravityLux.

And listen... All-natural means all-natural. The EcoCloud doesn't have any synthetic foams or glues. One common way chemicals are introduced to mattresses is through the fire retardant, but the Eco-Cloud utilizes New Zealand wool instead. The wool also neutralizes body heat and wicks away moisture. I don't know if you have ever worn a pair of Allbirds, but let's just say New Zealand wool is impressive stuff that even helps facilitate temperature neutrality.

Delivery, Trial Period & Warranty

WinkBeds doesn't sell its mattresses through retail stores. And no one likes to pay retail price, so we are appreciative of the direct-to-consumer business model. Avoiding retail stores is one way to keep costs affordable even though the bed features such premium features as recycled steel coils, eco-friendly Tencel cover, and the perfect hybrid topper foams. But how do you enjoy such luxury comfort if you can't test it out in a store? Well, thanks for

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WinkBed Pros & Cons

The bottom-line is that WinkBeds makes a great mattress. The original mattress in the Luxury Firm option is most popular because it works well for most sleepers. WinkBeds uses premium materials, crafts their mattresses in the U.S.A., and sells directly to the consumer to keep costs down. There is a lot to love about WinkBeds, and we are believers most people will love a new WinkBed mattress.

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  • check No Retail Mark-up
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Other WinkBed Reviews

While we are confident that WinkBeds is one of the best values in the mattress market, we aren't the only ones with high praise for the brand. Here are some of the accolades the WinkBeds brand has received:

What Customers Are Saying

Kevin mentioned that he did significant amounts of research before buying a new bed, and based on that research, he initially chose DreamCloud. That didn't work out so well, and fortunately, customer service helped him return it after his 30 day trial period. After loading up with more research, Kevin nervously ordered a WinkBed. Success! He said he was worried he would have to buy a mattress topper even though he had just spent a grand on a new bed, but thankfully, he didn't need to do so, because he loves his new bed. He suggests WinkBeds is a better choice for people looking for a truly soft mattress.

Nancy has fibromyalgia and went through five (FIVE!) online mattresses before settling on the WinkBed. It was the only bed of the five that helped reduce her pain enough to sleep through the night. Good for Nancy.

Every day Pauline wakes up with neck pain. Well, let us clarify. Every weekday Pauline wakes up with neck pain because she is sleeping on a different mattress. On the weekends, Pauline sleeps on a WinkBed, and she doesn't have any pain then. She literally can tell the difference between her WinkBed and her other bed as the week marches on.


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WinkBed Alternatives

The WinkBeds team makes a high-quality mattress at an affordable price. Still, it is always good to see how a brand stacks up against the competition. Whether it's just time to replace your current mattress, or if you are looking to complete a full bedroom makeover, our team is here to help. We’ve compared Winkbed to Saatva and DreamCloud to highlight some of the significant similarities and differences.

WinkBed Reviews - Alternatives Comparison
WinkBed vs. Saatva vs. DreamCloudWinkBedSaatvaDreamCloud
Firmness OptionsaddWinkBedFourSaatvaThreeDreamCloudTwo
Hybrid Coils & FoamaddWinkBed✅Saatva✅DreamCloud✅
Delivered In Compact BoxaddWinkBed✅Saatva❌DreamCloud✅
Trial PeriodaddWinkBed120-DaysSaatva180-DaysDreamCloud365-Days
Financing AvailableaddWinkBed✅Saatva✅DreamCloud✅
Shipping PolicyaddWinkBedFree Delivery in Contiguous USSaatvaFree Delivery in Contiguous USDreamCloudFree Delivery in Contiguous US

WinkBed vs Saatva

Saatva mattresses are frequently compared to WinkBeds, and it's easy to understand why. Both brands offer hybrid models with an excellent combination of cushion and support. While considering a memory foam mattress was common for several years, some might say the popularity of memory foam mattresses has faded as people search for a slightly firmer mattress or at least one with a better balance of

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The Verdict: Saatva or WinkBed?

While we love both brands, Saatva offers a little higher quality and has more luxury options. On the other hand, the WinkBeds team provides premium quality at a more affordable price. Choosing between the two may depend on your price range and preferences. If you are looking for a quality mattress at an affordable price, choose WinkBeds. If money is no limitation, you might prefer some of the luxury options that Saatva offers.

Some people might also prefer the white glove delivery Saatva offers too. The WinkBed and DreamCloud mattresses are delivered in a compact box, but Saatva doesn't do that. If the thought of your bed being compressed into a smallish compact box bothers you, then go with Saatva. No bed-in-a-box mattress here.

WinkBed vs Saatva Comparison - Verdict

WinkBed vs Dreamcloud

If WinkBeds and Saatva offer too many options, leaving you feeling overwhelmed, check out the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress. While DreamCloud has a stellar reputation, with over 4,000 reviews, they have a streamlined inventory, which might alleviate any analysis paralysis you are experiencing. We've been

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The Verdict: Dreamcloud or WinkBed?

If you are on a particularly tight budget, it is worth noting the DreamCloud is the most affordable mattress we've reviewed in the Luxury Hybrid category. There are no extra bells and whistles or endless mattress style options, but you will find a quality hybrid mattress with thousands of happy customers. Sometimes the straightforward option is the one we all need. Still, we prefer the quality and materials incorporated into the WinkBed over the DreamCloud.

Pro Tip: Regardless of which brand you choose, watch for the holiday sales. Not only will the mattresses be discounted, but the various brands frequently will throw in a plush pillow, mattress protector, and luxurious sheets.

WinkBed vs DreamCloud Comparison

Is WinkBed Worth It?

The WinkBed mattress is a luxury mattress sold at an affordable price and worth the investment. If you are a sleeper that experiences back pain, neck pain, or hip pain, you will particularly appreciate the supportive sleep experience that the hybrid design provides.

Regardless of whether you are a side-sleeper, back-sleeper, or stomach-sleeper, the WinkBeds offers a near-perfect combination of cushioning from the gel-infused foam and support from the pocketed coil system. Sweet pressure relief never felt so good.

Frequently Asked Questions



WinkBed mattresses are sustainably manufactured from American-sourced and eco-friendly materials. Foams are frequently the biggest question mark with mattresses, but the WinkBeds foams are CertiPure certified. This means they aren't made with any ozone depleters or other crazy components like PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead, or formaldehyde. Even the coils are made from recycled steel, and the mattress cover is made from Tencel. Tencel is a product made from sustainably harvested Eucalyptus forests. The Tencel fabric also uses 10-20X less water during the production process than does cotton materials.



If you need to return or exchange your WinkBed, they will pick up the item being returned, but they won't pick up your original mattress



The mattresses are compressed and rolled, which is how they fit the mattress into a compact box measuring 20-inches X 20-inches X 44-inches.



It's a great idea to rotate your mattress to help it last longer. Initially, you might rotate every few weeks. After the first three months, you slow to rotating every two months going forward. The hybrid mattresses aren't designed to be flipped, though some of the 100% foam mattress can be flipped.

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